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“Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point” – The Collected Edition
Batman Fortnite Zero Point Collected Edition Cover scaledWriter: Christos Gage
Artists: Reilly Brown, Christian Duce, Nelson Faro DeCastro
Color Artist: John Kalisz
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Review by Philip Clark

Batman/Fortnite : Zero degree The Collected Edition is ultimately hera and it… is… adept !
now, don ’ thymine get me wrong, though I went into this style with a fair come of understanding, I was pleasantly surprised with what I read. I was in full expecting it to be the laughing livestock of the DC Comicsverse, much like the Deathstroke/Yogi Bear run a few years back, but no… this queerly works and works well .
Full recognition must go to the creative team for setting up a mini-series that blends our love for comics and video games absolutely .

Fortnite Island

With most of his memories escaping him, it ’ s only instinct that keeps our favored Caped Crusader alive. That is until he meets a cryptic newly ally, or are they new at all ? The familiarity between the two leads to them kicking some serious cigarette, and standing victorious… at least for a while.

A crossing over with Fortnite was always going to be inevitable after Epic Games revealed that they were adding in Batman characters and content for the players, including costumes of some of our favorite Gotham City alumnus. It was lone a matter of time before we had this crossing .
I must badly praise the art team vitamin a well, as they managed to capture both the scruffy grit of Gotham and the brilliantly confusion of the Fortnite game within a few pages of each other .

Batman: The Detective

I ’ m so gladiolus we get to see the detective side of Batman in this publish, as it ’ s an aspect of The Caped Crusader that I personally feel is underused in the comics. not this time, however, in Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point # 2 it ’ s used to its full moon electric potential .
I besides actually dig the new designs for Batman, Catwoman, and all the other characters ’ costumes, it truly adds to the post-apocalyptic vibration that the history gives off. As the history progresses, you can absolutely tell that they ’ ve been going through this for a long time. The art team did a fantastic job on the redesign .

Silent Ninja Warrior

I was fortunate adequate to read this report when it was coming out monthly, but my inner child is hush squealing. This amazing crossing over finally gave fans something they ’ d been clamoring for for decades, Snake Eyes v Batman ! I inactive can ’ t catch over the awesomeness that fills the pages of this solicitation !
first, the Snake Eyes initiation is incredible, as it tells you everything you need to know about the character. He gets the jump on a very aware and alert Batman, and after that, it ’ randomness fair two of the most incredible martial artists going at each other. Both legends attempt to gain the upper pass against the other, fighting to a deadlock every single clock .
It ’ south adequate to make every other character period and watch, no matter who they are ; witnessing these two about perfect humans go at each early was going to attract an audience. obedience is cursorily gained by each man, along with the rest of the combatants in The Loop .

Dream Team

Okay, so Christos Gage is cursorily becoming one of my favorite writers, and Reilly Brown, Christian Duce, and Nelson DeCastro have joined my number of darling artists. This hale creative team is phenomenal, and I actually hope that DC keeps them on and gives them the sexual love they deserve. I ’ five hundred sleep together to see them take on one of DC ’ s big ongoing titles, they surely deserve it.

It ’ south not just the character artwork though, the background setting of the island rightfully makes you feel like you ’ re there. The palpate of ingress is very alike to that felt when playing the television game itself. I feel I have to comment on the work of John Kalisz deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. I in truth like the textures he ’ randomness given this narrative as a solid, unifying the work of two unlike art teams. His cityscapes and tropical islands are great, peculiarly when contrasted with the sci-fi aspects of action that takes seat in front of the backdrop of a crevice in reality. Kalisz does a big job at keeping that as an undertone throughout the amusing .


This report is a brilliant representation of two of my darling things ; comics and television games. It gives a beautiful front at the puzzle-game writing style, by trying to figure out things on the fly while adding in the flowing narrative of a amusing .
Being the World ’ s Greatest Detective is a separate of Batman ’ s arsenal that normally goes underutilized. In this narrative, however, I feel like it ’ s been the best part of his game. He ’ s had to figure out to escape the Loop, ampere well as below Fortnite island, and he ’ sulfur taken all of it in his stride .
Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point – The Collected Edition delivers the prototype of precisely who Batman is. He ’ s a survivor ; intelligent, resourceful, and coherent. Behind all the gadgets and warlike arts, this fib shows the true Batman. You can drop him into any position, anywhere and he ’ ll find a way to survive .
I left the original run, and this solicitation, inactive wanting more… thankfully sometimes wishes do come true .
9 out of 10
Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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