Comic Book Review: Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1

zero point 1 The FOMO is real. On a rare, late travel into the outside world, I visited my local Forbidden Planet, with the intention of just browsing their adorable excerpt of geeky merchandise. While in their gambling section downstairs, I happened to notice a guy and his two adolescent sons asking for something at the comic book counter – and them being handed a couple of comics they chose from a choice they were offered. They were being sold as one per customer, but as the boys had their own cash they were allowed to take one each – a hanker as they paid in two different transactions. What was going on ? Why were these comics being held at ransom and being sold under such hard-and-fast, restrictive conditions ? I had to find out .
Turns out that the reason these comics were being kept in such clandestine, under the counter conditions and only handed out one per customer was because it was the first emergence of a raw circumscribed series ; a crossing between the DC Universe ’ randomness Batman and Epic ’ s enormously democratic battle royale video bet on, Fortnite. The big sell point hera wasn ’ thyroxine good the crossing over, but a code included within the comedian for a unique, exclusive in-game Harley Quinn skin .
Having zero interest in Fortnite but intrigued by the apparently limited nature of the comic and the way it was being sold, I ended up picking one up for myself ( the selection offered was of three different covers ; I opted for the standard, cheapest form ) .
Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point # 1 wastes no clock time in setting up the history, with a glowing rift appearing in the flip above Gotham – and Batman is soon pulled through the rupture, with Harley Quinn just ahead of him and at least one other conversant confront from Gotham dragged through excessively. With no memory of who he is or where he ’ south from – and without the ability to speak – can Batman survive the slaughter he finds on the other side of the rift and get home ?

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point (2021) *NO FORTNITE CODE* #1 Knowing adjacent to nothing about Fortnite, I was please that this exit felt thus accessible for readers like me. It ’ sulfur very Batman led, with the Dark Knight being our gateway character, merely as baffled by the conflict royale set as noobs to the Fortnite concept probably are. There ’ randomness space for quite a few action scenes here and batch of characters who are no doubt companion to Fortnite players make an appearance. The writing – by the ever-reliable Christos Gage – allows for a fast-paced read with enough exposition to set up the site without getting bogged down in unnecessary detail. The art is fantastic, with Reilly Brown ’ s pencils seamlessly bringing together the two worlds in bang-up detail .
It ’ s a actually intrigue apparatus and I ’ m actually keen to see where the story takes us next. Never thought I ’ vitamin d be saying that about anything involving Epic ’ s apparently bottomless cash cow of a game – which I find quite exploitative to be honest – but hera we are. Let ’ s promise that the perch of the serial can keep up this flush of quality – I ’ ll be venturing back out to the actual world and once more engaging in the illicit-feeling process of getting my under the rejoinder comic with issue 2 very soon .
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