1. Citizen Kane


Seventy-year-old newspaper baron Charles Foster Kane dies in his palatial Florida home, Xanadu, after uttering the individual parole “ Rosebud. ” While watching a newsreel summarizing the years during which Kane built a dying newspaper into a major empire, married and divorced twice, ran unsuccessfully for governor and saw the collapse of his newspaper empire during the Depression, an editor program decides they have not captured the perfume of the controversial correspondent and assigns reporter Jerry Thompson to discover the intend of Kane ‘s survive word.
Thompson foremost approaches Kane ‘s second wife, singer Susan Alexander, in the Atlantic City cabaret where she now performs. After the bibulous Susan orders Thompson to leave, the accommodating bartender reports her claim that she had never heard of Rosebud. Next, Thompson reads the unpublished memoirs of Wall Street financier Walter Parks Thatcher, Kane ‘s defender and trustee of the mine fortune left to Kane by his mother : Thatcher first meets young Kane in 1871 at his mother ‘s Colorado boarding house. Learning that she has become affluent from mining shares left her by a early boarder, she is determine that her son will be reared and educated in the East. As young Charlie plays outside with his sled, Mrs. Kane hands over management of the mine ‘s returns to Thatcher, against her conserve ‘s wishes, then grants the financier guardianship over her son. Despite the boy ‘s protests, he is sent away to live with Thatcher. When Kane turns twenty-five, he assumes dominance of the world ‘s sixth largest private luck, and while professing disinterest in most of his holdings, writes Thatcher that he intends to run The Inquirer, a minor, New York newspaper acquired through a foreclosure. He moves into the newspaper ‘s offices and with the help of his best supporter, Jedidiah Leland, who acts as the drama critic, turns it into a full of life, muckraking publication, which attacks slum landlords, swindlers and big business. In 1898, The Inquirer attempts to draw the United States into war with Spain. After the 1929 stock market crash, Kane relinquishes control of his empire to Thatcher ‘s syndicate. Thompson finishes his recitation of Thatcher ‘s memoir without learning anything about Rosebud.
Thompson adjacent questions Bernstein, once Kane ‘s general editor program and now chair of the board. Bernstein describes the early on days of Kane ‘s tenure at The Inquirer: After Kane and Leland take over the issue in 1892, Kane prints a declaration of principles — that he will report the news honestly and will make the newspaper a champion of his readers ‘ rights as citizens and as human beings. Leland senses the document ‘s importance and keeps the handwritten announcement as a memorial. Six years late, when Kane acquires the top reporters from the rival wallpaper, whose circulation The Inquirer has surpassed, Leland worries that Kane ‘s approach to the news will besides resemble his rival ‘s. During this time period, Kane begins to collect the European statues and furniture that will late crowd the rooms of Xanadu. On one european trip, Kane meets and becomes engaged to Emily Monroe Norton, the President ‘s niece, whom he marries in 1900. After relating these events, Bernstein suggests that Rosebud was credibly something that Kane lost, possibly a womanhood.
Taking Bernstein ‘s advice, Thompson visits Leland, a self-described “ disagreeable old man, ” in the hospital where he is living out his old age. Leland claims Kane believed in nothing except himself, but suggests that Kane ‘s narrative is about how he lost love because he had none to give : As Kane ‘s empire expands, his marriage to Emily deteriorates. One nox in 1915, Kane encounters Susan as she is leaving a drugstore after purchasing a toothache remedy. Susan innocently offers to let Kane, who has been spattered by mud from a exceed baby buggy, use her apartment to clean up. Kane is at rest with Susan, who has no idea of his importance, and when he learns that her mother wanted her to become an opera singer, requests that she sing for him. In 1916, Kane runs for governor against corrupt political boss Jim Gettys. After a successful crusade manner of speaking, Emily sends their son dwelling alone and asks Kane to accompany her to Susan ‘s boarding house, where they find Gettys with Susan. Gettys admits that he forced Susan to contact Emily and tells Kane that he will reveal their relationship unless he withdraws from the political campaign. Despite the distress that scandal will bring to his syndicate and Susan, Kane refuses, convinced that he has the love of the electorate. He is mistaken, however, and loses the slipstream. Leland accuses Kane of treating “ the people ” as if he owned them and asks to be transferred to The Inquirer’s Chicago ramify. After Emily divorces him, Kane marries Susan and in 1919, builds the Chicago Opera House for her. Susan ‘s voice is identical inadequate, however, and her debut is met with ridicule, except by The Inquirer critics. When Kane finds Leland slumped over his typewriter in a bibulous daze after beginning an unfavorable recapitulation of Susan ‘s performance, he finishes the comment himself, retaining the damaging point of view, but then fires his old acquaintance.
Thompson now returns to Atlantic City to question Susan again. She insists that it was Kane ‘s mind that she have an operatic career and describes their angry life together : During a noisy quarrel with Susan, Kane receives a especial delivery from Leland, returning the $ 25,000 arrest Kane sent after firing him and including the handwritten copy of the declaration of principles, which Kane burns. When Susan begs to quit, Kane insists that he will be humiliated if she leaves the phase, and forces her to continue singing until she attempts suicide. late, they retire to Xanadu, where a bored Susan spends her days working jigsaw puzzles. ultimately fed up with his overbearing attempts to orchestrate her life, Susan reproaches Kane for trying to buy her affections with jewels and other material things. He slaps her in anger, and she leaves him. Her floor finished, Susan sends Thompson to talk to Raymond, the butler at Xanadu. Thompson confesses to Susan that he feels blue for Kane, and Susan admits that she does, besides.
At Xanadu, Raymond agrees to speak with Thompson for a price, then relates the events following Susan ‘s departure : The angry Kane tears apart Susan ‘s room, until he comes across a small glass snow earth with a bantam cabin inside. Kane picks it up, murmurs “ Rosebud ” and leaves the room, apparently unaware of the servants who surround him. placid as ignorant of the meaning of Kane ‘s dying password as when he started, Thompson prepares to leave Xanadu with the other reporters and photographers. Passing through rooms where Kane ‘s possessions are being inventoried and crated, Thompson is now convinced that even if he had learned the meaning of Rosebud, it would not have explained the man. Unnoticed among the boxes and crates is an old child ‘s sled. As a workman throws the sled into a furnace, the give voice Rosebud, painted across the peak, is consumed by the flames.

2. Casablanca


During World War II, Casablanca, Morocco is a waiting point for throngs of despairing refugees fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe. passing visa, which are necessary to leave the state, are at a premium, so when two german couriers carrying letters of transit signed by General DeGaulle are murdered and the letters stolen, german Major Strasser and Louis Renault, the prefecture of police, are eager to find the documents. Strasser is particularly concerned that the letters not be sold to Victor Lazlo, the well-known Czech resistance drawing card, who is rumored to be on his means to Casablanca. That night, Renault and Strasser search for the killer whale at Rick ‘s Café Americain, a popular cabaret run by the cryptic american exile Richard Blaine. Earlier, Ugarte, a louche dealer in passing visa, had asked Rick to hold the steal letters temporarily, explaining that he has a buyer for them and with the money from their sale, he plans to leave Casablanca. Although Rick fought on the side of the loyalists in Spain, he has grown cynical, and when Renault advises him not to interfere with Ugarte ‘s arrest, Rick replies “ I stick my neck out for cipher. ” He makes a stake with Renault, however, that Lazlo will manage to leave Casablanca despite german efforts to stop him. After Ugarte is arrested, Lazlo and his companion, Ilsa Lund, arrive at Rick ‘s. Ilsa recognizes Sam, the piano player, and while Lazlo makes screen contact with the underground, Ilsa insists that Sam play the song “ As time Goes By. ” reluctantly, Sam agrees, and a ferocious Rick, who had ordered him never to play the birdcall again, emerges from his office to stop him. Rick is taken aback when he sees Ilsa, whom he knew in Paris. Later, after the café is closed, Rick remembers his love affair with Ilsa : After a brief glad fourth dimension together, the Nazis invade Paris and, worried that Rick will be in risk because of his record, Ilsa advises him to leave the city. He refuses to go without her, and she agrees to meet him at the aim station. alternatively of come, though, she sends him a farewell note, and Sam and Rick leave merely ahead of the Nazis. Rick ‘s thoughts return to the show with Ilsa ‘s arrival at the café. She tries to explain her actions, but when a bibulous Rick accuses her of being a tramp, she walks out. The following day, Lazlo and Ilsa fitting with Renault and, there they learn that Ugarte has been killed while in patrol detention. After Rick helps a young romanian couple win adequate money at roulette to allow them to leave the country, Lazlo, suspecting that Rick has the letters, asks to buy them. Rick refuses and, when Lazlo asks his reasons, suggests that he ask Ilsa. Angered when Rick allows his orchestra to accompany a rousing rendition of “ La Marseillaise, ” Strasser orders the conclude of the Café. That night, while Lazlo attends an clandestine converge, Ilsa meets Rick and explains that she stayed behind in Paris because, on the sidereal day Rick left Paris she had learned that Lazlo, her husband, whom she had married in privy and idea dead, was alert. now realizing that they calm love each early, Ilsa tells Rick that he must made decisions for both of them. meanwhile, the police dampen up the metro merging, and Lazlo takes safety at Rick ‘s. Before he is arrested, he begs Rick to use the letters to take Ilsa away from Casablanca. The adjacent day, Rick sells the café to his rival Ferare, the owner of the Blue Parrot, and tricks Renault into releasing Lazlo from prison. They head for the airport, but Renault has managed to alert Strasser, who hurries after them. At the airport, Rick tells Ilsa, who thought that she would be staying with him, that she is to leave with Lazlo because she gives meaning to his work. He then tells Lazlo that he and Ilsa loved each other in Paris, and that she pretended she was still in love with him in order to get the letters. Lazlo, who understands what actually happened, welcomes Rick back to the competitiveness before he and Ilsa board the plane. Strasser arrives good as the airplane is about to take off and when he tries to delay the flight, Rick shoots him. Renault then cursorily telephones the police, but rather of turning in Rick, he advises them to “ round up the common suspects, ” and the two men leave Casablanca for the Free French garrison at Brassaville. It is, Rick says, “ the begin of a beautiful friendship. ”

3. The Godfather


In August 1945, during the lavish marry reception of his daughter Connie, Don Vito Corleone, head of a large New York crime family and “ godfather ” to the Italian-American community, listens to requests for favors, honoring a long-standing sicilian tradition that a forefather can not refuse a request on his daughter ‘s marry day. While FBI agents jot down license plate numbers of the guests, and hundreds of celebrants dance, eat and gossip in the Corleone family ‘s Long Beach compound, Don Vito, assisted by his foster son and consigliere, Tom Hagen, listens to a supplication by the mortician Bonasera, who seeks judge for two american english boys who mercilessly beat his daughter. After gently chastising Bonasera for refusing his friendship in the past, Don Vito agrees to help in change for some future service. future, Don Vito greets the affable baker Nazorine, who seeks help in preventing the exile of Enzo, a young apprentice baker who wants to marry Nazorine ‘s daughter. Outside, as the syndicate welcomes guests such as crime boss Don Emilio Barzini and Don Vito ‘s godson, popular singer Johnny Fontane, Michael Corleone arrives at his baby ‘s marriage with his american girlfriend friend, Kay Adams. Michael, college educated and a decorated soldier during World War II, relates stories about Luca Brasi, a big, violent man who is unquestioningly loyal to Don Vito, but tells her “ It ‘s my family, Kay, not me. ” In Don Vito ‘s learn, the concluding petitioner is Johnny, who cries that brawny studio head Jack Woltz refuses to give him an significant separate in a new war movie, even though it would be a perfective, career-saving function for him. After slapping Johnny like a child and admonishing him to be a man alternatively of a “ Hollywood fennel, ” Don Vito comforts him and promises to help. Just before his father-daughter dance with Connie, Don Vito talks with his son Santino, nicknamed Sonny, and Tom, telling them that Connie ‘s modern conserve, Carlo Rizzi, may have a job, but should never be privy to the family ‘s business. Don Vito besides instructs Tom to fly to Los Angeles to speak with Woltz. At Woltz ‘s studio, when Tom politely suggests that Johnny be cast in the war film, Woltz angrily dismisses him with curses and heathen slur. however, after Woltz has learned that Tom is representing the Corleone family, he invites Tom to his lavish estate and apologize for his earlier discourtesy. When the men sit down to dinner after Woltz has shown Tom his beloved slipstream horse, Khartoum, Tom again asks for the part to be given to Johnny, prompting Woltz to erupt in a fad, shouting that Johnny “ ruined ” a young starlet with whom Woltz had been having an matter, therefore making him appear pathetic. One morning a short time late, Woltz discovers the discerp, bloody head of Khartoum in his bed, prompting him to scream in panic. Back in New York, Don Vito is approached by Sollozzo “ The Turk, ” a pitiless, Sicilian-born gangster who owns poppy fields in Turkey. Sollozzo, who has the back of the rival Tattaglia syndicate, proposes that the Corleones finance his drug operations. Although Tom and Sonny have argued that narcotics are the way of the future, and Sonny tries to say so in the meet, Don Vito refuses to risk losing his political influence by embracing the drug traffic and declines Sollozzo ‘s offer. Later, Don Vito privately asks Luca to let it be known to the Tattaglias that Luca might be interested in leaving the Corleones. Just before Christmas, when Luca meets with Sollozzo and one of the Tattaglias, he is caught murder guard, stabbed through the bridge player and strangled. That same flush, Fredo, Don Vito ‘s meek, oldest son, tells him that their driver, Paulie Gatto, has called in ghastly. Before entering his car, Don Vito decides to buy some yield from a seller and is shooting several times by assailants who flee before Fredo can react. Tom is kidnapped by Sollozzo that night, and by and by, as Michael and Kay leave the Radio City Music Hall, Kay notices a newspaper headline announcing that Don Vito has been killed. Stunned, Michael immediately calls Sonny, who relates that their forefather is scantily alive in the hospital and insists that Michael return to the condom of the class ’ second Long Beach colonial. late that night, Tom is released by Sollozzo, who is infuriated that Don Vito has survived the attack, and warns Tom that he and Sonny must make the narcotics cope with him and the Tattaglias. At the compound, Sonny and Tom try to insulate Michael from their discussions about the family business, knowing that Don Vito had wanted him to have a different kind of life. While arguing over whether or not to take Sollozzo ‘s batch, they receive a box of a dead fish, a sicilian symbol that Luca “ sleeps with the fishes. ” now the hot-headed Sonny insists that there will be a war between the Corleones and the Tattaglias. Sonny tells Clemenza, one of his father ‘s lieutenants, to buy mattresses and other supplies to family their men in a safe place during the war and instructs Clemenza to kill Paulie for his character in Don Vito ‘s ambush. A few days subsequently, frustrated by his enforce idleness, Michael goes into New York City to have dinner with Kay. After telling her that she should go home to New Hampshire, but not saying when they will see each other again, Michael goes to visit his forefather. When he finds the hospital floor deserted and Don Vito ‘s room unguarded, Michael checks to make certain that his father is alive, then calls Sonny to relate what has happened. After moving Don Vito ‘s bed with the assistant of a harbor, Michael whispers in his ear, “ Pop, I ‘m with you now. ” Moments late, when the baker Enzo innocently arrives to pay his respects, Michael advises him to leave because there will be worry, but Enzo enthusiastically offers to help. Michael and Enzo then wait on the steps of the hospital. Because of their menace appearance, when a car period, the thugs inside see what they think are Don Vito ‘s guards and drive off. Just then, several patrol cars appear, and the abusive Capt. McCluskey starts yelling at Michael for interfering, then viciously punches him in the font before Sonny, Tom and their men arrive. The next day, Sonny argues that they must hit back at Sollozzo, even though the corrupt McCluskey is his defender. Because Sollozzo is now asking for a meet with Michael, who is regarded as a “ civilian, ” Michael volunteers to kill both Sollozzo and McCluskey. A bewilder Sonny does not want Michael involved, and Tom argues that this is business, not personal, but Michael insists that to him it is business. When Sonny learns from a police informant that the merging will be held at Louis, an italian restaurant in the Bronx, Clemenza arranges for a gunman to be planted in the men ‘s board, then teaches Michael how to kill at close up range. At the restaurant, Sollozzo offers a armistice to Michael if the family agrees to his terms. After excusing himself to go to the men ‘s room, Michael retrieves the gun from behind the toilet, walks to the table and shoots both McCluskey and Sollozzo in the head, then coolly walks out to a waiting car. To avoid being the victim of a revenge kill by the Tattaglias, Michael is forced to leave for Sicily for an extend period without saying adieu to Kay. When Don Vito, who is now recuperating at home, hears that Michael killed Sollozzo and McCluskey, he weeps over Michael ‘s involvement. While Michael is in Sicily, a roll of violence envelopes the Corleones, the Tattaglias and the early members of the five New York crime families. At the lapp time, Michael falls in sexual love at first view with a beautiful sicilian girl, Apollonia, and soon marries her. Some time belated, when a meaning Connie hysterically calls family and tells Sonny that Carlo has beaten her, Sonny, who had previously warned Carlo never again to hit his sister, impetuously races away from the compound without waiting for his bodyguards. When he stops to pay a toll on the abandoned highway, he is ambushed by respective henchmen who riddle his body with bullets before speeding away. That night, after Tom reveals Sonny ’ s death to his father, Don Vito says that the killing must now end and orders no more acts of vengeance. late, he accompanies his son ’ s body to Bonasera ’ south, where he tearfully asks the mortician to repay his debt by making Sonny presentable to his mother. shortly thereafter, Don Tommasino, Michael ’ s defender in Sicily, tells him of Sonny ’ s death and says that he and Apollonia must leave for their own base hit. As they are about to leave, Apollonia decides to surprise Michael by driving his car. Moments after Michael sees one of his bodyguards, Fabrizio, suspiciously run off, Apollonia dies when the car explodes. In New York, Don Vito has called a converge of representatives of the five crime families of New York and New Jersey, asking for peace. After arguments on both sides, the families reach a peace agreement and agree to enter the narcotics trade. As they are driving home from the meet, Don Vito tells Tom he last realized at the meet that Barzini has always been behind the Tattaglias and was responsible for everything. Some time late, Michael goes to New Hampshire, where Kay has been teaching. Although he has been home for more than a year and not contacted her, he tells her that he loves her and asks her to marry him. She is loath, and does not understand why Michael now works for his father, but agrees because of her feelings for him and because he assures her that within five years, the Corleone kin business will be completely legitimate. soon Michael becomes the silent head of the class as Don Vito semi-retires. Michael plans to sell the kin ’ s olive oil business, which had been a legitimate binding for their gamble and prostitution operations, and become the sole owner of a Las Vegas casino. He sends Carlo to Las Vegas, a well as Tom, privately telling the disappoint Tom that there will be trouble at home and Tom is not a “ wartime consigliere.” Weeks former, on a business tripper to Las Vegas, Michael is annoyed that Fredo, who was sent to Las Vegas several years before, has let himself become slavish to Moe Greene, their partner in the casino. When Greene angrily refuses to sell his interest in the casino, Fredo sides with Greene, prompting Michael to warn him never again to side with person outside the family. One afternoon, Don Vito warns Michael about Barzini and predicts that the person who suggests a meet with Barzini will be a traitor setting Michael astir to be killed. That like good afternoon, while Don Vito plays with Anthony, Michael and Kay ’ s three-year-old son, he has a fateful heart attack in his vegetable garden. At Don Vito ’ south funeral, Salvatore Tessio, another Corleone family lieutenant, tells Michael that Barzini would like a meet. Tom is surprised that Sal, rather than Clemenza, is the double-crosser, but Michael realizes that, for an ambitious man like Sal, it is the smart move. He then reveals that the suffer will be held after the baptism of Carlo and Connie ’ south pamper, besides named Michael, for whom he has agreed to be godfather. While the baptismal ceremony takes locate, Barzini, Tattaglia and several early Corleone enemies are gunned down in New York and Greene is killed in Las Vegas. At the compound, Tom confronts Sal, who says to tell Michael that it was only business, and resigns himself to his destiny. That afternoon, Michael confronts Carlo, promising him indulgence if he will precisely confess that he set Sonny up to be murdered. Though terrified, Carlo believes Michael and reveals that Barzini was behind it. Moments belated, thinking that he will be driven to the airport, Carlo enters a car and is strangled from behind by Clemenza. When the Corleones are packing to move to Las Vegas, an hysteric Connie rushes into Don Vito ’ s previous study and accuses Michael of murdering Carlo. Kay tries to calm her down, but when she and Michael are alone, she asks if it is true. Michael initially erupts in anger, then says that, good this one time, Kay may ask him about his business, then answers “ No, ” and the couple embraces. This satisfies Kay until she sees Clemenza kiss Michael ’ s ring and address him as “ Don Corleone, ” before his lieutenant, Neri, closes the study door .

4. Gone with the Wind


In 1861, Scarlett O’Hara, the froward sixteen-year-old daughter of affluent Georgia plantation-owner Gerald O’Hara, is ill of hearing lecture about going to war with the North. She much prefers to have beaux like Brent and Stuart Tarleton speak about the future day ‘s barbecue at Twelve Oaks, the neighbor Wilkes plantation. When the twins reveal the “ mysterious ” that Ashley Wilkes is planning to marry his cousin Melanie Hamilton from Atlanta, Scarlett refuses to believe it because she is in love with Ashley herself. Her don by and by confirms the news when he returns home to Tara, the O’Hara plantation, and advises Scarlett to forget about the thoughtful Ashley, because “ like should marry like. ” At the barbecue, Scarlett acts coquettish with all of the new men, hoping to make Ashley covetous, then, during an good afternoon stay, sneaks into the library to see him. He says that he will marry Melanie because they are alike, but leads Scarlett to believe that he loves her alternatively of Melanie. When he leaves, Scarlett angrily throws a vase and is startled to discover Rhett Butler, a ill-famed rogue from Charleston, who has been lying unnoticed on a couch the entire time. She is angry at his seeming apathy to the seriousness of her feelings for Ashley and annoyed by his frank appreciation of her physical beauty. Later, when news arrives that war has broken out between the North and the South, Scarlett is stunned to see Ashley kiss Melanie adieu as he leaves to enlist, and in a dazzle accepts the driving proposal of Melanie ‘s brother Charles.
precisely after Ashley and Melanie marry, Scarlett and Charles marry angstrom well, delighting Melanie, who tells Scarlett that now they will truly be sisters. Some meter late, Scarlett receives discussion that Charles has died of the measles, and she is forced to don widow ‘s black invest and refrain from going to the parties she loves. Her reason mother Ellen decides to let her go to Atlanta to stay with Melanie and her Aunt Pittypat, hoping that Scarlett will feel less restless there. At an Atlanta fund-raise bazaar, Scarlett is so blase watching other girls dance, that when Rhett bids for her in a dance auction, she enthusiastically leads the Virginia Reel with him, oblivious to the outrage of the shock local matrons. Rhett, who has become a successful obstruct stolon, continues to see Scarlett over the next few months and brings her presents from his european trips. As the war rages, Melanie and Scarlett receive word that Ashley will be returning home on a Christmas leave. Atlanta is now suffering the privation of a long siege, but the women manage to give Ashley a small Christmas banquet. Before he returns to the front, Ashley tells Scarlett that the South is losing the war and asks her to stay by the meaning Melanie.
Melanie goes into parturiency as Atlantans leave the city before Northern troops arrive. When Aunt Pitty leaves for Charleston, Scarlett urgently wants to go with her, but remembers her promise to Ashley, and remains with Melanie. Because Melanie ‘s labor is difficult and the sophisticate is excessively busy attending hurt soldiers to come to her aid, Scarlett must attend her entirely. After the baby is born, Scarlett sends her maid Prissy for Rhett, who reluctantly arrives with a frighten horse and a big dipper. Though he thinks that Scarlett is crazy when she insists upon returning to Tara, he risks his life to drive the women and the baby through the now-burning city. Outside Atlanta, as Rhett and Scarlett see the decimate southern army in retreat, he feels ashamed and resolves to join them for their last stand. Scarlett is ferocious with him, evening after he admits that he loves her and gives her a passionate kiss before leaving. When the women ultimately arrive at Tara, the plantation is a shambles and the house has been looted. Scarlett ‘s mother Ellen has just died of typhoid and her don ‘s mind is gone. Desperate for something to eat, Scarlett inaugural tries drinking whiskey, then goes into the fields. After choking on a radish, she vows that if she lives through this she will never go athirst again. [ An Intermission divides the report at this detail. ]
Soon Scarlett bullies her sisters and the remaining sign of the zodiac slaves into working in the fields. After she kills a Yankee magpie and, with Melanie ‘s aid, hides the body, the contents of his wallet provide them with some money for food. When the war ends, Ashley returns and Scarlett goes to him for advice when Pork, one of the early slaves who has remained with the family, tells her that $ 300 in taxes are owed on Tara. Ashley offers no solution to her problem, but admits once again that he loves her, even though he will never leave Melanie. More settle than ever to obtain the money after Jonas Wilkerson, a pitiless yankee who was once Tara ‘s overseer, says that he is going to buy Tara when it is auctioned off for taxes, Scarlett decides to ask Rhett for the money. With no proper clothes to wear, Scarlett and her old governess, Mammy, use material from Tara ‘s velvet drapes for a new dress. In Atlanta, they discover that Rhett has been imprisoned by the Yankees, but has charmed his means into their thoroughly graces. Scarlett tries to pretend that everything is very well at Tara, but Rhett soon sees her roughen hands and realizes what her situation is. Because he is under collar and his money is wholly in an English bank, Rhett can not help Scarlett, so she leaves, infuriated. That same day, she runs into Frank Kennedy, her sister Suellen ‘s dandy, and sees that he has become a successful merchant. Scarlett tricks Frank into marrying her by telling him that Suellen loves person else, and is frankincense able to use his money to save Tara. Scarlett then moves to Atlanta to work at Frank ‘s denounce and to make his fledgling lumber occupation a success. She besides uses an unwitting Melanie to help make Ashley come to work at the log mill. One day, Scarlett is attacked by scavengers while driving her baby buggy near a chantey town, but is saved by Big Sam, a former Tara slave. Scarlett is not physically harmed, but that night Frank, Ashley and some of the other men band together to “ clear out ” the chantey. While Scarlett, Melanie and the other women wait at Melanie ‘s firm, Rhett arrives to warn them that the Yankees are planning an ambush. Melanie tells him where the men have gone, and some time later, he prevents their halt by pretending to the Yankees that they have all been drinking with him at the ill-famed Belle Watling ‘s whorehouse. Ashley is wounded, but Frank has died on the raid.
A few weeks late, Scarlett, who is drinking heavily, is visited by Rhett, who proposes to her and offers to give her everything she wants. Though she says that she does not love him, she agrees to marry him, and on their expensive honeymoon, he vows to spoil her to stop her nightmares of the war. A year former, Scarlett gives birth to a daughter, whom Melanie nickname “ Bonnie Blue. ” Though Rhett has never cared about Atlanta club, he now wants to ensure Bonnie ‘s future. He begins to acquire respectability, and within a few years his charitable contributions and earnest devotion to Bonnie impresses even the hardest of Atlanta ‘s matrons. meanwhile, Scarlett silent longs for Ashley and has told Rhett that she no longer wants him to plowshare her bedroom. One day, Ashley ‘s sister India and some early women see Scarlett and Ashley in an espouse. Though nothing improper happened, Scarlett is afraid to attend Melanie ‘s birthday party for Ashley that night. A angered Rhett forces her to attend, though, then leaves. Melanie ‘s capable affection to her makes Scarlett ashamed, and when she returns home she sneaks into the dine room to drink. There she finds Rhett drink and a violent quarrel erupts. After Scarlett calls Rhett a bibulous gull, he grabs her and carries her upstairs, angrily telling her that this night there will not be “ three in a bed. ” The adjacent good morning, Scarlett is glad, but when Rhett scoffs that his behavior was merely an indiscretion, her happiness turns to anger. Rhett then leaves for an widen trip to England and takes Bonnie with him.
Some months late, because Bonnie is homesick, Rhett returns to Atlanta and discovers that Scarlett is fraught. She is felicitous to see Rhett, but his smirk of nonchalance and accusation about Ashley enrages her thus that she starts to strike him and falls down the step. She loses the baby, and although she calls to him during her craze, Rhett does not know and thinks that she hates him. After she recovers, he suggests that the wrath and hatred period for Bonnie ‘s sake, and Scarlett agrees, but as they are talking, the froward Bonnie tries to make her pony take a rise and she falls and breaks her neck. Both are shattered by Bonnie ‘s death, specially Rhett, who refuses to let her be buried because Bonnie was afraid of the dark. only Melanie, to whom Rhett has always felt a closeness, convinces him to let the child go. After her talk with Rhett, Melanie, who has become meaning despite the risk to her health, collapses and suffers a miscarriage. On her deathbed, Melanie asks Scarlett to take care of Ashley, but when Scarlett sees how a lot the distraught Ashley loves Melanie, she finally realizes how wrong she has been for years and knows that it is Rhett she truly loves. She rushes back home and tries to prevent him from leaving her, but he will not stay because it is excessively recently for them. Scarlett tearfully asks him what she will do and as he leaves he answers, “ Frankly, my dearly, I do n’t give a damn. ” Through her shortness of breath, Scarlett begins to think of Tara, from which she has always gained intensity, and determines that she will return there and will think of a way to get Rhett spinal column. She resolves to think about it tomorrow for, “ after all, tomorrow is another day. ”

5. Lawrence of Arabia


In 1916 british Intelligence supports the arab rebellion against the Turkish-German alliance. Dryden, a civilian extremity of the Arab Bureau, selects Lt. T. E. Lawrence, an enigmatic twenty-nine-year-old scholar, to evaluate the arabian rebellion. sky-high undertaking this grant, the officer contacts Prince Feisal, a maverick leader, and persuades Feisal to lend him a force of fifty dollar bill men. With this skeleton band, accompanied by Sherif Ali ibn elevation Karish, Lawrence crosses the Nefud Desert. At the travel ‘s end, however, Lawrence learns that one of his men is missing. Undeterred by Arab assertions that the missing man ‘s end had been divinely decreed, Lawrence returns to the defect and rescues him, earning thereby Ali ‘s friendship and the deference of his subordinates. At a well Lawrence is confronted by the sheik Auda Abu Tayi, whom he persuades to join the assault on Aqaba, a turkish port at the desert ‘s edge. The Turks, surprised by the overland attack, are routed, and the victory revitalizes the arab rebellion. arab integrity, however, is undermined by internecine war. When one of his troop slays one of Auda Abu Tayi ‘s henchmen, Lawrence in atonement executes the murderer, who proves to be the Arab he had saved in the defect. Unnerved, Lawrence returns to Cairo. Delighted by Lawrence ‘s military success, however, General Allenby provides him with arms and money for future victories. Lawrence launches a series of successful guerrilla raids, which, as reported by american journalist Jackson Bentley, establish his international reputation. While on a scout mission with Ali, Lawrence is captured and tortured by the Turks. He returns to Cairo, where General Allenby persuades him to spearhead an approach on Damascus. After the battle, Lawrence leads his men in the slaughter of the retreating Turks. Upon entering Damascus the british Army is met by triumphant arab forces. Lawrence relinquishes see of the city to an arabian Council, but soon factionalism threatens to destroy it. On May 19, 1935, Lawrence dies in a motorbike crash in Dorset, England, and is commemorated in services at St. Paul ‘s .

