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General Information

Real name:

Harvey Dent


White Knight


Bad (formerly good)


( Mother )
( Fiancée )
Jim Gordon
Batman Harry Dent (Father) Lucy Dent (Mother) Rachel Dawes (Fiancée)

Portrayed by:

Aaron Eckhart


The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises ( archive footage and visualize lone )

(archive footage and picture only)

It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s fair! You thought we could be decent men in an indecent time. But you were wrong. The world is cruel. And the only morality in a cruel world… is chance. Unbiased. Unprejudiced. Fair.
―Two-Face to Batman[src]

Harvey Dent was the newly elected zone lawyer of Gotham City. He was supported by his girlfriend, Rachel Dawes, and was creditworthy for locking up many of the city ‘s defile officials and mobsters. however, both he and Rachel were captured and put in warehouses fully of vegetable oil drums, and though Dent was rescued by Batman, half of his font was disfigured in the explosion. Driven insane by a desire for revenge for Rachel ‘s death, Dent pursued those he felt creditworthy, ultimately holding Commissioner Gordon ‘s kin at point. During his confrontation with Batman, Batman rescued Gordon ‘s child while Dent was pushed and fell to his death. Batman took the blame for Dent ‘s mangle to preserve Dent ‘s reputation, which soon led to the creation of the Dent Act. He was portrayed by Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight .


early life

The son of Harry Dent, a patrol policeman, and his his wife Lucy, a disrespect housewife, Harvey Dent was frequently abused by his founder. Each nox, the senior Dent used a coin to decide whether his son would get a beat. Unbeknownst to Harvey at the fourth dimension, the coin was double-headed, meaning that no topic which side it landed, it would constantly result in him getting being beaten by his don ‘s truncheon. His forefather ‘s condition as a retire collar besides prevented the proper authorities from intervening, and Harvey even learned of the Gotham City Police Department ‘s disrespect for his mother when he was hiding under the stairwell of his parents ‘ apartment and overheard a group of cops saying that she was once “ one of them ”. Although he did n’t know what that meant, the male child was sure that it was not a compliment. Harvey was identical close to his mother, and he always loved the manner she would comb his hair’s-breadth and dress him, telling him how fine-looking he looked. His teachers at school agreed to that and gave him good grades. Although Harvey himself did n’t believe that his founder was nothing more than an abusive lout, he realized that deoxyadenosine monophosphate retentive as others believed it, he might one day find an opportunity for a better life with his beget. His wish came dependable at age 10, when his father moved knocked out of the house, saying that he could n’t stand the sight of either of them, and took up residence in a rent room near the precinct where he worked. Since then, Harvey only saw him once on the street accompanied by a center aged charwoman who closely resembled his mother, and he never visited nor air cards. One night at old age 16, he came home late from his after-school job at a local drugstore and found both of his parents dead in the lapp room ; his beget lying on the floor with a gun against his head ( which bore a bally hole ) and his mother hanging from a knotted sheet attached to the ceiling around her neck. Despite letting Detective Al Grooms look into the case of their deaths, the patrol could not determine whether the Dents committed suicide or were murdered. As a result of this incident, Harvey was left to grow up alone in the dark apartment filled with an unidentifiable olfactory property and the crack and groans of the old build up, pitied by his classmates at school and the priests at the church service that his mother sometimes attended. Following his high educate commencement, Dent spent his entire meter at Gotham University and law school at State University studying with no intention of attending any proms, dances, football or basketball games. It was in his studies that he merely found his occupational group within the jurisprudence, which made sense to him since it transformed the chaos of human universe into logic, fairness, and reasonable rules that could be obeyed, offering stability and structure. By the clock time the law revealed itself to him, Dent became mindful that his looks were what many think was his greatest asset. queerly, although he did n’t believe it possible for him, he was will to use his face as a joyride to reap whatever benefits it conferred. Earning his history and pre-law majors from both colleges at age 21, Dent began his law career as the clerk for a supreme court estimate and rose quickly to popularity by playing hard by the rules, hoping to stand up for Gotham by cleaning up the crime and corruption that he came to hate. He was driven by memories of misuse from his father, a well as the patrol ‘s failure to stop it, which gave him a bass hate of corrupt cops and led him to pursue a rate in Gotham ‘s Internal Affairs Division sometime late. After acquiring this position, he spearheaded an inaugural to weed out police putrescence by investigating each bull, including those who ended up working in the city ‘s recently-established major Crimes Unit ( MCU ). While many of these cops, along with several corrupt courthouse officials, gave him the unflattering nickname “ Harvey Two-Face ”, others became inspired by Dent ‘s investigations and offered to promote him to District Attorney following the death of previous DA Carl Finch. Dent was sometimes slow to prosecute, but he won every font and became more settle than always to rid the city of organized crime by means of the jurisprudence and the court, much to the applause of its citizens .

