The Batman Who Laughs Has Officially Left the DC Universe for Fortnite

In DC ‘s latest Batman/Fortnite crossover voter, the Batman Who Laughs has come to Fortnite Island, and he may gain even more power than he always has ahead. Warning: spoilers ahead for Batman/Fortnite: Foundation #1!
In the latest issue of Batman/Fortnite: Future Foundation #1, the villain known as the Batman Who Laughs has come to Fortnite Island. A translation of Batman from a world where he was corrupted by an irreversible filter of Joker Venom, the Batman Who Laughs is one of the darkest villains in the multiverse, having gained adequate cosmic baron to rival the great Perpetua in the recent Dark Nights : Death Metal event. As such, the Batman Who Laughs about brought about the collapse of all realities, which would have been replaced by dark worlds created in the evil Batman ‘s own image. thankfully, he was finally defeated by Wonder Woman and an confederation of heroes and villains. however, the Batman Who Laughs has now returned, working aboard Lex Luthor and Fortnite ‘s imagine Order to cross the rift from the DC Universe to the reality of Fortnite Island and the mighty Zero Point .

In the previous Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point series, Batman found himself struggling to escape an endless loop of battles after being sent to Fortnite Island. Losing his memory every 22 minutes and having no recollection of his past, the Dark Knight ‘s skills were put to the screen as he finally broke the loop, joining Catwoman, Deathstroke, and other heroes of Fortnite who had similarly gained a victory royale. Managing to locate the island ‘s Zero Point, Batman and Catwoman were able to send their new allies home to their respective realities in the greater Omniverse, though Deathstroke proved to be a mole work for Lex Luthor, the Imagined Order, and the Batman Who Laughs. While Batman and Catwoman finally made their way back to Gotham, these villains were already at work opening a newfangled rift in Superman ‘s city of Metropolis .
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now, the newly one-shot Batman/Fortnite : Foundation # 1 from Scott Snyder, Christos Gage, Donald Mustard, and Joshua Hixon sees the Justice League defending the rift from an army of supervillains hired by Lex Luthor. meanwhile, Batman teams up with the Foundation, a hero of the Seven who have been fighting second against Doctor Slone and the imagine Order. however, the Batman Who Laughs jumps into the rupture by disguising himself as the normal Batman, making his room to Fortnite Island all the lapp. Seeing as how the Foundation follows and seals the rift behind them, the real Batman sees it as a win, believing that Fortnite Island will be the perfect prison to hold the Batman Who Laughs, seeing as how the iteration will erase his memory every 22 minutes, and anyone he kills will be brought back after every conflict. however, the Batman Who Laughs sees it as a paradise and the key to his following campaign of terror on the stallion Omniverse .


unbeknown to Batman, the Batman Who Laughs ‘ bill is made from the World Forge, a cosmic metallic used to create fresh realities which is near enough in nature to the Zero Point that his memory will remain integral. apparently, this is precisely what the Darkest Knight wanted. With the Foundation believe that he beat the Batman Who Laughs, the evil Bat-Joker loanblend now has free reign over the island, killing deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as he wants while intending to use the Zero Point itself to corrupt to integral Omniverse, no longer limited to precisely one multiverse alone .
It seems as though the Batman Who Laughs is far from finished, and Batman and the Foundation have greatly underestimated him ( which could have black consequences for the future ). While the floor will most probable continue in Fortnite ‘s overarch game narrative and possibly in future one-shots from DC Comics, fans can occupy their time waiting by playing as the Batman Who Laughs, who ‘s presently available as a skin in Fortnite ‘s market .

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