Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Comic #6 Explained, Series Wrap-Up

nowadays ( July 6, 2021 ) is the official street go steady of Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point # 6, the sixth and final comedian in a series that finds Batman, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman on Apollo Island trying to figure out precisely what in the global is going on. The history is Fortnite canon and will explain many of the island ‘s mysteries, including the Zero Point. Each issue besides comes with a code redeemable in-game for an exclusive cosmetic detail. table of contents

Batman/Fornite : Zero Point # 6 Fortnite Favorites Is It any Good ? Series Wrap Up Batman/Fortnite : Zero point Redeeming the Promo Code Issue # 6 includes Batman ‘s Batarang Axe Pickaxe, which will besides be available in the Item Shop tonight.


Batman/Fornite: Zero Point #6

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3 cover chatter to enlarge + 4COMIC: Issue #6 hit shelves July 6, 2021 The following contains spoilers for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6. Stop reading now if you do not wish to know details of the story contained within the issue.


Issue # 6 of DC Comic ‘s Batman and Fortnite crossing over is the like distance as the inaugural five issues, wrapping up the current storyline and setting up Batman and Fortnite for future crossovers. The consequence opens with Batman and Catwoman trying to figure out a way home now that Deathstroke has left them stranded on Apollo Island, having escaped through the Zero Point. Catwoman manages to snag the seafaring device off of Deathstroke before he leaves, but it is broken, merely able to take the copulate spinal column to the Loop. thankfully there is person in the loop to complete the trio needed to navigate back to Gotham. Harley Quinn. As Bats and Catwoman head back into the Loop to snag her, they make two startle realizations. One : Harley Quinn can talk, and is amply mindful of what is going on. Two : Harely Quinn does not want to leave the world of Fortnite.


The match besides tussle with armored snapshots of themselves for a panel before snagging Quinn and making their way back to the Zero Point bedroom. Though Quinn escapes them, they manage to open a portal to Gotham, and after a brief deliberation on whether or not they should go back, they return home.


As their memories return, Catwoman leaves Batman, telling him they should have stayed on the island and lived happily together. Batman meets up with Gordon to tell him what happened with Deathstroke, and Gordon reveals that the rupture has closed. The issue wraps up with Deathstroke reporting to Lex Luthor that a tether to the Zero Point was successfully made, while the Batman Who Laughs reveals he was part of the plan to tether the worlds together ampere well. All is going according to their design. The Imagined Order ‘s plan. With Lex and the Batman Who Laughs are pulling the strings from Gotham, Dr. Slone is pulling all the strings. A new rift above Gotham opens. READ MORE: How to Get the Batarang Axe Pickaxe in Fortnite


Fortnite Favorites

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6 panel click to enlarge + 4

BADDIES: Some familiar Gotham faces This issue is light on Fortnite characters, though we do see Hush, adenine well as the island versions of Bane, Scarecrow, and some class of Joker in a panel.


bright bomber is shown unconscious mind, and Harley is shown fighting Cuddle Team Leader, Mancake, and Ruckus. Llambro ‘s pick is besides used to whack Batman. It is kind of epic .

Is It Any Good?

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6 final panel suction stop to enlarge + 4CLIFFHANGER: More to come While there were some great bombshells in this emergence, it is surely one of the weaker issues in the series.


While the end is surely going to excite Batman and Fortnite fans, the rest of the consequence felt like more of a “ Let ‘s get them home now ” feel, with the Armored versions of Batman and Catwoman showing up for nothing more than fanservice. We never find out why Harley Quinn is an exception to the rules of the island, with her appearance by and large serving the function of providing Batman and Catwoman a road back to Gotham. A plot device more than anything else. The final examination few pages provide the most exhilaration, with Lex, the Batman Who Laughs, and Dr. Slone revealing it was them behind everything all along. What is their ultimate goal ? That is a question for a future series, as the final jury lets readers know this is army for the liberation of rwanda from the end. READ MORE: We May Soon Have An Armored Catwoman Fortnite Skin


Series Wrap Up

So how did Batman/Fortnite : Zero decimal point hold up as a whole ? It was a great series that should please both Batman and Fortnite fans.


A lot of mysteries about Fortnite ‘s Island were revealed, though honestly, the books left readers with more questions than they did answers. If the Zero Point is actually BELOW the Island ‘s coat, what have players been seeing above the surface ? What did The Foundation bloom and get trapped in ? What did the Aliens destroy/capture ? Why could Harley Quinn break the rules of the Island while still being stuck in the Loop ? What are IO ‘s plans for the multiverse and why is Dr. Slone so damn evil ? Of course, there was no reason to believe that Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point would answer fans ‘ questions without leaving some mystery to reveal over time.


With the serial ending on a major cliffhanger, Fortnite players can be surely there are more comics to come. The biggest question now is will the next series be a Batman/Fortnite crossover or a Superman/Fortnite crossover voter .

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point

Catwoman Zero click to enlarge + 4 The write out handout dates, and the cosmetic items included, are as follows :


Redeeming the Promo Code

Fortnite players looking to redeem their exclusive Batman Zero Wing Glider in-game need to get their hands on a imitate of Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point # 2 from their local comedian store or through DC Universe Infinite. once they have their consequence, they can redeem the include code by following these directions, provided by :

  1. Visit
  2. Select Your Preferred Platform or “Sign In With Epic Games” if you already have an Epic Account.
    1. Verify that you are logged into the correct account.
    2. You should see a display name in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter or copy/paste the code as-is into the “Enter Access Code” text field.
  4. Select “REDEEM.”
  5. Verify the item you are redeeming and select “ACTIVATE.”
  6. Launch Fortnite with the same Epic account.
  7. Select Battle Royale.
  8. Upon loading in, you will receive a gift box showing your unlocked cosmetics. You can select EQUIP or CLAIM to close. Cosmetics will then be available in your Locker.
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