The White Knight

The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, dawn is coming.
―Harvey Dent, during a press conference[src]

Having won Gotham City ‘s election for District Attorney, Dent wastes no clock in bringing well known gang knob Sal Maroni to test. Some tension is revealed between Dent and the assistant DA, Rachel Dawes when Dent arrives belated, to which he suggests that they flip his forefather ‘s lucky coin to see who presents first. The basis of his case was made around the pledged testimony of a mafia wiseguy, leading dent to accuse Maroni of seizing see of Gotham ‘s organized crime while Carmine Falcone remains in Arkham Asylum. unfortunately, the statement quickly becomes perjury when the witness jokingly states that he was, in fact, the drawing card of the Falcone Crime Family, stating that Sal was nothing but a decrease ridicule. With permission from the presiding judge, Dent treats the witness as hostile to which the wiseguy produces a pistol and points it directly at Dent ‘s chest. thankfully, the gun jams, and Dent subdues the witness with a punch before the man is taken down and handcuffed by officers. Dent takes the pistol and cursorily discerns that it ‘s a chinese weapon, laying it before Maroni and taunting him, “ If you want to kill a populace handmaid, Mr. Maroni, I recommend you buy american english ”. then, as a read of theatrics, Dent turns to the witness as he ‘s being dragged away and suggests that he ‘s not done despite his near end experience. The observing herd laughs and applauds the confident DA. After the court casing, Dawes makes Dent promise to play clean with Jim Gordon, the lieutenant in charge of the MCU. Upon meeting with Gordon, Dent confirms that because of the perjury, Sal Maroni could not be indicted, but besides notes that the mafia will constantly be giving people second chances. Gordon at the time, was seeking five research warrants for an peer number of banks, as these were suspected of being holding reserves of the syndicate ‘s life savings. Although ampere interest in shutting down the gang ‘s funds as Gordon is, Dent is curious as to Gordon ‘s interest with the vigilante known as Batman, as the police made use of lightly irradiated bills in order to track down which banks the gang uses. The conversations besides reveals a irritant of distrust between the two men, as much of Dent ‘s experience and first-hand attempts to stop corruption within Gotham began with his time in Internal Affairs, investigating officers Gordon would late work with. incision knows first-hand that there are men within Gordon ‘s unit who can not be trusted, and the remainder makes a rupture between the two. It was here that Dent alludes he knew the nickname he had been called behind his bet on, but agrees to get the warrants for Gordon. While at an impressive dinner with Dawes, Bruce Wayne happens to arrive at the same time with well known ballerina, Natasha. Under Bruce ‘s urgings, the couples break bread, giving Wayne an opportunity to get to know Dent. It was during this time that Dent not alone defends Batman, but besides idolizes him. He admits that he perceives him as a necessity, needed during these black times. He believes that Batman is n’t looking to fight crime for the rest of his biography and is searching for a successor. This earns the wonder of Wayne, who offers to throw Dent a fund agriculturist, promising him that he would never desire for campaign donations always again. Because Dent had ended all other money laundering operations in Gotham, it does n’t take long for the DA to peg Lau as the one who seized the funds before Gordon ‘s unit could. Frustrated, Dent goes to the top of the MCU and activates the Bat-Signal, waiting for Batman to appear. It was then that Gordon, Dent and Batman hold a meet as a triumvirate of Gotham ‘s finest. incision explains that the Chinese will not extradite one of their own, and if Batman is able to bring Lau back to the States to stand trial, he can get him to testify. When Lau is dropped off in front of the MCU, Dent observes the negotiations between Dawes and Lau. Lau makes an offer to hand over information on the mob ‘s investments, Dent realizes he could charge about every member of the mafia in one colossus RICO conspiracy case. Again, the misgiving between Gordon and Dent is