Could Batgirl Being Dead Hint At A Bigger Batman Return for Ben Affleck?

today it was reported that DC and Warner Bros. are shelving the Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace. Batgirl was originally supposed to be released as an HBO Max Original, with whispers finally trickling in that DC/WB was besides considering a theatrical free for the movie. Batgirl had finished production and fans were ready for it, making the announcement that it ‘s nowadays dead that much more storm and disappoint for DC fans. One major view of Batgirl that was touted all throughout the production was the presence of Michael Keaton returning as the version of Batman in this detail sight of Batgirl ‘s lore. Keaton ‘s Batman has actually been set for a multi-picture discharge, which would ‘ve started in The Flash movie before continuing into Batgirl. however, 2022 has been a class of major turbulence for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. ( Discovery ) ; The Flash and Aquaman : The Lost Kingdom were both delayed until 2023 ; and off-screen, DC/WB has been in the midst of controversies ranging from administrator shakeups to franchise stars getting into very public scandals.

It ‘s clear that Warner Bros. Discovery ( under the fresh leadership of CEO David Zaslav ) is making moves aside from old ideas toward a new DC franchise model. Well, the only other update on DC movie productions we got recently is that Ben Affleck ‘s Batman is not only going to appear in The Flash, but besides Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, arsenic well. Is Batgirl being shelved barely one more touch that Batfleck will have a bigger character in the DC Movie Universe ‘s future ?

Who Is THE Batman?

batgirl-movie-michael-keaton-batman.jpg(Photo: DC Entertainment / HBO Max) After news broke that both the Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton versions of Batman would appear in The Flash, DC fans felt like there was a clear shift happening : The Flash ‘s floor of an adapted DC timeline would somehow resultant role in a boot universe, in which Keaton ‘s Batman would be THE Batman, while Batfleck ( and his SnyderVerse history ) would be formally retired. A lot of that theory hinged on the announcement that Keaton ‘s Batman would appear in Batgirl, after The Flash. When The Flash was delayed, fans immediately began to wonder if Batgirl ‘s exhaust would n’t be affected, ampere well, if the arch about Keaton ‘s Batman was to play out in the right way.

With Batgirl now dead, it seems more like Michael Keaton ‘s render as Batman will be more like a one-off cameo for the multiversal narrative bow of The Flash movie. But on the other handwriting, Ben Affleck being announced for Aquaman 2 on the spur of the moment seems like it could be a very purposeful move to get some star might back into a Batman character that can span multiple connect franchises.

Is The SnyderVerse Returning? 

the-batman-movie-ben-affleck-batsuit-concept-art.jpg(Photo: Keith Christensen on ArtStation) Let ‘s not go that army for the liberation of rwanda so far. DC/WB has every ability to keep pick and choosing elements of what Snyder did ( Ben Affleck ‘s Batman, Gal Gadot ‘s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa ‘s Aquaman – Henry Cavill ‘s Superman ? ) while besides steering the franchise in an wholly newfangled stylistic focus .

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