6. The Wizard of Oz


Dorothy Gale, a Kansas farm girl, lives with her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. When Almira Gulch, who owns half the county, brings a sheriff ‘s club to take Dorothy ‘s little dog Toto away to have the cad destroyed, because Toto piece Miss Gulch ‘s leg, Auntie Em and Uncle Henry refuse to go against the law, and they give the dog to Miss Gulch. however, as Miss Gulch rides aside on her bicycle with Toto in her basket, the dog escapes and returns home. Realizing that Miss Gulch will come binding, Dorothy runs away with Toto. They come to the big dipper of the conceited, but kindly Professor Marvel, a fortune-teller and balloonist, who tricks Dorothy into believing that her aunt has had an attack because she ran aside. Dorothy rushes home greatly implicated, but a cyclone ‘s approach causes her difficulty, and by the meter she gets to the farm, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry and the three farmhands have entered the storm root cellar. Inside her room, Dorothy is hit on the head by a window and knocked unconscious. When she revives, she sees through the window that the house has risen up inside the cyclone. When she sees Miss Gulch, traveling in mid-air on her bicycle, transform into a enchantress on a broomstick, Dorothy averts her eyes. The house comes to rest in Munchkinland, a colorful section of the Land of Oz inhabited by little people, and lands on top of the Wicked Witch of the East. Knowing that the dead wiccan ‘s ruby slippers contain magic trick, Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, through her powers, has them placed on Dorothy ‘s feet before the dead enchantress ‘s sister, the Wicked Witch of the West, can retrieve them. The disgusting Witch vows revenge. Glinda then suggests that the fantastic Wizard of Oz can help Dorothy get back to Kansas and instructs her to take the yellow brick road to the distant Emerald City, where the Wizard resides. Along the way, Dorothy meets a friendly scarecrow who laments that he is bankruptcy because he has no brain, an emotional tin man, who longingly describes the romanticist life he would lead if he only had a center, and a apparently ferocious leo who actually lacks courage. Dorothy suggests that they all go with her to ask the Wizard for his help. With help along the manner from Glinda to conflict a spell of the Wicked Witch, the four friends reach the Emerald City, where in the great hall of the Wizard, they see a terrifying apparition that identifies itself as “ Oz ” and lambasts Dorothy ‘s companions for their deficiencies. When the leo faints from frighten, Dorothy rebukes the Wizard for scaring him, and the Wizard agrees to grant their requests if they will first prove themselves desirable by bringing him the broomstick of the Witch of the West. As they pass through a haunted forest on their room to the wiccan ‘s castle, the hag sends an army of winged monkeys, who capture Dorothy and Toto. In her castle, when the hag threatens to have Toto drowned, Dorothy offers the slippers in substitution for her frank, but the wiccan can not remove them, and she remembers that the slippers will not come off angstrom long as Dorothy is alive. As the hag ponders the proper way to kill Dorothy, Toto escapes. The dog leads Dorothy ‘s friends to the castle, where they rescue her, but the enchantress ‘s guards soon surround them. After the wiccan sadistically says that Dorothy will see her friends and chase die before her, she ignites the Scarecrow ‘s arm. Dorothy tosses a bucket of water to put out the fire, and when some body of water splashes in the hex ‘s boldness, she melts. The guards and monkeys, relieved that the wiccan is dead, hail Dorothy and give her the broomstick. Upon their fall to Oz, the Wizard orders Dorothy and her friends to come back the following day. As they argue, Toto snoops behind a curtain and pulls it back to reveal a man manipulating levers and speaking into a microphone, who then admits to the group that he is very the “ potent ” Wizard. greatly disappoint and angry at the assumed, Dorothy calls him a bad man, but he retorts that while he is a bad ace, he is a thoroughly man. He then awards the Scarecrow a diploma, the Lion a decoration and the Tin Man a recommendation, and states that where he comes from, these things are given to men who have no more brains, courage or heart than they have. Confessing that he is a balloonist and a Kansas man himself, the Wizard offers to take Dorothy back in his balloon. however, as they prepare to leave, Toto leaps from the balloon to chase a cat-o’-nine-tails, and after Dorothy goes to retrieve the pawl, the balloon takes off without them. Glinda then comforts Dorothy and reveals that she has always had the might to return base, but that she had to learn it for herself. Dorothy says that she has learned never to go far than her own backyard to look for her kernel ‘s desire. After Dorothy tearfully kisses and hugs her friends, Glinda tells her to click the heels of the slippers three times with her eyes closed and to think to herself, “ There ‘s no place like home. ” This she does, and she awakens to find Uncle Henry and Auntie Em at her bedside. Professor Marvel, having heard that Dorothy was badly injured, comes by, and she begins to tell about her journey, which Auntie Em calls a badly pipe dream. The farmhands come in, and Dorothy remembers them as her three friends in Oz and the professor as the Wizard. When Toto climbs on the bed, Dorothy says she loves them all and that she will never leave again, and she affirms to her aunt that there is no place like home .

7. The Graduate


Benjamin Braddock, filled with doubts about his future, returns to his Los Angeles home after graduating from an easterly college. His parents soon have a party so they can boast of their son ‘s academic achievements and his bright prospects in business. Mrs. Robinson, one of the guests, persuades Ben to drive her home and there tries to seduce him, but her overtures are interrupted by the voice of her conserve ‘s car in the driveway. Blatant in her seductive maneuvers, she soon has the skittish and inexperienced Ben touch her regularly at the Taft Hotel. As the summer passes, Benjamin becomes increasingly bored and dispirited ; he frequently stays out overnight and returns home to loll around the consortium. When his worry parents try to interest him in Elaine, Mrs. Robinson ‘s daughter, Ben agrees to date her to avoid having the entire Robinson syndicate invited to dinner. At beginning Benjamin is natural to Elaine and takes her to a strip golf club, but realizing how barbarous he has been, he apologizes and the two get down dating. Outraged, Mrs. Robinson demands that Ben stop seeing her daughter ; rather he blurts out the truth to a shock Elaine, who returns to college in Berkeley. Although Ben follows her and tries to persuade her to marry him, Elaine ‘s parents intervene and encourage her to marry Carl Smith, a student whom she has been dating. Ben returns to Los Angeles, but when Mrs. Robinson refuses to divulge any information about the marriage, he races back to Berkeley and learns that the ceremony will take place in Santa Barbara. Arriving at the church as the final examination vows are being spoken, he screams Elaine ‘s list over the heads of the startled guests. Elaine sees her parents ‘ wrath toward Ben, and realizing what their influence has done, she fights off her mother and Carl and races to Ben. After locking the congregation in the church by jamming a crucifix through the door handles, the couple leaps aboard a casual bus and rides away .

8. On the Waterfront


At the request of throng party boss Johnny Friendly, stevedore Terry Malloy, a former boxer, lures colleague pier actor Joey Doyle to the ceiling of his tenement build, purportedly to discuss their shared hobby of pigeon racing. Believing that Friendly merely intends to frighten Joey out of his threat to speak to the New York State Crime Commission, Terry is stunned to see Joey topple from the build as he and his brother, Charley “ the Gent, ” watch from across the street. As neighbors gather around Joey ’ mho body, his distraught sister Edie accuses parish priest Father Barry of hiding behind the church and not helping the neighborhood break release from the syndicate ’ sulfur grapple. Listening nearby, Terry is disturbed by Edie ’ sulfur indictment and late joins Charley, Friendly ’ s lawyer and accountant, at a meet with Friendly and his lackey. friendly assures Terry that Joey ’ s death was necessary to preserve his hold on the harbor, then directs dock coach Big Mac to place Terry in the top problem slot the following sidereal day. The adjacent dawn, while waiting for the day ’ s work assignment, the dock workers offer their sympathy to Joey ’ s father Pop, who gives Joey ’ south jacket to Kayo Dugan. interim, Terry is approached by Crime Commission spokesperson Eddy Glover, but refuses to discuss Joey. Edie then comes down to the docks to apologize to Father Barry, but he admits that her accusation has prompted him to become more involve in the lives of the longshoremen. As the men disperse for make, Father Barry asks some of them to meet by and by downstairs in the church service, despite being advised that Friendly does not approve of coupling meetings. by and by, in the warehouse, Charley asks Terry to sit in on the church service meeting. When Terry hesitates, Charley dismisses his buddy ’ s fears of “ stooling. ” Despite the sparse siding at the meet in the church service, Father Barry adamantly declares that mob control of the docks must end and demands information about Joey ’ s murder. several men bristle in anger upon seeing Terry at the meet, and Kayo tells Father Barry that no one will talk out of fear that Friendly will find out. Father Barry insists the men can fight friendly and the throng through the courts, but the men refuse to participate. finally, Friendly ’ south stooges break up the meet by hurling stones through the church windows. After Pop and Kayo are attacked outside, Father Barry presses Kayo to take action and Kayo agrees. Terry insists on walking Edie home and, on the way, she hesitantly tells him abut her convent upbringing and ambition to teach. At home, Pop scolds Edie for walking with Terry, whom he calls a bum, and demands that she return to college. Edie responds that she must stay to find out who killed Joey. Later that day Edie is surprised to find Terry on the ceiling with Joey ’ randomness pigeons. terry shows her his own respect boo, then asks her if she would like to have a beer with him. At the barroom, Terry tells Edie that he and Charley were placed in an orphanage after their founder died, but they finally ran away. He took up packing and Friendly bought a percentage of him, but his career faded. Swept up among wedding party revelers at the bar, Edie and Terry dancing together until they are interrupted by Glover, who serves Terry with a subpoena to the Crime Commission hearings. Edie demands to know if friendly arranged Joey ’ south murder, and when Terry cautions her to stop asking questions, she accuses him of placid being owned by the gangster. That evening, friendly visits Terry, who is evasive about the church meeting, then surprised when friendly reveals that Kayo testified before the perpetration. Charley criticizes Terry for seeing Edie, and friendly orders Terry back to working in the ship hold. The next day in the hold, Terry attempts to speak with Kayo, but the older man brushes him aside, calling him one of friendly ’ second boys. Big Mac and one of his henchmen rig a crane to slip, and a load of boxes crashes down upon Kayo, killing him in front of Terry. Outraged, Father Barry gives an impromptu eulogy for Kayo, asserting that Kayo was killed to prevent him from testifying farther. After two of friendly ’ south henchmen begin pelting the priest with fruit and vegetables, Pop and Edie arrive and watch as Father Barry ignores the maltreatment and exhorts the men to believe in themselves and reject mob control. Terry furiously knocks out one of the henchmen, angering friendly and Charley. Later, Father Barry returns Joey ’ s jacket to Pop and Edie. That nox, after Edie gives Joey ’ second jacket to Terry, the guilt-stricken Terry tries but is unable to tell her about his partially in Joey ’ s murder. The adjacent dawn Terry seeks out Father Barry to ask for guidance as he believes he is falling in love with Edie, but is conflicted about testify and about going against Charley. Father Barry maintains that Terry must follow his conscience and challenges him to be honest with Edie. When Terry meets Edie on the beach later, he relates the details of the night of Joey ’ second murder, insisting that he did not know Joey would be killed, but Edie rushes away in distress. Later while tending his pigeons on the roof, Terry is visited by Glover and implies that he might be uncoerced to testify. Their meet is reported to Friendly, who orders Charley to straighten Terry out. That night, Charley takes Terry on a cab drive and chides him for not telling him about the subpoena. When Terry attempts to explain his confusion, Charley bluffly threatens him with a grease-gun. Hurt, Terry reproaches his elder brother for not looking after him and allowing him to become a failure and a bum by involving him with the mob. Charley gives Terry the gun and says he will stall Friendly. Terry goes to see Edie, and breaks down her apartment doorway when she refuses to let him in and demands to know if she cares for him. Edie tells Terry to listen to his conscience, which angers him, but the two embrace. When Terry is summoned to the street, Edie begs him not to go, then follows him. After the couple is about run down by a hand truck, they find Charley ’ s body cling up on a meat hook shot on a nearby fence. Taking down his brother ’ south body, Terry vows retaliation on Friendly, and sends Edie for Father Barry. Armed, Terry hunts for Friendly at his regular cake, but Father Barry convinces him that the best way to ruin Friendly is in woo and Terry throws away the gun. The future day at the hearings, Terry testifies to Friendly ’ randomness participation in Joey ’ s death, outraging the gangster, who shouts threats at him. Back at home, Terry is scorned by the neighbors for testifying and discovers that his pigeons have been killed by a boy he once coached. Edie attempts to comfort Terry, advising him to leave, but Terry insists that he has the right to stay in his town. The next day Terry reports to work equally common, but is ignored by the men and refused exercise by Big Mac. In his agency at the pier, Friendly, who is about to be indicted, swears vengeance on Terry. Terry confronts friendly on the pier, declaring he is nothing without guns, and the two fall into a barbarous fistfight. While friendly ’ sulfur men help to thrash Terry, the dockworkers watch impassively as Edie arrives with Father Barry. friendly orders the longshoremen to begin unloading, but the men deny and demand that Terry be allowed to work, hoping the shipping owners will witness their refusal to obey Friendly and realize their intention to restart a clean union. Father Barry urges on the beat Terry, who rises and rebelliously stumbles down the pier and into the warehouse .

9. Schindler’s List


In September 1939, at the attack of World War II, german entrepreneur and Nazi party extremity Oskar Schindler goes to Krakow, Poland, where tens of thousands of polish Jews have been forced to relocate under german occupation. Schindler wants to open a ceramics factory but lacks the necessity capital. He asks jewish accountant Itzhak Stern to help him recruit jewish investors, who would go nameless, as Jews are no long allowed to own businesses. grim rejects the estimate. however, in March 1941, when Krakow Jews are forced out of their homes and into a sixteen-block wall ghetto, Stern reconsiders. He recruits investors, who initially balk at Schindler ’ sulfur offer to repay them in ceramic goods, but agree to invest when Schindler convinces them their money will be of no rate in the ghetto. Itzhak Stern recruits jewish workers for Schindler ’ s factory. Because it is located outside the ghetto, the workers must be deemed “ essential ” and receive amobarbital sodium cards to allow them to come and go. Stern helps some aged and handicapped Jews get hired by forging paperwork to prove they are essential. Schindler reprimands him for this rehearse, but does not fire anyone. He establishes contracts with the german army, and the occupation gets off to a strong start. Schindler ’ s alienated wife, Emilie, arrives, and is not surprise when she finds her husband with another woman. Schindler brags to Emilie that he has finally achieved achiever, and is proud to be a war profiteer. They briefly reunify, but when Emilie offers to stay, if he promises to be faithful, Schindler sends her away. One day, he gets give voice that Stern has been sent to a assiduity clique. He rushes to the train station, threatens the nazi officers, and retrieves Stern, who apologizes, explaining he unintentionally left home without his workplace tease. The exasperated Schindler wonders what would have happened if he had not made it to the station in time. In the winter of 1942, Krakow Jews struggle to withstand the demoralizing conditions of the ghetto. austrian Schutzstaffel ( SS ) policeman Amon Goeth arrives in Krakow to oversee the construction of the Plaszow forced tug camp, and establishes himself as a pitiless killer when he shoots a jewish mastermind for being excessively argumentative. In March 1943, Krakow Jews are again forced to relocate to Plaszow. Their “ liquidation ” from the ghetto results in mass bloodshed, as nazi guards gun down anyone who attempts to hide or flee. Schindler observes the atrocity, and is struck by a young jewish girl in a bolshevik coat, moving alone through the chaotic streets. In the ghetto ’ s hospital, a jewish repair and nurse administer a fatal drug of music to patients just before SS officers burst in and shoot them in their hospital beds. At Plaszow, Goeth amuses himself by shooting slow-moving or resting workers with a sniper rifle. When Schindler ’ s workers fail to report to the factory, he goes to Plaszow to inquire about their whereabouts, and must ingratiate himself with Goeth to allow for their release. Word spreads that Schindler is a benevolent knob. Regina Perlman, a young Jewish charwoman living in Krakow under a fake identity, begs Schindler to hire her parents. Schindler again reprimands Itzhak Stern for his charitable hire practices. He defends Goeth as person who is under frightful pressure, who would not normally act like a tyrant. Stern relays a report about Goeth executing prisoners at random, and urges Schindler to fight against Goeth ’ s ferociousness. Schindler relents and hires Regina Perlman ’ s parents. The following meter he visits Goeth, Schindler pulls away his jewish maid, Helen Hirsch, who recalls Goeth beating her on the first base day of cultivate, and predicts he will someday kill her. Upstairs, Schindler tells the bibulous Goeth that true power is refraining from killing person when you have every reason to do it. The adjacent day, Goeth experiments with showing mercy toward the jewish prisoners, but cursorily gives up and kills his houseboy for failing to by rights clean his bathtub. Later, Goeth paces in Helen ’ s quarters, struggling to restrain himself despite his firm attraction to her. ultimately, rather of kissing her, he beats her. In the women ’ s barracks, a female prisoner shares a rumor that at some camps, jewish prisoners are lured into accelerator chambers disguised as showers and killed en masse. Others can not believe it, and laugh it off as impossible. With an entrance cargo of hungarian Jews arriving at Plaszow, german doctors are called to determine which existing workers can stay, and who must be sent to concentration camps. Children are loaded into trucks and driven out of the camp, as their parents chase after them in desperation. Schindler goes to the train station, where departing Jews are packed into unventilated train compartments. He suggests hosing them down as a prank, but Goeth realizes Schindler is doing it out of commiseration, to keep them from overheating. Soon, Schindler is arrested for kissing a jewish worker who presented him with a birthday coat. Goeth negotiates his publish. In April 1944, a Nazi decree requires that buried jewish bodies be exhumed and burned. Plaszow workers are tasked with digging up the dead bodies. Goeth tells Schindler that the “ party is over, ” and everyone will soon be sent to Auschwitz. Schindler concocts a plan to start a new factory in his hometown of Zwittau-Brinnlitz, Czechoslovakia. He uses all his money and belongings to bribe SS officials, including Goeth, to allow over 1,000 of his workers, named on a list, to be transferred to the modern factory. He wants to add Helen Hirsch to the list, but Goeth plans to shoot her. Schindler entices him to wager Helen in a menu game, and Goeth loses, allowing Schindler to rescue her. Although Schindler ’ s male workers arrive in Zwittau-Brinnlitz, the women are diverted to Auschwitz, due to an alleged clerical error. There, their haircloth is cut off and they are forced to shower in a large room that they fear is a flatulence bedroom. Schindler goes to Auschwitz and uses diamonds to negotiate their release. SS officers try to steal his child employees, but Schindler insists he needs their small fingers to polish shell casings. Back in Zwittau-Brinnlitz, Schindler forbids SS guards from shooting any of his workers, or carrying guns on the factory floor. He reunites with his wife, Emilie, and promises to be congregation to her. When Stern warns Schindler that the company ’ s modern weapon shells are failing tests, the quenched Schindler vows never to produce working weapon. The workers are allowed to resume observing the Sabbath, despite the SS guards ’ dismay. Just as Schindler and the factory run out of money, Germans surrender to Allied forces, bringing an end to World War II. Schindler makes an announcement to his workers and the SS guards that he is a war condemnable and will flee that night. He urges the guards, who have received orders to kill all the Jews at the factory, to return dwelling as men alternatively of murderers. The guards reluctantly leave. Schindler observes three minutes of hush for the jewish victims of the war. One of the workers allows three of his gold tooth to be pulled, to fabricate a gold resound as a farewell endow for Schindler. At midnight, they present him with the ring, engraved with a Hebrew saying that states, “ Whoever saves one life saves the worldly concern entire. ” Stern credits Schindler with saving 1,100 people. Schindler breaks down in tears, disappointed in himself for not saving more. He dons a concentration camp consistent, and flees with Emilie. The next day, a soldier arrives to tell the workers that they have been liberated, but discourages them from going back to Poland. He points them in the direction of the nearest township, where they walk to find food. In time, Goeth is arrested at a sanatorium and hanged for war crimes. Schindler ’ s marriage and subsequent business ventures fail. In 1958, he is named a “ righteous person ” by the council of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, Israel. The descendants of the Jews he saved finally outnumber all the Jews in Poland .

10. Singin’ in the Rain


In 1927, fans gather at Hollywood ‘s Chinese Theatre for the premier of Monumental Picture ‘s latest quixotic epic poem, The Royal Rascal, starring the democratic silent screen couple Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont. Don tells radio observer Dora Bailey that his motto has constantly been “ dignity ” and relates the idyllic floor of his childhood and surface to fame, all of which is complete fabrication. The audience applauds enthusiastically at the end of the swashbuckling film and asks for speeches from its stars, whom they think are a match off-screen angstrom well as on, but Don, who loathes his screechy-voiced co-star, insists that Lina merely smile. Assisted by studio apartment foreman R. F. Simpson, Don slips away from the cloying Lina and drives with his best friend, studio pianist Cosmo Brown, to the premier party. On Hollywood Blvd., Cosmo ‘s car breaks down, and Don is surrounded by fans. To escape the shout gang, who have torn his dinner jacket, Don jumps onto a pass car driven by Kathy Selden. She is frightened at beginning, but when a policeman tells Kathy who Don is, she offers him a drive to his house in Beverly Hills. Although Kathy says that she is a stage actress, who has seen only one of Don ‘s films, she is actually a chorus girlfriend at the Cocoanut Grove cabaret. After dropping Don off to change his clothes, Kathy drives to the party at R. F. ‘s house, where she will be performing. Don arrives at the party in prison term to see a short talking picture. Most of the guests are unimpressed by the new phenomenon, even when R. F. says that the Warner brothers are about to release a feature-length talking painting. When the entertainment starts, Don is surprised, but felicitous to see a scantily clothe Kathy jump out of a coat, and tries to talk with her, but she thinks that he only wants to ridicule her. Just as a covetous Lina takes Don ‘s arm, Kathy throws a patty at him, but misses, and hits Lina rather. Kathy quickly runs away, and Don can not find her. Some weeks later, Warner Bros. ‘ The Jazz Singer is a box agency bankrupt and audiences are clamoring for more talking pictures. As Don and Lina start their adjacent movie, The Dueling Cavalier, Cosmo makes a crack about all of their films being alike, and Don is sting, thinking that Kathy was justly about words being necessary for real act. Lina continues to complain about Kathy, whom she had fired, which makes Don dislike Lina evening more, as he has not seen Kathy since the party. During a break in film, R. F. announces that they are shutting down production and will resume in a few weeks as a talking picture. Cosmo happily anticipates unemployment, but R. F. makes him head of the new studio apartment music department. Some time late, when a musical number is being filmed for another painting, Cosmo sees Kathy in the chorus. When don shows up barely as R. F. is about to offer Kathy another share, she confesses what happened at the party, but Don tells R. F. that it was not her blame and R. F. agrees. Later, when Kathy and Don are talking, he tells her that his “ romance ” with Lina is wholly fabricated by fan magazines and Kathy confesses that she has seen all of his pictures. Don has difficulty revealing his feelings to Kathy until he takes her to a amatory mise en scene on a sound stage. Soon preparations for The Dueling Cavalier begin with wording lessions for Lina and Don. Although Don is ticket, Lina ‘s voice shows little improvement. When filming resumes, conductor Roscoe Dexter becomes increasingly frustrated by Lina ‘s spokesperson and inability to speak into the microphone, but the picture is completed. When it is previewed on a showery night in Hollywood, the hearing laughs at Lina ‘s voice, roar at synchronization problems, and leaves the dramaturgy saying it was the worst film ever made. Later that nox, Cosmo and Kathy try to console Don, who thinks his career is over until Cosmo comes up with the estimate to turn the film into a musical comedy and have Kathy dub Lina ‘s voice. Don worries that this plan is not good for Kathy, but she convinces him by saying it will be for just one word picture. The adjacent day, R. F. loves the theme and they all conspire to keep Lina from finding out. To enhance the picture, they add a modern section in which Don can sing and dance the story of a Broadway hoofer. After the word picture is finished, Don tells Kathy that he wants to tell the world how much he loves her, but as they kiss, Lina interrupts them and flies into a ramp. She then starts her own publicity campaign proclaiming herself Monumental ‘s new singing star. R. F. is angry, but Lina shows him her contract and he reluctantly agrees that she controls her own publicity. Lina then threatens to ruin the studio unless Kathy continues to dub her scorch and talk part, but do nothing else. At the picture ‘s premier, the audience loves “ Lina ‘s ” voice. Feeling exultant, Lina boasts that Kathy will keep cantabile for her, and Don is angered. When the audience clamors for a sung from Lina, Don hatches the estimate of having Kathy stand behind a curtain and whistle into a microphone as Lina pantomines the words. While Lina mutely mouths “ Singin ‘ in the rain, ” Don, R. F. and Cosmo pull the curtain and the consultation laughs hysterically when they realize that Kathy is actually singing. Lina does not know what is happening until Cosmo takes the microphone from Kathy and starts singing himself. Lina runs off screaming, and an obstruct Kathy starts to leave the field, until Don tells the hearing that she is the real star of the movie and has her join him in a birdcall. finally, a billboard proclaims that Don and Kathy are co-stars of the newfangled Monumental film Singin’ in the Rain.

11. It’s a Wonderful Life


On Christmas Eve, 1945, prayers are heard in eden for George Bailey of Bedford Falls, New York. To help George, Clarence Oddbody, an saint who has not so far earned his wings, is being sent to earth to keep the despairing George from killing himself on this crucial night. To prepare him for his tax, Clarence is shown George ‘s animation : As a child, George stops his new brother Harry from drowning in an icy pond, then catches a regretful cold and loses his hearing in one auricle. Weeks subsequently, George goes back to oeuvre at his after school speculate in Mr. Gower ‘s drugstore and prevents Gower, who has gotten drunk after learning that his son has died of influenza, from incidentally dispensing arsenic-filled capsules to a brainsick child. George promises the contrite Gower never to tell anyone about the incidental and he never does. In 1928, as a grow young man, George, who has always dreamed of travel to exotic places, is about to leave on a world tour with money he has saved since senior high school educate. That night, at his younger brother Harry ‘s high educate graduation party, he becomes attracted to Mary Hatch, a female child who has secretly loved him since childhood. After a Charleston contest that results in an unscheduled spatter into the school ‘s swim pool, they discuss their unlike ideas for the future until George ‘s Uncle Billy comes for him with the newsworthiness that his founder has had a stroke. After Mr. Bailey ‘s end, George ‘s trip is canceled, but he still plans to leave for college until he learns that the board of directors of his father ‘s financially tenuous building and loan society will not keep it open unless George manages it. Fearing that Mr. Potter, the town ‘s richest and meanest man, will then have fiscal control of the town, George agrees to stay. Four years former, when Harry returns from college, financed by his brother, George again looks forward to leaving the stifling atmosphere of Bedford Falls and letting Harry run the business. however, when he learns that Harry has fair married Ruth Dakin, whose church father has offered Harry a good job, he again sacrifices his future to ensure Harry ‘s. That night, George wanders over to Mary ‘s house. Though he is adamant that he never intends to marry, he realizes that he loves her. soon they are married, but as they leave for their honeymoon, a range on the bank convinces George to check on the construction and lend. Because the bank has called in their loanword, they have no money, alone the honeymoon cash that Mary offers. Through George ‘s persuasive words, most of the anxious customers settle for a minimum of cash, and they end the day with two dollars left. That night, Ernie the taxi driver and Bert the bull prove George his new “ home, ” an abandoned sign of the zodiac that Mary had wished for the nox of the gradation dance. As the years pass, George continues to help the people of Bedford Falls avoid Potter ‘s fiscal stranglehold as Mary rears their four children. On the day before Christmas, after the conclusion of World War II, the 4-F George elatedly shows his friend news program articles about Harry, who became a Medal-of-Honor-winning aviator, while Uncle Billy makes an $ 8,000 lodge at the deposit. Distracted by an rally with Potter, Billy unintentionally puts his deposit envelope inside Potter ‘s newspaper, and Potter does not give it back when he finds it. Later, after Billy reveals the passing to George, they vainly search, while a bank examiner waits. now on the verge of hysteria over the possibility of bankruptcy and a prison terminus for embezzlement, George goes home, angry and dark. He yells at everyone except their youngest child Zuzu, who has caught a cold on the way home from school. He screams at Zuzu ‘s teacher on the telephone, then leaves after a confrontation with Mary. He desperately goes to Potter to borrow the money against the construct and lend, or evening his life insurance, but Potter dismisses him, taunting him that he is worth more dead than alive. At a tavern run by his friend, Mr. Martini, George is socked by Mr. Welch, the teacher ‘s conserve. now on the verge of suicide, George is about to jump off a bridge when Clarence comes to earth and intervenes by jumping in himself. George saves him, and as they dry out in the tollbooth, Clarence tells George that he is his defender angel. George is disbelieving, but when he says he wishes that he had never been born, Clarence grants his wish. Revisiting Martini ‘s and other places in town, George is not recognized by anyone and discovers that everything has changed. Harry drowned and Gower went to jail for poisoning the vomit child. The township was renamed Pottersville and is wide of frailty and poverty. When George ultimately makes Clarence prove him Mary, he discovers that she is a lonely, unmarried librarian. ultimately, ineffective to face what might have been, George begs to live again and discovers that his wish is granted when Bert finds him back at the bridge. At home, an elated George is soon greeted by Mary, who has brought their friends and relatives, all of whom have contributed money to help him out. Harry arrives and offers a toast to his “ big brother George, the richest world in town. ” As a bell on the Christmas tree rings, Zuzu says that every meter a bell rings an angel receives his wings, and George knows that this time it was Clarence .

12. Sunset Blvd.


early one morning, police arrive at a large house on Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills, where a man ‘s body floats face down in the pool : Six months early, while down on his fortune, screenwriter Joe C. Gillis is living at the Alto Nido apartments in Hollywood, California. Joe is served with a court order commanding him to relinquish his car or pay $ 290 in back payments by noon the following day. Hoping to make a promptly deal, Joe meets with Paramount studio apartment manufacturer Sheldrake to peddle a baseball/gambling word picture he has written, but is turned down. While in Sheldrake ‘s function, Joe encounters studio lector Betty Schaefer, who pans the handwriting as formulaic. Sheldrake then refuses him a personal loan, as does his agent. Despairing, Joe makes plans to return to Dayton, Ohio, where he worked as a newspaper copy writer. While driving down Sunset Blvd., he spots the two men who are trying to repossess his car and successfully eludes them, but then has a blowout. He coasts into the driveway of a decay 1920s sign of the zodiac and hides the car in an empty garage. Joe then enters the house, where stoic butler Max von Mayerling orders him upstairs to consult with “ madame ” immediately. Joe soon discovers that he has been mistaken for a mortician, who is due to arrive with a baby coffin for “ madame ‘s ” absolutely pet chimpanzee. Joe recognizes the evanesce charwoman as Norma Desmond, once a celebrated silent movie ace. When she rails against advanced talking pictures, Joe tells her that he is a screenwriter. excitedly, she announces that she is planning a retort to the screen in a report she is writing about the Biblical figure Salomé. When Norma discovers Joe is a Sagittarius, she is convinced of their compatibility and hires him to edit her drawn-out screenplay for $ 500 per week and puts him up in a room over her garage. The adjacent day, Joe awakens to find that all his belongings have been moved from his apartment, and that Norma has settled his debts. Although he is angry at Norma for her given, he acquiesces because he so urgently needs a job. Joe soon learns that Norma ‘s delicate but enormous self is supported by the scores of winnow letters she hush receives, and two or three times a workweek, Max projects her silent pictures on her living room movie sieve. As Norma and what Joe calls “ the waxworks, ” Hollywood old-timers Buster Keaton, Anna Q. Nilsson and H. B. Warner, are playing bridge one night, two men arrive and tow away Joe ‘s car. To appease the distraught Joe, Norma arranges for Max to refurbish her old Isotta-Fraschini, an excessive italian sports cable car. The once cloistered Norma becomes increasingly controlling. After a rain storm soaks Joe ‘s room, she has him moved into the bedroom adjacent to hers, where her three former husbands sleep. When Joe notices that none of the bedroom doors have locks, Max explains that Norma ‘s bouts of melancholy are often followed by suicide attempts. Joe then realizes that Max has been writing Norma ‘s fan letters so that she will not feel completely forgotten. On New Year ‘s Eve, Norma stages a lavish party for herself and Joe, but he flies into a fury because he feels smothered. Feeling rejected, she slaps him, and he leaves the house. At a lively party at the home of his friend, assistant film director Artie Green, Joe again meets Betty, who is engaged to Artie, and is excited about one of Joe ‘s stories. Joe asks to stay for a few weeks, and Artie agrees to put him up. When he calls Max to have his things sent over, however, Max tells him that Norma slit her wrists with his razor blade. Joe returns to the family at midnight and finds Norma weeping at her own stupidity for falling in sexual love with him. She pulls him to her and they kiss. After Norma recovers, she has the pool filled, and announces that she has sent her script to Paramount ‘s conductor of epics Cecil B. DeMille, with whom she made twelve pictures. One night, Joe sees Artie with Betty at Schwab ‘s Pharmacy. Although Betty tells him she has about sold one of his stories, Joe says he has given up compose, and leaves. Norma belated gets a cry from Paramount, but refuses to take the call because DeMille has not called her himself. finally, Norma visits the studio apartment unannounced. While Norma receives the long-awaited attention she craves on DeMille ‘s stage set, Max learns that the earlier call was an inquiry about her cable car, which the studio wants to use for a film. While on the lot, Joe sees Betty, who is busy revising his fib, and agrees to collaborate with her on the handwriting in her off-hours. Norma misinterprets DeMille ‘s feel for kindness for a deal, and a staff of beauty experts descends on her sign of the zodiac to ready her for the cameras. Betty and Joe, meanwhile, meet repeatedly in the deep evenings, and he begins to care for her, but keeps his other life with Norma a unavowed. One night, Max reveals to Joe that he was once an influential Hollywood director who discovered Norma when she was sixteen and made her a star. After he became Norma ‘s first conserve, she left him, but when Hollywood abandoned her, he gave up his golden career to return to serve her as a butler. finally, Norma, leery that Joe is involved with another charwoman, finds his and Betty ‘s script and goes into a deep depression. meanwhile, Betty receives a telegram from Artie, who is filming in Arizona, asking her to marry him immediately. She confesses her beloved to Joe, and he admits he wants her, besides. When he arrives dwelling that evening, however, he catches Norma calling Betty to expose him as a unbroken man and giving her the Sunset Blvd. address. When Betty arrives, Joe piercingly explains that he is Norma ‘s company. Betty urges him to leave with her immediately, but he tells her he is bound to “ a hanker term contract with no options ” and allows her to leave. He then packs, with the intention of moving spinal column to Ohio, and returns all of Norma ‘s gifts. Joe then tells her that there will be no film of Salomé, that the studio merely wants to rent her cable car, and that her fans have abandoned her. Shouting that “ no one always leaves a star, ” Norma shoots Joe doubly in the back and once in the stomach, sending him to his death in the pond. A multitude of reporters and policemen surround the house, but the patrol are unable to get Norma out of her bedroom, until Max directs the Paramount newsreel gang to set up their equipment at the bottom of the stairs, and tells Norma that the cameras have arrived. In a submit of delusional daze, Norma descends the stairs as “ Salomé ” while Max tells the cameramen to start rolling. At the bottom of the stairs, Norma announces, “ I ‘m cook for my close-up, Mr. DeMille. ”

