15 best premium apps and paid apps for Android

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Google Play Store best premium apps and paid apps for android Some of the best apps price a little spot of money. That ’ sulfur just the way it works sometimes. however, there are besides a crowd of apps that necessitate for besides much, are identical expensive, or are plainly not worth it. There are millions of paid apps in the Google Play Store and many of them are excellent. however, we think a few digest above the rest. To make this list, apps have to have a unmarried price tag with no extra in-app purchases, subscriptions, or advertise. You buy it once and you get everything. here are the best premium apps for Android ! 1Weather is one of the best weather apps on mobile. We like this one in particular because it has a clean interface, all of the basic information, a weather radar, severe weather alerts, and decent widgets. Plus, the little weather fun facts are enjoyable as well. The free interpretation has everything along with ads while the premium interpretation removes ads. It ’ s a rock upstanding, single-payment upwind app in a market where more and more weather apps have a subscription. today Weather is besides quite effective in this space.


Price: $ 0.99 Bouncer was our choice for the best new Android apps from 2019. It ’ s a security app with a concentrate on Android permissions. You can manage those permissions on the spot without diving into menu. It besides lets you grant impermanent permissions that it automatically revokes subsequently. For case, you can enable location to check into a position on Facebook and set Bouncer to remove that license late. It ’ s an excellent bargain at $ 0.99. The only issue is that it ’ s not in truth deserving it for Android versions beyond Android 10 since most of this functionality is built into the OS now .
Bouncer is one of the best security apps for android

Kustom Industries apps

Price: Free / $ 4.49 each Kustom Industries is a developer on Google Play with a few capital premium apps. The inaugural is KWGT, a custom appliance maker where you can make widgets that do a kind of things. There is besides KLWP, a customs live wallpaper maker for those who want that. ultimately, you have KLCK, one of the last custom lock riddle apps under active exploitation. All three apps follow a similar premise. They let you create custom-make things for your earphone with a no-nonsense WYSIWYG editor and simple enough instructions. Each app has a unblock version and a premium version for $ 4.49 per app. Anyone looking for deeper customization and theme should check these apps out first .


Price: Free / $ 2.49 MediaMonkey is an excellent audio musician with a lot of effective functionality. The UI international relations and security network ’ t the flashy. however, you get a kind of methods to sort your music, playlist support, Android Auto subscribe, Google Chromecast support ( along with casting to DLNA/UPnP devices ), and compatibility with one-third party scrobblers like last.FM. additionally, this is one of the few Android music players with a desktop version and you can sync the two alike to the old iTunes. The desktop translation is quite a moment more expensive, but the two do support wireless syncing over WiFi. Of path, Poweramp, Pulsar, and BlackPlayer are besides excellent premium apps if you want something different .
MediaMonkey is one of the best music player apps

Nova Launcher Prime

Price: Free / $ 4.99 Nova Launcher is the gold standard for Android launcher apps. It features a mod UI, tons of extras, some theme features, and more. You can customize everything from the size of a home plate screen door to the number of icons on the dock and batch of other things. Tons of people already own this app, though. frankincense, if you want to try something fresh, some other excellent premium apps include Hyperion Launcher, Action Launcher, and the fresh Apex Launcher .
Nova Launcher is one of the best android apps PhotoPills and SunSurveyor are two photography apps with a reasonably similar purpose. These apps help you plan shoots for photography and filmmaking. It helps you keep racetrack of things like sunrise and sunset, daydream phases, and star positions so you can get the photograph you want at the correctly time. Both of these apps are preferably expensive, but we ’ ve seen virtually no complaints from anybody who buys them. You can go with either one, they are both excellent .

Podcast Addict

Price: Free / $ 4.49 Podcast Addict is an excellent podcast actor. It has all of the common features, including excellent administration and playlist features, tons of available podcasts, and assorted playback controls. You can besides do neat stuff like car download new episodes, find newfangled podcasts, and cast it via Chromecast and SONOS. The UI international relations and security network ’ t the most brassy, but it ’ randomness functional and the rest of the features more than make up for it. This is well among the best podcast apps on Android. Those who don ’ t like this one can try out Doggcatcher and, if you don ’ thyroxine thinker subscription costs, Pocket Casts .
Podcast Addict is one of the best android apps

Pulse SMS

Price: Free / $ 0.99 per calendar month / $ 10.99 once Pulse SMS is an excellent all-around texting app. It works like most texting apps with theme, MMS support, and support for extras like text schedule. however, if you pay the $ 10.99 price tag, you get cross-device synchronize with your computer, pad, or about any early machine. It bypasses the motivation for subscription services like Pushbullet and it works quite well. If you equitable need a bare and cheaper text app, Textra is besides big at $ 2.99 .

Relay for Reddit

Price: Free / $ 3.99 relay for Reddit is an excellent direction to browse the massive web site. It features a card-style UI and it very helps freestanding Reddit UI elements. Some other features include inline preview, moderator features, better comment seafaring, confirm for the spoiler tag, and more. It besides loads comments and links simultaneously and we quite liked that. Its an excellent all-around experience and one of the better premium apps for Android .

Simple Mobile Tools (multiple apps)

Price: Free / $ 0.99 each Simple Mobile Tools is a developer on Google Play with several good premium apps. They include a gallery, a calendar, a drawing app, a contacts app, a file coach, and a note taking app. These apps are ace simpleton, open reference, and require the absolute minimum permissions requirements. They are besides dirt cheap at $ 0.99 each and have no advertise. This is a bang-up bent of paid apps if you want to go with the simplest possible options that besides hush get even updates .
solid Explorer is well one of the best file browser apps. It has a bare UI, but enough potent features to satisfy about anyone. It supports drag-and-drop functionality and it shows dual windows in landscape mode. additionally, it supports most popular archive files, FTP servers, and most popular cloud storage websites. You can even stream local anesthetic media files to your Chromecast. It ’ sulfur mighty and it ’ s cheap .


Price: Free / $ 2.99 Tapet is a wallpaper generator app. You choose the form and colors. The app then makes a wallpaper. All wallpapers are made for your device ’ randomness shield specifically sol you don ’ t have to worry about mismatches or humble resolution images. additionally, there are well over 100 patterns and tons of colors to play with. You can save ones you like or apply them from the app itself. It besides has a random generator that auto-applies if you want to go that route .
Tapet best customization apps for android

Tiny Scanner

Price: Free / $ 4.99 bantam Scanner is an excellent productiveness instrument. It uses your device television camera to read documents, receipts, and other items. You can then turn those items into PDFs and save them for future reference. The app supports black and white, grayscale, and color scans. additionally, you can adjust contrast if you need to. It ’ s a elementary app that does a simple job. however, it does that job very well for a single price tag .


Price: $ 1.99 TouchRetouch is an concern photograph editing app. It doesn ’ t do the normal stuff like crimson eye discipline or anything like that. rather, it takes out bits and pieces of photos that make it look bad. For example, you can get rid of a sign on a beach, a power course at the top of a photograph, or early small things like that. It works amazingly well and it can touch up a photograph in a fortune of ways. It runs for a single $ 1.99 buy. This one is besides free to use if you have Google Play Pass .


Price: $ 2.99 WolframAlpha is an data and education app. It ’ south besides one of the most herculean apps in this space. You can find data for dozens of topics such as statistics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy, and more. You can ask it something basic like the tides in Honolulu, Hawaii and it ’ ll tell you. This is an invaluable tool for college students and likely even senior high school school students. You won ’ triiodothyronine find a better tool for the price .
Wolfram Alpha is one of the best learning apps for android

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