11 Best Email Apps for Android in 2022

We depend on our smartphones for everything from news to weather to entertainment to communication. even though we sometimes spend hours trying new apps only to never use them again, we frequently stick to default e-mail apps without considering what alternatives are available. That ‘s why we ‘ve prepared this number of the best e-mail apps for Android, featuring a survival of e-mail clients with innovative features and a modern exploiter feel .Gmail best email app for Android

1. Google Gmail

Price: exempt The chances are that Google Gmail came pre-installed on your Android smartphone, but we could n’t resist featuring this popular e-mail node anyhow. With Gmail, you receive 15 GB of loose on-line storage and access to other Google products, including Google Drive, Google Photos, or Google Docs, fair to name a few. The Gmail attachment file size limit is 25 MB, which is about doubly a much as what you get with other electronic mail services, and Gmail has a phone number of useful features to help you communicate with those who you love and care about. We leave up to you to decide whether Gmail is the best e-mail app for Android, but the fact that it ‘s used by more than 1.2 billion people on the planet speaks volumes about it .Gmail best email app for Android If there ‘s one thing many users dislike about Gmail, it ‘s the fact that its design changes quite often and sometimes rather dramatically. Google does n’t want to fall behind its competitors, and the company constantly works on new features and experiments with respective design and serviceability tweaks. If you do n’t like change, Gmail may surprise you from time to time-and not in a good way.

👍🏼   Pros:

  • Lots of free storage space.
  • Integrated with other Google products.
  • Reliable.
  • Comes preinstalled on most Android devices.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • Frequent redesigns.

Clean Your Inbox Manage your mailbox overloaded with unwanted emails more efficiently Try Clean Email for Free Clean Your Inbox - Manage your mailbox overloaded with unwanted emails more efficientlySpike best email app for Android in 2022

2. Spike

Price: Free ( Business interpretation besides available ) spike heel has one of the most efficient and user-friendly Android e-mail app interfaces out there. Spike transforms your existing e-mail into a chat-like inbox and makes electronic mail tactile property equally childlike as sending a textbook, while hush keeping the professional persona to anyone on the receive end .Spike email app for Android Spike makes electronic mail easy to use by taking out the repeating threads and clutter and making electronic mail more organized than always before. Plus it ’ south packed with collaboration features like shared note/docs, video/audio meetings & messages, synced calendars, and more. This e-mail client makes it ace easy for Android users to communicate and collaborate through electronic mail with anyone. Spike besides mechanically sorts your low-priority and high-priority emails for you so that you can focus on what ’ s important and debar getting overwhelm with unimportant distractions. Basically Spike helps you use electronic mail in a better and more effective way. 👍🏼   Pros:

  • Simple user interface.
  • Build-in tools for better collaboration/communication.
  • Keeps inbox organized.
  • Connect multiple accounts.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • Takes time to adjust to.

Outlook email app for Android

3. Microsoft Outlook

Price: unblock The modern Outlook is Microsoft ‘s answer to Gmail. Long gone are the days when Outlook was an surly and clunky enterprise-grade Windows application that everyone hated to use but could n’t live without. Microsoft has reimagined what Outlook and developed an excellent and user-friendly e-mail node for Android to make it accessible to everyone. Besides Microsoft ‘s own e-mail services, Outlook for Android besides works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. We recommend you give Outlook a attempt particularly if you ‘re a Windows exploiter as you can use your Outlook explanation as your Windows history .Outlook email app for Android Microsoft Outlook comes with a few quirks that may make you want to pull your hair out. possibly the biggest oddity of all is the fact that it ‘s presently not potential to include a photograph as an attachment. The alone way how to send a photograph with an e-mail message is to embed it immediately in the body of the electronic mail, which is not constantly desirable. 👍🏼   Pros:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange.
  • Automatically sorts out important emails.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • Doesn’t make it possible to add a photo as an attachment.

VMware best email app for Android

3. VMware Boxer

Price: exempt 30-day trial You credibly would n’t expect a company known largely for state-of-the-art virtualization software solutions to develop a radically innovative e-mail node for Android, but VMware has done it. Boxer, as the ship’s company calls its electronic mail client, has been nominated for dear fluid productivity app of the year, and it has received a draw of praise from a number of influential engineering magazines and websites. At its core, Boxer is all about working with emails smarter and faster with features like bulge edit and promptly replies. The app is built upon the impression that repositing space is cheaper than time. As such, it prioritizes bulk e-mail organization and sprinkles it with intuitive gestures and back for multiple e-mail accounts .VMware best email app for Android Being a relatively young electronic mail app, it should n’t come as a huge surprise that VMware Boxer is n’t equally polished as some of the other apps featured in this article. Unless you stick entirely to the most basic features, you can expect the app to crash from time to time. 👍🏼   Pros:

  • Customizable swipe gestures.
  • Smart bulk email organization.
  • Support for multiple email accounts.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • The app could use some polishing and refining to be more stable.

K-9 email app for Android

4. K-9 Mail

Price: free K-9 Mail is a perfective electronic mail node for the supporters of loose reference software. Despite being a community-driven project, K-9 Mail has more features and better support for IMAP, POP3, and Exchange 2003/2007 ( with WebDAV ) than many other electronic mail clients from big companies. It supports multiple accounts, search, IMAP crusade e-mail, multi-folder synchronize, flagging, file, signatures, BCC-self, PGP/MIME, and much more, all while being completely barren and hosted on GitHub. possibly the lone thing K-9 Mail does n’t have compared to many other best mail apps for Android is a modern drug user interface as it sometimes feels a bite outdated .K-9 email app for Android unfortunately, it seems that K-9 Mail is no longer in active development because the stopping point update was released in September 2018. Because of this, many users running the latest version of the Android operate arrangement have reported problems with e-mail synchronization, notifications, and authentication. Unless you have an older smartphone, you should credibly look for a newer Android electronic mail app. 👍🏼   Pros:

  • Community-driven email app.
  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • Completely free.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • No longer in active development.