13. The Bridge on the River Kwai


In World War II Burma, after they are captured by japanese troops during World War II, british commanding officer Col. Nicholson and his troops march into Prisoner of War Camp 16 whistling their regimental tune. Their crisp arrival is wryly observed by Shears, an american english bluejacket who bribes a guard to transfer him from the burying detail to the hospital. When the camp ’ second commander, Col. Saito, imperiously informs the new prisoners that they will wholly be expected to work on building a dragoon that will connect Bangkok to Rangoon, Nicholson protests that under the regulations of the Geneva Convention, all officers are excuse from manual labor movement. Afterward, Nicholson goes to the hospital to visit Jennings, one of his wounded men. There Maj. Clipton, the camp ’ s medical military officer, introduces the colonel to “ Commander Major ” Shears. When Jennings proposes escaping, Nicholson counters that he was ordered by headquarters to surrender, and therefore escaping would constitute a military misdemeanor. incredulous at the colonel ’ mho naïveté, Shears retorts that get off is their only chance to avoid the death prison term of forced labor movement. The pursuit day, Saito announces that all the men, including officers, will work on building a bridge across the River Kwai. When Nicholson rebelliously waves a imitate of the Geneva Convention, Saito slaps him across the confront with it and flings it to the prime. Nicholson however refuses to let his officers perform manual labor, and after the early men march off to work, Saito calls for a car gun and threatens to gun down all the officers. Watching in horror, Clipton runs out of the hospital and protests that he and his patients have seen everything and will be witnesess to murder if Saito orders the gunners to fire. Saito then changes his mind and forces the officers to stand for the entire day in the merciless sun. Afterward, Saito locks Nicholson in “ the oven, ” a crude metal shed, and imprisons the other officers in the “ punishment hut. ” As the troop encourage Nicholson with a rendition of “ For He ’ s a reasonably good Fellow, ” Shears, Jennings and a prisoner named Weaver get off into the jungle. Jennings and Weaver are gunned down by the guards, who then pursue Shears to a ridge above the river and shoot him. The guards assume that Shears is absolutely after he plunges into the river, but he survives and makes his way down river to the land. Later, Saito summons Clipton and asks him to tell Nicholson that unless he cooperates, the patients in the hospital will be forced to work. Confronted with the ultimatum, Nicholson silent refuses to comply on the grounds that “ it is a matter of principle. ” With only two months left before the May beginning deadline for the completion of the bridge, Saito, frustrated by the slow advance, takes command of the project himself. After a segment of the bridge collapses, a defeated Saito has Nicholson brought to his position from the oven and explains that if he fails to meet the deadline, he will be forced to commit hara-kari. Unmoved, Nicholson insists that the Geneva Convention be adhered to, after which Saito orders him taken rear to the oven. meanwhile Shears, who was found near death by some friendly villagers, recovers and begins a nongregarious gravy boat tripper down river. Days subsequently, his body of water exhausted, Shears passes out, leaving his boat to drift aimlessly. Plagued by unsuitability and sabotage in his efforts to build the bridge, Saito orders the weakened and dehydrated Nicholson pulled from the oven and brought to his function where he grants a general pardon to the officers and declares it will not be necessary for them to perform manual labor. As the men cheer Nicholson ’ sulfur victory, Saito sits in his office, broken and sobbing. Upon inspecting the bridge, Nicholson criticizes the workers ’ cavalier attitude and asks Capt. Reeves, who worked as a civilian engineer, for advice. Reeves observes that the river bottom at the present location is gentle mire and suggests moving downriver where the bottom is solid bedrock. When Maj. Hughes, a public works engineer, criticizes the men ’ second lack of teamwork, Nicholson declares that they will rebuild the company ’ second morale by building an emblematic bridge. Nicholson, completely oblivious to the fact that he is about to aid and abet the enemy, presents a plan to Saito increasing the men ’ south daily function quota and suggests that japanese soldiers should work laying track. Seeing his position decay, Saito stoicly says that he has already given the order. Shears, meanwhile, has been picked up by a ocean rescue plane and brought to a hospital in Ceylon where he is visited by Maj. Warden, the explosives instructor at a nearby british commando school, who invites him to a converge at the school. At the suffer, Warden explains that he plans to lead a team into Burma to blow up the bridge and asks Shears to join them. Shears, desirous of returning to civilian life, demurs, confessing that he was merely impersonating an officer and therefore is not qualified for the mission. Warden then informs him that the U.S. Navy already knows about his magic trick and has authorized his transfer to the british commandoes. Faced with possible imprisonment for impersonating an policeman, Shears reluctantly accepts the grant and retains his crying as Major. At the prison camp, Clipton warns Nicholson that he could be charged with treachery for collaborating with the enemy. Obsessed by proving the heart of his british soldiers, Nicholson turns a deafen ear to the medic ’ sulfur protest. At the commando educate interim, Shears joins a team comprised of Warden, Chapman and Lt. Joyce, a young enroll wary of killing. As the four parachute into the jungle, Chapman crashes into a tree and is killed. The others are met by Yai, a native guide who hates the japanese, and four women bearers. As they begin their trek through the hobo camp, they receive a radio infection from headquarters informing them that a particular coach carrying troops and VIPs is scheduled to inaugurate the bridge on the thirteenth, and ordering them to carry out the demolition on that day. Realizing that he can not finish the bridge by the deadline, Nicholson matter-of-factly tells Clipton that he has asked the officers to work beside the enlisted men and they have volunteered “ to a serviceman. ” After Clipton ‘s protests, Nicholson then recruits wounded men from the hospital to perform “ light labor. ” In the jungle, meanwhile, Warden ’ second team is accosted by japanese soldiers, and in the skirmish Warden is shot in the ankle. Warden subsequently stumbles along on his cripple foot, climbing agonizing mountain paths, but when they are just six hours away from the bridge, he declares that the others should continue on without him. angrily denouncing Warden ’ mho selflessness as the histrionics of a british gentleman, Shears orders him hoisted onto a capstone, after which they all continue on in concert, reaching the bridge just as Nicholson is nailing up a plaque commemorating the bring of the british soldiers. That night, as the prisoners put on a usher in celebration of the completion of the bridge, concluding with “ God Bless the King, ” Joyce and Shears, aided by the women, pilot burner a raft filled with credit card explosives to the bridge while Saito, having been bested by the british, makes preparations for hara-kari. After attaching the explosives to the bridge, Joyce takes cover with the detonator while Shears swims back across the river to await the arrival of the train the adjacent day. At dawn, the commandoes discover that the water level of the river has dropped, exposing the wires leading to the detonator. When the troops march onto the bridge for the decoration cutting ceremony, Clipton informs Nicholson he wants no share of the festivities and retreats to a hill to watch. As the prepare whistle is heard in the distance, Nicholson spots the wires and calls Saito to go with him and investigate. Warden watches in incredulity as Nicholson follows the electrify to the detonator, incredulous that a british policeman would try to prevent an act of sabotage against the enemy. Sneaking up behind Saito, Joyce stabs him in the back with his knife, then informs Nicholson that they have been sent by the british to blow up the bridge. Crazed, Nicholson attacks Joyce, prompting Shears to scream “ kill him ” and float to Joyce ’ mho department of defense. As warden bombards the bridge with mortar shells, the japanese open open fire, wounding Shears and killing Joyce. When the hurt Shears dies at Nicholson ’ mho feet, the colonel realizes his folly barely as he is wounded by mortar fire and falls onto the detonator, setting off the explosives as the train approaches the bridge. As the bridge collapses, sending the train spilling into the river, Clipton surveys the scene and utters “ lunacy. ”

14. Some Like It Hot


In Chicago, in February, 1929, federal agent Mulligan sets up a foray into on a speakeasy melt by ill-famed bootlegger “ Spats ” Colombo, based on information provided by nickel-and-dime gangster “ Toothpick ” Charlie. As Mulligan inspects the bouncy speakeasy, two members of the band, saxophonist Joe and bass musician Jerry eagerly discuss plans for their wage from their first problem in four months. The longtime friends begin arguing about how to spend their wage until Jerry notices Mulligan ’ mho badge and they make a hasty passing as the raid begins, avoiding the patrol roundup. Putting up their coats as collateral, they place a bet with their bookmaker, and promptly lose both the bet and their coats. Desperate, Joe and Jerry visit the musicians ’ means building hoping to telephone line up another occupation. At Sid Poliakoff ’ second agency, receptionist Nellie Weinmeier, incensed over being stood up by Joe a few nights earlier, reveals there is an afford for a bass and sax with a band in an all-expenses paid trip to Florida. Joe and Jerry eagerly question Sid, only to learn that the positions are in an all-girl band. Sid tells them of a subcontract at a college dance in Urbana and Joe accepts, then charms Nellie into loaning them her car for the Urbana gig. Retrieving the car at a garage owned by Toothpick Charlie, Joe and Jerry unintentionally witness Spats and his men shoot Charlie and his men to death for informing on the speakeasy. Although the musicians are spotted by Spats, he is distracted by Charlie, who revives long enough to allow Joe and Jerry to flee. After they evade the gangsters, Jerry suggests they call the patrol, but Joe reminds him they will not be safe from Spats in any separate of Chicago in malice of the police. Joe then telephones Sid and, using a high falsetto voice, accepts the job with the all-girl ring. That evening at the prepare station, Joe and Jerry, uncomfortably disguised as women, confirmation in with band drawing card Sweet Sue and director Beinstock as the newest members of the Society Syncopators, Joe as Josephine and Jerry as Daphne. once on board the caravan, Joe fears that Jerry ’ s exuberance at finding himself among therefore many women will expose them and warns his friend to behave “ like a female child, ” but in the summons, musses Jerry ’ mho outfit. Retreating to the ladies ’ board for repairs, the men come upon arresting singer and uke player Sugar Kane Kowalczyk drinking bourbon from a flask. Sugar pleads with them not to report her to Sue, who has threatened to fire her if she is catch drinking again. A little later during rehearsal, when Sugar ’ south flask falls to the floor, Sue responds angrily, but Jerry steps forward, and to Sugar ’ second surprise, claims the flask is his own. That night, Sugar sneaks to Jerry ’ s moor to thank him for his action, then abruptly jumps into the mooring to avoid Sue. Overwhelmed by Sugar ’ sulfur proximity, Jerry grows anxious and suggests that he needs a toast and within minutes an ad-lib party ensues at Jerry ’ s position. Joe awakens and is horrified, but gets drawn into the festivities when Sugar asks him to help break up an internal-combustion engine stuff in the ladies ’ board. There Sugar confides that she is with the all-girl band in decree to escape a series of dysphoric love affairs with tenor sax players and dreams of finding a sensitive millionaire who wears glasses. Upon arriving in Florida at the beachfront Ritz Seminole Hotel, “ Daphne ” catches the attention of affluent, oft-married Osgood Fielding III. once in their room, Jerry, infuriated at being flirted with and pinched by Osgood, demands they give up their disguises and find a male band, but Joe insists they must maintain their fancy dress, as Spats will surely investigate male orchestras all over the nation. Jerry reluctantly agrees and then accompanies Sugar to the beach. Unknown to Jerry, Joe has stolen Beinstock ’ s bag of clothes and eyeglasses and, dressing in them, goes to the beach where he stages an accidental confluence with Sugar. Joe implies that he is the heir to the Shell Oil company and, captivated by the obviously sensitive “ Junior, ” Sugar invites him to the band ’ south opening that night. Back in their room, Jerry receives a address from Osgood inviting Daphne to a candlelit dinner on board his yacht. Joe accepts for Jerry, then tells his protesting friend that he must keep the date with Osgood on prop up, as he, in the guise of Shell Oil, Junior, plans to dine with Sugar on Osgood ’ s yacht. That night during the band ’ second operation, Osgood sends Jerry an enormous bouquet, which Joe commandeers to give to Sugar with a card inviting her to dine with Junior. Afterward, Joe meets Sugar on the pier as an unhappy Jerry talks Osgood into dining at a local roadhouse. While Jerry and Osgood tango to the music of a Cuban band at the roadhouse, on board Osgood ’ s yacht Joe convinces Sugar that a quixotic emotional shock in his youth has left him impotent and years of expensive checkup treatment have failed to cure him. Appalled, Sugar begs Joe to allow her to help, but after numerous passionate kisses, Joe insists he is in-situ. Determined, Sugar pleads to keep trying and Joe agrees. At dawn, Joe climbs bet on in the window of the hotel room to find Jerry deliriously glad because Osgood has proposed. Taken aback, Joe tells his acquaintance it is impossible for him to marry another man, but Jerry explains his plan to reveal his identity after the marriage ceremony and, after an annulment, pull Osgood to pay him alimony. Disturbed by Jerry ’ south high spirits, Joe urges him to remember that he is a boy, and Jerry sadly wonders what to do with Osgood ’ s engagement endow, an excessive rhombus watchband. The following day, gangsters from all over the area, summoned by throng emboss Little Bonaparte, meet at the hotel under the guise of attending an opera convention. Mulligan is besides present and when Spats arrives, accuses him of the murder of Toothpick Charlie and his gang. Upon spotting Spats in the lobby, Joe and Jerry panic and realize they must flee. In their room, Jerry laments having to give up Osgood and Joe telephones Sugar to disclose that Junior ’ s family has ordered him to Venezuela immediately for an arranged marriage. Moved by Sugar ’ south despair, Joe places the baseball diamond watchband in a box of flowers and pushes it across the hall to her door as a farewell endowment from Junior. Joe and Jerry then escape out of their hotel window but are seen by Spats and his men on the floor below. When the pair dash away leaving their instruments behind, Spats finds bullet train holes in Jerry ’ mho bass and realizes the “ broads ” are the Chicago mangle witnesses in disguise. Knowing they have been discovered, Joe and Jerry dress as a bellboy and a wheelchair-bound millionaire and head across the lobby filled with Spats ’ s men. Noticing that Jerry has unwittingly left on his high heels, the henchmen give chase and Joe and Jerry run into a convention hall and hide, unaware that the throng “ convention ” is scheduled to meet there. Moments late, Spats sits at the table under which Joe and Jerry are hiding, and in a prearrange plan, Bonaparte pretends to honor Spats by presenting him with a elephantine coat, out of which bursts an assassin who guns down Spats and his men. Terrified, Joe and Jerry bolt, but as Bonaparte orders them found, Mulligan and his men close in to make arrests. Resuming their disguises as women, Joe and Jerry overhear that the remainder of Bonaparte ’ randomness men are watching all buses and trains out of town and Joe decides they should escape on Osgood ’ s yacht after Jerry elopes with him. When Jerry balks, Joe says their only option is sealed death by Bonaparte ’ s men. While Jerry telephones Osgood to make arrangements, Joe hears Sugar and the ring finishing a sung and climb onto the degree to tell her that no serviceman is worth her grief, then kisses her before hurrying away. Realizing that “ Josephine ” is “ Junior, ” Sugar follows the men down to the dock and the waiting Osgood. As they all board the speedboat, Joe removes his wig and confesses that he is a liar and a bogus, but Sugar insists that she does not care and the couple embrace. meanwhile, Osgood proudly tells Daphne that his mother is delighted about their approaching wedding. Jerry nervously confesses that he can not marry him, declaring that he is not a natural blond, smokes, has lived in sin and can not bear children, but Osgood remains cheerfully undaunted. At last Jerry snatches off his wig and admits that he is a man, wherein Osgood happily assures him that, after all, “ cipher ’ s perfect. ”

15. Star Wars


During an interstellar civil war, maverick conflict against an evil empire, led by Darth Vader and a nefarious governor named Grand Moff Tarkin. The imperial stronghold is a planet-sized, armored quad station called the Death Star, and insurgent Princess Leia Organa leads a mission to seize the battleship ’ mho blueprints, hoping to reveal its vulnerability. During the ensuing battle, Darth Vader and his military push of stormtroopers capture Leia ’ mho starship, but she secretly hides the Death Star plans in a automaton “ droid ” named R2-D2, who flees the starship with his company, C-3PO. ineffective to recover the plans, Darth Vader discovers that an elude pod was launched during the attack, and orders the droids detained. meanwhile, R2-D2 and C-3PO crash down on the desert planet Tatooine. Ornery C-3PO is displeased by his companion ’ second claim that they are on an important mission, and the two droids part ways. however, they are captured by cloaked scavengers called Jawas and sold to young Luke Skywalker and his uncle Owen. As the boy refurbishes the droids, he complains that Uncle Owen has thwarted his pipe dream of becoming a original and following in the footsteps of his asleep father. Fiddling with R2-D2, Luke unwittingly activates a three dimensional projection of Princess Leia, uttering the plea : “ Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you ’ re my alone hope. ” Smitten and intrigued, Luke wonders if the message is addressed to a anchorite known as “ Ben ” Kenobi. At dinner, Luke tells Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru about Leia ’ s message, but Owen orders the boy to erase R2-D2 ’ s memory, and insists that Obi-Wan died aboard Luke ’ s father. Storming away, Luke discovers that R2-D2 has escaped. The next good morning, Luke and C-3PO recover the contrary droid, but are attacked by the hostile, mobile Sand People. however, “ Ben ” Kenobi comes to the rescue, and admits that “ Obi-Wan ” is his real list. Seeking tax shelter at Obi-Wan ’ s home, Luke learns that his church father was a Jedi knight during the Clone Wars, and was known as the galaxy ’ randomness best starfighter. Obi-Wan explains that he mentored Luke ’ s father and makes good on an honest-to-god promise, giving Luke his church father ’ mho lightsaber. Since Jedis were guided by “ the Force, ” a mysterious energy that unites all life creatures in peace, the neon light sword once continue universal justice. however, Luke ’ s don was killed by a colleague, Darth Vader, who used his cognition of “ the Force ” to betray the Jedis. As Obi-Wan activates R2-D2 ’ mho message from Leia, she explains that she was on a mission to bring Obi-Wan back to her dwelling planet of Alderaan, and adds that vital data has been hidden in R2-D2 ’ s memory system. The only person equipped to retrieve the data is her Jedi church father, so the droid must be escorted to Alderaan immediately. Obi-Wan announces he will teach Luke to use “ the Force, ” so he can be of service on the mission, but Luke insists on returning home. interim, on the Death Star, Grand Moff Tarkin announces that the galaxy ’ mho politics council has been dissolved, and the Empire is one footprint closer to ultimate power. Back on Tatooine, Luke discovers his kin murdered by stormtroopers and vows to become a Jedi. He joins Obi-Wan and the droids in their search for a pilot burner at the spaceport town of Mos Eisley. In a seamy tavern, they hire rugged outlaw smuggler Han Solo and his first checkmate, a grandiloquent, hairy Wookiee named Chewbacca. The men narrowly escape a stormtrooper attack in Han Solo ’ s Millennium Falcon. interim, Vader tortures Leia to discover the whereabouts of the maverick base, but she remains resolute. Tarkin navigates the Death Star toward Alderaan, then orders Leia ’ s performance and threatens to destroy her home planet unless she confesses. Although Leia claims the rebel al-qaeda is on satellite Dantoonine, Tarkin incinerates Alderaan. At the lapp moment, on the Millennium Falcon, Obi-Wan feels trouble in his center. He acknowledges a awful calamity, but continues Luke ’ s lightsaber train, teaching the son to trust his instincts and to use “ the Force. ” When the Millennium Falcon reaches Alderaan, the planet is gone and the ship is forcibly sucked into the Death Star by its “ tractor beam. ” Darth Vader learns that the Millennium Falcon began its journey in Tatooine and realizes it is transporting the coveted Death Star plans. meanwhile, Obi-Wan uses “ the Force ” to ensure that no humans or droids are detected aboard the starship, but Darth Vader perceives the presence of his former Jedi master. Upon their arrival aboard the Death Star, Han Solo and Luke kill respective stormtroopers, don their armor, and get a nearby outstation. There, R2-D2 plug into the Death Star’s computer net and discovers seven locations that secure the battleship ’ randomness “ tractor beam. ” Once the locks are disabled, the Millennium Falcon can escape. Obi-Wan declares that he alone must immobilize the locks and leaves after promising Luke, “ the Force will be with you… always. ” Just then, R2-D2 locates Princess Leia and reports that her execution is pending. Luke convinces Han Solo to join him on a rescue mission with assurances of a big reward. As they release the princess, a gunfight ensues, and Leia orders her rescuers into a drivel chute to escape. There, Luke is pulled subaqueous by a tentacled freak, but the animal suddenly disappears when the shit walls begin to compact. Radioing C-3PO for avail, Luke orders R2-D2 to shut down the “ garbage mashers, ” and the comrades are saved. As they return to the Millennium Falcon and battle stormtroopers, Obi-Wan disables the “ tractor beam ” and reunites with Darth Vader, who is intent on killing his former Jedi master. however, Obi-Wan warns that the expectation for peace will become infinitely more potent if Darth Vader succeeds. When Obi-Wan is confident that Luke can see him, and that Leia has safely boarded the Millennium Falcon, he permits Darth Vader to strike him dead, but his spokesperson remains fixed in Luke ’ sulfur awareness. The friends escape a firefight, and Leia warns that the Millennium Falcon has been fitted with a track device. The Death Star follows as they proceed to the insurgent base on the satellite Yavin. There, R2-D2 ’ s data is analyze and soldiers are briefed that the Death Star’s faint point can lone be accessed by a one-man champion jet. The pilots must navigate down a narrow trench and burn into a two-meter-wide thermal run down port, causing a chain chemical reaction. As Luke mans his embark, with R2-D2 as his sailing master, Han Solo ducks away with his advantage money, claiming the battle is a suicide deputation. meanwhile, the Death Star comes within firing range of Yavin and the Imperial leaders anticipate their critical victory. Rebels subspecies toward the battleship and attack to dodge their pursuers, including Darth Vader, who pilots a deadly imperial champion. With many of Luke ’ s senior comrades defeated, the male child is ordered to the front, but his rear guard is killed. The Death Star takes drive at Yavin just as Luke speeds toward its vulnerable portal vein. Although he uses a device to guide him, he subconsciously hears Obi-Wan ’ mho refrain, “ use the Force, ” and turns off the calculator to follow his instinct. Just then, Darth Vader directs his gunman on Luke ’ sulfur starfighter and prepares to fire, but Han Solo abruptly appears in the Millenium Falcon and interferes, sending the villain spiraling into space. Luke ’ s missiles successfully destroy the Death Star an instant before the battle station fires at Yavin, and peace is finally restored to the population .

16. All About Eve


At the Sarah Siddons Society ‘s annual feast, disdainful theater critic Addison DeWitt, playwright Lloyd Richards and his wife Karen, manufacturer Max Fabian and legendary actress Margo Channing lookout as Eve Harrington is presented with the field ‘s most prestigious award. Karen recalls when Eve first base entered their lives : On a showery October night, Karen arrives at the dramaturgy where Margo is starring in Lloyd ‘s shimmer, and is approached by Eve, who has been to every operation. Touched by the young woman ‘s devotion to Margo, Karen brings her wing. In Margo ‘s dress room, Eve describes her childhood in the Midwest and her marriage to Eddie, an Air Force radio receiver technician who was killed in the war. Eve explains that her life changed when she happened to see Margo in a bring in San Francisco, and when the product moved to New York, Eve followed. Director Bill Sampson, Margo ‘s younger boyfriend, comes to say adieu before leaving for Hollywood to direct a film. Eve accompanies Margo and Bill to the airport, and indeed endears herself to them that Margo moves Eve into her guestroom. Eve cursorily makes herself essential as Margo ‘s assistant, to the displeasure of Margo ‘s maid, retire vaudevillian Birdie Coonan. Their relationship becomes strained, however, when Eve arranges a return birthday party for Bill without telling Margo. The night of the party, Margo and Bill quarrel about Eve, and he chides Margo for her jealousy and insecurity about her age. The tension between them escalates as the guests begin to arrive, and Margo gets intoxicated and grows bathetic. Max takes Margo apart and says he has foolishly agreed to audition Addison ‘s date, the breath-taking Miss Casswell, and Margo promises to read with her. She then asks Max to give Eve a job in his office. meanwhile, Eve tells Karen that she would like to replace Margo ‘s meaning understudy, and Karen promises to speak to Max. On the day of Miss Casswell ‘s hearing, Margo shows up deep and encounters Addison in the anteroom of the theater. Addison tells her that Miss Casswell already read with Margo ‘s newly understudy, Eve, adding that Eve performed brilliantly. Margo argues bitterly with Lloyd and accuses Bill of rehearsing Eve on the crafty. When they are alone, Bill asks Margo to marry him, as he has many times before, and when she says no, he walks out. Lloyd goes home and raves to Karen about Eve ‘s performance, and comments that he longs to see Margo put in her rate. Recalling that they are scheduled to spend the weekend in the nation with Margo, Karen comes up with an idea to teach Margo a example, and places a call to Eve. At the end of a tense weekend, Lloyd and Karen are driving Margo to the educate station when the cable car abruptly runs out of gas. While Lloyd sets off to find serve, Margo apologizes to Karen for her late bad behavior and Karen looks guilt-stricken. Eve goes on in Margo ‘s function that night, with Addison and respective other critics in attendance, all of them invited that good afternoon. After the show, Addison goes backstage and overhears Eve making a dally for Bill in her fertilization room. When Bill rejects her, Addison comes in and offers to help promote her career. The next day, Addison ‘s column sings Eve ‘s praises and makes supercilious remarks about “ mature ” actresses playing youthful roles. Bill returns to Margo ‘s side to comfort her. Later, Lloyd tells Karen that he would like to put his next play into production correct aside, with Eve as “ Cora, ” the character that was to have been Margo ‘s. That night, after the testify, Lloyd and Karen join Bill and Margo at the Cub Room, and Bill announces that he and Margo are engaged. The waiter brings an pressing note from Eve, asking Karen to meet her in the ladies ‘ room. Eve asks for the lead in Lloyd ‘s new play, adding that Addison will print the accuracy about Margo ‘s miss operation if her demand is not met. Karen shakily returns to the mesa, lone to hear Margo announce that she does not want to play “ Cora. ” On the night of the play ‘s New Haven open, Eve tells Addison that Lloyd is going to leave Karen and marry her. To Eve ‘s storm, Addison coldly vetoes her plans, saying he has uncovered her disgraceful past, and that Karen told him about Eve ‘s attempt to blackmail her. Addison tells her that she belongs to him, and Eve wretchedly submits. Back at the awards banquet, Eve gives a humiliate toleration speech and promises to return to the dramaturgy after her approaching grant in Hollywood. After the feast, Eve is tired and depressed, and returns to her apartment, where she finds a young woman, Phoebe, waiting in her room. Phoebe says she is the president of one of Eve ‘s fan clubs and took the underpass from Brooklyn in the promise of meeting her idol. When the doorbell rings, an exhausted Eve asks Phoebe to take care of things. Phoebe opens the door to Addison, who has brought Eve ‘s award, which was left in the taxi, and takes it into the bedroom. Fondling the award with a determine gleam in her eye, Phoebe tries on Eve ‘s cape and stands before the mirror, posing and bowing .

17. The African Queen


In September 1914 in the german East African village of Kungdu, British Reverend Samuel Sayer and his spinster sister Rose leave prayers at the improvised First Methodist Church. The natives struggle to follow the English psalm, but race outside when they hear canadian Charlie Allnut ‘s ancient launch the African Queen chug into the village, laden with chain mail and goods. Though conscious of his lower social stand, Charlie lunches with the Sayers, who finely ignore his rumbling stomach. Before leaving, he informs them about the encroaching war in Europe, and although the Sayers are frightened, they refuse to desert the greenwich village. only hours late, however, german troops invade Kungdu, imprison the natives and burn down the huts. By the time the fastball clears, Samuel has begun to lose his heed from shock and grief. He soon collapses, unintentionally wounding Rose by raving that their attraction to missionary ferment grew knocked out of a lack of more attractive social options. When Charlie returns to the destroyed greenwich village the adjacent sidereal day, he finds Samuel all in, and helps Rose bury him. She then accepts Charlie ‘s volunteer to hide from the Germans on his boat. Once they are on the river, Charlie explains that the Germans have positioned a heavily armed steamer, the Louisa, at the mouth of Lake Tanganyika to block british troops. Rose immediately forms a plan to attack the Louisa by crafting torpedoes out of explosives and an oxygen tank car, strapping them to the African Queen and ramming into the soft-shell clam. Charlie tries desperately to dissuade her, describing the german fort and impassable rapids they will have to face along the way, but Rose ‘s determination finally shames him into agreeing to the plan. After they set sail, he teaches Rose how to read the river, and they negotiate how to bathe in private. That night, a pour rain forces Charlie to seek tax shelter under Rose ‘s tarpaulin, and after at first banishing him, Rose softens and allows him to sleep near her. They reach the beginning typeset of rapids the adjacent good afternoon, and Charlie ‘s hopes that the death-defying experience will frighten Rose are dashed after she proclaims it the most exhilarating physical know she has ever had. At night, a torment Charlie tap into his gin reserves and subsequently rants drunkenly that he will not sail any further, calling Rose a “ skinny honest-to-god maid. ” He awakes the adjacent dawn to find her pouring each of his gin bottles into the ocean. Hours late, he begs her to speak to him, and she last reveals that it is his refusal to sail which has infuriated her. Charlie yells but then cursorily backs down, agreeing to accompany her while doubting their chances for achiever. Their first obstacle is the german fort, where the soldiers candid fire on the African Queen. The engine is hit, but Charlie repairs it and they sail on. immediately subsequently, they reach another dress of rapids. Rose struggles to steer while Charlie races to keep the engine stoked, and although they are badly pummeled, they miraculously reach calm waters. Thrilled, Charlie and Rose fall into an embrace which cursorily becomes romantic. later, as they declare their beloved, they ultimately learn each other ‘s first name. They then sail peacefully past exotic flora and fauna until they hit a waterfall, which damages the rudder. Although Charlie despairs, Rose devises a design to weld a new rudder, and days late, the boat is fixed. Just miles down the river, however, they are attacked by a drove of mosquitoes, which terrifies Rose and forces them to stay in open urine. Within days, they become lost in the stagnant shallows. Thick reeds bog down the boat, forcing Charlie to pull it through the water system. When he finally boards again, exhausted, he finds leeches covering his body, and even though he is shaking with repugnance, he must return to the water to keep the gravy boat moving. Hours by and by, they reach state, where Charlie feverishly tells Rose they may not make it but that he loves her. They both collapse into rest, and during the nox, a fresh rain sweeps the plunge downstream onto Lake Tanganyika. They awaken to find the Louisa merely miles aside, and retreat into the reeds to hide. By the adjacent day, they have discerned the ship ‘s sail pattern and Charlie makes the torpedoes. They set out on their attack that night, but a sudden storm capsizes the plunge and Rose and Charlie are separated in the benighted. Charlie is imprisoned by the Germans and, not wanting to live without Rose, accepts his prison term of hanging. Just then, however, Rose is brought in, and when she hears that Charlie is to be killed, proudly admits their whole scheme to the soldiers. Before they are hanged, Charlie requests that the captain marry them, and merely as the service ends, the African Queen surfaces, hits the Louisa and explodes. Floating together in the water, the newlyweds see the boat ‘s nameplate, realize that their plan has succeeded after all, and happily swim toward the land .

