10 Best Free VPNs for Windows/PC Fast & Secure | 2022

Best Free VPN for Windows/PC helps you unblock websites & keep privacy. Take the 10 best absolve VPNs for PC/Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 for mention, fast accelerate. By EvanUpdated on Apr 11, 2022 There are countable reasons for using a VPN, a great way to protect your privacy and keep your information when surfing on-line. It besides helps you to reach your favored subject which not available in your nation. But it can seem like a very technical and intimidate thing for people who had never get touched with it. That could become trouble for people who want to experience the best VPN for Windows, specially for those who use the older version of Windows like Windows 7 .
Microsoft has announced a raw Windows event for June 24th. It is identical probable that Windows 11 will be cook to be launched. Some may worry about if their free VPN will however be available on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

here a VPN with a software client rather of a VPN that needs you to set up manually would be recommended for better compatibility and easier consumption. hera are the 10 best free VPNs for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 11 working on most use operating systems by rights. This stake will give a forelook to these unblock VPN services for Windows on the marketplace .
Free VPN For Windows

1. iTop VPN – Best Free VPN for Windows 10 Lifetime

iTop VPN is a new rival of the best free VPN for Window s and soonly considered one of the best free VPN for Windows. Being recommended as one of the best VPNs on Reddit, iTop VPN in fact benefits from its last itineration, making the technical maturity of iTop VPN drastically better than its competitors. To use iTop VPN, equitable go to the web page or click the button below to download iTop VPN for Windows. then run the iTop VPN app and click the “ Connect ” button. You will mechanically be connected to their free servers. It can run on both Windows 10 & Windows 7 with no problem.
8,000,000+ Downloads
8,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features of Free iTop VPN:
  • Free VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • 1800+ VPN servers in 100+ locations
  • Dedicated servers for streaming, gaming, and social media

free Download

For Win 11/10/8/7

icon security
impregnable download

unblock Download

For macOS 10.15 and Later

secure download

Free Download

You can see your IP address immediately covered & your security burrow will establish once you connect to the internet with this VPN for PC complimentary ; Just install & run, the iTop VPN for Windows will take you to a secure private server. The free Version of iTop VPN offers Japan, Australia, Germany, France, UK and U.S. located proxy. iTop VPN offers 700 Megabytes of data traffic per day. ( It resets every day ). There is a 200 Megabytes excess compared to Hotspot Shield ‘s basic overhaul. That would be sufficient for internet browse & buy through diverse coupon sites, but 700 megabytes is hush short-circuit for watching on-line video. so upgrade to a VIP interpretation is advisable. But have no hesitation to download iTop VPN for PC exempt !
After the test, iTop VPN free proxy doesn ’ metric ton set up a accelerate ceiling, personally believe that is partially due to there isn ’ t excessively many people occupying the free burrow on iTop VPN now, or it has a wide bandwidth for their exempt proxy server. Anyway, the exploiter experience of iTop free proxy is better than expected. And there aren ’ thyroxine many drops & rotational latency through the use, which makes it a arrant VPN for games and streaming like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. iTop VPN is considered the best free VPN for PC download. You can download iTop VPN for Windows on all platforms ( personal computer, Mac, Mobile Devices ) below .

iTop VPNOperate & UI: Mediocre
Daily Traffic: 700 Megabytes
Speed: Pretty fast
Bandwidth occupation: Lesser occupation
Latency: Mediocre, no obvious lag Operate & UI : MediocreDaily Traffic : 700 MegabytesSpeed : Pretty fastBandwidth occupation : Lesser occupationLatency : Mediocre, no obvious stave

2. ProtonVPN – Top Free VPN for PC P2P Support

The ProtonVPN is one of the best VPN for Windows 10 free that customers talked much about. It is good to see that three free proxies are offered by Proton VPN barren, the US, Japan proxy & Netherlands alternatively of one one free production line. And ProtonVPN is not hard to use, again, run the lotion, cluck “ Quick Connect ” and then you are able to connect to their waiter without any manual of arms set. The UI blueprint of ProtonVPN is kinda confusing & abstract, it causes trouble sometimes when using ProtonVPN. The drug user experience of this best VPN for PC barren international relations and security network ’ thyroxine ideal deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
The foreground sport for ProtonVPN is its free service, which is besides the argue why ProtonVPN is listed as one best spare VPN for Windows, to offer loose unlimited dealings for every free drug user, no price, no limitation. And the compatible with both Windows 7 & 10 .
ProtonVPN for Windows Free
It sounds tempting when person tells you to have a free-to-use & unlimited traffic VPN to use. But we placid need to look at the problems this top absolve VPN for Windows has : ProtonVPN does not limit your traffic ( like Hotspot VPN ’ s 500 Megabyte cap ) but it finally limits your bandwidth. Their official claim says ” All ProtonVPN users, even those on our free plan, have unlimited bandwidth and data. ” But in a real number case scenario, a number of factors could impact the speed of your VPN free PC. due to the significant load & occupation of the ProtonVPN free waiter, which could badly influence the exploiter know. According to the trial, the upload & downloading speed will not exceed 200 Kbps and is extremely precarious. The drop is occasionally happening. You can ’ triiodothyronine count on ProtonVPN for any on-line bodily process other than viewing the web page. The on-line plot and cyclosis will not be covered by ProtonVPN. ( Click to see how to see the best premium pornography sites with a Top VPN )
ProtonVPNOperate & UI: Mediocre
Daily Traffic: Unlimited
Speed: Extremely slow (due to too many users)
Bandwidth occupation: Seriously bad (due to too many users)
Latency: Bad & unstable Operate & UI : MediocreDaily Traffic : UnlimitedSpeed : extremely slow ( due to excessively many users ) Bandwidth occupation : seriously badly ( ascribable to excessively many users ) latency : Bad & fluid