Aqua Mail Android best email app

5. Aqua Mail

Price: complimentary with in-app purchases

Aqua Mail is a trending electronic mail app for Android, featuring huge customization options and seamless yet herculean interface. With Aqua Mail, you can send and receive emails from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, AOL, and other electronic mail accounts. By connecting Aqua Mail to your darling cloud hosting solution ( such as ( Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, or Google Drive ), you gain the ability to backup and restore your emails with a few clicks .Aqua Mail Android best email app Aqua Mail boasts a wide range of powerful features, which include base blind widgets, ache folders, calendar synchronize for Exchange and Office 365, a different electronic mail touch for each account, and clamant replies via voice input from an Android Wear smartwatch. however, many of these features are available only through in-app purchases, some of which are slightly expensive. 👍🏼   Pros:

  • Plenty of useful features.
  • Supports modern authentication methods.
  • Works with Android Wear devices.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • Somewhat expensive considering the available alternatives.

Blue Mail Android best email app

6. Blue Mail

Price: Free ( professional interpretation available ) Blue Mail is an enterprise-ready electronic mail client with support for about all popular electronic mail providers deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as IMAP, POP3, and Exchange ( ActiveSync, EWS, 365 ). Blue Mail allows its users to specify when they wish to receive new emails with customizable mobile notifications, and it can display rich-text signatures, allowing you to wow your business partners with your company logo and neatly formatted contact information .Blue Mail Android best email app Because Blue Mail comes with an integrated calendar, widgets, and many unique electronic mail management features, it can take some time to get used to it and set everything up. If you manage to overcome the exorbitant learn crook, Blue Mail will reward you with its ache and elegant drug user feel. 👍🏼   Pros:

  • Can synchronize multiple inboxes from all your providers.
  • Integrated calendar.
  • Dynamic smart conversations.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • Takes some time to configure and get used to.

Newton Mail Android best email app

7. Newton Mail

Price: barren 14-day trial Newton Mail is n’t a traditional e-mail client but a subscription-based e-mail service designed to make electronic mail organization easier. It works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365, and all IMAP accounts. basically, Newton Mail enhances your e-mail have with features such as Read Receipts, Snooze, Send Later, Undo Send, Sender Profile, Connected Apps, and others, helping you keep your inbox nicely organized .Newton Mail Android best email app At the time of writing, Newton Mail has a reasonably atrocious rat of 2.0 stars on Google Play Store. The main reason for this rate is the fact that the app now costs r $ 49.99/year, tied though it used to be detached. many reviewers stated that they would happily pay the price if it was erstwhile requital and not a recurring subscription. 👍🏼   Pros:

  • Works with popular email services.
  • The ability to undo send, snooze.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • Overpriced.

Yandex Mail Android best email app

8. Yandex.Mail

Price: free Yandex.Mail is a detached e-mail service from russian corporation Yandex. It starts from 10 GB of release storehouse outer space and supports email attachments larger than 25 MB thanks to its integration with Yandex.Disk, cloud military service created by Yandex. The official Android app of Yandex.Mail is polished, capable, and release. If you have a fairly coarse appoint and always struggle to register a decent electronic mail address with western electronic mail service providers, Yandex.Mail might be just what you need .Yandex Mail Android best email app just do n’t be surprised if you encounter a mistranslate son or a sentence that does n’t make besides much sense in English. fortunately, this does n’t happen frequently, and the Yandex.Mail translation team always cursorily fixes all issues reported to them. 👍🏼   Pros:

  • Built-in spam protection.
  • Dark theme.
  • Integration with Yandex.Disk.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • Minor translation issues.

Edison Mail Android best email app in 2022

9. Edison Mail

Price: free Edison Mail is the winner of Google Play Store 2017 Android Excellence Program and one of the most elegantly designed e-mail clients in the Google Play Store. It works with e-mail providers including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange, IMAP, Alto, iCloud, and others. Edison Mail features an healthy personal adjunct that manages your inbox for you and immediately responds to your questions, greatly reducing the fourth dimension it takes to find information from emails .Edison Mail Android best email app in 2022 not besides hanker ago, Edison Mail introduced a colored mood to make the e-mail app easier on the eyes at night. The dark manner is surely a welcome addition, but it could use some polish to fix diverse readability issues and bugs that have been introduced along with it. 👍🏼   Pros:

  • Elegant email client.
  • Comes with an intelligent personal assistant.
  • Has a dark mode.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • The new dark mode is still buggy.

Clean Email best email tool for Android

Bonus: Clean Email

Price: Free ( Pro translation available ) clean Email is an electronic mail clean up cock that can automatically sort out your electronic mail into unlike categories, making it easier for you to organize your inbox. If you ‘re like most people, you credibly have hundreds of unread emails polluting your e-mail accounts, not to mention thousands and thousands of opened emails that are just sitting there and taking up storage quad. With clean Email, you can turn any messy inbox into intelligibly organized and meticulously labeled groups of relate emails, and the app flush allows you to block undesirable senders with the urge of a button, so you never get into the like mess ever again.

Clean your inbox with Clean Email on AndroidClean your inbox with Clean Email on Android Anyone can try Clean Email for release and use it with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, Fastmail, iCloud, or any early IMAP-based e-mail service. several premium subscription options allow users to unlock all features and delight Clean Email without limitations, and they all come with absolutely no extra fees or charges. 👍🏼   Pros:

  • Cleans a messy inbox in seconds.
  • Works with all IMAP-based email services.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • No hidden fees.

👎🏼   Cons:

  • The free version doesn’t include all features.
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