18. Psycho


On a Friday good afternoon in Phoenix, Arizona, Marion Crane and her lover, Sam Loomis, are having a romanticist rendezvous at a hotel when Marion complains that she is tired of meeting Sam under such seamy circumstances. Sam, who runs a hardware memory in Fairvale, California, assures her that they can marry after he pays his debts, but Marion longs for immediate respectability. Upon her return to the real number estate position where she works as a repository, Marion learns that her boss, George Lowery, is with oil baron Tom Cassidy. When the men return, the lecherous Cassidy brag to Marion that he is paying $ 40,000 in cash to buy a sign of the zodiac for his daughter. Lowery, worried about leaving the money in the agency over the weekend, tells Marion to take it to the bank, and Marion asks to go home subsequently. After rebuffing Cassidy again, Marion departs, but at her apartment, stuffs the money into her purse and leaves with a bag. Driving until exhaustion forces her to pull over, Marion falls asleep on a lonely stretch of road. She is awoken on Saturday good morning by a highway flatfoot, who is fishy of her excitable manner. After the policeman dismisses her, Marion, afraid that he will remember her, goes to a use car batch and trades in her fomite for one with California plates. late, during a cutthroat rainstorm, Marion misses the turnoff to Fairvale and stops at the Bates Motel, where the owner, Norman Bates, welcomes her and offers to fix her dinner at his family, a loom social organization on the mound behind the motel. Marion accepts, but as she hides the cash in a newspaper she had purchased, she hears an old woman loudly call on the carpet Norman for attempting to bring a daughter into her home. When Norman returns with sandwiches, he explains to the apologetic Marion that his mother is ” not quite herself. ” Norman then invites her into his parlor behind the function, where Marion is nonplussed by the birds Norman has stuffed in pursuit of his hobby, taxidermy. Marion chats with the shy Norman, who confesses how alone he is, except for his mother. When Marion asks if Norman has any friends, Norman replies that “ a son ’ south best friend is his beget, ” although he admits that he wishes he could run away, as Marion is obviously doing. Norman relates his belief that everyone is in a trap of some kind, and that his mother is mentally ill due to the deaths of his forefather and belated, her lover. When Marion suggests that Norman could lead a life of his own if he put his mother in an institution, he reacts bitterly, stating that his mother is harmless and that he could never abandon her. Relaxing, Norman asserts that “ we all go a fiddling huffy sometimes. ” Realizing that she has gone delirious herself, Marion tells Norman that she has to return to Phoenix, in hopes of escaping a private trap. Marion then goes to her room, unaware that Norman is watching her undress through a peephole. While Marion writes a note calculating how much of the stolen money she has spent, Norman strides to the house, resolved to assert himself. Norman ’ s strength fades, however, and as he sits dejectedly at the kitchen board, Marion tears up her bill, flushes it down the toilet and enters the lavish. As Marion enjoys her shower, a shady female figure enters the bathroom and repeatedly stabs her. A few minutes belated, in the theater, Norman screams out to his mother about the lineage, then rushes to find Marion, lifeless on the toilet floor. Sickened but determined to protect his mother, Norman wraps Marion ’ s body in the shower curtain and after cleaning the room, deposits her cadaver and belongings into the trunk of her car. Norman besides tosses in the newspaper, which he does not know holds the money, then sinks the car in a swamp behind the sign of the zodiac. A week later, as Sam is writing to Marion, he is interrupted by her baby Lila, whom he has never met. Sam is baffled by Lila ’ s frantic questioning about Marion and is prevented from answering by the arrival of Milton Arbogast, a private research worker. Arbogast and Lila explain to Sam about Marion ’ randomness larceny, and although Sam maintains his purity, Arbogast remains leery that he is involved. Promising Lila that he will find her sister, Arbogast then spends two days searching the sphere. When he reaches the Bates Motel, he interrogates Norman, who stammers that he has never seen Marion. Arbogast uncovers Norman ’ s lie, however, and after Norman admits that Marion was at the motel, the detective appears to accept his instruction that she left early in the morning. When Arbogast sees Mrs. Bates sitting in a window of the house, he wants to question her, but Norman orders him to leave. Unsettled, Arbogast calls Lila and relates everything that Norman said, then states that he will return to Fairvale after interrogating Mrs. Bates. As Arbogast climbs the stairs in the house, however, he is stabbed to end by a woman. soon after, Norman sinks Arbogast ’ south car in the deluge, while in Fairvale, Lila grows impatient about the detective ’ s absence and Sam finally takes her to see Deputy Sheriff Al Chambers. Convinced that Arbogast got “ a hot lead ” from Norman, then left to chase Marion and the money, the doubting Chambers dismisses Lila ’ south concerns, specially when she mentions Mrs. Bates. Chambers explains that, ten years earlier, Norman ’ s mother poisoned her lover upon discovering that he was married, then committed suicide. After Chambers telephones Norman, who confirms that Arbogast left on the spur of the moment, Norman confronts his mother, telling her that she must hide in the fruit cellar for her own protection. Over her loudly objections, Norman then carries her downstairs. Unsatisfied by Chambers ’ remarks, Lila and Sam drive to the motel the succeed day and check in. After sneaking into the board in which Marion stayed, Lila finds a piece of the paper on which Marion had written. Convinced that Norman hurt Marion to steal the money, Sam detains him in the position while Lila searches for Mrs. Bates. Norman, irritated by Sam ’ sulfur insinuations, retreats to his parlor and upon hearing Sam ’ sulfur note of his mother, knocks Sam unconscious mind. interim, Lila has been exploring the house, in which she finds Mrs. Bates ’ mho faultless bedroom and her bed, which bears the imprint of her body. Lila besides snoops around Norman ’ s flyblown room, which contains his childhood toys and a little crib. Returning to the first floor, Lila sees Norman running up to the theater and hides downstairs. As Norman goes upstairs, Lila creeps down to the fruit basement, where she finds Mrs. Bates sitting with her back to the doorway. Lila inches forward to tap the previous woman on the shoulder, but when she swings around, Lila is horrified to find herself staring at a decaying cadaver. As she screams, Lila turns round to see Norman, wearing a wig and one of his mother ’ mho dresses. Shrieking “ I am norma Bates, ” Norman lunges toward her with a knife, but Sam arrives in time to overpower him. subsequently, as Sam and Lila wait with Chambers and other officials at the courthouse, Norman is examined by a psychiatrist, Dr. Richmond. Richmond explains that Norman, who suffers from a separate personality, has been taken over by the dominant personality, that of his mother, and that Norman himself no longer exists. Richmond states that after the end of his father, Norman was overwhelmed by his domineering mother, and that when she took a fan, Norman killed them both. ineffective to bear the guilt, Norman preserved her cadaver, then, to heighten the illusion that “ Mother ” was alert, began dressing and speaking as her. Believing that his mother would be as covetous of him as he was of her, Norman subconsciously allowed the Mother side of his personality to murder any woman whom he found attractive. As they discuss the subject, Norman sits in a nearby room, huddled in a blanket, while the Mother side of his personality thinks to herself that she could not allow her son to stigmatize her a killer whale. Noticing a fly on her hand, Mother craftily declares that she will not swat it, so that anyone observing her will know that she would not even harm a fly .

19. Chinatown


In 1937 Los Angeles, private detective J. J. “ Jake ” Gittes, who specializes in adultery cases, is hired by the well-groomed Mrs. Evelyn Mulwray to follow her conserve Hollis, head engineer for the Department of Water and Power. Jake by and by sits in on a city council meet, where Mayor Bagby offers his digest for a new dam that will guarantee an adequate water system add for the city. After Hollis emotionally speaks out condemning the project as insecure, Jake follows him as he inspects the dry Los Angeles riverbed under the Hollenbeck Bridge, then goes out to Point Fermin, where thousands of gallons of water rush through a drain pipe out into the sea that night. A few days late, Jake and his associate, Duffy, photograph Hollis rowing a pretty youthful blond womanhood around Echo Park Lake. Jake then follows the couple to the El Macondo court apartments, where he secretly takes pictures of the girl embracing Hollis. The adjacent day, one of Jake ‘s photograph is printed on the movement foliate of the newspaper, accompanied by a history about Hollis ‘ “ love nest. ” When Jake arrives at his office, he is stunned to learn that the womanhood claiming to be Mrs. Mulwray was an imposter, and the real Evelyn, who has come to the office, intends to sue him. Angry that he has been duped, Jake finesses his way into Hollis ‘ office, but finds no compromising data, alone a handwritten notation reading “ Oak Pass Reservoir, Tuesday, 2:00 prime minister. ” His research is interrupted by Hollis ‘ subordinate, Russ Yelburton, who assures him that Hollis is not the sort of man to have an affair, then escorts Jake out. Jake then goes to Hollis ‘ estate to speak with him immediately. Evelyn says that she will not pursue her lawsuit, then suggests that Hollis might be at the Oak Pass reservoir. Jake then drives there and encounters Lt. Lou Escobar, an old rival from his days on the police coerce in Chinatown, and sees Hollis ‘ dead body being pulled from the water. Evelyn former identifies Hollis at the morgue and refutes Escobar ‘s trace that her husband committed suicide, claiming that they were trying to work out their problems over his matter. Outside, Jake tries to convince Evelyn that Hollis was murdered, but she insists that it was an accident. After she leaves, Jake goes back inside to look around and is puzzled when a medical examiner casually tells him that one of the bodies in the morgue was a homeless man who drowned under the Hollenbeck Bridge. Knowing that there should not have been enough water system there to drown person, Jake revisits the bridge. After finding alone a humble pool of water system in the gravelly land below, Jake speaks with a son on horseback and learns that water rushes through at night. When Jake returns to walk around the Oak Park Reservoir that even, he hears a gunfire, then a rush of water, which promptly envelopes him. After making his way out of the torrent, he is stopped by a short homo in a ashen lawsuit, accompanied by Claude Mulvihill, a cheap detective whom Jake detests. The short man puts a knife into Jake ‘s impart nostril, then suddenly cuts through it, warning Jake that next time he will lose his integral nose. At the position the next day, as Duffy and Jake ’ s early associate degree, Walsh, hear to talk him out of pursuing the Mulwray font, he receives a phone call from a woman named Ida Sessions, who reveals that she was hired to impersonate Mrs. Mulwray but had no idea that anyone would be killed. Because she is frightened, she will not reveal anything more, but tells him to look in the obituary column. late, Jake goes back to see Yelburton, and while he is waiting, notices respective pictures on the walls of Hollis with Noah Cross, the homo whom Walsh had photographed a few days before having a heat controversy with Hollis outside the Pig ‘n Whistle restaurant. Yelburton ‘s secretary tells him that Cross and Hollis owned the water company in partnership, but Hollis thought that water should belong to the people and gave the company to the city. When he speaks with Yelburton, Jake alludes to knowing more than he does, saying that Hollis ’ murder is tied to the new dam and the careful dump of thousands of gallons of water during a drought. After Yelburton sheepishly admits that some water system has been diverted restfully to the northwest San Fernando Valley, Jake proffers that he is not after him, but those behind him. Returning to his position, Jake is visited by Evelyn, who wants to hire him to investigate Hollis ‘ mangle. Some fourth dimension late, Jake goes to Catalina Island to the Albacore Club to see Cross, whom he has learned is Evelyn ’ s founder. Implying that he does not want his vulnerable daughter to be taken advantage of, but besides indicating that he feels regretful for the female child Hollis was seeing, Cross offers to double what Evelyn is paying if Jake finds the girl. Jake catches Cross in a lie when he says that he had not spoken to Hollis in years, but Cross brushes aside Jake ’ s disclosure that they had been photographed together. Some fourth dimension belated, Jake goes to the Hall of Records, where he discovers that thousands of acres of grow land in the Valley recently have been sold. Armed with a list of the purchases he has torn from the record books, Jake drives to the Valley but finds himself chased by a family of angry farmers who think he works for the body of water company. Just before Jake is knocked out by one of the younger farmers, the founder snarl that the city has attacked their wells to force them to sell their down cheap. When Jake wakes up, Evelyn is with him, summoned by the forefather, who found her poster in Jake ’ sulfur scoop. As they drive back into town, Jake tells her that the proposed dam is a imposter because the water will be going to unincorporated areas of the Valley rather of the city of Los Angeles. He besides tells her about the holocene land sales at bargain prices. As Evelyn comments on the antique names of the buyers, Jake abruptly remembers that one of them, Jaspar Lamar Crabb, who was listed in the obituary column Ida Sessions suggested he look at, had died a week before his act was recorded. Because Crabb had lived at the Mar Vista Rest Home, Jake suggests they drive there. Pretending that they are looking for a family for his beget, they ask to look around. Jake recognizes the names of many of the residents as the same as those on the newly recorded deeds, but when he speaks with one of the residents, Emma Dills, who is making a quilt with an emblem for the Albacore Club, she knows nothing about any property in the Valley. The dwelling ’ randomness coach, now joined by Claude, then orders them to leave. Outside, Jake sees the man in the white suit approaching and, with Evelyn ’ s quick drive, is able to escape. former, at Evelyn ’ randomness house, the two make beloved. After Evelyn receives a call call, she tells him that she must leave, but first confides that her father owns the Albacore Club. When Jake then reveals that he had met her forefather there, she becomes faze and warns him that her don is dangerous. Suspicious of the call call, Jake follows Evelyn to a house on Canyon Drive where he peeks through the window and sees the young blond charwoman crying, obviously struggling with Evelyn and her chinese butler, Kahn. When Evelyn gets into her car, she is startled by Jake, who assumes that the girl is being held against her will and coldly threatens to call the police. Evelyn then says that the daughter is her sister and implies that she condoned Hollis ‘ matter because she wanted him to be happy. finally binding at his house, Jake receives two anonymous calls from a serviceman who says that Ida Sessions wants to see him. The adjacent dawn, Jake arrives at Sessions ’ house, where he discovers her dead body, then is surprised by Escobar and his partner, Loach. Escobar guesses that Ida had initially hired Jake but assumes that Evelyn killed her husband and is being blackmailed by Jake. Escobar besides reveals that the autopsy on Hollis showed that he had drowned in salt water system, not the reservoir ’ sulfur fresh body of water. After Jake tries to convince Escobar that there has been a plat to divert water and that Hollis was murdered because of it, Escobar gives him two hours to find Evelyn and bring her in to the patrol. Jake then goes to Evelyn ’ sulfur firm, but only finds the maid. He then goes outside and gazes at the pond, which the gardener complains is filled with strategic arms limitation talks urine. Remembering that he had seen something glistening in the pond the first clock he visited, Jake and the gardener retrieve a break dance pair of gold-rimmed glasses. Jake then drives to the Canyon Drive house and gruffly asks Evelyn if the glasses belonged to Hollis. After she acknowledges that they look like his, Jake calls Escobar and tells him to come over. Evelyn is confused by Jake ’ sulfur actions, prompting him to demand that she tell him about the daughter, suggesting that she killed Hollis out of jealousy and yelling that he knows that she does not have a sister. As Jake angrily starts to slap her, Evelyn ultimately breaks depressed and screams “ she ‘s my sister and my daughter. ” She then explains to the stun Jake that she became pregnant at age fifteen after her father raped her, then went to Mexico, where Hollis took care of her and continue to take care of both her and the girl, who is named Katherine. now Jake tells her to find a position to go, and Evelyn suggests Kahn ‘s house in Chinatown. Before leaving, Evelyn glances again at the eyeglasses and mentions that they could not have belonged to Hollis because he did not wear bifocals. A short time after Evelyn drives off with Katherine, Escobar and Loach arrive. Jake lies that Evelyn has gone to her maid ‘s house in San Pedro and offers to give them the address, but Escobar insists that Jake come along. When they arrive in the San Pedro, Escobar reluctantly acquiesces to Jake ’ s request for a few minutes alone with Evelyn. The house actually belongs to Curly, a man who had hired Jake to follow his cheating wife. Once inside, Jake asks Curly to take him for a ride in his hand truck, and while Jake hides from sight, offers to forgive his bill and pay him $ 100 if he will take Evelyn and Katherine to Ensenada in his boat. Later, outside Evelyn ’ mho house, Jake loads Curly ‘s truck with her suitcases, then calls Cross to tell him that he has found the female child and he should bring his checkbook to Evelyn ’ s theater. When Cross arrives, Jake confronts him about murdering Hollis and raping Evelyn. Although Cross authentically admired Hollis for “ making this township, ” he admits to murdering him so that water could be brought to the Valley. He besides said it was not for the money, which he did not need, but for the future, explaining that once water system is in the Valley, the land will be incorporated into the city. With Loach as his confederate, Cross forces Jake to take them to Katherine. When Cross, Jake and Loach arrive on Chinatown ’ s Alameda Street a shortstop time later, they are approached by Escobar and his men, who start to handcuff Jake. happy to be taken out of risk, Jake blurts out that Cross killed Hollis. During the confusion of conflicting stories, Evelyn and Katherine approach Evelyn ‘s car. When Cross tries to introduce himself to Katherine as her grandfather, Evelyn draws a gun and warns that he will never have her. After shooting Cross in the branch, she drives off, ignoring Escobar ’ s order that she stop. When she continues driving down the street, Escobar and his men shoot at the car until it stops. Hearing the sound of the car ’ second blaring horn in the distance, Jake, Escobar, Cross and the others rush to it and find Katherine covered in rake, screaming next to Evelyn ’ s dead body. Cross pulls Katherine away, shielding her eyes, as Jake stares at Evelyn ’ s body. When he directs a crack at Escobar, Escobar screech at Walsh and Duffy to do Jake a favor and take him aside. As Jake is being pulled away by his friends, Walsh tries to comfort him saying, “ Forget it, Jake, it ’ south Chinatown. ”

20. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


At an Oregon mental mental hospital, calm but authoritarian Nurse Ratched maintains firm dominance over the men ’ mho ward. In the day board, calm music blares from a record player, as she and her adjunct, Nurse Pilbow, hand out day by day medications to their patients. Randle Patrick McMurphy, who is tidal bore to escape a work farm prison where he is serving a six-month prison term for statutory rape, is delivered to the refuge wearing handcuffs. When McMurphy attempts to greet a identical grandiloquent native American, called Chief Bromden, he is met with a blank stare and no reply. Billy Bibbit, the youngest patient in the ward who has a commemorate stammer, informs McMurphy that Bromden is a mute. When the hospital psychiatrist, Dr. Spivey, meets with McMurphy, he tells him that the prison officials believe McMurphy is faking mental illness and informs him that the hospital staff will be evaluating him to determine whether he should be returned to complete his conviction or stay at the refuge. McMurphy arrives at Ratched ’ s ward as she is leading a group therapy school term in which she urges the men to discuss the marital and intimate problems of Harding, a well-spoken, educated patient who suspects his wife of infidelity. The men are at first reluctant to speak up, but Ratched encourages them to talk. Due to the intrusive nature of the discussion, Harding becomes broken, causing tension to rise within the group. The seance ends with forte arguments that prompt the orderlies to physically remove some of the patients out of the room to restore the peace. During an outdoor exercise interval, McMurphy encourages Bromden to play basketball by climbing onto the shoulder of another affected role and shooting the ball through the wicket, but Bromden shows little interest. late, McMurphy encourages his mate patients to play blackjack, alternatively of their usual pinochle, using cigarettes to represent dimes. When McMurphy asks Ratched to turn down the music so the men can hear each early, Ratched refuses, explaining that the older men who are hard of hearing would not be able to enjoy it. McMurphy balks at taking medication, but Ratched convinces him to cooperate by offering to administer the medicine in another way. At the adjacent group school term, McMurphy suggests changing the oeuvre detail, so that the men can watch the orifice of the World Series on television. Ratched patiently explains that making changes would disturb the men in the ward who take a farseeing time adjusting to a schedule. She suggests taking a vote, but most of the men are reluctant, even cowardly, of voting against her will. belated, in the “ tub room ” of the mental hospital, McMurphy suggests that they leave the refuge to watch the game at a stripe, but the men explain that they are locked in. McMurphy bets them that he can get them out and attempts to lift a big marble washing station with which he plans to break open a window, but finds it besides heavy. When he last gives up, he tells the others that at least he tried. At the adjacent group session, Ratched focuses on Billy, who had asked a female child to marry him. Ratched mentions that Billy ’ s mother never told Ratched about the female child, which causes Billy ’ s stammer to intensify. When she asks about the first time he tried to commit suicide, another patient, Cheswick, asks Ratched why she presses billy on the discipline when he does not wish to talk. Changing the subject, he says that he would like to see the baseball game and asks for another vote. This time, all nine men in the group vote in prefer of the game, but Ratched tells them that there are eighteen patients in the ward and a majority vote is needed to change ward policy. McMurphy approaches each of the other men, urging them to raise their hands, but they are besides mentally ill to comprehend the events around them. good as Ratched ends the group converge, McMurphy convinces Bromden to raise his hand, but Ratched again refuses to give in, claiming that the vote was closed. Refusing to be defeated, McMurphy stares at the blank television filmdom and pretends to watch the game, shouting out a play-by-play comment that inspires the other men to join him and cheer. After his one-fourth workweek at the mental hospital, McMurphy meets with Spivey, as other doctors observe their conversation. When he is asked if he likes being at the mental hospital, McMurphy responds that Ratched is not honest, that she “ likes a rigged game. ” Spivey tells McMurphy that he diagnoses no tell of mental illness, prompting McMurphy to make pathetic faces and other odd movements, and ask, “ Is this crazy enough for you ? ” As the men are preparing to go on an out, McMurphy impetuously asks Bromden to help him over the barb wire fence around the hospital. On the other english, he hides in the vacant bus until the men board, then drives the bus away, leaving the refuge staff behind. After picking up Candy and Rose, friendly prostitutes with whom he is acquainted, he takes the men to a marina, where he convinces the harbor master to let them charter a gravy boat, introducing himself and his cohorts as doctors from the mental mental hospital. He teaches the men to bait a hook and puts Cheswick in charge of the embark ’ south wheel, while Billy and Candy go below deck. When the men by and by return to the waiting police who accompany Spivey, they are exhilarated. Later, the panel of doctors meet and can not agree on whether McMurphy is mentally ill, but some believe he is dangerous. When they consider returning him to the prison, Ratched suggests that they keep him quite than relinquish their problems to another initiation. Outside, McMurphy leads the men in a game of basketball. Bromden walks back and forth between the two baskets, ensuring that his own team ’ s testis goes into the basket while preventing the opposing team ’ s ball from going through, but everyone enjoys the game. During a hydropathy session, McMurphy mentions to one of the orderlies that he has alone sixty-eight days left of his conviction, but is told that, unlike a prison conviction, refuge commitments last until the doctors allow you to leave. At the next group seance, McMurphy accuses his fellow patients of not explaining that he must remain there at the discretion of Ratched and the doctors. Harding says that he did not know, as he had voluntarily committed himself, and Ratched explains that McMurphy is one of merely a few who are actually committed. Hearing that Billy could leave if he wished, McMurphy tells him that he is young and should be out enjoying women. He tells the men they are no crazier than most people. When Ratched encourages comments on McMurphy ’ s statement, the men direct their challenges at her, by asking why the doors to their rooms are locked during the day and why their cigarettes are withheld from them. When the normally docile Cheswick demands his cigarettes, Ratched accuses McMurphy of creating the necessity of rationing their cigarettes, because he was winning their money and cigarettes in gambling. A patient, Taber, who has been hiding a fall cigarette in the cuff of his pants, yells out in pain when it burns his leg, creating chaos that builds when Cheswick loudly demands his cigarettes and disturbs the more vulnerable patients. To calm him, McMurphy breaks the window of the nurses ’ office to retrieve his cigarettes. interim, Washington, an orderly, tries to force Cheswick from the room, prompting McMurphy to punch him. They fight, but when Washington holds McMurphy down, the dumb Bromden comes to his care. order is restored when more orderlies are called in, and McMurphy, Bromden and Cheswick are cuffed and taken from the board to be given sedatives. While waiting in a anteroom, after Cheswick is taken aside, McMurphy offers Bromden a objet d’art of chewing chewing gum and is given a quiet thank you, revealing that Bromden can both hear and speak. McMurphy suggests they escape the refuge in concert, but he is taken off and given electroconvulsive therapy treatment. When McMurphy returns to the ward, he shuffles in, bearing a vacant expression on his side, but soon laughs and acknowledges that he is playing a joke on the men. silent purpose on escaping, McMurphy breaks into the nurses ’ office one night and calls Candy and Rose, asking them to bring liquor. McMurphy invites Bromden to leave with him, but Bromden declines. When Candy and Rose arrive, McMurphy pulls them in through a window and awakens the men for a farewell party. Afterward, McMurphy prepares to leave with the women and says adieu to each of the men. Noting that Billy is upset, McMurphy invites him to come along, but Billy believes he is not ready for the outside world. Realizing that the pure Billy is attracted to Candy, McMurphy arranges for them to have a private “ date. ” While waiting for Candy, McMurphy falls asleep and when the orderlies and nurses arrive the adjacent morning to discover the disheveled room, it is excessively former for him to escape. When the hospital attendants discover Billy in seam with Candy, Ratched asks him if he is ashamed of himself. Billy answers without stuttering that he is not, but when Ratched threatens to tell his mother, he breaks down and is taken from the room by the orderlies. shortly after, Billy commits suicide. Angry, McMurphy grab Ratched by the throat and strangles her, until Washington knocks him out. Later order is restored and Ratched, now wearing a neck stimulate, regains control of the men, although they placid play blackjack using cigarettes for money. McMurphy, however, has not been seen and diverse rumors circulate, some express that he escaped the mental hospital and others that he is on another floor, “ meek as a lamb. ” During the middle of the night, McMurphy is returned to his bed by orderlies. Bromden goes to him, ready for the two of them to escape, but discovers that McMurphy has been given a lobotomy that has left him vacant and spiritless. To free him, Bromden suffocates his ally with a pillow. He then goes to the tub room, lifts the washing station and breaks the windowpane, through which he leaves the mental hospital .

21. The Grapes of Wrath


Tom Joad returns from prison, where he was serving time for manslaughter, to his family ‘s Oklahoma farm and finds the house abandoned. Muley, his crazed neighbor, tells Tom about the holocene exorcism of the sharecroppers, who have been driven out by drought and the avid land companies. Tom finally locates his family as they are about to pack their belongings on a bedraggled hand truck and head West, lured by promises of work and high wages in California. Joined by their acquaintance Casy, a former “ fire and brimstone ” preacher, the Joads begin their long trek west on Route 66. soon after, Grandpa dies and is buried alongside the road. Their hopes for a bright future are dimmed when a man at a wayside camp warns of no work in California, but the syndicate continues on. As the Joads cross the bang-up California desert, Grandma dies, and the remainder of the family emerges from the defect to find no jobs and hoards of starving migrants. poverty and despair begin to break apart the family as the conserve of pregnant daughter Rosasharn leaves her. Despite rumors of labor violence, the syndicate however hits the road once again. Hounded by the law and the local citizenry, the Joads find work as strikebreakers. Casy warns Tom that strikebreaking will entirely drive down wages, and when a deputy murders Casy for his labor unionize, Tom fights back and kills the deputy. With Tom now hunted as a murderer, the family steals off under cover of night and finds temp recourse in a politics agrarian camp. When the patrol racetrack Tom down at the camp, however, he is forced to bid farewell to his family, knowing he may never see them again. As the family leaves the haven of the clique for promise of function in Fresno, Ma Joad voices the faith to carry on .

22. 2001: A Space Odyssey


At the dawn of world, a colony of passive vegetarian apes awakens to find a glow black monolith standing in their midst. After tentatively reaching out to touch the cryptic object, the apes become carnivores, with enough intelligence to employ bones for weapons and tools. Four million years former, in the class 2001, Dr. Heywood Floyd, an american scientist, travels to the moon to investigate a monolith that has been discovered below the lunar open. Knowing only that the slab emits a deafening sound directed toward the planet Jupiter, the U.S. sends a huge starship, the Discovery , on a nine-month, half billion-mile journey to the distant satellite. Aboard are astronauts David Bowman and Frank Poole, plus three others in frozen hibernation, and a calculator called HAL 9000. During the voyage, HAL predicts the bankruptcy of a part on one of the spacecraft ‘s antenna. Bowman leaves the ship in a one-man space pod to replace the all-important part ; the prediction proves wrong, however, and when Poole ventures out to replace the original separate, HAL severs his lifeline. Bowman goes to rescue him, but HAL closes the pod submission doors and terminates the liveliness functions of the three hibernate astronauts. Forced to abandon Poole, who is already dead, Bowman reenters the Discovery through the hand brake hatch and reduces HAL to manual control by performing a mechanical lobotomy on the calculator ‘s logic and memory circuits. now alone, Bowman continues his escape until he encounters a one-third monolith among Jupiter ‘s moons. on the spur of the moment hurtled into a new dimension of time and space, he is swept into a whirlpool of swirling colors, erupting landscapes and exploding galaxies. At survive coming to rest in a pale green bedroom, Bowman emerges from the nonfunctioning space condensation. A witness to the final stages of his liveliness, the fade Bowman looks up from his deathbed at the giant black monolith stand in the center of the room. As he reaches toward it, he is possibly born-again, possibly evolved, possibly transcended, into a raw “ child of the universe, ” a fetus floating above the Earth .

23. The Maltese Falcon


At the Spade and Archer detective agency in San Francisco, Samuel Spade is interviewed by the beautiful Miss Wonderly, who wishes to hire him to find her runaway baby. Sam ‘s collaborator, Miles Archer, agrees to be present when Wonderly meets Floyd Thursby, her sister ‘s seducer, and then follow him to his hotel in hopes of finding the missing girl. late that night, Sam learns that Miles has been shot. He calls Wonderly and learns that she has checked out of her hotel. then Thursby is found with four bullet holes in his rear and Sam is visited by Lt. Dundy and Detective Tom Polhaus, two policemen, who suspect him of murdering Thursby out of revenge for Miles ‘s end. The following good morning, Wonderly summons Sam to her modern address, where she confesses that her real number appoint is Brigid O’Shaughnessy and that the report she related the sidereal day before was wholly false. Despite his doubts that she has told him the whole accuracy, Sam accepts her as his node. The announcement of Thursby ‘s death draws an inquiry from a mysterious little man named Joel Cairo, who tells Sam that he is trying to recover a statue of a black falcon. When Sam denies any cognition of the statue, Cairo pulls a accelerator and demands to search the office. Sam disarms Cairo, who offers the detective $ 5,000 to find the bird. Sam accepts the crack, and Cairo once again holds Sam at point while he searches the agency. When Brigid learns of Cairo ‘s visit, she asks Sam to set up a meet with him and tells Cairo that she does n’t have the statue, but will in a few days. Their meet is interrupted by the patrol, who have been sent by Miles ‘s widow Iva, who is covetous because she and Sam had been having an affair. The patrol nowadays begin to suspect Sam of Miles ‘s murder, but he spins a complicate floor to stop the police from arresting the three of them for questioning. Kasper Gutman, known as “ The Fat Man, ” is besides matter to in the statue and summons Sam, but when Gutman refuses to explain his interests, Sam storms out. late, Wilmer Cook, Gutman ‘s gunman, brings Sam back to Gutman ‘s apartment. Gutman tells Sam that after the Crusades, Charles V of Spain presented the Knights Templar with the island of Malta, requiring only the tribute of a falcon every year. The statue everyone wants is a golden, jewel-encrusted replica of a falcon that was stolen by pirates and subsequently disappeared for centuries. After it reappeared in Greece, Gutman planned to buy it, but it was again stolen and he has been following its drag always since. He offers Sam $ 50,000 to find it, but before Sam can accept, he passes out from repair drinks. When he comes to, he searches the room and finds a newspaper announcing the arrival of a ship from Hong Kong, but at the docks, Sam finds the embark on fire. He returns to his agency, where a dying man stumbles in with a software. The man is Jacoby, the captain of the Hong Kong embark, and the software contains the statue. A earphone birdcall from Brigid takes Sam on a crazy fathead chase, but beginning he checks the package and mails the claim check to himself. When Sam last returns home, Brigid, Gutman, Cairo and Wilmer are waiting. Sam agrees to turn over the dame if Gutman will allow Wilmer to take the blame for the three murders. When Effie arrives with the software, however, it is promptly discovered that the bird is a fudge. In the confusion, Wilmer escapes. After Gutman and Cairo leave, Sam calls the police and turns them all in. Brigid admits that she shot Miles, hoping to implicate Thursby. even though he is fascinated by her dangerous beauty, Sam turns Brigid in for the murder of his collaborator .