revealed when dent reveals he does not trust Gordon ‘s men. Regardless, Gordon does not permit Lau to be sent to County, in fear that the man would not survive lock up. With Lau ‘s tell, Gordon takes all members of the mafia into hands, including Sal Maroni and the Chechen. Before Judge Surillo, Dent pushes for an absolutely absurd issue of charges in a single encase : 712 counts of extortion, 849 counts of racketeering, 246 counts of fraud, 87 counts of conspiracy to commit murder, 527 counts of obstruction of judge and possibly more felonies go unlisted. All leveled against 549 suspects. Before the mayor, Dent is called to explain this extremely unmanageable conspiracy subject. Rather than say that this is a deep stab at justice, Dent suggests alternatively that this be viewed as a frightful interruption from crime for Gotham. even though the head mafia leaders would post bail, the middlemen would not. 18 months would go by between appeals, giving the mayor adequate time to clean up and make considerable improvements to Gotham City. The mayor agrees to this, but gives Dent a potent warning that the syndicate are n’t his only enemies, that anyone within Gotham who took pay up from them would turn against the District Attorney. The suffer is interrupted as a abruptly Batman copycat slam into the window. by and by that night, Dent arrives at Bruce Wayne ‘s fundraiser with Rachel Dawes, scared at the prospects of meeting Gotham ‘s upper class. After a humorous and short meet with Alfred, Dent is greeted by Wayne openly, receiving an embarrassing welcome as Wayne gives his support for Dent and encouraging a round of applause from all of the guests. A few moments late, Dent interrupts the conversation between Dawes and Wayne to speak to his girlfriend. quietly, Dent builds the conversation to ask Dawes how she would feel about marriage. At first, Dawes is slightly reluctant to discuss it, but before Dent could promote the conversation, Wayne grabs him from behind, incapacitates him, and locks him in a wardrobe to protect him as the Joker storms the party. During the havoc that ensued during The Jokers attack, Commissioner Loeb was killed after ingesting an acerb thought to be his favored alcoholic beverage. soon after, a memorial service is held in his honor. During which, the Joker and his goons, dressed as the fire police squad, turn their guns upon the mayor and fail to kill him, striking down Gordon. While the fake fire squad attempted to escape, one of these men was captured. After escorting Dawes to safety, Dent gets into an ambulance with the defendant and seeks to question him, before realizing that his name tag lists the Joker ‘s following intended target : rachel Dawes .
Frustrated, Dent climbs into the taxi of the ambulance and drives off to an undisclosed location. After a call predict warning Rachel to get to condom, away from the MCU, he then goes on to interrogate the get hood. Using a handwriting gun and the flip of his coin, Dent threatens to kill the man unless he tells him everything he knows about the Joker. After the moment flip, the coin is caught by Batman, who had good returned from interrogating Sal Maroni. Batman explains that the confederate ‘s name is Thomas Schiff, a paranoid schizophrenic who could not tell Dent what he desired. Batman then goes on to explain that if anyone saw what Dent was doing, the prosecution against the mafia would be destroyed, and the only way to stop the Joker is for Batman to turn himself in. As Batman turns to leave, Dent screams his disapproval. The adjacent day, Dent goes before a crowd of patrol, media and observers to explain that Batman has offered to turn himself in and give into the Joker ‘s demands. But before accepting this, he makes a desperate supplication to the people not to give into the whims of a terrorist. Despite his assertions, the people demand that the Batman surrender. Before Bruce Wayne could step forward to confess his identity, Harvey demands that the police arrest him as Batman. In lock improving, Dent is cheered for by the GCPD as he marches towards the see van to take him to county. Despite Rachel ‘s pleas, Dent explains that in doing this, Batman will have a probability to capture the Joker, and promises Rachel that he will go through with this with a flip of his mint, leaving it with her.

