Every Comic Book Where Batman Kills (In Chronological Order)

originally, the benighted knight had no misgivings about offing his enemies – as evidenced by some of his early missions in Detective Comics. Everyone knows Batman is a hero with a code, a major convention by which he operates in the discipline. That code ? Thou shalt not kill, firm believing that if he is to take on the criminal underworld, the cap reformer must act above the character of his super villain counterparts .
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however, it was n’t always that way. in the first place, The Dark Knight had no misgivings about offing his enemies – as evidenced by some of his early on missions in Detective Comics. Please note this list only deals with Bruce Wayne as Batman ( the one who actually professed such a code ). This list does not include Thomas Wayne or early Batman ‘s like Azrael or Damian Wayne who never claimed to be above killing.


15 Detective Comics #27: Punching Man Into Acid Vat

Batman ‘s first base killing actually occurred during his first gear out as the cap reformer. With Detective Comics # 27, the dark knight said hello to the earth, debuting as an aloof billionaire acquaintance of Commissioner Jim Gordon who secretly fights crime as a costumed vigilante .
Enter a confrontation with corrupt businessman Alfred Stryker who assassinated his own business collaborator in order to seize control condition of the Apex Chemical Corporation. During the confrontation, however, Batman punches Stryker off a chopine, sending the man headfirst into a brake drum of acerb. Batman : Day One : murder .

14 Detective Comics #29: Burns Dr. Death

equitable like with his debut out, Batman killed even again in Detective Comics # 29, an issue introducing the cap crusader ‘s identical first super villain : Dr. Death aka Karl Helfern. Death, a delirious scientist, created a biological weapon in which he used to hold the rich people of Gotham for a goodly random .
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That is until he ran into the likes of the Dark Knight. Thwarting Death ‘s dance band of henchmen, Batman sets the testing ground on fire, immolating Hellfern in the process. Batman watches as the scientist is burned to a crisp .

13 Detective Comics #30: Batman Snaps A Man’s Neck

Batman was fair offing baddies left and right in the old days and this exemplify was one particular beastly kill made by the Dark Knight. The return ? Detective Comics # 30.The situation ? A man named Mr. Jones has been cryptically murdered and it ‘s up the Caped Crusader to find out mystery .
indeed what happens ? Batman learns a man named Mikhail is behind the toss off, a man who Batman tracks down and swiftly punishes with a hard kick to the back of the neck ( and breaking it ). Those who do evil beware …

12 Detective Comics #32: Mad Monk

This event occurs at the end of the bipartite adventure where Batman chases his new enemy, the monk, into the huge terrain of Hungary .
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Deep in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, he discovers a cave wherein he meets charwoman named Dala. Turns out Dala is a vampire, revealing the truth about Batman ‘s target : thus is he ! finally, Bats comes upon the coffin of the monk himself where he shoots him with a flatware bullet .

11 Detective Comics #37: Pushes Man On Sword

In this doozy of an adventure, Batman finds himself up against an ego-maniacal rich fellow who loves his monocle merely angstrom a lot as he does throwing swords at superheroes .
Batman dodges the approach, of course, springing ahead to punch the nefarious blue blood in the jaw. The serviceman falls on his own sword, taking the blade correctly through the back of the head .

10 Batman #1: Hanging Giant

Like his debut in Detective Comics # 27, Batman ‘s first outing under his own comic book series resulted in the benighted knight breaking his moral code. Yes, the earlier “ bats books ” were peculiarly beastly, DC adding in the no-kill convention late on as the character continued to develop .
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In this first gear out, Batman finds himself against the likes of Hugo Strange who has constructed a superintendent serum which he has injected into at large mental patients from Arkham Asylum. Wayne finds himself up against one peculiarly super-charged specimen who he dispatches with a well old fashion rope, hanging the valet by the neck until dead .

9 Batman #1: Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange as Batman After taking out the ace serum-powered giant, the Dark Knight sets his sights on Hugo Strange himself, tracking the huffy scientist down from his batcopter .
After ultimately locating Strange, the Caped Crusader rams his fomite into the man. strange splats on the movement fender and never moves again .

