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Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point Issue 1


Bat ( by

Bruce Thomas WayneBat (by Catwoman

Kevin Conroy

Reality sprang… They call it “The Zero Point.”
Something about the topographic point which allsprang … They call it “. ”
— Batman

Bruce Wayne, normally known as Batman is a superhero and ally of The Foundation that got stuck in The Loop by a Sideways Rift over Gotham City .
Batman goes into the loop and thinks of where he is. He gets attacked by other players but defeats them. Batman then finds Catwoman, and they recognize each early somehow although losing their memory. he and Catwoman helped defeat the early combatants. They fight their means out until merely him and Catwoman are left. They end their first Loop together, inside The Storm by lento dying.

Batman stayed in the Loop for more time, living the same nightmare over and over again. He upgrades his suit and leaves notes for himself to remember who he is and even build a hovel to store his findings. He meets up with Catwoman once again, and they lopk for ways to get out of the island. They meet Harley Quinn, who has joined up the chaos without thinking. They leave her, and digit out that staying at the Eye of The ramp can make one leave the Loop. Batman sacrifices himself for Catwoman to escape, and he stays in the Loop .
Batman continues his attempts to escape, getting closer every twist. The think Order gets worried of him escaping before they intended, so they send in Snake Eyes to distract him. An emotion of respect form among them that carries each Loop. finally, Batman saves Snake Eyes from dying, thus Snake Eyes sacrifices himself for Batman to leave the Loop. Batman opens his eyes, seeing Deathstroke holding Catwoman hostage .
Batman and Catwoman beat Deathstroke and they come across a team of Loopers Deathstroke works with. They introduce eachother and Batman asks Raider if she knows anything about the Island, being the longest standing Looper in the island. The team collects artifacts and signal from The Spire that opens up an unavowed hatch. The hatch leads up to The Bridge ‘s entrance protected by Golems. They defeat them and seperate to look for a way deep into the building complex. Batman and Catwoman find Fishstick heavily damaged, and he tells him that one of the group members is working for “ them ” .
Batman and Catwoman savd the group from a group of IO Guards and continue to wander around The Bridge. They find The Zero Point, and use the separate panels to send everyone back base. Deathstroke reveals himself as the double-crosser, and tries to kill the group but fails and is tied up by Catwoman. After everyone leaves, Deathstroke escapes his trap and gets away using a Portal Device, leaving Batman and Catwoman alone .
Batman and Catwoman return to the airfoil to find person to hold Deathstroke ‘s staff that powered the panel they used. They find and knock Harley Quinn but come across Snapshots of them. They return to The Bridge and Harley Quinh escapes, running back to the Island. They return home age-related macular degeneration remember everything from their by. Catwoman runs off, leaving Batman on top of a build up .


Batman (Unmasked) - Character - Fortnite Unmasked

Batman - Character - Fortnite Zero Point Issue 1 / FoundationBatman (Armor) - Character - Fortnite Zero Point Issue 2-6

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