24. Raging Bull


In 1941, at a boxing match in Cleveland, Ohio, chaos breaks out when Jake La Motta, an energetic young packer, loses a decision to Jimmy Reeves, suffering his first loss and igniting a brawl in which hearing members are tramp down underfoot. Following Jake ’ randomness defeat, Salvy Batts, who works for boxing racketeer Tommy Como, informs Jake ’ s brother and coach Joey that an association with Tommy could advance Jake ’ s career. Although Joey agrees with Salvy, he observes that his refractory brother, whom he dearly calls “ Jack, ” has “ a head like concrete ” and insists upon remaining mugwump. however, Joey promises to present Salvy ’ sulfur crack to Jake, and proceeds to his brother ’ s drab, run-down apartment, where Jake is in the middle of a shout match with his wife Irma. Once Joey mollifies his enrage brother, the mercurial Jake laments that his small, girlish hands limit his ability to rise to the top. abruptly hostile, Jake provokes Joey into hitting him in the side. belated, when Salvy comes to watch Jake in a sparring match with Joey, Jake becomes so anger by Salvy ’ s presence that he pummels Joey. At the neighborhood swimming pool one day, Jake spots blond, fifteen-year-old Vickie Thailer, who piques his interest and heat. When Jake questions Joey about Vickie, Joey reminds him that he is a marital serviceman. Leaving Irma at home one night, Jake attends a church jacob’s ladder dance with Joey, where he sees Vickie seated across the board with Salvy. Watching Vickie drive off with Salvy, Jake sends Joey to the pool the adjacent day to arrange an insertion to her. When Vickie admires Jake ’ s glistening convertible, he invites her for a ride, and after changing from her swimsuit into a virginal white kit, she joins him. After a sojourn to a miniature golf path, Jake takes her to the apartment he purchased for his forefather and ushers her into the bedroom, where a crucifix perches above the headboard. He nudges her onto the layer, but she promptly rises and walks to the chest of drawers, where she looks at a photograph of Jake and Joey spar, a rosary suspension over its frame. In 1943, Jake scores a major victory against Sugar Ray Robinson, Robinson ’ s first gear loss and the begin of a life-long competition between the two boxers. Following the fight, Vickie, who is now living with Jake, kisses his black eye, but when he becomes sexually aroused, he pours a pitcher of ice water down his fork in order to preserve his energy for the next match with Robinson, which is to take place three weeks belated. Although Robinson is named achiever of the turn by the consentaneous decision of the judges, Jake ’ s career takes off when he wins a serial of victories and, now successful, he marries Vickie and buys a new home in the Bronx. Joey has besides married and moved into a nearby house with his wife Lenore. In 1947, after having had three babies and living a relatively quieten liveliness in the suburb, Jake has gained weight and bristles when Joey enters him into a match with newcomer Tony Janiro, for which Jake will have to lose fifteen pounds. When Joey explains that he set up the match because established boxers are afraid to face Jake, Vickie supports Joey, noting that Janiro would be an apt adversary because he is thus fine-looking and democratic. Vickie ’ s comment triggers Jake ’ s obsessional jealousy, and he balks at going to training camp and therefore leaving Vickie alone. When Jake asks Joey to keep an eye on Vickie while he is gone, Joey suggests taking her out for a night on the town before he leaves. They all go to the Copacabana cabaret, and when Vickie excuses herself to go the ladies room, Salvy, who is there with Tommy, invites her to join them for a swallow. Jake warily watches their confrontation, and when Vickie returns to the table, accuses her of flirting with Salvy and Tommy. During his meet with Janiro, Jake viciously pummels his adversary in the grimace, destroying his good looks and winning the turn. Following his victory, Jake returns to training camp, and one night while at a cabaret, Joey spots Vickie record with Salvy and his friends. Pulling her away from Salvy ’ sulfur table, Joey orders Vickie to leave with him, then smashes a glass in Salvy ’ s front. When Salvy follows Joey outside, Joey kicks him, then bangs him in the drumhead with a cab doorway. Afterward, Tommy summons Joey and Salvy, his arm in a sling and his face bandaged, to his headquarters at the Debonair Social Club and orders them to forget their argument and shake hands. After Salvy departs, Tommy warns Joey that Jake is embarrassing him by not accepting his patronage. Although Joey argues that Jake wants to make it on his own, Tommy counters that Jake will never get a probability at the entitle without his help. Upon Jake ’ s return key from training camp, Joey reports that Tommy has offered him a film at the style in exchange for throwing a match with Billy Fox. During the fight, Jake offers no resistance to Fox, allowing his opponent to strike him at will until being declared the victor. As Jake by and by tearfully relates to his cornermen, he did not know any other way to lose. Following the competitiveness, Jake is suspended by the boxing board while the district lawyer probes into the possibility of a fix fight. Two years late, in 1949, Jake faces middleweight champion Marcel Cerdan in a title turn. Before the match, Tommy comes to Jake ’ south hotel room to wish him good luck, but after Tommy kisses Vickie adieu and leaves, Jake slaps her and demands to know why she is so friendly with Tommy. After Jake wins the bout on a technical smasher in the tenth round, the referee straps the championship belt around his shank. By 1950, Jake has developed a belly from his extensive binges of eat and drinking, although he is set to defend his style in a calendar month. hush insanely jealous of Vickie, Jake suspects that she and Salvy had an affair, and when Joey denies it, Jake irrationally accuses him of having an matter with her. In response, Joey advises Jake to indulge in more sexual activity and less food. Jake then goes to Vickie ’ randomness bedroom to ask if she had sex with his buddy. Offended, she locks herself in the toilet, after which he breaks down the door and slaps her. Proceeding to Joey ’ s house, Jake pulls his brother off from dinner with his class and begins to beat him, accusing him of adultery with Vickie. When Vickie arrives, he punches her, prompting her to go home and pack her things. She late tells Jake that she is leaving him, but his more subdued, contrite demeanor causes her to yield and she agrees to stay, although the brothers remain estrange. In 1951 Jake faces Robinson to defend his backing entitle in the “ fight of the year. ” As Joey watches the bust on television, Robinson viciously pounds Jake, sending streams of lineage trickling down his legs and spewing from his mouth. even though Robinson is declared the newly champion, Jake remains cocky and defiant. Five years subsequently, in 1956, Jake, immediately living in Florida and grown adipose tissue and bloated, announces his retirement from boxing and the open of his eponymous cabaret. As master of ceremonies, Jake tells crude jokes and flirts with underage women customers. Tired of Jake ’ randomness abuse, Vickie last files for divorce and takes hands of the children. One evening, while sleeping in his agency, Jake is arrested for pandering to minor customers. To pay his legal fees, Jake smashes his championship belt to pry out the jewels, only to be informed by the pawnbroker that the belt was deserving much more integral. unable to raise the money for his defense, Jake, battleful and combatant, is thrown into nongregarious parturiency, where he slams his head against the wall and sob that he is not an animal. By 1958, Jake, nowadays out of jail and live in New York, has been reduced to introducing his new wife, Emma, a stripper known as “ Miss 48 ‘s, ” in a dive bar. One night, he spots Joey walking down the street and runs after him. Although Jake smothers him with hugs and kisses, Joey, even angry, shrugs him off. In 1964, Jake rehearses his lines for his one-night prove at the Barbizon Plaza Hotel. As he stands in front of his dress room mirror, Jake recites the celebrated actor’s line from On the Waterfront in which “ Terry Malloy ” accuses his buddy, “ Charley, ” of betraying him, saying “ I could have had class. I could ’ ve been a rival, I could ’ ve been somebody…instead of a buttocks, which is what I am. ” Before going on stage, Jake gazes into the mirror and sparring with his expression, declares, “ Go get ‘ em champ. I ’ m the party boss. ”

25. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial


On a late fall night, a starship filled with leaf and fungi sits among the trees of a quiet afforest. Small, knee bend foreigner creatures wander near the ship observing plants on Earth until their chests illuminate crimson. One foreigner wanders off entirely, looking at the city lights below, when a brigade of trucks parks nearby and humans begin to inspect the area with flashlights. The extra-terrestrial ’ south thorax glows red, attracting the attention of the humans, and the animal runs screeching back toward its starship. however, the aircraft ’ sulfur ramp closes and the ship launches into the flip, leaving the alien behind. interim, as a group of boys play games in a suburban home, Michael instructs his young buddy, Elliott, to retrieve pizza from the deliveryman. While outside, Elliott hears a murmurous in the illuminated shed behind the house. Believing the noise to be coming from the frump, Harvey, the boy tosses a baseball inside the caducous, but the ball is thrown back to him. Elliott leads the other boys and his mother, Mary, outside to show them the strange occurrence. There, they find unusual footprints, which they assume were made by coyotes. After everyone has gone to sleep, Elliott inspects the thousand and nearby cornfield with a flashlight. He follows a pair of tracks into the dirt and encounters the wrinkled, blue-eyed extra-terrestrial, which screams and runs aside. The adjacent dawn, Elliott rides his bicycle into the ballpark, dropping a trail of Reese ’ second Pieces candies behind him, but promptly returns home plate when he notices a man inspecting the area. During dinner, the boy insists that the extraterrestrial being he saw was actual, despite the agnosticism from his mother, brother, and younger sister, Gertie. When Elliott mentions that his absent founder is in Mexico with a woman named Sally, his mother begins to cry and leaves the room. That night, Elliott sits outside on a lawn president and the alien approaches him, dropping a handful of Reese ’ randomness Pieces at his feet. Elliott uses more of the sweets to lure the animal into his bedroom, where the estrange mimics Elliott ’ s movements and watches the son as he falls asleep. elsewhere, a group of men use radar equipment to search the forest and find a bunch of the forget candies. The following day, Elliott feigns illness so he can stay home while his mother goes to work and his siblings attend school. The son speaks to the extraterrestrial being and shows it his belongings. once he retrieves food from the kitchen, Elliott draws a bath and speaks to his mother on the telephone while the stranger swims in the water system. After school, Elliott shows the creature to Michael and Gertie, who yell in dismay, but agree to keep the animal a mystery from their beget. The estrange uses its powers to levitate balls of clay into the air, mimicking the orb of planets in the solar system, and revive a limp flower. Although amazed, Elliott becomes concerned about beeping noises and voices of the scientists nearing the sign of the zodiac. After Elliott and Michael leave for school, Mary hears shuffling in Elliott ’ south cupboard, but the foreigner hides itself among the children ‘s farce animals. While Elliott attends a dissection lesson in biota course, the creature drinks beer from the refrigerator at home. As the alcohol takes effect in the stranger ’ randomness torso, their telepathic connection causes Elliott to simultaneously become intoxicate and slide out of his professorship. meanwhile, the estrange reads a newspaper amusing depicting spacemen attempting to contact their home planet, and watches television programs featuring flying spaceships and people using telephones. In class, Elliott frees the frogs from their jars before their classmates can dissect them. As the foreigner watches John Wayne kiss Maureen O ’ Hara in The Quiet Man, Elliott grabs his schoolmate and kisses her, prompting a teacher to drag him away. The alien then dismantles a Speak & Spell dally and carries versatile family items upstairs to the closet. Later, Gertie attempts to show the animal to her mother, but Mary is distracted putting away groceries and does not notice that it has begun to mimic the girl ‘s educational television program. She then receives a telephone call from the school and leaves to pick up Elliott. When the boy returns home, he finds that Gertie has dressed the alien in a dress and wig, and that the animal can nowadays speak. Elliott calls the animal “ E.T., ” and E.T. uses signals and its limited vocabulary to tell the children that it wishes to “ call home. ” That night, a man drives by the theater in a van and eavesdrops on Elliott and Michael rummaging through the garage for equipment to build a radar machine. On Halloween, Elliott reminds Gertie to meet him at “ the lookout ” point late that evening, and covers E.T. in a sheet, pretending it is his baby dressed as a ghost. He and Michael lead E.T. up the mound to meet Gertie with his bicycle, and Elliott rides into the woods with E.T. in the battlefront basket. After twilight, E.T. levitates the motorcycle into the air and they ride through the sky. Elliott then helps E.T. construct a device that will send a bespeak to the alien ‘s home planet. When the children do not return home that night, Mary leaves to search for them, and a group of suited men enter the theater. She finds Gertie and Michael on the streets, who inform her that Elliott is in the forest. interim, the fart pushes the gears on the machine, emitting a code out into quad. Upset by the think of E.T. leaving, Elliott cries and falls asleep among the trees. The adjacent dawn, Mary reports Elliott ’ s disappearance to a patrol military officer, but the boy returns home, ill and alone. Michael finds E.T., blank and sallow, lying in a stream. When he brings the dying creature family and shows it to Mary, she attempts to take the children away. however, a team of scientists dressed in spacesuits enter the house and cover the premises in protective quarantine barriers. While scientists run checkup tests on E.T. and Elliott and asks the family questions, Michael informs them that his brother is able to telepathically sense E.T. ’ s feelings, and one man tells Elliott he is gladiolus that he found E.T. before they did. As Elliott regains lastingness through the night, E.T. fades, and the estrange ’ s affection finally stops. Despite the scientists ’ efforts to resuscitate the creature, E.T. dies, and they pack its body in a nitrogen chamber. As Elliott says adieu, E.T. ’ s chest glows bolshevik, and a nearby batch of wilting flowers blooms again. E.T. repeats “ E.T. phone home, ” prompting Elliott to realize that the extraterrestrial being ’ south companions are returning. Elliott forte weeps to distract the doctors from noticing that E.T. is still alive, and former Mike steals a checkup van, with Elliott and E.T. hiding in rear. He instructs his friends to meet them at the top of the mound as Mary and Gertie chase after them in the car, the scientists trailing behind. The boys ride their bicycles through the region with E.T. perched in Elliott ’ mho basket, lifting them into the air to evade the police. As they reach the forest, E.T. ’ s starship lands in the clearing, and Mary arrives with Gertie. The girl gives E.T. a flower batch, and the estrange tells her to “ be good. ” Elliott asks his ally to stay, but E.T. hugs the boy adieu, assuring him, “ I ’ ll be right here, ” before walking up the ramp. The starship flies away, leaving behind a rainbow in the flip .

26. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


Crazed by the belief that the Communists are planning to conquer the free universe by poisoning the water provision with fluoride, Gen. Jack D. Ripper, commanding officeholder of the U. S. Air Force free-base at Burpelson, unleashes a b-52 atomic turkey attack on Russia. Ripper prevents the revoke of his orders through a secret code and makes himself inaccessible by sealing off the base. When President Muffley learns of the unauthorized mission, he summons his council to the War Room in the Pentagon and invites russian Ambassador de Sadesky. Despite the hysterical advice of Gen. “ Buck ” Turgidson, who advocates limited nuclear war, the President orders U. S. land forces, under the command of Army Col. “ Bat ” Guano, to attack Burpelson. Ripper kills himself rather than face capture, but his R.A.F. adjutant, Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake, who has been locked in Ripper ‘s office, works out the secret code that is implemental in recalling the bombers. All appears safe until it is discovered that a plane commanded by a boisterous Texan, Maj. T. J. “ King ” Kong, did not receive the recall message. At this item, President Muffley learns from de Sadesky that the Russians have developed a “ judgment day Device ” which will set off worldwide nuclear explosions if an atomic fail is dropped anywhere over Russia. Desperate, the President turns to his physicist adviser, the paraplegic ex-Nazi, Dr. Strangelove, who calculates that world can survive if a selected few take to underground shelters and remain there for about 100 years. All efforts to halt the lone plane fail, and Kong wildly straddles the bomb calorimeter as it plummets toward the earth. consequently, the Doomsday Device is triggered, and atomic explosions are set off all over the earth .

27. Bonnie and Clyde


During the Depression in the early 1930s, Bonnie Parker meets Clyde Barrow when he tries to steal her mother ‘s car. Intrigued by his audacious manner and bored with her job as a waitress, she decides to become his partner in crime. together they stage a series of amateur holdups that provide them with exhilaration but little monetary honor. finally they take on C. W. Moss, a dimwitted garage machinist, who serves as their pickup driver. ultimately they are joined by Clyde ‘s brother Buck, recently released from prison, and his wife, Blanche, a whining preacher ‘s daughter. As they add bank looting and murder to their list of crimes, the quintet quickly becomes the object of statewide manhunts. While holed up in a rent apartment in Joplin, Missouri, they make the first of their incredible escapes from the police. Fascinated by the fabled reputation growing around them, they brag about their exploits, take pictures of each other, and, on one occasion, force a Texas Ranger to pose with them. Through it all a love relationship develops between Bonnie and Clyde that endures despite Clyde ‘s impotence. After a visit with Bonnie ‘s mother, the gang is surrounded in Dexter, Iowa. Buck dies with half of his expression shoot away, Blanche is blinded and captured, and Bonnie is wounded in the shoulder. The three survivors find a impermanent hideout with C. W. ‘s forefather in a Louisiana town, and there Bonnie and Clyde ultimately consummate their love. Bonnie recovers from her wounds, and they plan to move on again ; but C. W. ‘s don, hoping to lighten his son ‘s punishment, has cooperated with the police in setting a trap. In May of 1934, Bonnie and Clyde ride into a patrol ambush and die as their bodies are riddled with a thousand rounds of ammunition .

28. Apocalypse Now


In 1968, while waiting for his adjacent assignment during the Vietnam War, Army Captain Benjamin Willard gets intoxicated and wrecks his hotel room in Saigon, South Vietnam. Because of his experience with reconnaissance operations, Willard is soon escorted to COMSEC Intelligence and briefed on a precedence, classified mission to terminate the command of particular Forces Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, a decorated and brainy officer who has apparently gone insane and is wanted for the mangle of South vietnamese intelligence agents. The General and Colonel at COMSEC relay that Kurtz has deserted the military and crossed into Cambodia with his own united states army of Montagnard Indians who regard him as a god-like figure. Although privately ambivalent about assassinating a mate american officeholder, Willard accepts the mission and boards a Navy patrol boat ( PBR ), commanded by Chief, that will ferry him up the Nung River towards Kurtz ’ s outpost in Cambodia. Chief ’ s three young crew members consist of a fresh from New Orleans, LA known as Chef ; champion surfer Lance Johnson from Southern California ; and Clean, a adolescent from the Bronx, NY. Needing an escort into the sass of the Nung, the PBR seeks the transportation aid of the First of the Ninth, an Air Cavalry division of combatant helicopters led by Lt Colonel Kilgore. When Willard and the crew reach the Air Cavalry, the division is busy finishing up a foray into on a coastal village, but Kilgore, an avid browse fan, stops immediately upon learning that the celebrated Lance Johnson is introduce. Motivated by the surf possibilities, Kilgore plans to transfer the PBR and its gang to an access target near the river that promises great breaking waves, but besides clayey foe weapon. The future dawn at dawn, the PBR is lifted out of the water, and Willard and the crew climb aboard Kilgore ’ s helicopter for the ride to the mouth of the Nung. As the squadron assumes assail formation, their speakers blare Richard Wagner ’ s opera music, Ride of the Valkyries. Landing on the beach amidst foe mortar fire, Kilgore orders his men to “ surfboard or contend, ” and, as warplanes bomb the nearby jungle, he remarks, “ I love the spirit of napalm in the morning. ” With their boat back on the water, Willard and the crew continue their travel toward Cambodia. Farther upriver, while the PBR is refueled at a supply station, the crowd stays to watch a raucous U.S.O. show featuring Playboy playmates. When the boat trip resumes, Willard keeps to himself, avoiding the antics of the crowd, who are frequently under the influence of drugs, and studies Kurtz ’ s impressive dossier. While tracing Kurtz ’ mho deviation from the U.S. military, he besides begins to admire the Colonel ’ s heart to become a k Beret at the advanced old age of thirty-eight and his murder of unauthorized operations. Willard reads letters that Kurtz wrote to his son describing the “ undue ” mangle charges against him. Along the way, Chief decides to search a vietnamese fishing boat for illegal traffic of military supplies. In the confusion, a jittery Clean guns down the civilians on circuit board, and Willard shoots a injure charwoman dead, so as not to delay the mission. At the Do Luoug Bridge, the concluding Army frontier settlement along the river, Willard is unable to locate a command officer in the mayhem of night gunfire, but retrieves a mail cargo for the crew arsenic well as ammunition before continuing upriver into Cambodia. The adjacent dawn while the crowd is reading letters from home, the boat is attacked by weapon displace from the hobo camp, and Clean is shot abruptly. late, they encounter a harmless barrage of dally arrows, but the crew is tense and begins firing into the trees. suddenly, a spear pierces Chief and kills him. While Lance buries Chief, Willard reveals to Chef the actual function of his visit, to kill a crazed Green Beret colonel. Although angry about the absurdity of the mission, Chef agrees to accompany Willard to his destination. As the river leads them to the entrance of Kurtz ’ s compound, the PBR navigates slowly through a grouping of Montagnard Indians in canoes and conservatively approaches the trust where dead bodies, severed heads and heathen idols are displayed. A fanatic american photojournalist, who is a fan of Kurtz, greets them on the riverbank and cautions them that the Indians are identical protective of Kurtz. Chef stays with the boat while Willard and Lance look around the sphere and track down the Colonel ‘s placement. Before leaving to meet him, Willard instructs Chef to radio for an breeze strike if he is not back by a certain hour. The Indians manacle Willard and lead him inside a temple. In a darken lair surrounded by armed bodyguards, the philosophic Kurtz interrogates Willard and acknowledges the assassination orders by ridiculing Willard as an “ errand male child sent by grocery clerks. ” While Willard is held prisoner in a bamboo batting cage, the photojournalist tries to convince him that the “ flair ” Kurtz has plans for Willard, differently he would not be alert. With no sign of Willard, Chef radios for the breeze strike, but soon afterwards, Chef is decapitated, and Kurtz drops the discerp lead into Willard ’ s lick. finally, Willard is carried spinal column to the temple and offered food, body of water and his exemption. Over several days, Willard remains inside the temple close to Kurtz and listens as the Colonel reminisces and lectures on topics such as horror and judgment. In case he is killed, Kurtz wants his son to know the truth of what happened and asks Willard to tell him. Willard senses that Kurtz is ready to die and decides to complete his mission. One night, as the Indians engage in a ritual massacre of a water buffalo, Willard covers his face in war paint and attacks Kurtz with a machete. Dying, Kurtz whispers his final words, “ the horror, the horror. ” As Willard descends the step of the synagogue, he throws down the machete and in turning, the crowd of Indians lay down their weapons as he passes by them. Grabbing Lance ’ mho hand, Willard leads him back to the gravy boat, and the two soldiers pull away from the compound .

29. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


The ill-timed death of Senator Foley presents problems for political emboss Jim Taylor, who needed the senator ‘s avail to perpetrate a nation swindle at Willet Creek. Taylor orders Governor Hubert Hopper, whom he controls, to appoint a yes man, but citizen committees want person else. Hopper is besides besieged by his sons, who ask him to appoint Jefferson Smith, the patriotic leader of the Boy Rangers. Confused, Hopper appoints Jeff, then convinces Taylor that naïve Jeff can not learn enough about politics in time to affect the crooked placard. Jeff ‘s appointee as junior senator is besides supported by the senior senator, Joseph Paine, who is both Taylor ‘s stooge and Jeff ‘s idol. Jeff and Paine go to Washington, where Jeff, overwhelmed by his first view of the Capitol dome, leaves the group and boards a tour bus. Five hours late, he reaches his agency, where his cynical secretary, Clarissa Saunders, is waiting for him with her chum, correspondent Diz Moore. They think Jeff ‘s patriotic spirit is nonsense, and Saunders engineers a disasterous press league for Jeff. The adjacent good morning, Paine takes Jeff to be sworn in at the Senate, where one senator objects, alleging that the newspaper stories prove Jeff is bad. Paine defends Jeff, and after he is sworn in, enraged Jeff goes on a rampage, slugging the reporters, who label him an “ honorary butt. ” The truth of it stings Jeff, and after seeking advice from Paine, who tells him to sponsor a bill proposing a home Boy Rangers camp, Jeff and Saunders stay up all night working on the placard, which Jeff presents in the Senate the next dawn. Despite Jeff ‘s nervousness, the senators like his ideas, except for Paine, who is horrified to discover that Jeff wants to use Taylor ‘s Willet Creek site. Paine knows that Jeff must not be in the Senate the future day, when the Willet Creek beak is being discussed, and so he resolves to distract Jeff with his beautiful daughter Susan. Jeff is thrilled by Susan ‘s attentions, but the future night, Saunders, drink in with Diz, become distraught over the way Jeff is being misled. She asks Diz to marry her, and they return to her office to collect her things. Jeff is there when they arrive, however, and she tells him about Paine, Taylor and the bribery. As they leave, Diz realizes that Saunders is in no shape to get marital, and he takes her base. Stunned by Saunders ‘ revelations, Jeff rushes to Paine ‘s house to confront him, but Paine tries to smooth-talk him. late, when taylor himself arrives, he tells Jeff that he runs Paine, and that if Jeff is ache, he will cooperate. The future day, Jeff attempts to speak against the crooked bill, but, not understanding rules of protocol, yields the floor to Paine, who denounces Jeff on charges of using the boys camp for personal gain. Some clock former, at Jeff ‘s listen before the Committee on Privileges and Elections, Hopper, Paine and others present bogus evidence that Jeff owns the bring upon which he wants to build the camp. Jeff is so dumbfounded by Paine ‘s lies that he can not testify on his own behalf and decides to leave Washington. Later that night, Jeff goes to the Lincoln Memorial, where Saunders finds him and convinces him to attempt a filibuster. The future good morning, after a night of coach, Jeff reveals the truth about Taylor and Paine to the Senate, even as Paine continues trying to condemn him. Jeff intends to talk until his newsworthiness reaches his home plate state, and the people rise up against the corruption, but Taylor organizes a massive newspaper campaign against Jeff. many hours late, Saunders cheers up Jeff with a eminence telling him she loves him, and then calls his beget, telling her to enlist the Boy Rangers to spread the truth. The boys publish their bantam newspaper, but Taylor ‘s crowd steals the papers and injures some of the boys. back at the Senate, Paine brings in 50,000 telegrams drummed up by Taylor, all of them urging Jeff to quit. Though discouraged, Jeff resolves to keep active, but after he gives one death manner of speaking to Paine, he collapses from exhaustion after the about twenty-four hour filibuster. Paine ultimately breaks down, and after attempting suicide outside the senate chamber, confesses that everything Jeff has said is genuine. Everyone in the room cheers and Saunders jumps for gladden .

30. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


In 1925, in Tampico, Mexico, down-and-out Fred C. Dobbs is hired to work in an vegetable oil field, where he meets another American named Curtin. After the problem is finished, Dobbs and Curtin head for a flophouse for the night. There, Howard, an old prospector, talks about men who succumbed to gold fever and lost everything, and Dobbs swears that would never happen to him. Having learned that Pat McCormick, the valet who hired them, has a reputation for defaulting on the money he owes his men, Dobbs and Curtin demand that he pay them immediately. McCormick puts up a fight, but Dobbs and Curtin overpower him and take their money. They then ask Howard to help them prospect for gold. Using their pay and the money from Dobbs ‘s winning lottery slate, the three men head toward the Sierra Madre mountains. When their caravan is attacked by bandits, the Americans help fight them off, but a sudden gesture of the train prevents Dobbs from killing their drawing card, Gold Hat. Later, in a small village, the men buy burros and supplies and head for undiscovered district. fair as the exhaust Dobbs and Curtin decide to quit, Howard informs them that they have located a ample lode of gold. After a while, Dobbs begins to suspect the others of cheating him and suggests that they divide up the gold as they go along. Just as Howard had warned, the men become fishy of each other. When Dobbs is caught in a cave-in, Curtin concisely considers leaving him to die, in order to get a larger share of the treasure. One day, when Curtin goes into the valley for supplies, he encounters Cody, a Texan, who questions him closely about the territory because he is sure that there is amber in the besiege mountains. Although Curtin lies about his commercial enterprise, Cody follows him to the camp web site and suggests that they make him a partner. secretly, the others decide to kill Cody, but before they can take carry through, the camp is attacked by bandits, led by Gold Hat. Although the bandits are scared off by the appearance of federal soldiers, Cody is killed in the crossfire. The gold streak thins out and the men leave the camp. When Curtin suggests that they give a fourth of their gold to Cody ‘s widow, Howard agrees, but Dobbs avariciously refuses. Later, Howard helps revive an indian child after he falls in the water and is forced to visit their greenwich village to allow them to repay their debt to him. Dobbs and Curtin continue on to Durango and, while in the desert, Dobbs, who has become obsessed with the gold, urges Curtin to steal Howard ‘s share. When Curtin refuses, Dobbs accuses him of conspiring with Howard to get rid of him. Fearing for his life, Curtin tries to stay wake up all nox, but when he finally falls asleep, Dobbs shoots him and leaves him for dead. Curtin manages to crawl away and is found by Indians and brought to the village where Howard is being honored. When Howard learns what transpired, he and Curtin ride after Dobbs. interim, Dobbs is attacked by Gold Hat ‘s bandits, who kill him and steal his boots and burros. They do not recognize the dust as gold-laden and, assuming that it is sand used to make the hides that cover it weigh more, dump it in the abandon. In Durango, the bandits are captured when they try to sell the burro and are shot. Howard and Curtin are late taken to the put where Dobbs was murdered and, as they search for whatever remains of the gold, a storm blows the scatter back toward the Sierra Madre mountains. Laughing at the sarcasm of their situation, Howard decides to return to the Indians and spend the rest of his life sentence as their medicine man, while Curtin plans to go to Dallas and visit Cody ‘s widow .

31. Annie Hall


Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Alvy Singer grows up to become a well-known comedian. As an pornographic, he encounters relationship problems with his girl supporter, Annie Hall, when she starts to withdraw her affection. Annie claims she is alone going through a phase and reminds him of how he used to be “ hot ” for Allison, but then his ardor cooled off. Alvy recalls meet Allison, an ex-girl friend, at a 1956 profit performance for Adlai Stevenson ’ s presidential political campaign. By 1964, Alvy has lost interest in the relationship. While making sexual love to Allison, he obsesses over conflicting evidence related to the John F. Kennedy character assassination, and Allison accuses him of using his fixation to avoid closeness with her. Alvy reflects that there is some truth in what Allison says—that, like the old Groucho Marx antic, he truly does not want to be in any club that would have him as a member. In a felicitous moment in their relationship, Alvy and Annie Hall vacation at the seashore, and delight in each other ’ south company as they attempt to cook hot lobsters for dinner. Alvy asks Annie if he is her first base love. She says no, and reminisces about honest-to-god boyfriends. When Alvy suggests that Annie is lucky he came along, she responds, “ Well, la-dee-dah. ” Alvy is unimpressed with her choice of words, and Annie suggests that he prefers intellectual women because he married two of them. however, Alvy ’ randomness memories of his earlier marriages are not peculiarly glad. He recalls meeting Annie in 1975, on a tennis date with his acquaintance, Rob, and Rob ’ s girl friend, Janet. Annie, a erstwhile actress from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, offers Alvy a ride base and invites him up to her apartment for a drink. She makes him uncomfortable when she observes that he is what her “ Grammy ” Hall would call a “ real Jew, ” and goes on to explain that her grandma hates Jews. As they engage in a pretentious conversation about Annie ’ s photography, they are both distracted by their own insecure inner monologues. Annie reveals that she is auditioning to sing at a local cabaret on Saturday night. Alvy tells Annie he would love to hear her sing and she overcomes her shyness by allowing him to attend. At the cabaret, the consultation is restless. Afterward, Annie is embarrassed, believing that the herd hated her. Alvy assures her that she has a thoroughly voice and the audience loved her. He proposes that they kiss before dinner, to get over the awkwardness of a beginning kiss. The cultural separate between them is revealed at a delicatessen when he orders corned gripe on rye, and she orders pastrami on white boodle. They make love that night, and subsequently Annie smokes cannabis. Soon she moves in with Alvy, although he believes she should maintain a separate apartment. late, at the beach sign of the zodiac, Annie wants to smoke a roast before making sexual love, and suggests that Alvy might not need a psychiatrist if he resorted to marijuana. Upset that Annie needs to get senior high school in order to make love, he takes the joint aside. As he starts to kiss her, Annie ’ second bored heart separates from her body and searches for her sketchpad so she can draw while her dispirited body has sex with Alvy. When she argues that she needs cannabis to feel comfortable, he again tells her that it upsets him. As a comedian, he is not concern in getting laughs from people who are high, because they are always laughing anyhow. early in his own career, Alvy was loath to perform and wrote material for early comics, but nowadays he has overcome his fears and is successful. One night, he performs at the University of Wisconsin and Annie is impressed with his reception by the students. She tells him she is beginning to understand some of the cultural references in his act. Alvy and Annie go to Chippewa Falls to spend Easter with her syndicate. The anti-semitic Grammy Hall can not help but see Alvy as an orthodox Hasidic Jew—with give curl, a byssus, and a black befit and hat. Alvy makes a mental comparison between the Hall family ’ mho dinner table etiquette and that of his own raucous New York Jewish family. by and by, Annie ’ second brother, Duane Hall, invites Alvy into his room and confesses that when he is driving at night he sometimes has the urge to drive head-on into oncoming cars. subsequently, Duane drives Alvy and Annie to the airport, and Alvy is petrified with anxiety. Back in New York, Annie accuses Alvy of following her. He denies the charge and says that he was spying on her and saw her kiss David, her russian literature professor. Later, Annie enters into psychoanalysis, and notes that Alvy ’ s death name is “ Singer ” and that she wants to be a singer. She accuses Alvy of not wanting to be in a entrust kinship because he does not think she is smart enough. He counters that encouraging her to take adult education courses is a direction to broaden her horizons. He then contradicts himself by saying that such classes are empty and shallow. After Alvy and Annie have broken up, he muses that he has constantly been attracted to the wrong kind of women. His ally, Rob, introduces him to Pam, a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine. Although they have little in common, they end up having sex and Pam describes the have as Kafkaesque. During their post-coital conversation, Annie calls Alvy for serve, and he rushes over to her apartment. Arring there at 3:00 ante meridiem, he discovers the crisis is merely that there are two spiders in her bathroom. After Alvy kills the spiders, Annie tells him she misses him and asks him to stay. She inquires if person was in his room when she called, but he denies it. late, in bed, Annie suggests that she and Alvy never break up again, and they are reunited. After singing again at the cabaret, Annie is approached by phonograph record manufacturer Tony Lacey, who invites her and Alvy to his room at the Hotel Pierre. At Alvy ’ s insistence, Annie turns down the invitation. rather, he takes her to watch the drab documentary The Sorrow and the Pity, about french anti-semitism during World War II. With their respective analysts, Annie and Alvy come to exchangeable but different conclusions. She views a day they spent in Brooklyn as the last fourth dimension they had fun in concert. He feels that they never have any laughs anymore. Asked how frequently they have sex, Alvy says, “ barely ever—three times a workweek, ” while Annie responds, “ Constantly ! Three times a week. ” At a get-together with friends, Annie and Alvy are offered cocaine. Annie urges Alvy to try it, and mentions that they will soon be going to California. Alvy dips the topple of his finger in the white powder, puts it to his scent, then sneezes into the container, sending the drug up in a puff around the room. In California to present an award, Alvy becomes offended when Rob instructs an editor to add fake laughs to the latest sequence of his hit drollery series. Alvy is abruptly taken ill and is ineffective to appear on the awards show. Rob takes him and Annie to Tony Lacey ’ s Christmas party, and Tony suggests to Annie that they record an album in about six weeks. Flying back to New York, Annie realizes that she liked California, and Alvy that he enjoyed flirting with other women. Each fears breaking up for concern of hurting the other, but ultimately they decide to separate. Later, leaving a movie field alone, Alvy mentions to himself that he misses Annie, and a pass couple stops to tell him that she is living in California with Tony Lacey. Another strange asks why he doesn ’ metric ton go out with early women. Attempting to prepare lobsters at the beach house with another woman, things are not the same as with Annie, and the magic trick is gone. Alvy calls Annie on the earphone, saying that he wants her to come back. In despair, he travels to Los Angeles and calls her from the airport. They agree to meet at a Sunset Strip health food café, where Alvy asks Annie to marry him and she refuses. Being a New Yorker, Alvy is unused to driving. Leaving the restaurant in his lease car, he smashes into respective other cars and ends up in imprison. Back in New York, Alvy watches a rehearsal of his raw play. Two actors recite dialogue from his last meeting with Annie, but art does not imitate life : the girl in the play agrees to return to New York with the supporter. In the rehearsal hall, Alvy turns to the audience and says he wanted to have his first base play turn out absolutely, the way life rarely does. He mentions running into Annie again, after she returned to New York and moved in with another valet. He saw her coming out of a screening of The Sorrow and the Pity and considered it a personal gloat. sometime late, they had lunch and talked about erstwhile times and then parted. He is reminded of an old joke about a ridicule who goes to a psychiatrist complaining that his brother thinks he is a chicken. The sophisticate asks, “ Why don ’ t you turn him in ? ” and the world replies, “ Because we need the eggs. ” Alvy recognizes that relationships are difficult, but we keep putting ourselves into them “ because we need the eggs. ”