While locked within the avant-garde, Dent is unable to affect the battle that ensues mid-transit. It ‘s only after Gordon reveals himself as animated and well, and that the Joker has been captured, that Dent is set release. immediately, Dent goes on television to explain his gamble to capture the Joker, until at death he is escorted back to a car to be driven home. unfortunately, the car is driven by Michael Wuertz, a crooked hook on the payroll of Maroni .


You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
―Harvey Dent, unwittingly foreshadowing his own transformation into Two-Face[src]

After being captured by Wuertz, Dent awakens in a warehouse stacked with drums of fuel. On the opposite end of a rig land line call, Rachel Dawes shout, having besides been captured by Maroni ‘s men. dent reassures Rachel as he begins to struggle while tied to his chair. Rachel explains that the timer set before them is set to detonate by the warehouse Dent was in angstrom well as her own whereabouts, and that she was told it was their friends who would have to choose which one of the two would survive. unfortunately, Dent ‘s efforts to free himself not only throw him to the shock but besides knock one of the barrels of gasoline to the labor with him .
The gasoline leak from the top, spreading across the floor and covering the leave side of Dent ‘s confront. While indent struggles to stand, Rachel confesses to loving Dent and agrees to his earlier marriage proposal. It was immediately after this that Batman ultimately bursts in, having been tricked by the Joker. Harvey cries out in rage, screaming for Rachel, knowing that if he is saved, Rachel will die. With no time left, Batman immediately dashed fore and dragged the struggling Dent aside. The two make it clear of the build up fair as the timer reaches zero and the build up explodes. The gasoline soaked half of Dent catches on fire and the man drops to the floor, writhing and screaming as flames consume half of his face .
dent is rushed to Gotham General Hospital, where half his face is bandaged. When he awakens, he finds his church father ‘s golden coin, left there from an earlier visit by Batman while he was placid unconscious. Remembering Rachel was the last to have it, he turns the coin over, discovering that one half is greatly burn. A torrent of emotions envelops him, as Dent bawl and screams in grief. The next day, Jim Gordon visits Dent. Gordon reveals that Dent is refusing medicine and clamber grafts. incision changes the subject, asking Gordon again what the nickname was members of the MCU called him. With reluctance, Gordon calls him “ Two-Face. ” dent turns to stare at a horrified Gordon, revealing the extent of the damage to his face. His exit side is horrifically burned, leaving muscles and an eye exposed. But even as Gordon apologizes and turns to leave, Dent swears to him that he is not truly regretful, “ not yet. ” During the crisis that his threats against the city lawsuit, the Joker disguises himself and infiltrates Gotham General to speak to Dent. Apologizing for the death of Rachel Dawes, the Joker manages to deflect the blame from himself onto Gordon, Batman, Maroni and the corrupt officers. Explaining that he is an agent of chaos, the Joker offers his liveliness to Dent, giving the District Attorney a hired hand united nations and forcibly holding it to his own pass. It was then that the Joker explained a point which last pushed Dent over the edge, “ Oh, and you know the thing about chaos ? It ‘s fair. ” incision, baffled by the Joker ‘s actions, finally comes to a stopping point – whether or not the Joker lives would depend upon the flip of his golden coin. Should the throw coin farming on the unblemished side, the Joker would live. however, should it fall on the burned half, he would die. The flip of the coin lands in the Joker ‘s party favor, however, and Dent lets the valet leave. It was then that Two-Face was sincerely bear. He fled from Gotham General Hospital off-screen good before the Joker blew it up .


