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There are not a lot of apps available on the Google Play Store that exceed the fabled five dollar price mark. And to be average, not a lot of them justify the higher price point. thankfully, we have made a list of bang-up android apps for $ 5 that are well worth the investment and can in truth enhance the Android experience for you .
We ’ ve already covered unlike price points in other articles so this one will be focusing on apps that are either precisely 5 dollars or close .
Five dollars is considered a high price for an Android app and this is because we are accustomed to using amazing apps for absolutely release. so, when an app asks for five dollars of our hard-earned cash, we are a short bit timid.

I understand that five dollars are very lupus erythematosus when compared with other products, particularly if you like to drink a set of coffee bean but somehow spending these five bucks on an Android app seems unmanageable .
That is precisely why I have compiled a list of five best android apps for $ 5 sol you get the best value out of your money. Sure, not all of these apps will be for you and some may not tied appeal to your personal taste but it is always estimable to know the apps that are worthy of our buy. Note: The 5 best apps for $ 5 were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. All of these apps performed exceptionally ticket and no problems were faced during custom .
I have personally used about every app on this list in my daily tasks, they have performed well over the years and I have absolute confidence that you will be satisfied with them. Some apps may require an active Internet connection for some features .

Best Android apps for worth your money

These are the android apps for $ 5 which made into our top lists. Do check them out .

1. Nova Launcher Prime

Nova launcher Icon Best Android apps for $5Nova Launcher There are a short ton of bang-up customs launchers for Android available only Google Play Store, but one of them stands above the rest. Nova Launcher Prime has taken the toilet of the best custom launcher for Android by a small margin, but it is hush considered to be the top rank one available .
other launchers like Action Launcher and Go Launcher do come close, but Nova Launcher Prime provides great respect for your cash. It is actually one of the first apps I purchased and have been using it across multiple devices .
presently, this catapult is installed on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and it looks remarkable. You ’ ll be able to customize about every view of the catapult with rest .

Want to change the icons ?
Simply install a custom icon clique from the Google Play Store .
Want to use gestures on your smartphone ?
You can use them with ease here. You will even be able to customize the animations of the launcher arsenic well as the app draftsman and its behavior. If you want to do anything and everything, this is one of those android apps for $ 5 that you will never regret bribe .
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2. Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup ProTitanium Backup Pro Our next best entrance in this list of android apps for $ 5 is Titanium. If you are matter to in getting the full Android have by rooting your device and flashing a custom ROM, you ’ ll need to get a bang-up accompaniment app for your device. To be honest, there is no stand-in app better than Titanium Backup Pro. It is one of the oldest and trusted stand-in apps available on the platform and has been doing quite well over the years .
This is not an average backup app that just gets the datum from your device and uploads it to a cloud server ; it is a lot more than that. This is a thorough backup app that even backs up app data for you. For model, if you make a stand-in of the messenger app, your text messages will besides be backed up along with it .
When you restore that particular stand-in, your messages will besides return as is. same goes for any kind of game that stores game saves locally. This is merely a glimpse into the world of Titanium Backup Pro if you want more information you can check out the titanium Backup exploratory article .
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3. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts Pocket Casts This is one of those android apps for $ 5 that you shouldn ’ metric ton miss if you like podcasts. Pocket Cast is for those people who love to listen to podcasts on a day by day basis. There are a bunch of bang-up features in this bang-up app that allows you to listen to the podcast the way you like them. One best feature of this app is the ability to remove hush for the podcasts .
Some casters like to remain mum for quite some time, and this adds up to the entire duration of the hurl. With this bang-up feature of speech, the app will mechanically remove any moments of silence from the podcasts and speed them up well .
It besides comes with download options that allow you to download podcasts while you sleep and save mobile data. You ’ ll besides be able to see what is coming up future a good as rearrange the shows just the direction you want them .
The app besides comes with a great filter organization that allows you to select the podcast you want to listen at a especial time without having to scroll through the whole library .
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4. Tasker

Tasker Tasker ever wanted to automate everything on your smartphone and let it do daily jobs for you ? well with a little bite of feat and an app called Tasker, you ’ ll be able to achieve that with ease. It is basically an advance app that executes functions when a certain set of circumstances are met .
For model, it will start the YouTube app once you insert the earphones in the interface. Or it can easily send an e-mail to your foreman if you are running deep for bring. All that can be automated easily by using the advance user interface features on this app .
There are a lot of triggers available that can activate certain apps or functions as they are met .
full time, localization, day, consequence, shortcut, visit, timer, plug in and even hard/soft states can trigger certain actions. There are over 200 built-in actions available on this app. That ’ s not all, though, you ’ ll besides be able to create your blind overlays and scenes with this great app .
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5. WatchMaker Watch Face

WatchMaker Watch Face WatchMaker Watch Face If you happen to own an Android Wear smartwatch, you should check this app out. good as the name suggests, Watchmaker allows you to make different watch faces with ease. That ’ s not all, though, if you ’ re not looking to make your watch faces, you can easily download thousands of watches that are built by other users .
however, the true world power of the app comes from its lookout confront making tool. There are a lot of different options you can select in this app from three-d gyroscope to animated GIFs and from animations to countdowns, you can well implement all of these effects on your watch face .
You can even get great text effects vitamin a well as one-click widgets integrated into your designs. suffice to say ; this is a very robust app that allows you to make about any watch confront you can imagine. so if you happen to own a smart watch, I highly recommend checking this app out .
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Is Nova Launcher Prime APK safe?

Yes the app is wholly safe. It has got over fifty million downloads on Google Play memory with above average ratings

Is Tasker better than Ifttt?

In automation of actions in your call Tasker is ranked in position 1 while, Ifttt is ranked in position 2. Besides, Tasker has relatively more number of triggers and action option which can be used in different combinations effectively

Is pocket casts free?

pocket Casts detached interpretation is available with an choice to upgrade with a 0.99 $ subscription


These were a couple of great android apps for $ 5 and I hope that you enjoy using them. These are among the few apps that are well worth the ask price and I highly recommend that you at least check out the first two apps. What do you think about this list ?
If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us in the comments below, we always look forward to hearing from you.
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