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Batwing suit




Lucius Fox ( deceased )

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Protective suit

Source The Batwing suit is a protective suit of armor that Luke Fox wears when manoeuver as Batwing. It was created by Luke ‘s father, the recently Lucius Fox .


During Luke Fox ‘s childhood, he drew pictures of what a black Batman might look like ; to which his father, Lucius Fox began building a suit for him based on the drawings.

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Luke finally uncovered the suit when Gotham City underwent a blackout ; due to Black Mask. He used the suit to confront a Venom -enhanced Russell Tavaroff ; saving Mary Hamilton in the process. finally, after the Bat Team defeated Black Mask and saved Kate Kane, Luke decided to continue using the become as a vigilante. [ 1 ] After Luke was done talking with his founder ‘s A.I., he realized that he was not cook to wear the suit yet. however, less than a day former, he suited up so far again in an attack to save Mary from becoming “ Poison Ivy ”. Mary removed Lucius ‘ A.I. hardware from the suit, breaking Luke ‘s sleeve in the process. This caused him to once again take a foramen from the become. [ 2 ]



  • Identity concealment: Luke Fox uses a black bat-like mask to conceal his identity.
  • Advanced strength: The suit can amplify Luke’s strength to superhuman levels, allowing him to overpower normal humans and most other meta-humans, such as the Venom-empowered Russell Tavaroff.[1]
  • Advanced durability: The suit can withstand falls from medium heights and powerful blows from meta-humans who possesses superhuman levels of strength, such as Russell.[1]
  • Advanced computer system: Inside the suit, its eyes have a complete heads-up-display available to the user, allowing them to see warnings of the suit’s diagnostics as well as damage reports. It allows Luke to pinpoint technology such as WayneTech satellites for use in connecting the suit to it as well as other WayneTech gadgets.[3]
  • Flight: The suit is capable of flight. Luke used it briefly to catch Mary Hamilton.[1]

former functions

  • Safe-mode: The safe-mode of the Batwing suit causes the entire suit to completely shut down instantly the moment the wearer is experiencing a major physical attack. Due to the disadvantage of losing the suit’s functions in safe-mode, it was promptly shut off.[4]
    • Lucius Fox A.I.: Included in the suit is an A.I. of Lucius Fox, the creator of the suit and the father of it’s main wearer. The A.I was made with the purpose of assisting the user of the suit, with it also having access to information and files in the Batcave’s computers. It is also somehow connected to the safe-mode. Shutting off the suit will cause the A.I. to be deactivated as well.[4]


  • Safe-mode: Although the safe-mode of the Batwing suit causes the entire suit to completely shut down and lock up instantly the moment the wearer is experiencing a major physical attack, it cannot tell the difference between physical pain and psychological pain. Every time Luke experiences this psychological pain, the entire suit completely shuts down.[4]

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Batwing suit drawings (2) befit drawings .Batwing suit drawings (1) suit drawings .Batwing Luke in the suit.

Batwing suit (interior) Interior of the befit

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Season 2

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Batwing suit was used by both David Zavimbe and Luke Fox.


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