You thought we could be decent men, in an indecent clock ! But you were wrong…
―Two-Face to Batman and Gordon[src]

Motivated by his motivation for vengeance, he becomes the villain Two-Face begins to pursue those responsible for the death of Rachel and his disfigurement. He begins by visiting Michael Wuertz, and after a brief question to find the other traitor in Gordon ‘s unit, answers that he does not know. Two-Face spins his coin on the table to decide the man ‘s destine. It lands scar heads, and Wuertz ‘ life ends by gunfire .
Two-Face then visits Maroni, having waited for him in his car. As the two sit in the back seat, Maroni is tricked into revealing that the early double-crosser in Gordon ‘s unit was Anna Ramirez. Although Two-Face flips the mint for Maroni ‘s opinion, it lands in the mob bos ‘ favor. however, Two-Face circumvents this by besides judging Maroni ‘s driver. When it lands bad heads, Dent buckles in and shoots the chauffeur in the back of the head, resulting in a cable car crash that leaves Maroni ‘s destiny changeable, but probably abruptly. then, having kidnapped Ramirez, Two-Face forces her to trick Gordon ‘s family into leaving their populate and coming to the warehouse where Rachel Dawes had died. The act done, Two-Face chastises Ramirez for her betrayals of both Gordon and Rachel, and she in turn pleads that she only did it to save her mother, who desperately needed the funds for her hospital fees. Two-Face silences her with a condemnable “ Do n’t ! “, and flips the coin. fortunately for Ramirez, it lands in her favor, and Two-Face precisely knocks her unconscious. With Gordon ‘s family as his hostages, Two-Face then calls and taunts Gordon into coming to the ruins of what was primitively his apartment. Gordon arrives and is knocked down and disarm. As Gordon furiously pleads with Two-Face to release his family, the former D.A. plucks Gordon ‘s son from his mother ‘s arms and prepares to judge him, believing that in taking who Gordon loves is equal to the loss of Rachel ‘s death. Before he could flip the coin, however, Batman appears and reasons with Two-Face, saying that those creditworthy are the three of them, and that lone the three of them deserve punishment. Two-Face believes this to be a honest appraisal, and flips the coin for Batman. It lands bad heads, and with a shoot to Batman ‘s digest. then, assuming this has killed Batman, Two-Face points the grease-gun to his own head, but the flip coin comes out on good heads, permitting him to survive by his own opinion. last, Two-Face turns to Gordon, still captive to decide the boy ‘s destiny. But as he flips the coin, Batman, who was wearing body armor and is unharmed, tackles him off the border of the floor, letting the villain to plummet to his death and stopping him from killing Gordon ‘s son .
With Dent dead, the problem remains that his murders that day would destroy the prosecution for well, and cause the people of Gotham to lose hope. With no choices left, Batman agrees to take the blame for the murders, preserving Dent ‘s public image. Gordon is loath, but agrees, holding a memorial service to honor Dent .

The Dent Act

This man has been given to you as the shining example of justice! You have been supplied with a false idol, to stop you from tearing down this corrupt city! Let me tell you the truth about Harvey Dent from the words of Gotham’s police commissioner, James Gordon. “The Batman didn’t murder Harvey Dent, he saved my boy, then took the blame for Harvey’s appalling crimes so I could, to my shame, build a lie around this fallen idol. I praised the madman who tried to murder my own child, but I can no longer live with my lie. It is time to trust the people of Gotham with the truth, and it is time for me to resign.”

