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Best Golf Apps For Android – GPS, Scorecards & Rangefinders

Golf Android Apps
When it comes to golf technology is becoming more and more authoritative with every year that passes. You have enough of options to choose from including GPS watches, handheld GPS devices rangefinders and now the ever growing for golf apps .
There ’ mho batch to choose from, you can get exempt apps that get the job done, apps with free and bounty versions and you can besides get fully prove premium apps that have some amazing features .
If you ’ ra looking for a quality GPS app for your Android to help you reduce your score, build up your start over clock time and improve your game, you ’ ve fall to the right rate.

In this article we have lined up 10 of the best android apps for you to try on the course today .

1. Golf Pad Golf GPS Rangefinder

Golf Pad
If you ’ rhenium looking for a quality release golf GPS rangefinder app, this is one of the best that we ’ ve used to date. Golf Pad is ever-evolving and the free features on this app are second to none. This in truth is the most features we ’ ve ever seen included on a Golf app for spare, you might think it ’ s good a trial but this is everlastingly it ’ south got all over 2 million downloads and 18,000 five leading reviews on the google Play store. You can pair this with your Android telephone or smart watch for release .

Golf pad is a free app to download and it’s got some paid features.

Free features

GPS Rangefinder

The biggest reason you need to download this app is because you get the distance to any point on the course from where you are as a complimentary feature and it besides gives you distances to the presence middle and the back of the green .
There are enough of expensive golf watches that won ’ thyroxine give you all of this functionality for FREE .

You get a PGA quality scorecard

You got a spare card for 1 to 4 players and it will track your sexual conquest for the beat, fairways hit, sand, penalties and putt .

Free Aerial Flyover

See an forward pass see of the hole and you can get the distance with one tap to any sand or trees so you can absolutely strategize your lay-up shots for amazing course management .

One Tap Shot Tracking

Keep racetrack of the outdistance of your strikes with one solicit on the screen, track all your strikes from tee to green. Build up your history on the app .
The App is perfective for tournament play in regulation mode, track your stats and history overtime for free, contribution your results on social media and the GPS can besides support yards or metres .
You can entree the nonrecreational features to sync it up with you android wear Samsung watch and it ’ s besides optimise to save your battery life .
This is the 10/10 go to App For Us on Android.

18 Birdies Golf App

18 Birdies Golf App
The 18 birdies golf app is one of the top rated and most democratic Android apps on the Google Play storehouse .
It covers 40,000 golf courses worldwide including every run that I ’ ve tried it on. It offers a premium mix between free and paid features and we were actually happy with this one overall .

Free features

  • GPS rangefinder will tell you the distance to the Green from any position that you’re in.
  • Keep track of your stats and you’re round history.
  • It switches from Hole to hole automatically.
  • You can play side games like skins, wolf and dots and you can can even book tee times through the app which is one of the big draws for us.

There’s also plenty of premium features

  • Advanced Stats and Caddy+ will give you much more insights into your game.
  • Other paid features include live weather map, the compass feature which shows the direction to the Green at all times and shot tracking.
  • The golf pad offers more free features but 18birdies is also an app to be reckoned with.

3. Golf GPS And Scorecard From Swing U

Swing U
Swing U offers a quality free know along with some agio paid features and they besides have an advanced university feature where you can get one-on-one tuition right through the app which will help you to become a better golfer much quick.

Free features

  • The GPS functionality is free is so you can get the distance to every green and Hazard from your current position and it claims to have every course in the world.
  • You get it digital scorecard and it automatically transitions from hole to hole.
  • You get a daily instruction tip, you can get your handicap when you post 3 scores to the app and you can also play games like strokes and skin play.

Paid features

  • Real-time weather conditions and the plays like feature which covers slope.
  • Shot tracking and a caddy feature that suggests what club to use for the distance.
  • 5 distances 2 the Green an advanced scorecard features like handicap consideration.
  • Access to tons of paid drills and one-on-one tuition through the university.

