Batman/FaZe Clan: Matching the FaZe Pros to DC’s Greatest Heroes

“ If you need to stop an asteroid, ” Gail Simone once wrote, “ You call Superman. If you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. If you need to end a war, you call Wonder Woman. ”
But who do you call when the global is held hostage by an unbeatable video game ? Batman doesn ’ triiodothyronine have a clue. But Robin ’ randomness got an idea—the heroes you need are the pro bet on stars of FaZe Clan .
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For the uninitiate, if the Justice League represents the world ’ s most iconic superheroes, then FaZe Clan, an e-sports organization which has dominated all of the global ’ s most democratic titles since 2010, represents some of the most iconic players in competitive video recording gambling. last September ’ sulfur Batman/FaZe Clan amusing book crossover brought DC ’ s most legendary hero in touch with the modern gambling earth for the first meter in a identical limited battle that sold out immediately. But we couldn ’ t leave you hanging like that. By popular demand, this one-of-a-kind venture is now available on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE and in comic stores everywhere.

In Batman/FaZe Clan, the hottest newly virtual reality game console proves to be a trap orchestrated by the Riddler, who has designed the engineering to control its users ’ minds. Batman knows just who to turn to in order to fight Riddler on his digital home turf, of course—the world ’ sulfur greatest calculator hack, Oracle. But while Batman may be the chief of 127 unlike forms of soldierly arts, his gaming skills leave much to be desired. even with Nightwing, Batwoman, Batwing and Robin fix to go, a crippled with stakes this high calls for the pros. cipher ’ s more delirious about this turn of events than Robin, who ’ s apparently a big FaZe fan. But for those less in the know than our Boy Wonder, here ’ mho who some of the have Batman/FaZe Clan players are, on DC ’ s terms .


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Apex is best known for his call of Duty skills, and a sexual love of boxing and mix martial arts. As one of the more close members of the team, Apex knows all about a hero ’ s need to keep their public persona separate from their secret liveliness. With his metaphorical cowl up ( or, well, byssus on ) and secret identity always close to his chest, Apex is the Batman of FaZe Clan .


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Banks may seem like he ’ second about the money, but you can call him “ Banks ” for his incredibly impressive bank shots. Banks rose to prominence off his compilation of complex and intricate feats in first person shooting games and today continues to build FaZe by recruiting newly talent of his own. Think of him as FaZe ’ s own Green Arrow .


FaZe Rain2 62425f2a61a629.54193031
It hasn ’ t been an easily journey for Rain—and that ’ randomness something he ’ sulfur always been up front about. Though he ’ s constantly mixed it up with the best of them, Rain ’ s conflict with personal demons is one which has put the solid bet on populace ’ south eyes on him, evening as he spent seven months in physical recovery in his return to the circus tent. Through his sheer force out of will in overcoming all odds, Rain has proven himself worthy of the Green Lantern Corps.

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FaZe Temperrr 62425f4fd52ac4.13623823
Don ’ triiodothyronine think “ ramp ” when you think about “ Temperrr ” —think, rather, about tempered steel. When Temperrr joined FaZe Clan, it was a belittled group with a following still in the triple digits. But through ceaseless dedication, Temperrr helped build FaZe Clan into the juggernaut of the gambling world it is today. This serviceman of Steel could only be FaZe Clan ’ s Superman .


FaZe Rug 62425f74144376.19441952
Gaming can get pretty acute when you ’ rhenium always fighting to stay on circus tent. so, to keep the spirits high, the team together, and the fans on your side, every team needs a joker to lighten the temper. ( No, not that Joker. ) Always ready with a new idea for an internet-breaking buffoonery certain to launch them to the future level of stardom, Rug is a akin heart to Booster Gold .


FaZe Blaze 62425fa97bfb03.95756434
One of FaZe Clans more colored personalities, Blaze is part of the crew Batman calls in to support the core members of FaZe in their darkest hour. Blaze is a man of the people, connecting to fans through his love of more casual bet on interests, like the Pokemon series, and maintains a bright secondary career as a solo knock artist. As a torchbearer for the team and a overcome of two worlds—and besides, uh, because his name is Blaze—we ’ re gon na say he ’ s…Firestorm ? Yeah, that ’ mho correct .


FaZe Adapt 62425fd090f1c4.81984814

Another member of the FaZe support team, Adapt is one of the youngest members of the team, but with his many talents and changeless end product, this man of the Clan is constantly about the bunco. Adapt never slows down for a consequence, which is why we ’ rhenium calling him the Flash .
That isn ’ t all the FaZe you ’ ll receive in this boundary-breaking crossing. Easter eggs for long time FaZe followers abound through the story, all grounded against a Gotham backdrop which stays true to the Dark Knight and their greatest allies. When the heroes of Gotham team up with the heroes of bet on, you ’ re left with results that fans of FaZe Clan and Batman alike are certain to like, comment and subscribe .

Batman/FaZe Clan # 1 by Josh Trujillo, Scot Eaton and Norm Rapmund is now available in print and on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE .

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