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not worth a dime should be the tagline. You expect “ as you saw in the dawdler ” to have an synergistic experience, you make choices to determine the fortune of Robin, right ? You thought wrong ! As WB fails “ intentionally ” to elaborate regarding the fact that, IT ‘S ONLY AVAILABLE VIA THE PHYSICAL COPY.

( Dk Move ! ) from WB and DC is the least I can say ! Yet it ‘s expected, as I mentioned in one of my previous reviews, WB cares chiefly about the forcible copies owners and never digital, first it was artwork and now this. I ca n’t tell why they inactive live in the past, knowing that “ Digital Is the future ! ”. possibly the big suits over there are excessively old to realize how the world is nowadays, possibly the physical disk mistreat from their VHS era was such a head-spin that they ca n’t even begin to comprehend what and how digital works ? ! we can alone wonder …

now to discuss the disjoin and lackluster plots, we start with half an hour of extremely annoying, rushed, summing and fictionalize of the crimson hood story. A narration by Bruce Wayne as if he ‘s explaining a plot spin at the end of B movie. now, what do we gain of this short ? nothing and ( This literally concludes All Batman Relation to this film ).

The second light is a cripple universe war II fib, the third is a otiose brusque of an “ old ” – intoxicated – Adam Strange report, The fourth is a childish ( evil vs. good ) Scooby Doo styled short about “ The Phantom Stranger ” which is a complete methamphetamine from every artistic angle, while the final unretentive is about an artist who ‘s battling his inner demons which is the only reason I gave this 3 stars. As it felt the lone one that had a meaning and a affection. Yet it ‘s not worth spending money on the hale thing. To me This film is literally a rip off and worth Nothing but release pour.

I believe WB should stop trying to bs viewers for a quick buck ! Viewers have brains and they do n’t need/appreciate the respective trendy look-alike failed attempts ! Retelling old stories with feeble twists, experiencing new animation or even forcefully merging batman or JL with Anime … etc.

here ‘s an idea for WB/DC … Halt the cursed animated failure movies train and “ MAYBE ” consider focusing All your writers, All your artists on a very decent, Mature, Dark animated television series on the lapp flat of “ Batman : The Animated Series ” ! Why do n’t we get to see a recite of our favorite amusing book stories and new ones in an animate MATURE television Series ? ! rather of the childish Arrowverse homo garbage or the square shorts.

Why not revive an know which was extremely successful and meaningful to all fans like BTAS alternatively of the countless failures and tries with the brain dead childish homo series and the otiose animated videos ? ! You ‘ll besides be able to experience new styles, modern stories and new villains – if you still have the creativity – in these episodes but TRY to do it with a preference for once.

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