32. The Godfather Part II


In 1901, in the village of Corleone, Sicily, nine-year-old Vito Andolini is comforted by his mother as they walk in his beget ‘s funeral progress. When shots ring out, Vito ‘s older buddy Paolo is killed, prompting Signora Andolini to take Vito to see local Black Hand drawing card, Don Francesco, called “ Ciccio, ” whom her husband had offended. She begs him to spare Vito ‘s life, but the preceptor coldly refuses, prompting Vito ‘s beget to take a tongue to Ciccio ‘s throat and shout for her son to run. She is killed by the don ‘s henchmen, but Vito escapes. Despite threats from Ciccio ‘s men, some villagers help Vito, enabling him to sail to America. When he is diagnosed with smallpox and placed in quarantine on Ellis Island, Vito, who has been given the surname Corleone by an immigration official, gazes at the Statue of Liberty from his little room.
In 1958, Vito ‘s grandson, Anthony Corleone receives his beginning Holy Communion in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. After the ceremony, his parents, Kay and Michael, host a lavish party at their lakeside estate. Michael, who has succeeded Vito as the don of the Corleone class, receives guests who seek his favor, including Senator Pat Geary, a grandiloquent hypocrite, who incurs Michael ‘s hostility when he demands money in exchange for the license Michael seeks for a gamble casino. Others at the party include Michael ‘s watery, older buddy, Fredo, who can not control his bibulous wife, and their widowed younger sister, Connie, who prefers the high life to caring for her children. Al Neri, who represents aged jewish gangster Hyman Roth, discusses a Cuban casino bargain between Roth and the Corleones, while previous class friend and deputy Frankie Pentangeli beg Michael not to do business with Roth or his cohorts, the pitiless New York Rosato brothers. Late that night, as Michael prepares for bed and admires a picture that Anthony has drawn for him, the room is riddled by machine accelerator arouse. Because Michael drags himself to Kay ‘s side and covers her body with his, neither is hurt, but Kay is restfully resentful and views Michael ‘s promises to turn the family clientele legalize as lies. Michael warns his security men to capture the assassins alive, but by the time the men are found near the lake, they have been killed. privately, Michael confides in his dramatize brother, Tom Hagen, that he is the only person he trusts and relates that he will be in complete charge while Michael goes away to try to solve what has happened.
In 1917, In New York ‘s Little Italy, Vito, now a grow man with a wife and baby son, goes to an Italian-language vaudeville show with his friend, Genco Abbandando, who is in love with one of the actresses. Backstage, Vito sees local Black Hand leader Fanucci intimidate the young actress ‘ father and is distressed to learn that Fanucci offers “ protective covering ” to all of the local italian merchants, even Genco ‘s father, for whom Vito works. soon after, Clemenza, a neighbor across the alley, throws a software to Vito and asks him to hide it. A short time late, Fanucci comes into the Abbandando grocery and demands that Genco ‘s father hire his nephew. When the distraught Signor Abbandando tells Vito that he must let him go, Vito comforts him and says that he will never forget all of his kindnesses. The following day, Clemenza stops Vito on the street and asks about the software, which contained guns. Impressed when Vito says that he does not concern himself with things that are not his occupation, Clemenza offers to give Vito ‘s wife a rug that belongs to a friend. Cemenza then takes Vito with him to a epicurean house, where they break in and steal an expensive carpet.
After leaving Lake Tahoe, Michael travels to Miami, where he goes to the minor suburban home occupied by Roth and his wife, and tells him that Pentangeli was behind the assassination undertake. Agreeing to do occupation together in Cuba, Roth tells Michael to bring $ 2,000,000 cash to him in Havana. Michael asks Roth if he minds that Pentangeli must be killed, but Roth dismisses Pentangeli as “ minor potatoes. ” next, Michael travels to Long Island, to his father ‘s erstwhile house in Long Beach, now occupied by Pentangeli and his syndicate. He then tells Pentangeli that he knows it was Roth who tried to have him killed and asks him to pretend to make peace with the Rosato brothers therefore that Roth will be lulled into a smell of security. Sometime late, when Pentangeli and his cohort, Willy Cicci, go to a New York bar to meet with the brothers, Tony Rosato grabs him from behind and, saying “ Michael Corleone says hello, ” starts to strangle him. Just then, a policeman enters the bar and the Rosatos flee, leaving Pentangeli for dead and wounding Cicci outside. meanwhile, as Michael travels to Cuba, Kay begins to feel like a prisoner at the estate of the realm because the guards, under Tom and Michael ’ sulfur orders, prevent her from leaving. In Havana, Michael and Roth are among respective outstanding american english bodied executives who are being wooed by the state ’ sulfur president of the united states, who assures them that the area ’ sulfur rebels will be driven out by the fresh year. Later, on the way to Roth ’ s 67th birthday party, Michael sees a multitude arrest and is struck by the commitment the rebels show when one man blows up himself and a soldier with a grenade. At the party, Roth, who has a heart condition, tells those gathered that he will leave most of his interests to Michael, then privately asks Michael why the $ 2,000,000 has not arrived. Back at his hotel room, Michael greets Fredo, who has brought a briefcase filled with the money. After Michael tells Fredo that Roth and his subordinate, Johnny Ola, are in Havana, Fredo denies having met them. Michael then suggests that they spend the day together. Listening as Fredo about tearfully asks why they never spent time alone together before, Michael, who thinks that Pentangeli has been killed on Roth ’ south orders, says that Roth will never see the New Year. That night, which is New Year ’ second Eve, Fredo acts a host to a number of american VIPs, including Sen. Geary, who nowadays is indebted to the Corleone class because a few weeks before, Tom had covered up the fierce death of a prostitute with whom Geary was involved. When Johnny arrives, he and Fredo pretend not to know each other, but when the party goes to a sex express and Fredo casually tells Geary and the others that Johnny had told him about the cabaret, Michael knows that Fredo had betrayed him. interim, Johnny is strangled in his hotel room. The killer then goes to kill Roth, but because Roth has had a mild stroke, he is being taken to the hospital. There, while one of the nurses leaves to celebrate the New year with her friends, the killer whale prowler into Roth ’ randomness board and starts to strangle him, but is interrupted by the nurse and a guard, who kills him before he can finish. At midnight, in the presidential palace, Michael embraces Fredo and tells him he knows that it was he who betrayed him and that he broke his heart. Moments later, the president announces that, because the rebels have advanced, he is resigning and will be leaving the area immediately. As Fredo wanders through the chaos in the streets, Michael calls for him to come with him to a waiting plane, but the frighten Fredo runs away. Days late, Michael meets Tom at a Las Vegas hotel and learns that Kay has had a spontaneous abortion. He tells Tom to find Fredo and tell him that he knows he was misled by Roth but he should come home and not be afraid.
In 1918, as Vito drives through Little Italy, Fanucci jumps on his car and tells him that he wants him and his friends to “ wet my beak ” and give him $ 200 as part of their earnings from stealing expensive dresses. That night, Vito convinces Clemenza and their ally Tessio to give him $ 50 and promises to make Fanucci accept that. When Vito visits Fanucci at a local café, he offers the $ 100, saying he needs more time for the rest. Impressed with Vito ’ south courage, Fanucci agrees, and leaves. Because it is the Festa of San Rocco, Fanucci struts through the push and offers money to the church. Unknown to him, Vito has followed him on the rooftops and enters Fanucci ’ second house. When Fanucci arrives, Vito shoots him at close crop, then takes the money from his wallet, disposes of the pieces of the grease-gun in different drain pipes, then joins his wife and three young sons to watch fireworks.
When Michael returns to his Lake Tahoe estate, he goes to his mother ’ second bungalow to talk with her before his family. Speaking in italian, he asks if his father ever lost his family. When she says that you never lose your family, he whispers “ tempi cambi , ” times change. At the same time, Willy Cicci, who was only wounded by the Rosato brothers, is testifying before a U.S. Senate committee investigating organized crime, saying that he was a “ button world ” for Michael when he wanted something done.
In Little Italy, in 1923, Vito is now known as “ Don Vito, ” and with his old ally Genco, he has started the Genco Olive Oil Company, which imports oil from Sicily. Vito is so respect and feared within the Italian-American community that when his wife ’ mho widowed friend, Signora Colombo, faces eviction by her landlord, Signor Roberto, the mere cognition that Vito is her patron, makes the panicky Roberto allow her to keep the dog her son loves and stay in her apartment with a frown rent.
When Michael is summoned to testify at the Senate hearings, rather than exercise his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, Michael calmly answers the senator ’ randomness questions, saying that he is not a Mafia boss but a legitimate businessman. In a statement, Michael challenges them to produce any evidence of his crimes. A short time late, Michael and Tom learn that Pentangeli survived the attack against him and, thinking that Michael had ordered his death, has been cooperating with the FBI. Michael asks Fredo for information, but Fredo, who knows nothing, lashes out at Michael for relegating his old brother to menial assignments. After Michael says that that is what their father wanted, he tells Fredo that he nowadays means nothing to him and never wants to see him again. After leaving Fredo, Michael tells one of his underlings that he doesn ’ metric ton want anything to happen to Fredo while his mother is alert. meanwhile, Pentangeli, who is living in ease within FBI detention, fears testifying, but his FBI guards assure him that they can protect him. When the hearings resume, Pentangeli, who is set to testify, is stunned when he sees his honest-to-god brother, who lives in Sicily, enter the chambers with Michael. When questioning begins, alternatively of corroborating what he had said in affirm statements to the FBI, Pentangeli denies Michael ’ s criminal bodily process and says that he merely told the FBI what they wanted to hear. Although the senators suspect determent, there is nothing they can do. After the hearings, at their Washington hotel, Kay tells Michael that she is leaving him and taking the children with her. While they are arguing, Michael tells her that he knows that she blames him for the spontaneous abortion but that he will change. She then confesses that it was not a spontaneous abortion but an miscarriage because the “ sicilian thing ” must end and she did not want to bring another of his sons into the earth. After slapping her with such effect that she falls, Michael screams that she will never take his children from him.
In 1927, Vito, his wife and their three youthful children arrive in Corleone. They are welcomed by Vito ’ s old friend and now business partner in Genco Olive Oil, Don Tommasino. After celebrating with relatives, who admire the comfortable family, Vito accompanies Tommasino to now aged Don Ciccio ’ south estate. After introducing himself and kissing Ciccio ’ south bridge player, Vito tells him that his father was Antonio Andolini, then rips the don ’ s belly apart with his tongue. As Ciccio screams out and dies, Tommassino is wounded as he and Vito make their escape. Leaving Corleone a shortstop time subsequently, Vito shows child Michael how to wave adieu.
At Mama Corleone ’ s funeral in Lake Tahoe, a distraught Fredo wants to speak with Michael, but Tom tells him Michael will not enter until Fredo leaves. Connie then goes to speak privately with Michael and tells him that she had hated him for a long fourth dimension, but now realizes that he was fair being potent for the family. Saying that she now wants to take concern of him, she asks him if he can forgive Fredo. Michael then goes to Fredo and embraces his sobbing brother, but with his eyes, lets his subordinate Rocco Lampone know that his feelings have not changed. erstwhile later, as Michael and Tom discuss the fact that Roth, who survived a stroke, has been deported from Israel and is flying back to Miami, Michael lashes out at him for not being with him on the things he needs to do. Tom assures him of his loyalty and asks what he can do. Tom soon visits Pentangeli in custody. Assured by Tom that his brother is safely back in Sicily and his own family will be well cared for, Pentangeli, who loves history, lets Tom know that he will die as take down Roman senators did, opening their veins in a warm bathroom. Back in Lake Tahoe, Fredo, who has enjoyed outgo time fishing with Anthony is about to go out onto the lake when Connie says that Michael wants Anthony right away. by and by, when Fredo and Rocco are out on the lake, Fredo says a “ Hail Mary ” just ahead Rocco shoots him. At the same time, Roth arrives at the Miami airport, where he is shot and killed, and the FBI agents discover that Pentangeli has killed himself in the bathtub. As Michael sits alone in his lair, he thinks about Pearl Harbor Day, 1941, when he, his brothers and Connie waited for their father to come home for a birthday celebration : Although he is going to college, Michael announces that he has just enlisted in the Marines, angering Sonny and Tom. When their forefather comes home, everyone leaves the dining room to greet him at the door, except Michael, who remains at the board, alone.

33. High Noon


At 10:30 on a quiet dawn in 1870, three criminal ride into the western township of Hadleyville equitable as its marshal, Will Kane, is being married to a pretty Quaker named Amy Fowler. To please Amy, Will resigns his post immediately after the ceremony, but he is disturb because the raw marshal has not arrived to take his home. on the spur of the moment the station dominate rushes in with the severe news program that Frank Miller, a angry criminal whom Will had arrested for murder five years earlier, recently received a amnesty and is due to arrive in Hadleyville on the noon coach. The three outlaws, Jack Colby, Ben Miller and James Pierce, have ridden to the place and are awaiting Miller ‘s arrival. Alarmed, the marry guests urge Will and Amy to leave town immediately, but after only a few moments on the road, Will turns the beach wagon around and heads back. “ I expect he ‘ll come looking for me, ” Will replies when Amy asks for an explanation. Will ‘s young wife begs him to leave with her, and when he protests that he has never run from anyone, she threatens to leave on the aim whether or not he accompanies her. Will hurriedly begins to make plans for the town ‘s defense, and is surprised when Judge Percy Mettrick, who had sentenced Miller to be hanged, packs his belongings and flees. Will is relieved to see Harvey Pell, his deputy, still in town, but Harvey, angry that an outsider was hired to replace the adjourn mobilize, agrees to stay only if Will promises to support his wish for the post. Will refuses, whereupon Harvey removes his gun and walks out. Will visits his old fire, businesswoman Helen Ramirez, who had once been Miller ‘s mistress. Will warns Helen about Frank, and she admits that she has sold her shop and plans to depart on the noon train. In the barroom, men who enjoyed the raucous times when Frank and his henchmen controlled the town celebrate his at hand rejoinder and refuse Will ‘s request for help. Will then visits the home of his acquaintance, Sam Fuller, but as Sam listens from the next room, his wife tells Will that he is not at dwelling. following, Will interrupts the church service to ask for deputies. Although respective of the town proclaim that it is Will who has made their township condom and adequate, many of them besides argue that Miller ‘s at hand arrival is not their problem. ultimately, Mayor Jonas Henderson declares that a gunfight would hurt the town ‘s image and that Will should have left when he had the chance. Stunned, Will leaves the church and asks his mentor, Martin Howe, for help. Howe, once the marshal himself, has become cynical, however, and after Will exits his home, he mumbles, “ It ‘s all for nothing, Will. ” Harvey, now drunk, tries to force Will to leave town, but Will refuses, and the two men fight until the marshal knocks his erstwhile deputy unconscious. As noon approaches, Amy visits Helen, who assures her that there is no longer anything between herself and Will. She besides reproaches the young wife for not defending her conserve, but softens after Amy reveals that both her father and brother were killed in a gunfight. In Will ‘s function, the merely citizen who had willingly pinned on a deputy ‘s badge now backs out and goes home, leaving the marshal absolutely alone. Will writes his survive will and testament, then enters the abandon street as Amy and Helen drive a big dipper toward the train station. The aim arrives, and as Miller disembark, the two women get on circuit board. Miller strap on his gun, and the four outlaw walk toward the center of town, where Will awaits them. When one of the outlaw breaks a window, Will is able to duck inside a build and tear him. Hearing the scene, Amy gets off the train and runs back to town. Will kills another of his attackers and takes covering in the delivery stable, which the two remaining outlaws set on fire. As the frighten horses charge out, Will leaps on one and makes his safety valve, but falls after being shot in the arm. Amy shoots one of the gunmen in the back before he can shoot Will, but is captured by Miller, who uses her as a hostage. In answer to Miller ‘s threats, Will faces him in the street, but Amy pushes the lawless, giving Will the opportunity to shoot him dead. Amy and Will embrace, and the town rush into the street. Disgusted by the cowardice of his early friends, Will tosses his tin star in the scandal at their feet, then leaves with Amy .

34. To Kill a Mockingbird


In a minor Alabama town in 1932, widowed lawyer Atticus Finch strives to create an atmosphere release from hatred and prejudice for his two children, six-year-old Scout, a tomboy, and her ten-year-old brother, Jem. The youngsters lead a carefree life, racing about the township, jeering at character Mrs. Dubose and frightening themselves and their new acquaintance, six-year-old Dill Harris, with overstate stories about Arthur “ Boo ” Radley, a purportedly mentally handicap neighbor whom they have never seen. When Atticus agrees to represent Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a young white womanhood, Mayella Violet Ewell, the children must defend themselves against the racist taunts of their classmates. Though Atticus is able to demonstrate Tom ‘s artlessness by forcing Mayella to admit that her forefather beat her when he found her making advances toward Tom, the all-white jury returns a verdict of guilty. Atticus tries to have the decision reversed, but before he can do sol, Tom attempts to escape and is killed. In retaliation against Atticus, Bob Ewell attacks Scout and Jem, but Boo, who has secretly watched over the children and has left gifts for them in a corner proboscis, saves them by killing Ewell. Unwilling to expose Boo to any publicity, Sheriff Heck Tate concludes that Ewell fell on his own knife and decides that there will be no trial .

35. It Happened One Night


botch heiress Ellie Andrews escapes from her millionaire father Alexander ‘s yacht when he kidnaps her after she elopes with and marries King Westley, a playboy aviator whom Andrews thinks is a fortune hunter. She boards a bus headed for New York and meets Peter Warne, a reporter who has good been fired. Despite their dislike for each other, Peter attempts to catch the thief who steals Ellie ‘s bag, but he fails. At their next catch, Ellie misses the bus after going to a nearby hotel to freshen up, and when she returns, discovers that Peter has waited for her, both to return the ticket she left behind and to show her a newspaper article revealing her identity, which she was trying to conceal. After another quarrel, they meet on the adjacent bus, which is forced to stop due to a bleached bridge. Peter and Ellie spend the nox in an car lodge where they pretend they are married and lease one cabin to save money. Peter informs her that he will help her pass Westley merely if she will give him her exclusive story, which he needs to redeem himself, and that if she does not cooperate, he will call her church father. She reluctantly accepts his terms while he strings a r-2 between their beds and hangs up a blanket, which he dubs “ The Walls of Jericho. ” The next good morning, they are preparing to leave when they hear her church father ‘s detectives approaching. They put on an excellent act of being married, and their contend convinces the detectives to leave, after which Peter and Ellie board the bus. meanwhile, Andrews has offered a $ 10,000 advantage for information concerning his daughter. Oscar Shapeley, an objectionable colleague passenger on the bus, reads about the honor and offers to split it with Peter, but then threatens to go to Ellie ‘s beget himself. Peter then convinces Shapeley that he is a gangster who has kidnapped Ellie, and the panicky world flees. still worried that Shapeley will go to the authorities, Peter and Ellie leave the bus. They try to hitchhike the future good morning, and after Peter ‘s technique meets with no achiever, Ellie promptly stops a car by showing off her legs. Peter sulks as they drive, but his irritability turns to anger when the driver steals his bag, rousing Peter to chase the car, tie the driver to a tree and then return for Ellie. Back in New York, Andrews resigns himself to accept Westley to get Ellie back, and they issue a press passing. Ellie sees the newspaper article with Westley ‘s supplication for her reelect, but she hides it from Peter. She insists that they check into another car lodge for the night, even though they are only three hours away from New York. That night, Ellie confesses her love for Peter, begging him to take her with him, but he rejects her. Later, seeing that Ellie is asleep, Peter rushes to New York, writes his narrative and sells it to his editor, Joe Gordon, so that he will have enough money to begin a life with Ellie. In his absence, however, the owners of the car lodge throw Ellie out when she can explain neither Peter ‘s absence nor give them money for the room. Ellie then telephones her church father and gives herself up because she thinks Peter has deserted her. As her car goes toward New York, Peter passes it, going in the inverse direction, but Ellie does not see him. On the day of Ellie and Westley ‘s formal marry, Andrews confronts Ellie, and she confesses that although she loves Peter, she will go through with the marry because Peter despises her. Her father unwittingly shows her a letter he received from Peter about a fiscal matter, which both of the Andrews mistakenly assume refers to the wages. Andrews summons Peter to the house, and when he arrives, he presents Andrews with an enumerate bill for $ 39.60, the come he spent during the trip. He refuses any reward, which impresses Andrews, and Andrews makes Peter admit that he loves Ellie american samoa well. Moments former, as Andrews walks Ellie down the aisle, he tells her of his meet with Peter and that her car is waiting by the gate if she changes her mind. She does, and runs off again, but this clock much to the pleasure of her father. Andrews pays Westley $ 100,000 for not contesting the revocation of his and Ellie ‘s marriage, then notifies Peter and Ellie that they may marry. The newlyweds go to another car lodge, where they ask the owners for a rope, a blanket and a trumpet. That night, the trumpet sounds as The Walls of Jerico tumble down .

36. Midnight Cowboy


Restless and dissatisfied with his life as a dishwasher in a small Texas township, young Joe Buck outfits himself in brassy cowboy dress and heads for New York City, confident that his fortune will be made by selling himself to wealthy, sex-starved Manhattan women. While traveling by bus, he recalls some of the events of his childhood — the church father who abandoned his contrary mother, the endless current of men who visited his kittenish grandma Sally, and a series of sexual encounters during adolescence, including a crowd rape of both Joe and his girlfriend friend Annie. After checking into a seedy Manhattan hotel, Joe takes to the streets and finally picks up Cass, a ample, coarse, middle-aged blond. Although they make love in her East Side apartment, Joe not only fails to collect a fee but ends up giving her $ 20 for cab fare. belated, at a cheap Broadway barroom, Joe meets Ratso Rizzo, a crippled, consumptive fiddling thief and con artist who volunteers to work as his pimp and coach. Although the two misfits have a falling out when Ratso sends Joe to the bum room of Mr. O’Daniel, a homosexual, religious fanatic, they patch up their differences and agree to share Ratso ‘s dismally cold board in a sentence build. Almost in cattiness of themselves, their reciprocal aloneness leads to genuine friendship as Ratso shares with Joe his fantasy of someday living a life of luxury in Miami Beach. economically, their partnership meets with short success, as Joe ‘s typical “ conquests ” turn out to be angstrom unprofitable as his confrontation with a timid scholar to whom he gives himself in a 42nd Street field balcony, lone to discover that the boy can not pay. Their site appears to improve when Joe meets Shirley, a chic swinger at an underground party in Greenwich Village, and earns $ 20 for spending a baseless night with her. By now, however, winter has taken its toll on Ratso, and he can no long walk. Determined to get the busbar do to take his ally to Florida, Joe viciously beats up an aging homosexual in a hotel room and steals his money. Ratso manages to stumble onto the bus, but dies as they reach Miami. Facing an uncertain future, Joe puts his weapon around the dead soundbox of the alone dependable ally he ever had. Upon arriving in Miami Beach, Joe disposes of his cowboy apparel and plans to find work as a landscape architect .

37. The Best Years of Our Lives


At the end of World War II, three demobilized servicemen meet on a flight to Boone City, their mid-Western hometown. The men, Air Force Captain Fred Derry, boater Homer Parrish, and Army Sergeant Al Stephenson, quickly develop a alliance, even though they come from different backgrounds. Al is a outstanding banker with a wife and two children ; Fred is a former pop buck from the wrong english of the tracks, and Homer, who has lost both hands in the war, comes from a close-knit, middle-class family. As they share a cab from the airport and happily reminisce about familiar locations, including a tavern streak by Homer ‘s uncle, Butch Engle, each expresses trepidation about the future and how they will adapt to civilian life. Homer is welcomed gleefully by his parents and female child friend, Wilma Cameron, but his mother can not hide her grief over seeing his prosthetic hooks. Al is dropped off future at his chic apartment, where he is fondly greeted by his wife Milly and two children, Peggy and Rob, who have grown up during their founder ‘s absence. finally, Fred goes to see his charitable, alcoholic church father Pat and his stepmother Hortense in the hovel in which they live and learns that his wife Marie has moved into her own apartment. At Al ‘s apartment, the realization that things have changed during his absence makes Al feel awkward and he suggests that Milly and Peggy join him for a night out on the town. Homer is equally uncomfortable talking with Wilma ‘s parents and decides to go to Butch ‘s place, where he finds Fred brood over not locating Marie. They are soon joined by a identical elate Al, who arrives with the indulgent Milly and Peggy. While playing the piano, Butch listens sympathetically as Homer talks about his class ‘s self-consciousness, then plays “ Among My Souveniers ” for Al, who dances fondly with Milly. When the bar closes, Peggy drives the group to Marie ‘s apartment build, but when Fred passes out on the front steps, they decide to take him home to their place. In the middle of the night, Fred has a nightmare about a friend burning in his bally plane, and his shout awaken Peggy, who lightly comforts the sob Fred bet on to sleep. The next dawn, a very apologetic Fred is driven home plate to Marie by Peggy and confesses that he does n’t know what he will do, but will never go rear to soda jerk. meanwhile, Al awakens with a hangover, throws his army boots out the window and compares himself unfavorably to his pre-war photograph. After showering and shave, he and Milly nervously embrace for their first time since he went into the Army. Later, Al is irritated that Mr. Milton, his former boss, wants him to return right aside to the deposit and saddened by the think of all the men who did not come back. meanwhile, Fred goes to see his old boss, Mr. Bullard, and discovers that the drugstore is now separate of a large chain. Bullard recommends Fred to the modern director, but Fred bristles at the idea of taking a low-paying job which would still involve working at the lunch counter. When Al goes to the bank that afternoon, Milton offers him a large lift and a promotion to head the small loans department, but pressures him to start working ampere soon as possible. That night, when Marie insists that Fred wear his consistent to impress her friends, he agrees, but begins to worry that their hasty wartime marriage was a mistake. At Homer ‘s house, Wilma tries to make him realize that she still loves him ampere much as always, but runs home crying after Homer angrily pushes his pilfer through a window after seeing his fiddling baby Luella and her friends staring at him. Some weeks by and by, Fred ‘s money is gone, and he has been ineffective to get a speculate. Marie, who likes to go to clubs every night, argues with Fred over money, prompting him to take the job at the drugstore. One sidereal day, Peggy stops by, and he asks her to have lunch with him. During lunch he tells her about his “ cockeyed ” dreams abroad of having a family and a short dwelling, then later kisses her. That same afternoon, Al takes a chance on granting a loan to fellow veteran Novak, a hard-working sharecropper, whose entirely collateral is his abilities. Although aghast, Milton does not override Al ‘s decision, but advises him to be more cautious and not gamble with the depositors ‘ money. That night, as Al and Milly prepare to go out to a feast in his award thrown by Milton, Milly says that she has a hunch that Peggy is “ brainsick ” about Fred. Peggy, who has invited Fred and Marie out to dinner, admits that she is in love with Fred, but does not want to be, and thinks that seeing Fred with his wife will have a curative effect on her. At the banquet, an souse Al gives a roll address, but ends by saying that he loves the bank so much, he plans to gamble with the depositors ‘ money and on the future of the country. Although Milton is reasonably annoyed at Al ‘s remarks, Milly feels identical proud. At the end of the even, Peggy returns home and tells her parents that she is going to break up Fred ‘s loveless marriage. Al and Milly try to convince her that an foreigner can not know the true country of person else ‘s marriage. The following day, Al meets Fred at Butch ‘s and asks him if he is in sleep together with Peggy. When Fred admits that he is, Al suggests that he reconsider things, prompting Fred to call Peggy and lie that he has merely been flirting with her. Some clock time by and by, Homer visits Fred at the drugstore and gets into a conversation at the lunch counter with a man who suggests that the war was unnecessary and that the United States was pushed into it by “ the Limies ” and “ the Reds. ” Fred asks him to leave and Homer, who is incensed by the man ‘s self-proclaimed “ antique americanism, ” goes after him. Fred then slugs the man and is fired. On the manner home, Fred asks about Wilma and advises Homer to tell her how much he loves her and marry her correct away. recently that night, Wilma comes to see Homer, saying that her parents want her to go away because it is obvious that Homer no longer loves her. He argues that she does not know what it would be like living with him, but because she wants to try, he decides to let her see the worst. In his board, Homer gets out of his gown, is able to drop the rule that holds his prosthetics and put on his pajama top without help, but after that, he is wholly vulnerable. preferably than being repulsed, Wilma says that she will never leave him and fondly tucks him into bed. Some time belated, Fred, who has been ineffective to get another job, argues with Marie, who wants to go out with an old boyfriend. Bitterly telling him that she gave up the best years of her life for him, she demands a disassociate. Fred then goes back to his father ‘s house and decides to leave Boone City for good. After saying adieu to his founder and Hortense, and leaving his military decorations with them, Fred goes to the airport and waits for the following flight out. Walking onto a share of the field filled with excess military planes now destined for scrap, Fred climbs into the tail of one of the planes and begins to think of the horrors he witnessed during the war. When he is startled by Karney, the man who owns the salvage company, Fred asks him if he has any jobs. The crusty Karney, who is besides a seasoned, explains that he is using the fight for prefabricate houses and hires Fred on the spot. Some weeks later, at Homer and Wilma ‘s wedding, Fred, who is Homer ‘s best valet, is nervous to see Peggy and her parents again. At first gear, Fred and Peggy merely exchange pleasantries, but when Homer kisses Wilma at the end of the ceremony, Fred goes to Peggy and they kiss, happy to face an uncertain future in concert .

38. Double Indemnity


On a black Los Angeles night in July 1938, indemnity agent Walter Neff is bleeding from a gunfire wreathe and slips into his position at the Pacific All Risk Insurance Co. Walter records his murder confession on the dictaphone, addressing his bos and supporter, Barton Keyes, a meticulous and intuitive claims agent. Walter thinks back to May when it all started : Walter visits an expensive Spanish-style house in Los Feliz to follow-up an automobile policy renewal for Mr. Dietrichson. He is immediately attracted to Dietrichson ‘s wife Phyllis, who first appears clad only in a towel. Walter flirts with Phyllis, whose interest is piqued, however, she rebuffs him and the future day changes his date to meet with her conserve. When Walter arrives that day, he and Phyllis are alone and she inquires about getting an accident policy for her husband without his cognition. Upset by her implications, Walter leaves, but his anticipation that he has not seen the last of Phyllis is fulfilled when she appears at his apartment. Walter soon gives in to his longing and kisses Phyllis, after which she reveals that she has been abused and neglected by her husband. Phyllis admits to having fantasies of killing Dietrichson, but his life indemnity beneficiary is his mature daughter Lola, who hates her. Walter is repulsed by, and at the like prison term, queerly drawn to Phyllis ‘s fantasy, and his thoughts linger on how to accomplish an undetectable crime. Agreeing to help Phyllis kill her conserve, Walter meets with Dietrichson and, in Lola ‘s presence, tries to sell him accident insurance. Dietrichson refuses the accident policy, but enrolls for car insurance, and is unaware that Walter has given him an accident indemnity shape to sign arsenic well. Walter secretly advises Phyllis to koran a string for Dietrichson ‘s clientele trip, as a bivalent damages clause in the policy will award her double the submit $ 50,000 if Dietrichson dies from an unlikely induce, such as a discipline accident. Phyllis and Walter begin to meet surreptitiously every dawn in a local market. Dietrichson breaks his leg good after the accident policy comes through, and the lovers are delayed in carrying out their design. In mid-june, as Keyes offers to hire Walter as his assistant, Phyllis telephones and informs Walter that Dietrichson is leaving that night on the caravan. Walter turns down Keyes ‘ offer and after leaving the position, calculates his every move to avoid future misgiving, then hides in the Dietrichsons ‘ car. After Phyllis uses a pre-arranged signal, Walter sits up from the back seat and strangles Dietrichson to death. Dressed as Dietrichson, Walter then boards the string and heads for the notice car. Walter is dismayed to find another passenger, Jackson, sitting on the deck, but when he leaves to get Walter a cigar, Walter jumps off the back of the caravan. After leaving Dietrichson ‘s body on the tracks, Phyllis and Walter leave together in her car. The police declare Dietrichson ‘s death accidental, but Norton, the president of All Risk, is loath to pay out the $ 100,000 and meets with Phyllis. Phyllis pretends to be bereaved and is authentically shocked at Norton ‘s hypnotism of suicide. After she leaves, Walter is delighted when Keyes assures Norton that he will have to pay out the claim. At his apartment late that night, Walter is surprised by a chew the fat from Keyes, who has developed indigestion due to an incongruity in the casing : Dietrichson never filed a claim for his break branch, even though he had precisely purchased accident indemnity, in addition to which, the train was going so slowly that suicide is improbable. Keyes concludes that Dietrichson was ignorant of the policy, and he is fishy of Phyllis. A nervous Walter rushes Keyes extinct, as Phyllis hides behind the door to escape comment. The following sidereal day, Lola confides in Walter that she suspects that Phyllis, who was her mother ‘s nurse, killed her mother six years earlier and now has done the same to her father. In order to distract Lola, Walter spends the future few days with her, and learns that she has broken up with her college drop-out boyfriend, Nino Zachette. During this meter, Keyes becomes convinced that Dietrichson was murdered, and sends for Jackson. Jackson confirms that the valet on the coach does not match photograph of Dietrichson, and Keyes subsequently has Phyllis followed by detectives. Walter urges Phyllis not to sue for the claim, which is now being withheld, as Keyes will oppose it, but she is determined to get the money, and insists that the murder was all his doing. Walter is now fishy of Phyllis, as Lola has told him that Nino is seeing her stepmother, and Walter thinks about killing her. Phyllis files suit for the insurance money, and Keyes tells Walter that her partner-in-crime has shown himself. Worried that Keyes is on to him, Walter listens to Keyes ‘s dictaphone and hears that Keyes suspects that Nino is Phyllis ‘ partner-in-crime, after which he arranges to meet with Phyllis deep that night. Unknown to Walter, Phyllis has prepared for his visit by hiding a gunman under a seat cushion. Walter confronts Phyllis and tells her that he knows she has used him and that he intends to frame Nino for the mangle. Phyllis then shoots Walter, but is unable to kill him. Admitting that she has never loved him, Phyllis now embraces him, and Walter shoots her twice, killing her. As he leaves the house, Nino walks up, and Walter urges him to go to Lola, who truly loves him. By 4:30 ante meridiem, Walter finishes his confession as Keyes makes his presence known, having been called by the janitor who noticed Walter trailing blood. Walter walks out, intending to escape to the border, but collapses before he gets to the elevator. Keyes, disappointed, however reveals his affection for Walter, and Walter reciprocates, as Keyes lights Walter ‘s final cigarette .

