Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Comic #2 Explained

today is the official street date of Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point # 2, the second amusing in a 6-part series that finds Batman, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman on Apollo Island trying to figure out precisely what in the worldly concern is going on. The report is Fortnite canon and will explain many of the island ‘s mysteries, including the Zero Point. Each emergence besides comes with a code redeemable in-game for an exclusive cosmetic token. table of contents

Fortnite Favorites Is It any Good ? Batman/Fortnite : Zero compass point Redeeming the Promo Code Issue # 2 includes the Batman Zero Wing Glider skin, which will not be available in the Fortnite Item Shop later today.


Batman/Fornite: Zero Point #2

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #2 Cover suction stop to enlarge + 3COMIC: Issue #2 hit shelves May 4, 2021 The following contains spoilers for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #2. Stop reading now if you do not wish to know details of the story contained within the issue.


Issue # 2 of DC Comic ‘s Batman and Fortnite crossover voter is the same length as the first base issue but feels much more substantial. It opens with Batman waking up at the get down of an island readjust with no memories again. It is then that readers, and Batman, find out that he has written himself messages to himself on his armor, weapons, and throughout secret hideouts he left around on the island with each readjust. He pieces in concert his situation, finding his gear and finally to Catwoman. The rest of the write out follows their adventures exploring the island through respective resets, dying and rediscovering each other each fourth dimension. They besides run into Harley Quinn, who seems to have in full embraced the chaos of the island with no intention of helping Batman and Catwoman on their quest to find a way off the island. finally Bats figures out a possible way off the island, and that is to stand at the epicenter of the Storm as it closes in after 22 minutes of conflict.


unfortunately, there is only room for one combatant. The publish ends with Catwoman killing Batman and apparently miss, as Batman wakes up once again with no memory for another round .

Fortnite Favorites

This exit focuses chiefly on Batman and Catwoman, though a few Fortnite favorites do show up as they did in the first. Ruckus is back, reprising his character from the first comic … respective times.

early characters include Cuddle Team Leader, Rex, Bright Bomber, the Red Knight, Tricera Ops, Meowcles, Onesie, Fishstick, and more. These characters inactive play no share in the actual narrative other than being fodder for the DC crew to smack around.


Is It Any Good?

Batman/Fortnite panel click to enlarge + 3CATS: There are more than one in this picture Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point # 2 surely picks up the pace, using leading artwork and the repeated use of specific panels to actually drive home what Batman and company are going through The comedian surely induced a few chuckles angstrom well, such as when Batman reads his note to himself that says “ The Cat is a acquaintance ” while watching Meowcles and Catwoman contend. One of the best panels has to be when Batman finds Harley Quinn and sees her floss.


She’s embraced the dancing. That’s a worrisome sign.”

overall, the exit was enjoyable, though not without some troublesome issues that still plague comics to this day. notably, Catwoman ‘s costume. It is apprehensible that everyone ‘s outfit in Fornite is battle-worn, but where Batman has evolved and armored up a bite, Catwoman has just let her leotard shred, scantily covering her. Another concern item is how the comics contradict what players are familiar within the game, notably that no one can talk and that everyone ‘s memory is reset at the end of each 22-minute loop. Players know from interacting with NPCs and completing multistep quests that they can both speak, and they have memory in between resets. Whether or not this will be explained in the comics or not will have to wait until the coming issues.


Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point

Batman Zero click to enlarge + 3BATMAN: Looking good on Apollo Island The write out free dates, and the cosmetic items included, are as follows :

  • April 20: Issue #1 – Rebirth Harley Quinn Skin
  • May 4: Issue #2 – Batman Zero Wing Glider
  • May 18: Issue #3 – Catwoman’s Claw Grapple Pickaxe
  • June 1: Issue #4 – Deathstroke Glider
  • June 15: Issue #5 – Harley Quinn’s Revenge Back Bling
  • July 6: Issue #6 – Batarang Pickaxe


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Redeeming the Promo Code

Fortnite players looking to redeem their single Batman Zero Wing Glider in-game motivation to get their hands on a imitate of Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point # 2 from their local anesthetic comic storehouse or through DC Universe Infinite. once they have their emergence, they can redeem the include code by following these directions, provided by :

  1. Visit
  2. Select Your Preferred Platform or “Sign In With Epic Games” if you already have an Epic Account.
    1. Verify that you are logged into the correct account.
    2. You should see a display name in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter or copy/paste the code as-is into the “Enter Access Code” text field.
  4. Select “REDEEM.”
  5. Verify the item you are redeeming and select “ACTIVATE.”
  6. Launch Fortnite with the same Epic account.
  7. Select Battle Royale.
  8. Upon loading in, you will receive a gift box showing your unlocked cosmetics. You can select EQUIP or CLAIM to close. Cosmetics will then be available in your Locker.
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