The Batman Website Updated With An Ominous New Riddler Message

The Batman has been released to theaters after a long and across-the-board creative process that was very well worth the expect. The film has been getting very beneficial reviews arsenic well as a welcoming positive reception from the comedian book residential district .
The Batman follows a new aim on the celebrated dark knight angstrom well as a newfangled cast of endowment. Robert Pattinson stars as Batman with Zoe Kravitz ( Catwoman ), Paul Dano ( Riddler ), Jeffrey Wright ( James Gordon ), and Colin Farrell ( Penguin ) join along for the ride. The cast of talent was exceptional, and each character provided something meaningful to the overarching narrative of the movie. The Batman proved that black building complex write sells, and that marketing movies is n’t all about boastful over the top spectacles .
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The film has a fortune of skittish moments, particularly in the manner that it portrays both Batman and the Riddler. One of the excite moments is when the Riddler used a web site to communicate to Batman. The web site he used was “ RataAlada, ” which is besides a real life web site that fans can actually visit right immediately in holy order to see a cool Easter egg following the movie ‘s release. initially, this site was used to tease The Batman prior to its release, but nowadays it takes fans to a page that has a loading text along with a liaison to a new page.

Its_Not_Over_Yet At the time of this write, the web site says, “ Loading … 44 %, ” but this numeral obviously will keep growing. As to what makes this number go up, that remains to be seen. possibly the number will go up after a fix sum of time, or it ‘s possible that it will go up as the movie attracts more ticket sales. When fans click the link on the like page that promises a “ reward, ” they ‘re then taken to another page that shows a riddle. This riddle is in crimson textbook with code letters, along with a new URL that reads, “ Its_Not_Over_yet. ” Whether this teases a fresh sequel or more behind-the-scenes content remains to be seen, but for now, fans are trying to crack the code in club to see what this illusive character may be hiding .
This element of forwarding is identical apt, as it breaks the fourth the wall and incorporates fans to join the detective work. There ‘s a lot of meditation as to what this raw message could all be leading to and fans are thinking that this is the Batman deleted scene that director Matt Reeves has referenced. If there ‘s any truth to this being that specific delete scene, then fans should be in for a treat when they see more of Pattinson ‘s Batman. mighty now, it looks like there are several possibilities that director Reeves can choose if he decides to work on a sequel, and a lot of Batman ‘s rogue gallery can fit in this world.

The Batman stayed focus on its own history, which is truly welcoming. When writers and creatives focus on one plat at a clock time, it normally makes the stories come away much better than those that entirely focus on construct up a sequel. With that being said, this film did plant some matter to pieces that may be built upon more in the future. Along with an approaching HBO Max series, The Batman population is looking like a promising DC flagship franchise .
The Batman is presently in theaters.

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