Batman & Catwoman Finally Get The Wedding DC Has Teased for Years

While it had to take place in an alternate timeline, Tom King ‘s Batman and Catwoman are last married ( with a storm yet satisfying ceremony ) .
Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman/Catwoman #12
After being teased for years, Batman and Catwoman last get their wedding at the termination of Tom King and Clay Mann ‘s 12-issue maxiseries. Serving as the active ending for Tom King ‘s campaign on Batman which ended in 2019, Batman/Catwoman exists in an alternate timeline from DC ‘s primary continuity. As such, King has been able to take Batman and Catwoman ‘s kinship to the natural conclusion he always intended ( like having them actually get marry ).

Featuring Batman and Catwoman in the past, present, and future with three complect narratives, the contemporary floor in Batman/Catwoman saw Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle coming to grips with who they are to each early, trying to figure out if their kinship is sustainable and if they could build a life together. For exercise, Catwoman ‘s history and friendship with the Joker naturally became a significant compass point of controversy for Batman. however, the final issue sees the Bat and Cat last deciding to get hitched .
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Unlike other comicbook weddings where a massive solicitation of heroes are invited and it ‘s a major event, the raw Batman/Catwoman # 12 sees Selina and Bruce going to a 24-hour chapel in Gotham. Purchasing the across-the-board “ Batrimony ” package where “ Batman ” himself marries the glad match, a minister dressed as Adam West ‘s Caped Crusader is award along with Superman and Lois Lane who showed up as witnesses the second Bruce called Clark. As a resultant role, it ‘s an fabulously bare and fresh ceremony for Selina and Bruce as they ultimately get married, redeeming their attack to be wed in the main continuity when Selina controversially left Bruce at the altar .


While the wedding is likely to be quite different than how fans might have imagined it, the simplicity of Batman and Catwoman deciding to get married without all the flourish is quite hearty. All they need is each other. The Bat and the Cat. Like Selina says to Bruce before the marriage :

“ This is who we are. You and me. Without costumes and gadgets and whips. After all they ‘ve done to us this is what ‘s left. Bat and Cat. Two wounded animals who, in the midst of the hurt, managed to crawl to each other. ”

At any rate, it ‘s nice to see Batman and Catwoman getting the wedding they ( and fans ) have retentive deserved and the one Tom King primitively planned ( even if it had to happen in an alternate timeline ). however, it going to be very hard for any potential Bat/Cat marriage bells in the chief continuity to top what ‘s seen here in this final examination issue. While it may be one of the smallest weddings in amusing book history, Batman and Catwoman’s marriage was absolutely one of the most perfective .

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