Harvey ‘s end inspired the creation of the Dent Act, in which a criminal that was arrested would be denied password, thus allowing the streets of Gotham to be clean of crime. His death besides led to “ Harvey Dent Day ” where the city celebrates the honor of their erstwhile White Knight. Eight years after his death on Harvey Dent Day, Gordon attempts to tell the people about the truth behind Dent ‘s death, but felt that they were not ready and resolved not to. however, Gordon ‘s language was stolen by Bane, erstwhile member of The League of Shadows, who read aloud the newspaper he holds about the “ lunatic ” that tried to kill Gordon ‘s son, causing all the inmates of Blackgate Prison to become angry and inspire them to help Bane take over the city. After Gotham was retaken by Batman and the GCPD, the Dent Act was then eliminated and all of Dent ‘s other possible accolades were retracted due to the revelation of his corruption and his reputation was tarnished .


Harvey Dent starts off as altruistic, charismatic, astute, ideal, unafraid and cerebral. He showed slender cynicism and boundary line cruelty towards criminals, such as Lau and Thomas Schiff. He was besides extremely self-assured and rationally independent. He was motivated by his care for the people of Gotham and was altruistic enough to do anything in ordering to protect them, even endanger his own life sentence to the mercy of person as sadistic and masochistic as the Joker. largely because of his past of being a victim of repeated child misuse by his founder, a put out bull, and the cops ‘ failure to help him and his ma, he besides had a marked hate of the corruptness that infamously plagued the Gotham City Police Department. however, after Rachel ‘s death, Harvey was embittered beyond sanity and became homicidal and smug. He besides implied when encountering Detective Wuertz that he considered himself “ half-dead. ” He became revengeful and obsessed with killing the men whom he believed to be creditworthy for Rachel ‘s tragic death. He was pitiless, callous and showed all the signs of becoming a sociopath : high intelligence, paranoia, carelessness, violence, manipulation, elusiveness, cruelty, and dismiss for the people ‘s, and his own life. He besides showed signs of deep-rooted nihilism ( although not to the extent of the Joker ) during this time by declaring his belief his homicidal actions were the closest thing in the world to true paleness during his final confrontation with Batman and James Gordon. Similar to the Joker, he besides was shown post-transformation to back out of earlier promises and at the same clock technically keep his bible, which is best demonstrated by how he dispatched Sal Maroni : After confirming who the collar who sold Rachel out was, he tried to flip a mint while threatening Maroni at point, doing sol because he said earlier it “ did n’t hurt [ Maroni ‘s ] chances ” at surviving, and late proceeded to technically plain Maroni from being directly shot by him due to the coin landing good side up, but then proceeded to shoot Sal Maroni ‘s driver after choosing his destiny via coin flip due to it going bad side up. During his final examination confrontation with both Batman and James Gordon, Dent, when told by Gordon that the cops were creating a margin around the construction they were in and that the rate was surrounded, Dent said “ You think I want to escape from this ? There is no escape from this ! “, implying that he by that point was willing to commit suicide. This was besides reinforced when he willingly put a artillery to his own head when deciding to judge via coin toss those most creditworthy for what had occurred, with it being powerfully implied that he was willing to kill himself had the coin gone bad side up. however, that could have fair been due to Batman telling him to point it at either him, Batman, or Gordon. After his death, he became incredibly charismatic : The people of Gotham looked up to his bequest and for what he was believed to have stood for. Batman decided that Harvey Dent was the hero of Gotham, not him, showing that he knew that Dent would appeal to the people as the fallen paragon. however, Dent ‘s bequest was tarnished when Bane revealed the true circumstances of his death. He was however capable of showing clemency to a certain extent, as he spared Ramirez from being killed despite her character in selling him and Rachel extinct to the Joker, and by extension the latter ‘s death ( settling lone for punching her out rather ), spared Joker, and avoided killing Sal Maroni immediately via gunfire. however, it ‘s heavily implied if not directly stated that he alone spared them because the coin went good side up. On that note, he implies with his final examination words to Wuertz before shooting him that he would have spared Wuertz if his coin went good side up. .

