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fear State is the fantastic finale to James Tynion IV ’ s Batman run. I did read the Batman book when it came out but it was missing the start and end of the report therefore I waited for this to come out to write a review.

Fear State sees Gotham plunged into chaos and reverence by the Scarecrow as separate of a plan to push Gotham to its absolute terminus ad quem to prove people are better once they ’ ve faced their own fears. Scarecrow ’ south plan has alone been made possible by the actions of Simon Saint and his Magistrate Programme

fear State is the grand piano stopping point to James Tynion IV ’ s Batman run. I did read the Batman volume when it came out but it was missing the depart and end of the fib indeed I waited for this to come out to write a follow-up.

Fear State sees Gotham plunged into chaos and fear by the Scarecrow as part of a design to push Gotham to its absolute limit to prove people are better once they ’ ve faced their own fears. Scarecrow ’ second plan has only been made possible by the actions of Simon Saint and his Magistrate Programme and now Saint is desperately trying to clear up his mess as Peacekeeper-01 goes on a Scarecrow-fuelled rampage, and Saint ’ second scapegoats The Unsanity Collective try refuge underground with Poison Ivy. Batman is caught in the middle of all this chaos, trying to hold Gotham together.

Tynion ’ s Batman run has relied heavily on newly original characters and Fear State is in truth the fib of those characters. Batman ’ randomness sidekicks do appear but by and large only concisely. Harley Quinn goes off to complete her separate of the story predominantly in tie-ins. Scarecrow doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually get much focus for the center function of the incision. Fear State alternatively focuses on Sean Mahoney, Miracle Molly, Simon Saint, Ghostmaker, The Gardener and of course Batman. This book tied includes three Secret Files issues to dive into the origins of The Gardener, Miracle Molly and Peacekeeper-01 in contingent.

It will be interesting to see how many if any of Tynion ’ s creations survive him now he ’ s moving on. Simon Saint is a fairly generic malefic businessman very and I can ’ t say I ’ meter despairing to see more of him. The Gardener is a wyrd character I still don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate entirely understand, but the mystery files gave us some context for her.

I ’ ve found myself enjoying Ghostmaker a lot more than I expected, his relationship with Batman is refreshing and cunning. At the end of the book, he takes other Tynion universe Clownhunter under his wing. I ’ ve not minded Clownhunter therefore seeing that jazz band together could prove concern.

Miracle Molly gives us insight into the Unsanity Collective and I found her origin interesting to explore but I didn ’ metric ton entirely chatter with it. I started to have awful Harper Row flashbacks at times in the in-between of the reserve when Molly seemed to be perfect and amazing at everything. But then I warmed to her again by the end as I in truth liked her ending. Her final put leaves her open to return as an ally or an enemy. Bruce ’ s address to her at the end is my front-runner part of the book and gave me chills.

Peacekeeper-01/Sean Mahoney is the main antagonist truly, even if Scarecrow is pulling the strings for most of it. The unavowed Files provided useful context for his history. For most of the story, he ’ south Scarecrow ’ randomness creature and I struggled to care. But there ’ s actual weight to the moment when he shoots Scarecrow and finally takes on Batman as himself. I loved that contend, and the weight of Future State weighed on it. Having seen the world if Mahoney won that crusade, it felt like a truly crucial consequence and Batman ’ s victory was that much more hearty.

Most of the report sees Batman and the Magistrate running around Gotham about aimlessly. It ’ s mindlessly entertaining but not brilliant. The military capability of the narrative is its ending. Fear State delivers the punch the vent moments we needed at the end – the Harley-Ivy kiss, the Bat-Signal in the flip as a symbol of hope, etc. – but besides manages to give each fictional character a satisfy ending for Tynion ’ s run while leaving them available for modern writers to pick up and use.

The Poison Ivy plot felt detached from the rest of the floor and significantly relied on tie ins that aren ’ t collected here ( Catwoman I think ), but seeing Harley and Ivy reunited at the end warmed my heart and I loved the kiss. DC doesn ’ thyroxine chicken out on what their relationship is here.

Scarecrow is identical good written and I enjoyed him a batch. There wasn ’ thyroxine as much of him as you ’ d expect since the focus was on Mahoney and the Magistrate. But he still is the driving violence of the fib and I truly liked Tynion ’ s take on the character. The last issue tying up all the loose ends focused on Batman and Scarecrow together and I enjoyed that a distribute.

Overall, Fear State is not the best floor Tynion has ever written but is enjoyable throughout and delivers a meet ending. I had hoped for more from Tynion ’ s Batman run narrative-wise but I felt the character work has been systematically hard and Tynion has created some memorable modern characters like Ghostmaker and Punchline. Fear State leaves Batman ready for a new status quo and I ’ meter concerned to see where we ’ re headed future.


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