The 10 Best iPad Astronomy and Space Apps

As astronomy is such a ocular pursuit, it ‘s no storm that a large number of apps related to astronomy and quad skill have appeared, many of them taking advantage of the iPad ‘s big riddle. We have reviewed a number of them, and here we present the best we ‘ve encountered. several of our featured apps are alleged planetarium programs, designed to show a representation of the night flip on your screen. If you hold your iPad up to the sky, these programs will display the stars and planets visible in the guidance you ‘re facing. besides popular are apps that focus on our own solar system, showing animations of the planets in motion, images from NASA and elsewhere, and more. No roundup of space-based apps would be complete without at least one from NASA, and we ‘ve included several. The space representation has created numerous apps to share its findings, a well as the wonders of distance to the populace, and has aggressively embraced the use of social media. One of the hottest topics in astronomy today is the search for exoplanets, worlds orbiting other stars. A handful of exoplanet-focused apps have appeared, and we ‘ve included our favorites.

For every app we feature hera, there are undoubtedly several early great ones that we have n’t reviewed yet. Let us know your favorites in the comments. ready to boldly go where you and your iPad have never gone ahead ? Read on. And be sure to check out other great iPad apps we ‘ve reviewed .

1. SkySafari 3

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$ 2.99 SkySafari 3 stands out among iPad planetarium apps for the variety of objects it shows and the thoroughness of the data it provides for them .

2. Exoplanet

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The FreeThe Exoplanet app lets you view animations of all of the new erratic systems discovered by astronomers, and gives you detailed information about each universe .

3. Journey to the Exoplanets

$ 9.99 Journey to the Exoplanets is a blazing, multifaceted insertion to one of astronomy ‘s most stimulate topics, the search for worlds orbiting other suns .

4. NASA App HD

absolve NASA App HD packs a wealth of news stories, features, images, video, and more into the distance agency ‘s flagship app .

5. Star Walk 6.0

$ 4.99 Star Walk 6.0 is an informative and ocular appealing astronomy app that displays a virtual map of the constellations visible in the direction you point your tablet .

6. NASA Earth as Art

Unlike most NASA apps, FreeUnlike most NASA apps, Earth as Art is focused more on aesthetic beauty than skill, with our own satellite as the canvass.

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7. NASA Visualization Explorer, v.1.5

free NASA Visualization Explorer, v.1.5 adds offline wake of protected stories to an already informative and visually stunning app .

8. Solar System

$ 13.99 Solar System lets you explore the Sun and its planets on your iPad, and it includes dramatic 3D graphics and image galleries from numerous space missions .

9. Solar Walk

$ 2.99 solar Walk provides a good overview of our solar arrangement, with gorgeous prototype galleries, 3D graphics, introductory videos, and more .

10. Star Chart

free Star Chart is a free app that is all that many beginning or casual stargazers with iPads will need to explore the night sky .

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