The 12 best Android Auto apps in 2022

Android Auto might not get tons of care, but it ‘s decidedly a plus when using Android devices, specially if you drive a batch. The app overrides your native equipment, which opens access to a overplus of apps that support Android Auto, hands-free, of course. ideally, such a apparatus minimizes distractions on the road, with the lend bonus of being able to use the best android apps natively on your car ‘s screen, which is precisely why Android Police has compiled a roundup of its favorites .
so if you ‘re on the hunt for the best android Auto apps presently available on the Google Play Store, you ‘ve come to the good locate. today ‘s roundup is an ever-growing tilt, and if you ‘d like to suggest some of your favorites, feel release to drop your recommendation in the comments .
here ‘s where you can find our former app roundups to catch up on the latest and greatest .

Google Maps

There ‘s no deny that the top-used app for Android Auto is Google Maps, seeing that it ‘s installed across a billion devices. It ‘s one of the most accurate and efficient function software in the market that dates back to 2008, with years of development behind it, and it ‘s barren. There ‘s no need for a subscription, and it ‘s constantly updated to boot. so, of course, Maps is the number-one go-to for Android Auto users with its gigantic installation base, thanks to its fantastic directions when driving that few competitors can beat .
Plus, the map is reactive to lighting, meaning light and iniquity themes are offered, and they switch automatically, such as when you enter a burrow. sol for everyone using Android Auto, Maps is an obvious choice for in-car navigation. Waze is besides big ( which is why it ‘s besides on the list ), but Maps packs many more features, such as offline functionality .
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Google Maps best androud auto app roundup (2)


Google Maps best androud auto app roundup


Scanner Radio – Police Scanner

habitually listening to emergency service scanners at base might not be for everyone, but you know what, listening while driving can actually help to avoid accidents and the like. Unlike relying on users on Waze to report issues on the road, you can listen to your city ‘s emergency scanners to look out for issues clogging the roadways .
While listening to emergency scanners will be incredibly beneficial for those that spend their days working on the road, even if you ‘re not on the hunt for delays directly from the source, listening to a local anesthetic scanner while driving hush keeps you up to date with your city ‘s emergencies. That is, if you ‘re into that kind of thing .
Monetization : spare / contains ads / IAPs $ 2.99 each
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Scanner Radio - Police Scanner android auto roundup



Autovaras: Android car assistant

When it comes to Android Auto, you ‘d expect a overplus of auto-focused apps, and while the choices are sometimes slender, depending on what you ‘re looking for, Autovaras is a standout thanks to its termination date chase. Simply input the dates for things like your adjacent vehicle inspection, when your policy is due, or when your tags expire. You ‘ll constantly have a screen accessible to you that contains this much-needed information, so you wo n’t miss any important dates, jeopardizing your license .
Autovaras may be a dim-witted liberation, but it indisputable is a helpful one, and you can pick up the install for dislodge, as there are no fees attached to this app .
Monetization : free / no ads / no IAPs

Spotify: Music and Podcasts

If you ‘re looking to play music and podcasts in a single robust app, then Spotify is easily a top choice. not only because it offers android Auto integration, but because it ‘s a bang-up music app in its own good. The library is enormous, and even the fledgling podcast library is growing by leaps and bounds, with a few shows that can only be found on the service. While exclusivity is rarely effective for consumers since it removes contest from the market, there ‘s something to be said about the ability to carry your music library with you wherever you go, specially since you can access that library merely about anywhere. Pair this with Google ‘s voice commands, and now you ‘re jamming to some tunes hands-free while driving .
Plus, anyone can use Spotify for exempt if they do n’t mind a few ads in between their songs and podcasts. All around, Spotify is a highly accessible streaming service, and it works big with Android Auto ( particularly with Car View ‘s removal. )
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Spotify Music and Podcasts best android auto roundup (1)



There ‘s a boatload of messaging apps to choose from, and many exploit with android Auto angstrom well as Google Assistant. The one that systematically stands out is Telegram. Sending messages is fast, everything ‘s encrypted, all capacity is synced account-wide ( so you can easily pick up where you left off when moving from personal computer to Android ), there ‘s a native personal computer app ( no necessitate for a world wide web app here ), and you can flush delete your messages at any time .
Plus, the app is constantly updated. There ‘s a batch to like here, and since Telegram works well with Android Auto along with Google Assistant, you can go hands-free with ease while driving .
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Telegram best android auto app roundup


Audible: audiobooks & podcasts

This one is for all of you audiobook fanatics out there. Commuting is a big meter to listen to an audiobook, and thanks to Audible ‘s Android Auto digest, you can well launch into an audible audiobook directly from Android Auto ‘s UI .
Amazon owns Audible, so the audiobook choice is superb. Plus the app offers podcasts, besides ( a worry for some since conglomerates buying up shows will result in them controlling what used to be an open market ). You can even purchase audiobooks packed with your e-books right on the Amazon shop, which is a capital way to save on Kindle and audible purchases. Best of all, audible offers convenient features that make it easy to pick up where you left off ampere well as replay something you missed while distracted. It ‘s a bang-up choice for on-the-go listen .
Monetization : dislodge / contains ads / no IAPs

Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Waze is an excellent navigation app in its own proper, and still in active development. It works through crowdsourcing, and anyone can report accidents or other delays on the road so that the rest of us can see hour to minute information. That allows drivers to choose efficient routes. It ‘s bright, which is why Google bought the service .
But despite a miss of offline support, Waze still offers accurate real-time traffic, thanks to the shape of its users. Plus, Waze integrates well with Android Auto, and you can even launch apps from within. Waze is an excellent travel companion .
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Waze best android auto roundup


Pocket Casts

respective streaming services offer podcast subscribe, like Spotify and Audible, but if you ‘re looking for a dedicate podcast app, Pocket Casts is a anchor dating from 2011. It ‘s an oldie but a goodie hush going potent despite bad fortune with its owners where the company has been sold several times. Thanks to an intuitive UI and queuing sport that makes it easy to set up a list to listen to podcasts, Pocket Casts is perfect for hanker drives while keeping your hands barren .
The app plug into Android Auto precisely very well, vitamin a well as Assistant, ensuring your hands remain free evening if you wish to change what you ‘ve previously set up. then if you ‘re a podcast addict who requires manipulate over your entire library for your commutes, Pocket Casts is a bang-up place to start .
Monetization : barren / no ads / IAPs from $ 0.99 – $ 9.99
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Pocket Casts - Podcast Player best android auto app roundup


Pocket Casts - Podcast Player best android auto app roundup (2)


TomTom GO Navigation

TomTom has been in the satellite seafaring plot since 2004, so it would make common sense that the company offers a handful of apps on Android, and TomTom GO Navigation is the big-boy of the group. You can trial this seafaring software for 30 days, fully-featured, and if you like what you see, then you can sub monthly for $ 5, go with six months for $ 16, or grab a year ‘s deserving of directions for $ 25 .
Offline maps are supported, along with lane steering, real-time traffic alerts, and turn-by-turn seafaring. There ‘s besides a barren choice available that goes by the identify TomTom AmiGO, but if you ‘re looking for TomTom ‘s fully seafaring sport set, TomTom GO Navigation is decidedly the version you should try if you require robust map software that works offline .
Monetization : release / no ads / IAPs from $ 1.99 – $ 24.99

Poweramp Music Player

There are tons of music streaming apps, but local music players are something of a rare breed, particularly the beneficial ones. At the acme of that list is Poweramp. It ‘s offered Android Auto confirm since 2019, and it ‘s a favorite, thanks to its clear blueprint and amazing EQ. It ‘ll besides play just about any format you throw at it, including FLACs, which makes it an excellent player for audiophiles with killer audio systems .
You wo n’t have to worry about compression degrading your darling tunes, ensuring you get the best experience possible for your FLAC collection, with an excellent 10+ dance band graphic equalizer built-in. You can try the full app for barren for 15 days, and if you like what you see, there ‘s a full translation unlock on the Google Play Store for $ 5.49 .
Monetization : free / no ads / no IAPs
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Poweramp Music Player best android auto apps roundup (2)


Poweramp Music Player best android auto apps roundup


TuneIn Radio

Okay, this is going to sound like a violent idea, but have you considered playing the radio through Android Auto ? TuneIn Radio is an all-in-one radio app, and it offers over 100,000 radio stations from across AM, FM, and the internet. This includes news program stations, a well as popular podcasts and alive sports .
The app offers Android Auto defend, and with all these stations available, you can listen to the radio receiver while driving. The survival of stations is exponentially better than what ‘s built into most car radios, so it ‘s not such a brainsick idea if you enjoy cruising music from around the world as you drive .
Monetization : free / contains ads / IAPs from $ 0.99 – $ 149.99

Player for Rainwave

If you ‘re looking for something a small different when listening to the radio while driving, possibly Player for Rainwave is equitable the ticket. This is an audio pour app centered around video game music, with Android Auto support built-in. It ‘s a exempt service backed by exploiter contributions, so it does n’t offer the support like the more big players in the streaming bet on, but updates are abundant, and issues are squashed quickly .
An entire app dedicated to video game music might not appeal to everyone, but for those that enjoy chiptunes, specially while on the run, Player for Rainwave is an excellent indie free that fills this recess admirably. Best of all, you can rate songs and favorite the finest tunes, customizing your experience so you can hit the road, no muss, no fuss .
Monetization : free / no ads / no IAPs
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Player for Rainwave android auto roundup


Player for Rainwave android auto roundup (1)


That ‘s the end of today ‘s Android Auto app roundup. Hopefully, everyone was able to find a few utilitarian apps for their commutes, though if you feel something is missing, please sound off in the comments to partake any apps you feel belong to on this list. so until the adjacent update, delight, and safe repel !

Does your new car patronize radio receiver Android Auto ?
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