appearance and invest

Harvey Dent is a pretty improbable young man dressed in a dark commercial enterprise befit consist of an Arrow-tailored night blue or gray crown, matching dress pants and a navy silk necktie with double pin stripes. Underneath it he wears a high-collared white snip shirt. He is always seen with a fine-looking face consisting of a solid jaw, sparkling bluing eyes, crinkled blond hair and winning smile. As Two-Face, Dent is dressed light grey framed notch lapel suit with the crown ‘s leave side darkened with scorch marks, a red and dark blue slim-cut rep striped tie and a low-collared white dress shirt underneath. The left field side of his face is burn away equally well, leaving behind a hideous sweep of char muscle and scar tissue, consisting of a bloodshot eye bulging from a naked socket, a rag gap in his cheek offering the glimpse of an debunk shmooze and a strip of raw cartilage stretching vertically across what remains of Dent ‘s smile, furtherly implying his unstable mind .

In early media

Gotham Tonight

Aaron Eckhart appears as Harvey Dent in the Gotham Tonight special episodes .

Behind the Scenes

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent/Two-Face : The Gotham zone lawyer who is hailed as Gotham ‘s “ White-Knight ” ; Dent ‘s battle with the Joker turns Dent into a homicidal, disfigured villain called “ Two-Face ”. Producer Charles Roven described Dent as initially the “ white knight of the city ”. Wayne sees Dent as his successor, which comes back to the composition of him realizing that being Batman will be a lifelong mission, and the calamity that follows when Dent is corrupted. Whereas Two-Face is an malefic villain in the comics, Nolan chose to portray him as a writhe vigilante to emphasize his character as Batman ‘s counterpart ( he besides seemed to act as a tragic villain ), and Eckhart, who has played corrupt men in films such as The Black Dahlia, Thank You For Smoking and In the Company of Men, notes : “ He is still true to himself. He ‘s a crime fighter, he ‘s not killing good people. He ‘s not a bad guy, not strictly, ” while admitting : “ I ‘m interest in thoroughly guys gone wrong. ”

Nolan and David S. Goyer had originally considered using Dent in Batman Begins, but they replaced him with the new fictional character Rachel Dawes when they realized they “ couldn ’ t do him judge ”. Before Eckhart was cast in February 2007, Matt Damon was rumored to have passed on the role, and he confirmed in December 2009 that he was unavailable for it ascribable to scheduling conflicts. additionally, Liev Schreiber, Josh Lucas, and Ryan Phillippe had expressed pastime in the function. Mark Ruffalo hearing for the function. Hugh Jackman Was Considered For The Role. Nolan chose Eckhart, whom he had considered for the lead function in Memento, citing his “ extraordinary ” ability as an actor, his embodiment of “ that kind of chisel, American champion quality ” projected by Robert Redford, and his subtextual “ edge ”. For Two-Face ‘s constitution, Eckhart warned, “ When you look at him, you should get sick to your stomach. Being the guy under all that, well, that was a bunch of fun for me. It ‘s like you would feel if you met person whose face had reasonably much been ripped off or burned off with acidic … There are fans on the Internet who have done artist ‘s versions of what they think it will look like, and I can tell you this : They ‘re thinking minor ; Chris is going room far than people think. ” Before the premier of Batman Begins, co-story writer David Goyer had considered ideas for future Batman films. “ The following one would have Batman enlisting the aid of Gordon and Dent in bringing down the joker … but not killing him, which is a err they made in the first one. … In the third base, the Joker would go on test, scarring dent in the serve. ” Some of these ideas were discarded during the pre-production for The Dark Knight .


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  • Aaron Eckhart believes that had he survived the events of The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent would have spoken to the citizens of Gotham City about his transformation on Two-Face rather than keeping the truth like Batman and Gordon did through the Dent Act.
  • Despite being the secondary antagonist, Two-Face became the final antagonist of the film after Joker’s defeat.
  • While Dent’s transformation into Two-Face differs from the comic, Nolan does pay homage to it with his first scene being a courtroom scene between him and Maroni.
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