FaZe Clan Team Up With Batman In Latest DC Comic

DC has released an official Batman comic book featuring the esports team FaZe Clan partnering up with the Dark Knight to take on an evil television game .

As one of the biggest esports teams in the world, FaZe Clan has formed a count of big-dollar partnerships over the years. For example, the org recently teamed up with NFL in the lead-up to 2022 ‘s Super Bowl and partnered with Riot Games for what was, at the time, the biggest VALORANT event always. amazingly, despite their talents, the team has yet to be called upon by a cap reformer to help save the world. Until now .
In one of the latest comics from DC, FaZe Clan are shown teaming up with none early than Batman to help restore peace to the land, using their bet on know-how to take down the baddies.

What Happens In The FaZe Clan Batman Comic?

On March 29, FaZe Clan officially announced via Twitter that the very first issue of the FaZe Clan Batman amusing had arrived .

DC subsequently revealed more via their web site : “ Who do you call when the worldly concern is held hostage by an invincible video game ? Batman does n’t have a clue. But Robin ‘s got an idea—the heroes you need are the professional gambling stars of FaZe Clan. ”

As for the narrative, the site continued : “ The hottest new virtual reality game console proves to be a trap orchestrated by the Riddler, who has designed the technology to control its users ‘ minds. Batman knows just who to turn to in ordering to fight Riddler on his digital base turf, of course—the world ‘s greatest computer hacker, Oracle. But while Batman may be the master of 127 different forms of warlike arts, his gaming skills leave much to be desired. ” so, he enlists the help of a number of FaZe Clan ‘s pros .

Which FaZe Clan Members Appear In The Batman Comic?

As a foreign to the earth of video games, the Dark Knight enlists the aid of a number of FaZe Clan ‘s celebrated faces. This includes : “ Apex “, Ricky “ Banks “ Bengston, Håvard “ Rain “ Nygaard, Thomas “ Temperrr “ Oliveira, Brian “ Rug “ Awadis, Lucas “ Blaze “ Mosing, and Alexander “ Adapt “ Prynkiewicz. The comedian has besides done a fantastic job of capturing the personality of each musician along with their particular skills and talents that help the cap reformer take down the Riddler .

For those looking to get their hands on a transcript of the amusing can follow this link to find a memory selling the detail. however, as this is entirely Issue 1, there could be plenty more Batman and FaZe Clan collabs on the way. possibly next time even Snoop Dogg will make an appearance .
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