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8 Batman #420: Buries KGBeast Alive

batman-kills-kgbeast right from Reagan-era Cold War politics comes this floor about Batman facing off against a russian ace soldier named KGBeast, who has been unleashed on Gotham to assassinate several high profile politicians .
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Batman finally catches up with KGBeast, igniting a skirmish that takes them both into to the sewers of Gotham. There, Batman manages to trap the Russian in a alloy chamber, leaving KGBeast to starve to death in the depths. This was obviously retconned late as KGBeast finally returned in the post Rebirth era, but this still counts as a bat kill however .

7 Batman #425: The Scrap Yard

batman kills batman 425 Jim Gordon has been kidnapped by drug-smuggling gangster Jose Garzonas who blames Batman and Robin for the end of his son. Using Gordon as bait, Garzonas lures the active couple into a junkyard where he holds Gotham PD ‘s headway foreman at point .
however, Batman and Robin free Gordon as the fight ensues, the Caped Crusader drawing Garzonas to a pile of cars thereafter. Once the trap is set, the Dark Knight tips the smokestack of trash vehicles and crushes the Garzonas compressed .

6 Red Rain: Kills Dracula

Yes, the Dark Knight actually faced off against the Prince of Darkness in this epic poem maxi-series by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones ( 1991 ). Dracula, who ‘s been terrorizing Gotham and turning innocent civilians into vampires, squares up with the Caped Crusader in a clash of titans .
Since there ‘s only board for one overlord of night in this town, the two battle it out for the soul of the city. Batman struggles at first since Dracula is technically a meta-human, but finally the dark knight gains his whits, impaling the blood sucker on the shard of a break tree. Batman 1 – Vampires 0 .

5 Bloodstorm: Stakes Joker

batman-red-rain-bloodstorm-crimson-mist Keeping with the Red Rain arc for a moment, Bloodstorm tells of what happens when the Clown Prince of Crime gets turned into a vampire then takes over the deep Dracula ‘s hordes of undead .
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As usual, it ‘s up to Batman to stop his arch bane who is now empowered with all of the supernatural abilities of a night prowler. however, it all comes to a head when Batman stakes Vampire Joker through the center, ending his reign of terror at long death .

4 Justice League America: The Nail

Another “ What-If ” fib created by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer, Justice League : The Nail tells the narrative of a universe where John and Martha Kent suffer a flat tire while driving down the road, causing them to miss the crash Kryptonian starship and therefore establishing a populace without Superman .
many years late, Batman ‘s arch enemy, Joker, has once again sprung the dangerous criminals of Arkham Asylum. As usual, there to thwart him is the Caped Crusader, along with sidekicks Robin and Batgirl. however, upon acting against Batman ‘s orders, Robin and Batgirl are killed by the Clown Prince of Crime, provoking Batman to outright murder Joker in an dissemble of bally retaliation .

3 All Star Batman And Robin: Burns Criminals Alive

all star batman and robin possibly one of the most bizarre kills in Batman history, the Dark Knight did indeed burn a solid host of criminals active ( and had sexual activity next to their remains but that ‘s a fib for another time ) .
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The solid thing goes down in All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder – a interpretation which depicts the cap crusader as an abusive, blood-thirsty vigilante who verbally harasses his buddy and responds to crime with extreme bias. One such case ? A group of criminals steal vats of bleach from a ship container … and the Dark Knight responds by lighting them up a literal blaze hell .

2 Final Crisis: Batman Shoots Darkseid

Batman shoots Darkseid This one does n’t occur right field away but is inactive attributed to Bats. Grant Morrison ‘s limited series sees the tax return of the lord of Apokolips himself, Darkseid, who once again seeks to enslave the universe with his demons .
Taking him on are the heroes of DC, but it ‘s actually the Dark Knight who ultimately does the monster king in. How ? By blasting Darkseid with a radion fastball … of which finally kills the apokoliptian upon dealing a person scent. angstrom far as DC goes, chalk this up as a big succeed for the cap reformer .

1 The Hunt For The Beast: Leaves KGBeast To Die… Again

KGBeast - DC Comics Batman In another run in with the russian assassin, KGBeast, this conflict takes the Dark Knight to the snow-clad fields of the arctic. Hired by Bane to kill Nightwing, KGBeast is thwarted by the cap reformer.

After a bloody struggle, KGBeast lays wounded on the ground after suffering from a break neck. A break deal by the Dark Knight nobelium less. sol what does Ol ‘ Bats do ? Tells him to find “ his own damn help. ” How cold …
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