39. Doctor Zhivago


Former Bolshevik Police Commissar Yevgraf Zhivago, nowadays a general in charge of a huge soviet dam, has traced a young girl whom he believes to be the daughter of his half brother, Yuri, and the beautiful Lara. … The orphaned Yuri goes to live in Moscow with the family of aristocrat Alexander Gromeko. He becomes a doctor and later marries Gromeko ‘s daughter, Tonya. Yuri meets Lara, the daughter of dressmaker Amelia, when he helps save her life after a suicide attempt prompted by her seduction by Komarovsky, Amelia ‘s fan. Yuri and Lara touch again at a party, where Lara revengefully shoots and wounds Komarovsky. She is taken from the party by a unseasoned political idealist, Pasha, whom she soon marries. When the Great War breaks out in 1914, Yuri goes to the front to aid the soldiers, and again encounters Lara, who has become a nurse. They fall in beloved, but though she has been deserted by Pasha, their relationship remains platonic. When Yuri returns to Moscow, he finds the city changed by the rotation. The Gromeko home has been taken over ; the government looks with disfavor on Yuri ‘s poetry ; and he and his family, cold and starve, travel by string to their country estate in the Urals. At a library in nearby Yuriatin, Yuri again meets Lara, who is in the township to see Pasha, now known as the bandit general Strelnikov. At her apartment, Yuri and Lara make beloved, and their affair continues for some months. With Tonya meaning, however, Yuri sees Lara for what he says will be the final time. On his way back to the estate, he is conscripted by the Red Army. In northern Russia, Yuri deserts the army and makes his manner hundreds of miles to Yuriatin. He finds that his family has been deported to France, and he goes to Lara ‘s apartment. Yuri and Lara are soon met by Komarovsky, who tells them that they are in danger, Yuri for his poetry and his syndicate ‘s associations with partisan groups in Paris, and Lara because of her associations both with Yuri and her conserve. Yuri and Lara move to the estate, where they stay until they can no longer hide. ( There Yuri writes a series of poems dedicated to Lara. ) About to flee, Yuri changes his mind at the last here and now and decides to stay in his fatherland. many years late, Yuri is helped by Yevgraf to find a job. As he travels to work on a streetcar, he sees Lara. He urgently makes his way through the crowd vehicle until he, besides, is on the street, but when he tries to call to her, he collapses. finally, Lara is arrested, and she spends her last years in a labor camp. … The young girlfriend has only dim recollections of her past, and the photograph of Lara and Yuri in the latter ‘s script of poetry entail nothing to her. She leaves with her boyfriend, and, looking at her from afar, Yevgraf is certain of her identity .

40. North by Northwest


In New York City, advertising executive Roger Thornhill attends an informal business meet at The Plaza hotel, where, intending to send his mother a wire, he summons a bellboy who has merely paged George Kaplan. Across the room, two men, valerian and Licht, believe Roger ’ randomness summons is recognition that he is Kaplan and when Roger leaves the barroom, forcibly take him to a waiting cable car and drive him to the private home of Lester Townsend in Glen Cove. There he is met by the politic Phillip Vandamm, who Roger believes is Townsend. Vandamm dismisses Roger ’ s claim that he is not Kaplan and urges him to reveal the information he wants. When Roger continues to deny being Kaplan, Vandamm ‘s repository, Leonard, forces Roger to drink an integral bottle of bourbon then places him behind the roulette wheel of a car on a mountain road. Although completely befuddled by the liquor, Roger revives sufficiently to drive erratically down the hill until he is picked up by patrol. At woo the adjacent day, Roger and his lawyer describe his abduction and near murder, prompting the judge to order an investigation by county detectives. In the company of his mother and the detectives, Roger returns to the Townsend home but there is no sign of the kidnapping incident. A woman claiming to be Mrs. Townsend indicates Roger attended a party at the house the previous flush and reveals that Townsend is at the United Nations addressing the General Assembly. Roger and his mother refund to The Plaza hotel in search of Kaplan. In Kaplan ’ south board, Roger finds a newspaper photograph of Vandamm who he still believes is Townsend, but is forced to flee when he realizes that valerian and Licht have followed him. At the U.N., Roger requests to see Townsend, but is confused when the man he meets is not Vandamm. Perplexed, Roger is about to show Townsend the newspaper photograph he found in Kaplan ’ randomness room when Townsend is struck in the back by a knife hurled by Valerian, who then escapes. As townsend collapses into Roger ’ sulfur arms, Roger grabs the knife in shock and is photographed by a nearby photograph diarist. Horrified, Roger runs off. late that sidereal day at the U. S. Intelligence Agency, a group of agents led by a man known as the Professor, discourse Townsend ’ second mangle and Roger ’ second interest. The Professor and his group are investigating Vandamm for selling government secrets and have created a fabricated agent named George Kaplan in hopes of forcing Vandamm into the open. When the agents wonder if they should intervene on Roger ’ s behalf, the Professor refuses, declaring that despite the risk to Roger, he is diverting attention from another agent working clandestine with Vandamm. interim, Roger is labeled by newspapers as the U.N. murderer. Having learned that Kaplan has checked out of the hotel and is heading for Chicago, Roger sneaks aboard the Twentieth Century Limited. On board Roger meets an attractive blond, Eve Kendall, who misdirects the patrol while he hides. Roger evades the conductors after the caravan gets afoot, then visits the dine car where he is seated with Eve. Roger and Eve coquette with one another when she admits to tipping the waiter to seat Roger with her, but she besides reveals to having seen the newspaper coverage accusing Roger of Townsend ’ s murder. When the aim makes an unscheduled stop to allow two patrol detectives to board, Eve offers to hide Roger in her compartment overnight. Unknown to Roger, Eve is an associate of Vandamm, who is besides onboard the caravan with Leonard. Upon arriving in Chicago the future dawn, Roger disguises himself as a porter and escorts Eve off the prepare. Having concluded that Kaplan can lead him to Vandamm, Roger intends to meet Kaplan and Eve offers to make the arrangements so that Roger might maintain a first gear profile. After Roger changes clothes, he meets Eve who claims she has contacted Kaplan at the hotel and received denotative directions for their converge. Roger follows Eve ’ south directions and by mid-afternoon waits for Kaplan alongside a abandon road in the center of empty farm fields where a crop duster works in the distance. After respective cars go by without barricade, the crop dustcloth abruptly turns towards Roger and, to his astonishment, makes respective attacking passes at him. Roger seeks recourse in a corn battlefield, but the plane dusts the field with a chemical powder, forcing Roger back into the open. Spotting an oncoming oil tanker truck, Roger desperately flags it down and stands directly in its path, forcing the oil tanker to stop. distillery pursuing Roger, the flat swoops depressed at him and smashes into the oil tanker. When passerby stop to gape at the scene, Roger steals a pickup and drives back to Kaplan ’ s Chicago hotel. There he is stunned to learn that Kaplan checked out before Eve ’ sulfur purported conversation with him from the train station. Moments by and by, Roger spots Eve in the anteroom and follows her to her board where she is startled to see him. Insisting that they can not get involved with each other, Eve demands that Roger depart. Later, Roger follows Eve to an auction at an art gallery where she joins Vandamm and Leonard. Hurt over Eve ’ mho betrayal, Roger angrily confronts them. Vandamm and Leonard jeer at Roger ’ second indignation, then bid on and win a small mexican Tarascan Warrior digit, unaware of the Professor ’ s presence in the bidding audience. When valerian and Leonard block the exits, Roger creates a scene, starting a fight in order to get himself arrested. The patrolmen report Roger ’ sulfur seizure and are instructed to take him to the airport where he is met by the Professor, who explains about the fabricated Kaplan and the motivation to capture Vandamm with incriminating evidence before he departs the country from his ranch in South Dakota. Roger refuses the Professor ’ second request to continue posing as Kaplan until the Professor admits that Eve is their at heart secret agent, and that she is now in dangerous risk of being exposed unless they can convince Vandamm of her loyalty. Upon arriving in Rapid City, Roger sets up a meet with Vandamm at the cafeteria of the Mount Rushmore memorial. good as he meets Vandamm, Roger stages an controversy with Eve, climaxing in her shooting him with blanks. With Vandamm and Leonard convinced that Roger is critically wounded, the Professor takes Roger to meet Eve secretly and the two apologize to each early for their misunderstandings. Roger is dismayed, however, when Eve discloses that to maintain her cover she must accompany Vandamm out of the country that nox. The Professor allows Eve to return to Vandamm and places the anger Roger in protective hands at a hospital. That night, Roger escapes and takes a cab to Vandamm ’ mho ranch, beside which a minor airplane runway is fall. Hiding near an clear window, Roger overhears Leonard and Vandamm discussing the secret microfilm hidden in the warrior human body. Leonard then tells Vandamm that his long suspicion of Eve has been justified and demonstrates that Eve ’ mho accelerator is filled with blanks. Deeply angered, Vandamm tells Leonard he will get rid of Eve during their flight that night. Alarmed, Roger climbs up the side of the house to warn Eve, but she leaves her room before he can talk to her. Writing a warning message on a matchbook bearing his initials, Roger then tosses it into the living board where Eve waits with Vandamm and Leonard as their private plane lands outside. After reading Roger ’ randomness note, Eve meets him in her board where he tells her of the microfilm and Vandamm ’ s plan to do aside with her. When Eve joins Vandamm outside, Roger attempts to sneak out of the house but is held at gunman point by the housekeeper. After escaping from the housekeeper, Roger steals valerian ’ mho car and races to retrieve Eve, who has snatched the warrior figure and darted aside from Vandamm. Stopped by a lock gate, Roger and Eve proceed on foot, followed by valerian and Leonard. Realizing they are trapped on top of Mount Rushmore, Roger and Eve start down the repository, but Roger is attacked by valerian and Eve tussles with Leonard. After Roger hurls Valerian off the mountain, Leonard takes the human body and pushes Eve down the cliff where Roger comes to her aid as she dangles perilously on the edge of the monument. As Leonard menaces the couple, the Professor and his men come to the rescue, killing Leonard and arresting Vandamm in the march. Roger and Eve come back to New York as man and wife, sentimentally taking the train .

41. West Side Story


In the slums of the upper West Side of Manhattan, New York, a gang of Polish-American teenagers called the Jets compete with a rival gang of recently immigrated Puerto Ricans, the Sharks, to “ own ” the vicinity streets. The tension between them is marked by their bullying and torture of one another, and when a series of incidents erupts into a fistfight on a playground, two policemen, the bigoted Lt. Schrank and Officer Krupke, arrive in time to break it up. Afterward, Riff, the leader of the Jets, suggests to his companions that they settle their differences with the Sharks once and for all by challenging them to a “ rumble, ” which is their term for a street fight. Although Riff warns that the Sharks may choose to fight with travel rapidly guns or knives rather than fists, the Jets are enthusiastic about his idea. For accompaniment, Riff meets with Tony, a erstwhile member of the Jets who is like a brother and who now works in a candy store owned by charitable Doc. Riff asks Tony to attend a dance at the gymnasium, an area considered neutral territory where Riff can present the challenge to Bernardo, the Shark ’ south leader. Tony, who has lost interest in promoting violence, reluctantly agrees to accompany him out of friendship. When Tony confides that he has been having premonitions that something extra is about to happen to him, Riff suggests that it may be waiting for him at the dancing. meanwhile, Bernardo ’ randomness younger sister Maria and his daughter supporter, Anita, both of whom work at a bridal shop, are finishing a dress for Maria to wear to the dance, which will be her first base since immigrating to America a calendar month early. Although Bernardo has hopes of her marrying his comrade Chino, Maria tells Anita that she does not have extra feelings for her brother ’ second supporter. That even, at the gymnasium where the dance is held, Bernardo is introducing Maria to early Puerto Ricans, when several members of the Jets arrive. Both gangs are poised to fight, when Glad Hand, the social proletarian, and Krupke intervene. The dancing continues and soon becomes a contest between the rival gangs and their women, who refuse to intermingle. From antonym sides of the dance floor, Tony and Maria spot each other and, entranced, move toward each other and begin to dance. Seeing them together, Bernardo protectively pulls Maria away, telling her that Tony is lone interest in intimate favors, and orders Chino to take her home. Before Bernardo leaves, he and Riff agree to meet late at Doc ’ south for a “ war council, ” where they will determine the meter and place of the rumble. At his family ’ mho apartment, Bernardo lectures Maria about the dangers in America, but Anita half-jokingly scolds him, saying that in their new nation, women are release to see whom they wish. Anita and Bernardo meet with their friends on the rooftop, where they engage in a bouncy discussion about the pros and cons of life in America. Although the women tease the men that life in America is better than in their home nation, the men complain that it is lone bettor if you are white. meanwhile, Tony walks the streets in a daze, bewitched by the think of Maria. She is in her board, preparing for bed, when she hears Tony calling out her appoint from the bowling alley below and climbs through the windowpane to the arouse elude to be with him. Believing that Maria is the fulfillment of his foreboding, Tony is tidal bore to acknowledge publicly his love for her, but Maria is aware that their families will not approve. After admitting their love for each other and marveling at how their lives have changed in one even, they partially, agreeing to meet the future day at the bridal shop after completion time. At Doc ’ s workshop, the Jets are restlessly waiting for the Sharks to arrive, when the patrol drive up. Although Krupke is fishy that the crowd is up to mischief, he is called away and the boys then make fun of him, vitamin a well as social workers, judges, psychiatrists and all those who have failed to alleviate the poverty and ferocity in which they have been reared. When the Sharks arrive, the two gangs decide the clock and placement of the fight, but as they discuss weapons, Tony, who has by then returned to help close the patronize for the even, convinces them to have a “ fair crusade, ” using nothing but fists. Schrank enters, prompting the two gangs to pretend to get along, and demands to know what they are planning. When no matchless will talk to him, he harasses the Puerto Ricans, ordering them out, and then tells the Jets that he wants his beat clear of the immigrants vitamin a much as they do. When the Jets inactive refuse to confide in him, he tauntingly refers to their family members as drug addicts and prostitutes. After everyone leaves the shop, Doc expresses his dismay at Schrank ’ s demeanor, but Tony, who is buoyed by love, believes that everything will be all right. The adjacent day, Maria ’ s co-workers notice her happiness and she admits that she feels “ pretty. ” Anita is still at the workshop when Tony arrives, but grudgingly allows them time in concert. Although Tony has no plans to attend the fight, Maria urges him to go and stop it from happening. then, they playfully pretend to have a wedding, with store mannequins in attendance. late, in the evening, the Jets and the Sharks train for the rumble, while Anita prepares for a romantic interlude with Bernardo when he returns. While helping Doc, Tony can think of nothing but Maria, who is at home, waiting impatiently for the end of the flush, when she and Tony can be together. At the appointive rate, the Sharks and the Jets meet, and the best champion from each crowd, Bernardo and Ice, respectively, organize to fight as the others look on. When Tony arrives, his efforts to stop the fight unwittingly escalate the conflict into a knife contend between Riff and Bernardo. When Bernardo by chance kills Riff, Tony, in a fit of passion, takes the all in Riff ’ s knife and pang Bernardo. Although Tony is immediately get the better of with shame for killing Maria ’ south brother, the other gang members join the fight, but all flee when they hear the strait of a patrol siren. Waiting on the rooftop for Tony, Maria is surprised when Chino arrives to tell her that Tony killed Bernardo. Praying that he is lying, Maria runs to her room and finds Tony, who confesses. Although she wants to hate him, she finds she can not and says that the trouble is not with either of them, but everything around them. together, they envision a place where they can go that is detached of prejudices. Outside, the police cruise the streets, but the gang members evade them. The Jets meet, stunned, because they never expected anyone would be killed. When their anxiety leads to home bicker, Ice, who is now their drawing card, tells them to be “ cool. ” When they learn from an listen in tomboy, Anybodys, that Chino is carrying a gun and deflect on revenge against Tony, they organize to protect him. Anita, who discovers that Maria has been with Tony, is offended that she would remain congregation to a boy who would kill her brother, but is soon won over by Maria ’ s love for Tony and warns her about Chino ’ south mission. Although Maria and Tony had planned to rendezvous at Doc ’ second and leave township in concert, when Schrank detains Maria to question her about Bernardo ’ s death, Anita agrees to tell Tony that she will soon be with him. however, when Anita enters the sugarcoat shop, the Jets, fishy of her motives, prevent her from finding Tony, then try to rape her. Doc enters in time to stop them, but, in wrath, Anita says that Chino, jealous of Maria ’ s love for Tony, shot her dead. When Doc informs Tony, who is hiding in the root cellar, of Maria ’ south presumed death, Tony goes out to the street, yelling for Chino to kill him, besides. When he arrives at the resort area, Tony sees Maria, alive, and runs toward her, but Chino steps out of the shadows and shoots him. Tony falls into Maria ’ mho arms and as he dies, he and Maria talk about the place of which they had dreamed. Members of both gangs are gathering, and as they edge toward each other menacingly, Maria steps between them and takes the artillery from Chino. Threatening both gangs with the gunman, she accuses all of them of killing Tony, Riff and Bernardo. When Schrank and Krupke arrive, Maria kisses Tony and after she says “ Te adoro, Anton, ” members of the two gangs, united at least for a while, help oneself to carry Tony ’ s body away .

42. Rear Window


Laid up with a break leg during the height of summer, renowned New York cartridge holder photographer L. B. “ Jeff ” Jeffries enters his last week of dwelling restriction, bored and anxious. A bachelor, Jeff has been spending his days sitting in a wheelchair, watching his neighbors through the rear window of his two-room apartment. Although Stella, the nurse who drops by to massage his back and prepare his meals, disapproves of his “ peeping ” and counsels him to marry his girlfriend friend, model Lisa Carol Fremont, Jeff insists that Lisa is besides “ perfect ” and refined for his adventurous life style. Later, after observing a pair of amative newlyweds moving into one of the buildings adjacent to his, Jeff is visited by the glamorous Lisa. When Lisa, who has brought Jeff a lavish restaurant meal, suggests that he give up his globe-trotting and become a fashion photographer, Jeff reacts with reject. Jeff and Lisa then watch as a neighbor whom Jeff calls “ Miss Lonely Hearts ” entertains an imaginery dinner date, and “ Miss Torso, ” an attractive dancer, juggles the attentions of three male admirers in her apartment. Jeff besides notices the traveling salesman who lives in a second-story apartment directly across the court, arguing with his bed-ridden wife. After admiring the piano play of Jeff ’ south neighbor, a struggling composer, Lisa confronts Jeff about their kinship, challenging his perception that their romanticism is doomed because of their different lifestyles. Jeff, however, insists that the pamper Lisa would never be happy enduring hardships in exotic locales and refuses to consider changing his ways. Before leaving, Lisa announces that she can not continue seeing him without a commitment, then promises to return the following night. After she goes, Jeff hears a charwoman scream and glaze pause, but sees nothing of note outside. During a middle-of-the-night rain shower, Jeff awakens in front of the window and notices the salesman leaving his place with his sample case. Over the next few hours, Jeff drifts in and out of sleep and sees the salesman coming and going with his subject. early the following dawn, while Jeff is asleep, the salesman leaves the building with a womanhood, and by the fourth dimension Jeff is up, the salesman has returned, alone. After Jeff mentions the salesman and his wife to Stella, the salesman looks down at the court, intently watching an older couple ’ s pawl sniffing around his garden. Intrigued by the salesman ’ sulfur behavior, Jeff begins to watch him, first through a pair of binoculars, then through the telephotograph lens of his camera. Jeff sees the salesman wrapping a see and a butcher tongue in newspaper and, by and by that evening, tells Lisa about the salesman ’ s late-night activities and the fact that he spent the day at home but never went into his disgusted wife ’ second bedroom. When Jeff suggests that the man might have murdered his wife, Lisa dismisses his suspicions until she spies the salesman wrapping a lasso around a large trunk. Believing that the wife ’ south body is in the proboscis, Lisa crosses the court to look at the salesman ’ south postbox and tells Jeff over the call that his diagnose is Lars Thorwald. The future dawn, Jeff calls patrol detective Thomas J. Doyle, a ally from his war days, and tells him about Thorwald. Jeff and Stella observe two movers carrying out Thorwald ’ s proboscis, and Stella runs downstairs to check the name on the moving truck. Although Stella is unable to get the moving company ’ sulfur name, Jeff fills Tom in on all the other details when he comes by that night. Tom is unconvinced, but promises to look into the matter, unofficially. Later, after Jeff sees Thorwald shooing the neighbors ’ dog away from his flowers, Tom telephones to report that Thorwald and his wife were seen leaving together the previous morning by three witnesses, including Thorwald ’ s overseer, who besides stated that, according to Thorwald, Mrs. Thorwald took the train to Meritsville. Jeff is unimpressed by Tom ’ s testify, pointing out that the charwoman may not have been Mrs. Thorwald. Despite Jeff ’ sulfur pleas, Tom refuses to pursue the probe, adding that he found a postcard with a Meritsville postmark in Thorwald ’ mho postbox, signed, apparently, by Mrs. Thorwald. Discouraged but not defeated, Jeff continues to spy on Thorwald, becoming excited when he sees him pulling his wife ’ s jewelry out of her bag. When Jeff tells Lisa about the bag, she insists that, as a woman, Mrs. Thorwald would not have left without her bag or her jewelry. Before they can act on their latest discoveries, Tom stops by to announce that Thorwald ’ s proboscis, which he had tracked down, contained merely Mrs. Thorwald ’ second clothes and was picked up by her at the Meritsville educate station. After Tom leaves, Lisa admits that she is queerly disappoint to learn that Thorwald is not a killer after all. Lisa then slips into a negligee she brought in a purse-sized overnight base, hoping to prove her resource to Jeff, but moments late, the court erupts with make noise when the older match ’ randomness pawl is found smother. Jeff observes that alone one person—Thorwald—did not look out during the commotion. Convinced that Thorwald killed the andiron because of its spy, Jeff studies some slides he took of the court two weeks before and shows Lisa and Stella that Thorwald ’ randomness zinnias are now short. Hoping to lure Thorwald out, Jeff writes him an anonymous note, asking, “ What have you done with her ? ” After Lisa slips the note under his door, Thorwald reads it and begins packing. Jeff looks up Thorwald ’ s call number and calls him, identifying himself as the bill writer and demanding that they meet at a hotel. deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as Thorwald leaves, Lisa and Stella race devour to the court and start digging under the zinnia, but when they fail to excavate anything, Lisa climbs the arouse safety valve and sneaks through Thorwald ’ s open windowpane. soon after, Thorwald returns and finds Lisa, who is looking for Mrs. Thorwald ’ s wedding ring. Thorwald begins assaulting Lisa, but Jeff calls the patrol in time to save her. While the police are getting a argument from Thorwald, Lisa, aware that Jeff is watching her through his telephotograph lens, lets him know that she found the marry ring. Thorwald catches her gesticulate to Jeff, however, and deduces in which apartment he is hiding. After Lisa is hauled to the police station, Jeff sends Stella out with some bail money and madly calls Tom. Thorwald then bursts in, but Jeff, sitting in the blue, momentarily blinds him by taking news bulletin pictures with his television camera. Despite the flashes, Thorwald catch Jeff, who yells to alert the neighbors. The court fills with on-lookers as Thorwald wrestles with Jeff and dangles him inverted out the window. Although Tom arrives with some back-up, the patrol can only break Jeff ’ s subsequent drop. The patrol apprehend Thorwald, who confesses that he deposited most of his wife ’ s torso in the East River, except for her head, which he first buried in the garden and then packed in a hatbox. Later, while Miss Lonely Hearts and the composer celebrate the publication of his song, and Miss Torso welcomes home her soldier sweetheart, Jeff, who now was two broken legs, is back in his wheelchair, with the devoted Lisa by his english .

43. King Kong


Because he refuses to disclose any information concerning the exotic localization of his approaching movie project, Carl Denham, a celebrated venture film maker, is forced to search the streets of New York to find a star actress. At a yield stand, he stumbles onto the beautiful but broke Ann Darrow as she is about to steal an apple for her dinner. Anxious for work, Ann eagerly accepts Denham ‘s separate and agrees without interview to make the long sea ocean trip the adjacent morning. During the trip, Denham, who has refused to disclose his final examination address even to the captain, Englehorn, makes screen door tests of Ann, coaching her on how to scream and look terrified for the camera. At the like time, the mysogynistic first gear match, Jack Driscoll, chides Ann for being a woman on a man ‘s ship, but soon falls in sleep together with her. As the gravy boat enters tropical waters, Denham finally shows Englehorn a map detailing their claim destination — a bantam island dominated by a acme called Skull Mountain. When the boat reaches the island, Ann, Denham and the gang go ashore and discover natives engaged in a frantic religious ceremony that features men dressed in gorilla skins and a young woman tied to an altar. While Englehorn attempts to make friends so that the camera-wielding Denham can shoot the setting, the native headman eyes the blond Ann and states cryptically that she would make a good bride for “ Kong. ” Nervous about the head ‘s interest in Ann, whose presence on the island Jack has vehemently protested, Denham orders his group back to the gravy boat. That night, Ann is kidnapped from the ship by natives and tied to stakes outside the huge greenwich village walls. At the fathom of a chime, King Kong, a gorilla-like copycat of enormous proportions, emerges from the aboriginal hobo camp and grab Ann, carrying her off like a bantam dame in his huge hand. In close pursuit of the caricature are Denham, Jack and a handful of the ship ‘s men. They follow a trail of break branches left by Kong and soon stumble on a dinosaur, a horny-tailed stegosaur, which they kill with accelerator bombs. They then construct a raft and cross a river, where they are attacked by a apatosaur. After the group loses respective men to the apatosaur, the survivors scramble to the river ‘s shore and are spotted by Kong. Kong kills several more men by tossing them off a giant star log into a treacherous chasm and attempts to kill Jack, who is hiding in a protect alcove. When he hears Ann, whom he has left in the corner of a dead corner, scream, however, Kong abandons Jack and rushes to her rescue. While Kong saves Ann from the call on the carpet of an allosaur Jack and Denham, the last two crew survivors, reunite. Denham decides to return to shore for avail and wait for Jack to signal when he has rescued Ann. Jack follows Kong and Ann into a cliffside cave and there Kong kills a giant hydra. He then lightly tickles Ann and plucks off and sniffs her out clothes. When the concealed Jack unwittingly makes a noise, the ape goes to investigate, leaving Ann unprotected. A pteradodon swoops down and about flies off with Ann, but Kong once again comes to her rescue. Distracted by the flying reptile, Kong fails to see Jack and Ann escaping down the cliffside via a ropelike vine until they are out of arm ‘s pass. Although Kong snaps the vine in his attempt to retrieve Ann, the pair fall unharmed into the river and make a dash for the ship, closely pursued by Kong. When they ultimately reach the land, Ann and Jack are met by Denham and the crowd, but must still face Kong, who is rampaging through the greenwich village, killing its inhabitants in his search for Ann. To stop Kong, Denham hurls a flatulence turkey into his face and knocks him out. Seeing Kong unconscious, Denham decides to carry him on an enormous raft back to New York, where he knows the ape will make him a luck. In the city, a heavily chained Kong, billed as the “ Eighth Wonder of the World, ” is a sellout attraction at a fashionable theater. When photographers ‘ flash start popping in Ann ‘s boldness, however, Kong believes she is in danger and breaks free in a protective craze. Ann flees with Jack, but Kong storms the nearby streets, destroying an elevated passenger-filled gearing and tossing a woman he momentarily mistakes for Ann to her death. finally Kong spots Ann in a hotel room and, as a helpless Jack watches, snatches her once again. then, as though still in the jungle, he scales the Empire State Building with Ann in his hand. At Denham ‘s cheer, the city authorities call in airplanes armed with machine guns to stop the copycat, and after Kong is shot repeatedly by the gunners, he drops Ann gently on the rooftop and falls over the skyscraper ‘s boundary to his death. Upon viewing his appropriate pry, Denham retorts to another onlooker that Kong was not downed by airplanes, but “ twas Beauty that killed Beast. ”

44. The Birth of a Nation


many years after Africans are brought in chains to America, the nineteenth century abolitionists demand that the Africans ‘ descendants be freed. Phil and Tod Stoneman, sons of abolitionist drawing card and congressman Austin Stoneman, visit Phil ‘s school friend, Ben Cameron, and his family in Piedmont, South Carolina. Phil courts Ben ‘s baby Margaret, while Tod and Ben ‘s young buddy Duke become friends. When President Abraham Lincoln calls for volunteers, Phil and Tod restitution, but first, Ben playfully steals Phil ‘s locket which contains a portrait of Phil ‘s sister Elsie. During the war, Duke and Tod die in each others ‘ arms. Northern guerrillas raid Piedmont and devastate the Cameron home. After Atlanta is burned and General Sherman marches to the sea, Ben, leading an heroic, but unsuccessful counterattack against General Grant ‘s campaign on Petersburg, is wounded and rescued by Phil. At a Washington hospital, Ben meets Elsie, now a nanny. Ben ‘s mother visits and successfully pleads to Lincoln for Ben ‘s excuse from an baseless charge. After Lee ‘s surrender and Lincoln ‘s assassination, Stoneman assumes great power in Congress. He sends his protégé, the mulatto Silas Lynch, to Piedmont, where the whites are disenfranchised. Lynch is elected lieutenant governor, and illiterate blacks gain manipulate of the legislature and courts. To oversee Lynch ‘s advance, Stoneman travels to Piedmont with Phil and Elsie. Ben and Elsie become engaged, but Margaret, disdainful over the South ‘s loss, is cold to Phil. To respond to the injustice which he feels, Ben forms the Ku Klux Klan. When Elsie learns that Ben is a clansman, she breaks their engagement. After Gus, a black soldier who becomes one of Lynch ‘s followers, finds Flora, Ben ‘s youngest sister, alone in the woods, he asks her to marry him. She runs in frighten, and jumps off a cliff because she thinks that Gus will rape her. After she dies in Ben ‘s arms, Gus is captured and hanged by the Klan. Dr. Cameron is arrested for having Klan costumes in his theater, and although Phil and the Cameron ‘s black servants rescue him, they become ensnare, with Margaret and Mrs. Cameron, in a nation cabin. As black militia troops invade the streets of Piedmont, Lynch asks Elsie to be the queen of his total darkness empire. Repelled, Elsie barely fends off Lynch. Her beget arrives and is besides horrified by Lynch ‘s marriage proposal, but he is powerless to prevent a constrained marriage. After Ben leads the Klan ‘s depend on to rescue Elsie and Stoneman — and subsequently, the Camerons — the blacks are disenfranchised. Margaret and Phil honeymoon with Ben and Elsie. In an allegorical epilogue the millenium is depicted wherein Christ ‘s resurrection binds nations with union and love .