4. Hole 19

19 holes
Hole 19 is another tasty GPS rangefinder app that comes with plenty of free features and this has evening been referred to in the New York Times as a “ rightfully high technical school golf app ” .
Check It Out Here:

Free features

  • You get the free golf GPS rangefinder with distances to the front, middle and back of the green as well as any hazards on over 43,000 courses worldwide.
  • You get the digital scorecard with stroke play and Stableford modes.
  • You can also discover new courses in your area and share your round with your friends.

Premium features

It ’ sulfur less than $ 5 a month to upgrade and you get some cool features like :

  • Shot by shot tracking, tracking the distance of your shots, getting an overall view of your stats over time, auto hole change and premium maps.

overall this is a high quality golf app .
Check It Out Here:

5. Golfshot GPS And Tee Time App

Golf Shot
Offers at the features for your Android telephone or watch. It offers a metric ton of quality rid features with Premium extensions available and you can besides script tee times through the app .

Free Features

  • GPS rangefinder
  • As a standard with these free apps you get a free rangefinder that tells you the distance to the centre of the green on any hole that you’re on.
  • Also has auto advance to put you on to the next hole hassle free and voice Hole will call out the details of the current hole hands-free.
  • You get useful insights into your game and free connectivity with your Android watch, as well as a professional scorecard.
  • You can book tee times for free through the app and you also get a free 7-day trial of golf pro.

Premium Features

  • The premium features in this watch include shot tracking, advanced GPS features like distances to hazards.
  • You can get money off tee times and equipment.
  • You can even get personalised club recommendations based on your stats.
  • You also get a 3D flyover preview of each other before you play it.

6. Golf Swing Cursos Educate

SOS Swing Analysis
This is a choice free app and the first matchless on our list that international relations and security network ’ thymine a GPS rangefinder .
The golf swing app provides hundreds of training videos but it ’ south main sell point is that it allows you to video your swing and send it to the pros for a personal analysis .
If you like this free trial you can upgrade to the bounty adaptation and get your swing analysed every two weeks by professionals .
This is much cheaper than golf lessons and motivates you to improve your swing every two weeks by putting in the work .
This one comes with a pile of 5 Star reviews for about no negatives .

7. M Score Golf App

Swing U 2

  • M-score combines a GPS Rangefinder and a next level golf scorecard on your phone.
  • It tracks all the different types of strokes you take, you’re fairways hit, greens in regulation, sand shots, penalties and an even lets you track your club usage.
  • You can store all your game history over time and the basic but effective and fast GPS shows you the distance to the Green at all times.
  • You can calculate and track your index as well as building up all your stats over time to show your improvement and you can play a ton of side games during around and it will track everything for free.
  • This is an excellent app with 5000 5-star reviews on the Google Play store.

8. The PGA Golf App

PGA Tour App

  • This is an official app to keep you up-to-date with everything that’s happening in the world of golf.
  • You can get real-time leaderboards
  • Live player scorecards with play by plays, even video highlights.
  • You can get detailed hole layouts and descriptions as well as tee times for the professionals.
  • You can also get notifications for your favourite players as well as access to the entire schedule for the season.

9. TAG Heuer Golf

Tag Heure

  • TAG Heuer Golf is a quality 3D golf app that is your 3D view of all golf holes on over 43,000 golf courses worldwide.
  • While the App can be a bit battery intensive, it will offer a quality experience on your Android watch or phone.
  • You get free distances to greens and hazards and you can measure your shot distances.
  • You can save your scores and get Professional insights and it will also make a club recommendations to you based on your history which you can track through the app.
  • You also get a quality scorecard on your phone or watch for up to 4 players.

10. Golf Handicap – My Online Golf Club

Golf Handicap

  • The Golf handicap app provide an extremely easy way to keep track of your scores over time and it gives you a worldwide recognised handicap.
  • All features on the app are free and you can use this simple app to maintain and update your handicap.
  • You can also buy an internationally recognised handicap card.
  • The app also provides you with the tennis statistics about your game and your performance and par threes, par fours and par fives how long will Fairways and greens in regulation.
  • You guess loads of different play modes and you can share your score cars with your friends.
  • The only ask is that you pay one great British pound every year once you’ve submitted 30 scorecards.

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