batman : DETECTIVE ( 4/5 )

If I shared the public opinion of many reviewers and called this collection “ a desegregate bag ”, it would be an abuse. What we have here is five classic Paul Dini stories, all perfect examples of his clever dash of writing. First published in detective Comics 821-826, they mark the begin of Dini ‘s long run in the title.

The first narrative of this collection, entitled “ The beautiful People ” and published in Detective Comics # 821, is penciled by J.H. Williams and is nothing light of

batman : DETECTIVE ( 4/5 )

If I shared the opinion of many reviewers and called this solicitation “ a mix bag ”, it would be an insult. What we have here is five classic Paul Dini stories, all perfect examples of his clever manner of writing. First published in detective Comics 821-826, they mark the begin of Dini ‘s long run in the title.

The first history of this collection, entitled “ The beautiful People ” and published in Detective Comics # 821, is penciled by J.H. Williams and is nothing short of a masterpiece. Common crooks have been trained by an unknown criminal originator to pass for affluent and respectable citizens. After infiltrating the joints of Gotham ‘s elite they abduct rich people aristocrats and make a fortune out of ransom. Batman, under the guise of playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne, spends his nights in respective parties and clubs all over town, trying to locate the thieves while acting as a potential target.

This story speaks volumes about how well Dini knows the fictional character of Batman. He explores something very few writers do ( or at least do successfully ) ; the relation between Batman and Bruce Wayne, presenting the latter not as a liability or even a facade but as a critical part of Batman ’ mho personality. The homo under the cowl in this history serves as a tool in the detective oeuvre that needs to be done and his help is invaluable. interim, Dini besides uses the theme of this narrative to achieve his moment goal and send a very open message about his opinion on the high society of the alleged “ upper class ”. By the end of the history you will fully appreciate the irony of the championship.

And let ’ s not overlook the artistic magnificence of J.H. Williams, a man who is possibly one of the most talented and advanced comedian koran creators in the trade wind. His edgy style further boosts an already herculean history and makes it a definitive fib in Dini ’ s anthology.

Hell of a way to kick off a hunt in DC ’ s top championship.

The second story of this solicitation, entitled “ E. Nigma, Consulting Detective ”, is basically a status-quo prove narrative. It officially promotes the estimate of a reformed Riddler who makes a relatively honest surviving as an research worker, something that would last for about three years. Unlike the majority of tales of its kind, this one is n’t a dull front of a report that sends a message and does little else.

Dini writes an engage mystery and offers more than a handful of scenes with Batman and Nigma investigating together as if the latter ‘s condemnable past never existed. Nigma ‘s audacious nature opposed to Batman ‘s bad-ass responses creates some absolutely hilarious dialogues, courtesy of Dini ‘s acute accent sense of humor.

Penciller Don Kramer has some preferably large shoes to fill as J.H. Williams ‘ successor but he does a decent subcontract. He offers detail and visually beautiful drawings although he badly lacks in areas such as facial differences between characters. sometimes, it takes the clothing to tell aside one world from the other.

The third history is true the weakest point of this collection and every commentator ‘s punch bag. Under the title “ Stalked ”, it focuses on Poison Ivy after she is attacked by a plant-like animal while her latest stay in Arkham Asylum. Ivy is seriously freaked out since she ca n’t control its attacker the lapp room she does with all plants. Batman offers to help and investigates the matter while detaining Ivy in Batcave.

The plot is not what you would call “ predictable ”, but it could surely be a small more train. The new villain introduced is lame beyond words, something unaccustomed for a writer known for his great villains. The top is that the afore-mentioned feel of humor is give in this here report vitamin a good, though in a a lot colored, about “ black ” form.

Guest penciller Joe Benitez offers overall unimpressive artwork, though his take on Poison Ivy is, to say the least, inspirational.

The fourthly narrative once again offers the narrative of the reform villain turned enterpreuner. This time, the villain in interview is none other than the Penguin who, in this “ One year late ” timeline has turned his back to his former life of crime and embraced post, merchandise and franchise, in where “ today ‘s adult money ” is.

The writer takes bang-up advantage of Cobblepot ‘s fishy traits and elements and offers us a highly enjoyable to read fib. meanwhile, he achieves a number of goals whose effects appear in later storylines :

a ) he successfully establishes the Penguin as a largely clean reformed villain and Batman ‘s source of information about Gotham ‘s crime operations ( under payment of course )
b-complex vitamin ) he introduces readers to Zatanna Zatara, a spellcaster and Batman ‘s ally from the JLA. She will make a numeral of appearances in Dini ‘s late stories
hundred ) he besides creates the character of Ivar Loxias, a sorcerer who is Zatanna ‘s ally and is bound to play a key character in future stories
Don Kramer is once again penciller for this report. His strong and watery points are basically the same with the previous one. concern way to draw Oswald Cobblepot as a much more fine-looking man than we are used to. Oh, what the hell, at least he got the noise correctly.

And finally, the survive story. “ Slayride ”, inaugural published in Detective Comics # 826. At this point, I ‘d like to make a affirmation. I know most people ( specially the ones who have read Dini ‘s “ Mad Love ” ) will burn my review for it but I do n’t care. I firm believe this is by far the best Batman fib Paul Dini has ever written.

This collection deserves its money just for this history alone ( without wanting of naturally to lower the others ). The plat is brilliant in its chasteness. Robin ( Tim Drake ), screws up royally in a mission to arrest some gangsters and ends up being hunt down by them. Everything goes south on him when a cable car stop by and a voice inside invites him to come in. Desperate to escape the gangsters, Robin gets in the car only to find the Joker in the driver ‘s seat.

As the Joker himself admits, “ Believe it or not, I could n’t have planned this in a million years ! ”. The Joker takes advantage of the component of surprise and drugs Robin. When the latter comes to his senses, he is tied in the car and out on a tease with the Joker. What follows future is the epitome of consummate storytelling.

The narrative is told by Robin, who after being tied and gagged, has little else to do other than think. While he is trying to devise a plan to escape, he has to endure the Joker ‘s torment and constant take care games. The way Dini scripts the Joker in this here fib is one of the best I have always seen. Nasty, sadistic and wholly hilarious jokes are told one after the other as Robin ‘s mental defenses slowly begin to fail.

Don Kramer ‘s art is more than adequate in this fib. The manner he draws the Joker is creepy adequate to further ameliorate this sincerely excellent fib.


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