45. A Streetcar Named Desire


Blanche DuBois arrives in New Orleans by string, and follows a boater ‘s directions to take a streetcar named “ Desire ” to her sister Stella Kowalski ‘s apartment at divine Fields in the french Quarter. Blanche, an aging Southern belle, is horrified by the bedraggled build up in which her sister lives with her conserve Stanley, but is delighted to reunite with Stella, whom she feels abandoned her after their don ‘s end. Blanche explains that she was given a bequeath of absence from her teaching speculate because she had become a little “ daredevil, ” and now makes herself at home in the cramped apartment, which affords small privacy. Blanche is immediately offended by Stanley ‘s coarse manners, and he is infuriated when he learns that Blanche has lost the family home at Belle Reve. Stanley rants about the “ Napoleonic code, ” which he claims decrees that what belongs to the wife belongs to the husband. Unimpressed by Blanche ‘s civilized manners, Stanley reveals that his wife is pregnant, and at his imperativeness, Blanche reluctantly digs out the papers which document the many amateur loans written against the Belle Reve estate. That night, Stanley ‘s poker plot runs late, and when Stella and Blanche return from an outing together, Blanche meets Stanley ‘s best friend Mitch, a bachelor who looks after his ghastly mother. Blanche turns on the radio and dances by herself, but Stanley is distracted by the music and flies into a bibulous rage, during which he beats Stella. stella and her terrify baby run improving to their neighbor Eunice ‘s apartment, but late, when Stanley calls up to her in compunction, Stella is drawn back to her husband and makes up with him. Blanche, horrified by Stanley ‘s brutality, lingers in the street with Mitch. The adjacent sidereal day, Stanley overhears Blanche encourage Stella to leave Stanley, whom she calls an “ animal ” and “ subhuman, ” but she is ineffective to shake Stella ‘s devotion to her husband. Stanley reveals that he has heard some unsavory gossip about Blanche, and his apparent confidential cognition unnerves her. That night, Blanche and Mitch go out on a date, and she resists his amatory advances by telling him that she is antique. After avoiding Mitch ‘s questions about her age, she reveals that she drove her first young husband to suicide by mercilessly demeaning him because their marriage was not consummated. She then accepts Mitch ‘s kiss. Five months later, when Mitch reveals his plans to marry Blanche, he and Stanley fight after Stanley tells him about her sordid past. Stanley then tells stella that he has learned that Blanche was fired for seducing a seventeen-year-old student, and that she has a ill-famed reputation. Mitch stands up Blanche on her birthday and refuses to take her calls. When Stanley tells Blanche that she has overstayed her welcome, she insults him by calling him a “ polack. ” Stanley defends his polish inheritance, and then gives her a birthday endow of a one-way bus topology ticket home. Blanche then becomes hysteric and shuts herself in the bathroom. Stella and Stanley start to fight, but she goes into labor and Stanley takes her to the hospital. late, Mitch comes to see Blanche, who is hearing music in her forefront, and calls her a hypocrite. Blanche in truth loves Mitch, but admits that she has had “ many meetings with men. ” Mitch forces a kiss on Blanche, but breaks their employment and is run out of the apartment by her. She then dresses up as if she were attending a ball, and when Stanley returns home, claims that Mitch has apologized and that she has received an invitation to a cruise. Stanley accuses Blanche of lying and assaults her. When Stella returns home with her baby, she finds that Blanche has gone harebrained and now lives under the delusion that she is going on a Caribbean cruise. Stella has reluctantly arranged for her sister to be sent to a bedlam, but when the repair and matron arrive, Blanche goes wholly berserker. Mitch attacks Stanley, who vows that he never touched Blanche. Blanche last calms devour, and is touched by the doctor ‘s gentlemanlike manner, telling him that she has “ always depended on the kindness of strangers. ” After they leave, Stella rebuffs Stanley and runs to Eunice ‘s apartment with her baby, vowing never to return .

46. A Clockwork Orange


erstwhile in the not-too-distant future, gangs of adolescent thugs roam rubble-strewn streets, terrorizing citizens who sequester themselves behind lock doors. Alex, the drawing card of one of the gangs, and his “ droogs, ” Pete, Georgie and Dim, spot themselves by wearing all-white, c pieces, bowler hat hats and walking canes as they spend their nights committing rapes, muggings and beatings for entertainment. One night, after stopping at the Korova Milk Bar for the house forte, drug-laced milk that induces “ extremist ferocity, ” the group kicks an aged tramp mercilessly. Finding rival gang drawing card Billyboy and his hoodlums raping a woman nearby, Alex and his droogs take a moment to enjoy the scene then use chairs, crack bottles and knives to pummel the other gang unconscious. The gang speeds off in their Durango 95 sports cable car playing a plot called “ hogs of the road, ” which entails forcing other drivers off the road. Spotting a affluent residence displaying the sign “ HOME, ” the crowd gains entree by claiming that they need to use the phone to report an accident. Once inwardly, Alex beats and kicks the home ’ mho owner, writer Mr. Frank Alexander, while mimicking a balmy shoe dancing routine and singing a musical total. After the droogs shove balls into the mouths of Alexander and his wife and wrap their heads in tape, Alex rapes Mrs. Alexander as Mr. Alexander watches helplessly. Later, Alex returns to municipal flatblock 18A, a disheveled modern apartment construction where he lives with his cowardly ma and dad. After stashing stolen money and watches, Alex listens to his favored composer, Beethoven, plays with his pet snake and dreams of farther ferocity. The adjacent dawn, Alex refuses to go to educate, claiming that his influence, “ helping here and there, ” has left him consume. soon after, a government probation officer, Mr. Deltoid, arrives at the flat and knees Alex in the genitals for reverting to outbursts of ferocity and wasting the politics ’ s resources trying to reform him. Unaffected by the visit, Alex picks up two young women at a record shop and brings them back to his room to have sex, becoming so involve that he misses a crowd meet. Later, after his droogs express their disappointment to Alex about his missing their meeting, Georgie rebukes him for picking on Dim and then suggests they commit larger robberies. Outraged at the insubordination, Alex knocks Georgie into a river and knifes Dim ’ mho branch when he tries to help Georgie. Having reasserted his agency, Alex appropriates Georgie ’ south suggestion. The crowd then proceeds to the home of health club owner Mrs. Webber, who is known as “ Catlady ” and lives alone with her dozens of cats. Having read about the Alexanders, Webber refuses the gang entrance when they attempt the accident ruse again, but Alex then breaks into the house and bludgeons Webber unconscious with a big sculpt penis, contribution of Webber ’ s erotic art collection. Hearing approaching sirens, Alex flees outside, where his droogs, fed up with Alex ’ s brutality, bash him unconscious mind and leave him for the patrol. After Webber dies from her injuries, Alex is sentenced to 14 years in prison. During his jail entree routine, Alex must submit to an autocratic officer who assigns him a number to replace his name, strips him of clothes and belongings and performs an anal search. For his inaugural two years, Alex panders to the prison chaplain by quoting the Bible and accompanying him on keyboard for service hymns, while secretly fantasizing about the Bible ’ s fierce and sexual passages. One day, Alex, hoping for an early spill from imprison, claims that he wants to reform permanently and asks the chaplain to help him get on the list for an experimental treatment of aversion therapy known as the Ludivicko proficiency, but the chaplain warns him that the brainwashing plan will erase his will and therefore his soul. soon after, the unscrupulous Minister of the Interior, hoping the antipathy therapy will win his government valuable populace support, chooses the enthusiastic Alex as the first gear campaigner and sends him to the Ludivicko Center, where Alex is promised that he will be permanently cured in two weeks. Alex is then injected with a serum that causes him to feel waves of excruciating nausea and suffocation, which he names the “ nausea, ” when his crimson passions arise. Bound in a straitjacket with his eyelids forced capable by clamps, Alex is forced to watch hours of violence and mass destruction as part of his condition to repulse violence. On the irregular day of treatment, when the serve doctors play Beethoven ’ s one-ninth symphony orchestra during the screenings, Alex realizes that the music of his darling composer will now constantly be associated with “ the illness, ” and begs them to stop, but the doctors refuse. The day before his let go of, Alex is presented on a stage before an consultation of government officials and other authorities to prove the discussion ’ south robustness. Alex ’ s fear of “ the nausea ” prompts him to follow orders and render to degrading treatment without reacting with violence. When he is then presented with a nude woman, Alex at foremost grok for her, but the nausea prevents him from even touching her. Although the chaplain forte protests that Alex has lost all choice and deems the treatment unethical, the Minister of the Interior proclaims it a success and releases Alex. Returning family, Alex discovers that his parents have taken a lodger, Joe, who defends his mum and dad and protests that Alex should not be allowed to return because of his atrocious behavior. Learning that the patrol have taken away his belongings and his hydra is dead, Alex leaves the apartment sob and contemplates suicide at the river. When a hiker interrupt to ask for change, the serviceman recognizes Alex as the beastly youth who beat him years ago, and leads him to a tunnel teaming with aged drunkards who accost him. Police officers stop the contend, but Alex soon recognizes the officers as Georgie and Dim, who are felicitous to mete out their retaliation against their former drawing card. They handcuff Alex and drive him to an apart area where they about drown him in an animal gutter while laughing at the barbarous spectacle. Weak, soaking and ineffective to recognize his surroundings, Alex mistakenly seeks help at “ HOME. ” Alexander, who lost his wife to suicide barely after Alex and the impurity ’ randomness attack, recognizes Alex only as the homo in the newspaper who was forced to submit to the patrol ’ sulfur inhumane experiments and offers him a bathtub and dinner. however, when Alex starts humming his signature express tune, Alexander then realizes that Alex is his former attacker and concocts a plan. Thinking Alex ’ s behavior alteration treatment inequitable, the politically revolutionist writer calls respective journalists who arrive concisely after to use Alex ’ s testimony for their own political agenda. After learning that his condition includes a hard antipathy to Beethoven, the writer serves Alex sedative-laced wine, locks him a board and tortures Alex by playing Beethoven at a deafeningly loud volume. Alex attempts suicide by jumping from the second story window, but the precipitate succeeds only in break bones that result in an elongated stay at a hospital. Newspapers soon report Alex ’ mho attempt as validation of the politics ’ mho inhumaneness, thus prompting the government to hire psychiatrist Dr. Taylor to reverse the Ludivicko condition. The doctor then tests Alex by presenting him with cartoons with open-ended narratives. Alex happily creates fierce dialogue for his characters, frankincense proving his “ recovery. ” Soon after, the Minister of Interior visits Alex with an offer. Reminding him that the writer and respective of his early victims would like him either killed or imprisoned, the minister, worried about the consequence of the election, offers Alex a speculate and fiscal compensation in trade for being the minister ’ s propaganda tool. As Alex accepts the proposal, the press photographs the two men to publicize the politics ’ s transfer of kernel. When Beethoven ’ s one-ninth symphony orchestra is then played, Alex ad lib imagines scenes of public fornication and happily announces that he is “ cure indeed. ”

47. Taxi Driver


twenty-six class old Travis Bickle applies for a caper as a New York City cab driver. The personnel policeman drills Travis with questions, and warms to him when he realizes they both served in the Marines. After Travis expresses his willingness to drive long hours, any day, in any separate of the city, he is hired. Travis former writes in his diary about the hapless condition of the city, the disturbing people he sees, and his new job which pays him $ 300 to $ 350 per week. At workplace, he picks up an older man with a prostitute and complains afterward about cleaning bodily fluids off the backseat of the cab. After working twelve hour shifts, he complains that he can not sleep and wants a function in life. One day, Travis sees a campaign worker named Betsy and describes his romanticist impression of her in his diary. Inside headquarters for Senator Charles Palantine ’ s presidential campaign, Betsy and her coworker, Tom, engage in friendly conversation while Travis watches from his park cab. Betsy becomes aware of Travis ; however, when Tom goes outside to confront him, he speeds away. late, he sits with colleague cab drivers in an nightlong cafeteria, and they discuss the respective acts of ferocity they ‘ve encountered. Travis remains distant and glares at respective african american english men. erstwhile late, Travis asks Betsy out for chocolate, and she accepts. At a diner, Travis and Betsy discuss the crusade, and she offers her stamp of Travis, comparing him to lines from a birdcall by Kris Kristofferson. Travis promptly buys the record. One evening, Travis picks up Senator Palantine. Though ignorant about political issues, Travis suggests the campaigner clean up the city and expresses his patronize of the senator ‘s campaigning. Later, a twelve year-old prostitute, Iris, gets into Travis ‘ cab. No preferably is she in the taxi, when her pander, Matthew, besides known as “ Sport, ” arrives and pulls her from the cable car. Travis takes Betsy to a pornographic movie on their adjacent date. She becomes agitated, storms out of the field, and hails a cab. After numerous attempts to send her flowers, Travis calls Betsy in an undertake to reconcile, but she has no interest. As time passes, Travis grows angry. He rushes into Palantine ’ s campaign office, yells at Betsy, and threatens her. One flush, a passenger instructs Travis to pull over so he can watch the shadow of a womanhood standing by a light up window in an apartment construction. The passenger explains that she is his wife and is having an matter. He tells Travis he intends to kill her. Travis listens, occasionally glancing suspiciously at the passenger in the rearview mirror. later, at the cafeteria, Travis confides to Wizard, an older driver, that he has been having destructive thoughts. Wizard tells Travis to stop worry and promises he will be okay. One nox, Travis about hits Iris by accident. He follows her and a ally as they walk down the street, but the girls pick up two men on the corner. Travis discusses aloneness in his diary, and states that his biography needs a change. He meets with Easy Andy who sells, among other things, guns. Travis purchases an categorization of firearms and, captive on getting into form, begins working out, eating healthy, and taking target practice. At home, he practices pulling guns out of holsters and hiding a knife in his kick. One day, Travis attends a muster for Palantine where he talks with a secret overhaul agent who appears fishy of his demeanor. As Travis walks away, agents try to snap a mental picture of him, but he disappears into the crowd. At night, Travis stops at a convenience store. When a young man holds up the cashier, Travis approaches from the back of the store and shoots the thief. He then panics because he does n’t have a gun permit, but the teller promises to cover for him and sends him aside. After he leaves, the teller beats the unconscious mind criminal with a metallic element browning automatic rifle. Travis watches another crusade event from his cab, but police usher him away. At base, he writes to his parents, telling them he has a top-secret politics job and a girlfriend named Betsy. He late approaches Iris and arranges a softwood for her services with Sport. They go into a nearby apartment building where Iris ’ timepiece charges Travis for a room and waits in the hallway. Inside the room, Iris seduces Travis, but he rejects her advances. He explains that he came because he wants to help her escape. The future day, they meet for breakfast at a diner. Travis tells Iris he may have to go away for work, and he wants to give her money so she can leave Sport and her biography as a prostitute. In the flush, alone with Sport, Iris expresses her sadness, but he manipulates her into staying. After more target drill and cooking, Travis arrives at another beat up, having shaved his hair into a Mohawk. Travis approaches Palantine, but, when he reaches into his coat, the secret service men see him and spring into military action. Travis escapes to his apartment where he regroups and heads back out, this time to the apartment build where Sport operates. Travis shoot Sport and enters the nearby build where Iris sees clients. In the hallway, he shoots Iris ’ timepiece. Having followed Travis inwardly, the hurt Sport shoots him in the neck, but Travis returns ardor and kills the pimp. He makes his direction to Iris ’ room as the timepiece, inactive animated, comes after him. Travis is then shot by Iris ’ client, but he quickly fires rear and kills the homo. The timepiece attacks Travis as he crashes into Iris ’ room. After a struggle, he stabs the timekeeper and shoots him in the head while Iris looks on, terrified. Travis attempts to shoot himself adjacent, but the guns are out of bullets. He collapses on the sofa moments before the police enter. In the days that follow, news reports praise Travis as a hero, and Iris ‘ parents send him a thank you letter for bringing their daughter back to them. After recovering from the incident, Travis returns to work. One night, he picks up Betsy, and they awkwardly discuss Palantine ‘s nomination victory and Travis ‘ brush with fame. At her finish, Betsy gets out of the cab and Travis throws the meter, giving her a rid depend on.

48. Jaws


One summer flush in late June on the New England island of Amity, adolescent Chrissie Watkins invites a bibulous colleague student, Cassidy, to skinny dip in the ocean. Although enthuse, Cassidy passes out a few feet from the prop up, while Chrissie strips and dives into the sea only to be viciously attacked from subaqueous. The next dawn, police headman Martin Brody meets Cassidy, who has reported Chrissie missing, on the beach just as deputy Hendricks discovers the mutilate remains of a female soundbox. Suspecting that Chrissie was a victim of a shark attack, Brody hurries to his office to make out a report card and consult with the township doctor. Determined to close the beaches when the doctor confirms his fears, Brody sets off to Amity Bay, but is intercepted by Mayor Larry Vaughn, two city council members and the doctor of the church. Vaughn reminds Brody that closing the beaches requires a bless city ordinance and that the Fourth of July weekend is about to begin. When the sophisticate reluctantly admits that the body may have been mutilated by a motorboat blade and Vaughn insists they do not want to start a pointless panic, Brody grudgingly agrees to keep the beaches open. The following day, an anxious Brody oversees the herd beach, accompanied by his wife Ellen and their two unseasoned sons, Michael and Sean. Dozens of children and young people thrash about in the surf and a pawl repeatedly fetches a joint throw in the water by his owner. Moments late, however, the cad disappears and a group of people abruptly notice a pool of bloody red foam in the sea. As the swimmers and waders run to the beach in a panic, a mangled raft washes to shore while vacationer Mrs. Kintner searches in bootless for her young son, Alex. After Mrs. Kintner posts a three-thousand-dollar reinforce to kill the shark that killed Alex, Brody and the Amity city board meets with local anesthetic businesses, fisherman and town to quell their climb alarm clock. When Brody acknowledges that he must close the beaches, Vaughn reassures the aghast business owners that the closure will last lone twenty-four hours. The meet is interrupted by local professional fisherman and shark hunter, Quint, who vows to capture the shark single-handed for $ 10,000, which Vaughn agrees to consider. The surveil dawn, Brody is horrified to find Amity harbor teaming with boats and people from Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Jersey who have responded to Mrs. Kintner ’ s honor offer. Struggling to control the crowd who bear everything from dynamite to guns to small fishing reels, Brody is relieved when Matt Hooper from the Oceanographic Institute arrives. At patrol headquarters, Hooper examines Chrissie ’ mho remains and declares that the wounds are from a goodly shark. That afternoon a group of fishermen triumphantly return to Amity harbor with the carcase of a ten-foot shark which they proudly display for reporters and locals. Although Vaughn is delighted by the exhibition, Hooper insists the bite spoke of a Tiger shark is besides small to be the same shark that killed Chrissie. As Brody remains doubtful, Mrs. Kintner arrives and demands to know why he allowed the beaches to remain open after Chrissie ’ s death. That evening, Hooper visits the brooding Brody at base and reaffirms that the capture shark is not the one that killed Chrissie, and presses the chief to allow him to cut open the captured dead shark to explore its digestive remains. After Hooper determines that the shark caught by the fishermen has no human remains inside it, Brody realizes that he must close the beaches, but Hooper insists they immediately go in search of the killer shark in his high-tech exploration gravy boat, the Aurora. Despite Brody ’ s frank admission that he fears the water, Hooper forces the headman to accompany him. With the help of the Aurora’s potent spotlights, Brody and Hooper soon come upon a half-sunken dinghy showing unusual signs of price and Brody recognizes the gravy boat as belonging to an islander. Donning aqualung gear, Hooper goes subaqueous to inspect the little gravy boat ’ s hull and pulls an enormous shark tooth embedded in the planking. When the mutilate remains of a torso abruptly float by a gap hole in the boat, the startled Hooper drops the tooth. The future morning, Brody and Hooper met Vaughn on the beach to excitedly report that the shark attacks were made by a Great White. Without the tooth as testify, however, the mayor remains disbelieving and insists the beaches remain open the next sidereal day, which is the Fourth of July. The vacation dawns to hordes of vacationers packing the beaches. Hooper abandons a commitment to an eighteen-month research project in order to search for Amity ’ s Great White shark, while Brody, Hendricks and stand-in deputies with helicopter defend observe the waters. Distressed that no matchless has actually gotten into the water, Vaughn appeals with a family to do so and soon the surfboard is teaming with people. When Brody ’ s son Michael asks permission to take his new sailboat out to sea, Brody pleads with him to go into the nearby estuary. While Vaughn cheerfully gives an interview to a television reporter, swimmers are suddenly terrified to see a big fin cutting across the water. As the panic push returns en masse to the beach, Brody ’ s assistants reveal the five to be a hoax perpetrated by two local adolescent boys. interim, a new woman standing between the sea and the pond sees a massive subaqueous form head into the relatively shallow estuary where Michael and his friends are struggling to raise their sweep. Nearby, a man in a dinghy calls advice to the boys barely as the subaqueous animal smashes into his boat. The subsequent swell overturns Michael ’ s small sailboat and, as the boys thrash about, Michael witnesses the man being bitten in half by the enormous shark and faints. meanwhile, the young woman ’ sulfur continue cries alert Brody who races toward the pond as Michael ’ south friends pull him safely to shore. late, at the hospital, where Michael is declared fine, a knocked out Vaughn wonders if he can be held accountable for keeping the beaches open, but an angry Brody forces him to sign a contract hiring Quint. The next sidereal day, Brody and Hooper meet quintuplet at his pier-side office where Brody formally charters the fisherman ’ randomness boat, the Orca. Although Quint chafe about the college educated Hooper joining them, Brody insists that the oceanographer and much of his technical equipment be taken on board. Over the adjacent couple of days, the Orca roll far out to sea in search of the shark. One good afternoon Quint ’ s compact cable fish line is bitten in two, but otherwise their prey remains elusive. soon after, as a crabbed Brody resumes shoveling bloody chum out to sea to lure the shark, the animal breaks the surface of the body of water, its massive mouth gape. Stunned by the enormity of the shark, Brody staggers into the cabin and tells Quint that he will need a bigger gravy boat. As five and Hooper excitedly watch the shark encircle the Orca, the older man declares the creature is at least twenty-five feet long and three tons. While five prepares to shoot a cable line attached to a flotation barrel into the shark, Hooper attaches a radio tracking device to the barrel. After striking the shark with the harpoon and cable, the Orca follows the race barrel, but Quint is taken aback when the shark easily pulls the air-filled keg submerged and disappears. Night falls with no promote signal of the shark and the men sit in the bantam cabin drink and talking. quintuplet reveals that in World War II, he served on board the U.S.S. Indianapolis which was sunk by a japanese submarine and about eight hundred of its surviving crew was lost to shark attacks while waiting for rescue in the open sea. The men fill the subsequent tense silence with songs, when the shark surfaces in the dark and rams into the hull, damaging the gravy boat ’ second shaft. Despite Quint firing several rounds at the shark, it remains unaffected, but disappears for the remainder of the night. The adjacent dawn, Quint and Hooper contend to repair the battered rudder and engine house, when the shark surfaces and Quint shoots another cable and barrel into it, then ties the cables lines to the transom cleats. As the shark, now hooked to two flotation barrels, races further out to sea, Quint pushes the rough guide engine of the Orca in pursuit, ignoring Brody ’ s argument to turn back toward country. Later the shark appears to have vanished, only to surface suddenly and attack the cable lines. Panicked, Brody attempts to radio the Coast Guard, but Quint smashes the radio receiver with a bat. five then sedately shoots another line and a third base barrel into the shark, but when the shark heads to sea again towing the Orca, Quint is forced to cut the twit cable lines, fearing that the transom will be pulled away. As the battered and listing Orca begins taking on water, the men watch incredulously as the barrels turn toward them, then inundate and go beneath the gravy boat. Moments late, the shark rams the keel. The ship ’ south stressed locomotive bearings begin to smoke, and Quint, masking his concern, pushes the locomotive as the shark begins pursuing them. Upon reaching the gravy boat, the great shark rises up, biting into the transom. The violence of the creature ’ s attack finishes the Orca’s weakened engine. The shark disappears as Brody and Hooper realize that the Orca is sinking by the stern. Handing Brody a lifejacket, Quint asks Hooper about the shark cage and other equipment he has brought on circuit board. When Hooper reveals that he has a large syringe full of strychnine nitrate, Quint declares the syringe will never penetrate the shark ’ s street fighter clamber. Hooper however volunteers to go subaqueous in the cage and attempt to shoot the syringe into the shark ’ s sass with the harpoon gunman. Despite Brody ’ sulfur protests, Hooper dons aqualung gearing and oxygen, and is lowered in the cage into the water. Within moments the shark appears and rams the cage from behind Hooper, then grabs the bars and shakes the cage, causing the panicky Hooper to drop the harpoon gunman, unfired. Fleeing the shark ’ sulfur crazed fire through the mutilate cage bars, Hooper swims to the sea bed. interim the shark, momentarily trapped between the cage and the side of the Orca, thrashes violently as Quint struggles to crank the winch. The deflect ginpole gives way as the shark extricates itself and Quint and Brody are horrified when the battered, vacate batting cage surfaces. The shark reappears at the stern and again lunges at the Orca’s deck, tilting the boat sharply, causing Quint and Brody to tumble and slide toward the madden creature. Brody hangs on to the cabin doorframe, but Quint, unable to maintain his bag on Brody ’ second stage, slides directly into the shark ’ mho jaw. When the shark submerges with Quint ’ s bloodied cadaver, Brody casts about for a weapon and spots Hooper ’ s remaining oxygen tank car. When the shark attacks again, Brody manages to wedge the tank into its sass. Taking Quint ’ sulfur rifle, Brody climbs out onto the bridge mast, which is now about parallel with the water, and as the shark comes at him, fires repeatedly until a bullet train strikes the oxygen tank, causing it to explode and blow off the animal ’ s head. As lineage and flesh rain down on Brody and the closely submerged Orca, the shark ’ s other one-half falls slowly through the water system. Moments later, Brody is amazed when Hooper surfaces. The men laugh weakly in relief and, after Hooper learns of Quint ’ mho death, the men use the remaining flotation barrels as digest and paddle their way toward land .

49. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


As character of her daily beauty act, the Wicked Queen asks her Magic Mirror, “ Who is the fairest one of all ? ” and is told that Snow White, her blossom stepdaughter, is now the “ fairest one of all. ” In an covetous rage, the fagot orders a woodsman to kill Snow White, who has equitable met the fine-looking and endearing Prince, in the afforest. once there, however, the woodworker finds he can not do the act and admonishes the princess to hide, while he returns to the fagot with a hog ‘s kernel, which he claims belonged to Snow White. Frightened by the dark, stormy forest, Snow White runs wildly through the trees until she collapses with debilitation on the forest floor. After her pile, she wakes to find the woods fully of friendly, furred animals, who guide her to an empty bungalow. Shocked by the creaky condition of the bungalow, Snow White enlists the help of the animals to clean it up, and then falls asleep in an upstairs bedroom, which has been furnished with seven bantam beds. While Snow White sleeps, the owners of the beds, the Seven Dwarfs — Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful and Happy — restitution from working at the local anesthetic rhombus mine and discover the snooze princess. After much confusion, Snow White strikes a deal with the Dwarfs, offering her domestic services in exchange for board and board. To Grumpy ‘s dissatisfaction, Snow White turns the family top down and instigates positive changes in the Dwarfs ‘ life. The Dwarfs ‘ newly found happiness ends abruptly when the evil queen, who has learned from the Magic Mirror that Snow White is alive, transforms herself into an old hagfish and, equipped with a poison apple, heads for the Dwarfs ‘ bungalow. Lured by the queen, the innocent Snow White bites into the apple and falls into a death-like sleep, which can be broken lone when she is kissed by her first on-key sexual love. Satisfied that Snow White is doomed, the queen rushes back toward her castle but is chased by the Dwarfs and falls to her death off a cliff. While lying in the woods in a glass-domed coffin built by the Dwarfs, Snow White is found by the Prince. Entranced by her placid beauty, the prince kisses her back to life and carries her off to ageless happiness .

50. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


Dismayed by the extreme measures to prevent robberies taken by a small-town western depository financial institution, ill-famed bank robber Butch Cassidy wanders over to a public house to meet his partner, The Sundance Kid, who is in the middle of a card game. One of the players, Macon, unaware of Sundance ’ sulfur identity, accuses the illegitimate of cheating and, refusing to surrender his money, prepares to fight it out. When Butch attempts to intervene, Macon orders him away until he learns Sundance ’ south identity after which he meekly withdraws his accusation. On the long depend on back to their hideout, the Hole in the Wall in Wyoming, Butch tries to convince Sundance that they should go to Bolivia, which abounds in gold. Arriving at the hideout, Butch is surprised to find gang members Harvey Logan, News Carver and Flat Nose Curry preparing to rob the Union Pacific Overland Flyer trail. Butch vetoes their plan, declaring that banks are much more reliable. Harvey then informs Butch that because Butch has spent indeed much time away, Harvey has taken over leadership of the gang and made the decision to rob the Flyer. Butch insists he remains the gang ’ s leader, leading Harvey to challenge him to a fight, which Butch cursorily wins by distracting his opposition. Afterward, Butch decides that the design to rob the train on both of its scheduled trips through the area is sound. The gang stops the Flyer, whose engineers are excited at being robbed by Butch, but the larceny is about thwarted by the dedicate efforts of a young salesclerk, Woodcock, who refuses to open the aim car containing the savings bank safe. News then dynamites the door and, while the others retrieve the money, Butch revives the dazed Woodcock. A few nights subsequently in a nearby township, Butch and Sundance seat on a whorehouse balcony and watch with amusement as down on the street the town marshal struggles to incite the town into forming a posse to go after the Hole in the Wall crowd. Butch then envisions he and Sundance joining the army and becoming officers, and confides that his actual name is Robert LeRoy Parker. Sundance reveals his substantial identify is Harry Longabaugh and as the men toast each other, the town misplace concern in the marshal ‘s exhortations when a salesman demonstrates a newfangled invention, the bicycle. When Butch turns his attentions to one of the whorehouse girls, Sundance rides off. One evening some days late, schoolteacher Etta Place arrives at her small house and is startled to find Sundance waiting for her in the darkness. While Sundance points his gunman at her, Etta undress and lets her hair down, then as he embraces her, she chastises him for being late. A few days late, Etta awakens to the strange sight of Butch riding around the house on a bicycle. Delighted, Etta takes a depend on with Butch who performs tricks on the bicycle before being run off by a bull. On the way back to the house, Etta asks Butch if he has come to enlist Sundance in another robbery. Butch admits that he can not understand why, despite working hard all his biography, he has always been broke. Later, Butch, Sundance and the gang make another strike on the Flyer and Butch is delighted to discover the committed Woodcock back on the job. After tricking the youthful clerk into opening the car doorway, Butch discovers that Woodcock has hard secured the safe. Using several sticks of dynamite, Butch blows up the entire coach car and as the men laughingly retrieve the flyaway money, a train locomotive pulling a single cable car comes up behind the Flyer. Alarmed, Butch and the others watch as respective horses and riders leap from the educate car and begin after them. butch and Sundance immediately flee, but two of the gang members scrambling to get away are shooting toss off. When Butch and Sundance split off from the surviving two crowd members, they are frustrated that all the pursuers come after them. butch and Sundance ride unvoiced through the day into the evening, returning to the friendly whorehouse, but their efforts to throw off the pursuers fail, forcing them to escape into the night. To their depress, their hunters follow using torches. impress and incredulous at the group ’ s doggedness in tracking over assorted terrains throughout the future sidereal day, Butch repeatedly wonders about the men ’ south identities. In a far-flung town, Butch and Sundance diaphragm at the agency of old friend Sheriff Ray Bledsoe, who angrily informs them that their bearing might compromise his position. When Butch asks Bledsoe to vouch for them so they can enlist in the army, the honest-to-god sheriff roughly tells them that they are doomed to meet a bloody end. Butch and Sundance resume their flight and during brief rest stops observe their single-minded pursuers. Sundance believes one of them may be a celebrated hearty indian tracker from Oklahoma named Lord Baltimore. Although Butch is disbelieving, after studying the men, he wonders if their leader is the celebrated lawman LaForce, known for his trademark flannel boater hat. increasingly apprehensive, Butch and Sundance continue their evasions, riding high into a steep mountain range, where they let their remaining knight crack and proceed on foot only to find themselves on a cliff overlooking a river. Realizing that half of the trackers are behind them, and the others have taken up positions on the cliff across the river, Butch determines they can fight or surrender. Sundance refuses to capitulate, but when Butch abruptly suggests they jump into the river, he staunchly refuses, last admitting that he can not swim. Butch assures Sundance the fall will likely kill them and, as their pursuers watch helplessly, the duet plunges into the river, which sweeps them away to condom. Some days late, an run down butch and Sundance arrive at Etta ’ s home, where she relates that the newspapers had reported their capture. She explains that the head of the Union Pacific lines, E. H. Harriman, outraged by the changeless robberies of his trains by the Hole in the Wall gang, has put together an exclusive posse comprised of the nation ’ south best lawmen to assure the death of Butch and Sundance. Butch angrily accuses Harriman of bad business practices, declaring that if the baron would plainly pay them the money he has paid the posse, Butch would stop robbing him. Sundance fears they will be on the prevail constantly and late that night he and Butch invite Etta to flee with them to Bolivia. She agrees, stipulating that if the law should reach them there, she will not stay to watch them die. The future day, the three sets off for New York, where they catch a soft-shell clam to South America. Upon arriving in a minor, dusty village in Bolivia, Sundance expresses disgust with the crude surroundings. While attempting to rob a village bank, the duet is horrified that no one speaks English, prompting Etta to teach them holdup commands in spanish. Etta joins in the next several heists and, soon, Butch and Sundance develop a reputation as Los Bandidos Yanquis, or the Yankee Bandits. Their spree comes to an abrupt end, however, when Butch spots LaForce in a village. Etta insists that the lawman is outside his jurisdiction, but Sundance reminds her that the posse ’ south deputation is to kill them. Butch declares that if they commit no farther robberies, they can not be traced, and so announces they are going “ straight. ” The men then take a occupation with Percy Garris, escorting a mining payroll, but on their identical first job, Garris is killed by local bandits. When the bandits fire on Butch and Sundance, they promptly surrender the money, but when it becomes obvious the thieves do not intend to let them go, the couple is forced to kill them. Dejected, Butch and Sundance refund to Etta who urges them to take up farming or ranching. When they refuse, Etta decides to return to America. Butch and Sundance resume robbing banks and one day arrive in the little town of San Vicente, where they are recognized and reported to the local patrol. The police foreman summons the united states army, then surrounds Butch and Sundance with his own forces. In the ensuing gunfight, the outlaws run low on ammunition, forcing Butch to make a boldness slipstream across the court to grab their gunman belts, while Sundance provides angry breed. badly wounded, the men collapse in a local anesthetic construct and as they painfully rearm, Butch confides to the doubting Sundance that he has discovered another invest full-bodied with electric potential, Australia. Unaware that a bombastic contingent of soldiers has joined the police outside, Butch and Sundance confidently rush out of the construction to make their evasion, only to be caught in a hail of bullets .

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