3. Hotspot Shield – Best VPN for Windows 7 Free

The Hotspot Shield is one of the best VPNs for Windows 7 and offers free download. The free adaptation of Hotspot is called Hotspot Basic. To use Hotspot Shield freely, you precisely download the Application and run it, then you are able to use the Hotspot Shield basic .
You can activate the proxy with one chink, then the Hotspot Shield will take you to their US tunnel. The basic translation will save your traffic and cover your IP with their physical IP address. Which is reasonably good for protecting your internet security. The free service gives a 2 Mbps ceiling for your downloading/ uploading speed. It besides limits your daily traffic to 500Megabytes, and your traffic will reset every day .
Hotspot Shield Free VPN for Windows
The bandwidth occupation of Hotspot Shield is OK, according to the test, the general occupation is 45 % but the latency is just intolerable. You can visit websites through their proxy, and play on-line games that are properly on the list. But it will be difficult to watch movies with this VPN for PC exempt .
Hotspot ShieldOperate & UI: Easy-to-use, Good
Daily Traffic: 500MB (reset every day)
Speed: Mediocre
Bandwidth occupation: Mediocre

Latency: Good, but unstable Operate & UI : Easy-to-use, GoodDaily Traffic : 500MB ( reset every day ) speed : MediocreBandwidth occupation : MediocreLatency : good, but unstable

4. TunnelBear – Best Free VPN for Windows 500MB Monthly

TunnelBear took a different set about with its intuitive, fun, and easy-to-use user interface, and keeps its dependability with its solid best VPN for Windows service quality.TunnelBear implements its minimalism design firm and presents a simple & amusing UI to their customer. On TunnelBear, different servers located in different countries & areas are imaged as tunnels. once you select a server you will see your bear dig a trap on the footing and ascent out of the pipe and indicate you have connected to the selected server with your IP covered. As the best exempt VPN for Windows, the connection rush of TunnelBear is becoming & stable. It has no trouble connecting to any websites. With TunnelBear, you are able to access streaming content identical fast and with no buffer.

Best Free VPN for Windows
The offspring that TunnelBear has as one of the best absolve VPN for Windows is that the company is n’t quite generous on its VPN free-to-use strategy. It limits the monthly barren traffic to a 500MB cap, you can drain your complimentary traffic very promptly. iTop VPN ‘s 700MB per sidereal day free traffic truly dwarf TunnelBear. Though the TunnelBear is fast in speed, it got a problem when connecting to different servers out of the United States – it just fails to connect to them .
tipOperate & UI: Good & Engaging
Daily Traffic: About 60 MB per day
Speed: Pretty fast
Bandwidth occupation: Limited 
Latency: Good Operate & UI : Good & EngagingDaily Traffic : about 60 MB per daySpeed : Pretty fastBandwidth occupation : LimitedLatency : good

5. Speedify – 7-Day Free Trial VPN for PC

Speedify, as the name suggests, is one of the best free VPN for Windows which experts on accelerate boost. While the software ‘s turbo-boosting technology is able to make certain speeds stay at their maximum possible performance throughout your connection clock time, your data is besides been fully encrypted with a quite high-level encoding algorithm. It can deliver speeds of over 400Mbps and you can enjoy HD streaming without any reaction time trouble oneself .
Speedify ‘s desktop apps are comprehensive, although they lack a couple of animal comforts like a favorites list and server burden. however, there are plenty of options and settings for the exploiter to choose from. The Windows apps are about as herculean with batch of configuration, which is well to have .
Best Free VPN for Windows
The biggest consequence for Speedify as one of the best unblock VPN for Windows is that it offers only a 7-days trial rather of a life-long unlimited free VPN avail. Either you pay for their avail or you give up Speedify after a 7 days trial .
toppleOperate & UI: Mediocre
Daily Traffic: No free traffic but a 7-days trial
Speed: Pretty fast
Bandwidth occupation: Limited 
Latency: Mediocre Operate & UI : MediocreDaily Traffic : No dislodge traffic but a 7-days trialSpeed : Pretty fastBandwidth occupation : LimitedLatency : average

6. Windscribe – Free VPN for Windows/PC

Windscribe is the best free VPN for personal computer that shows the developer ’ s attempt to effectuate the cool features & highly customizable options to their customers. If you have the cognition of the internet & VPN set cognition and want to have a sum controllable exploiter experience .
As the best free VPN for Windows, you could find that Windscribe offers very complicated settings for users : Split Tunneling, Proxy Settings, Protocol Settings, VPN port set up, Datapack Packet Size, LAN dealings allowance … Everything that you can expect to enforce your network security, the Windscribe will offer you equally well. But if you are not a master of calculator & internet cognition, those complex settings of Windscribe could become a nightmare for amateurs. If you have no idea about what those terminologies are, like proxy, MAC, protocol, port, Packet size, you better not pawl anything on the list .
Best Free VPN for Windows
The general performance of Windscribe is OK. It has mediocre travel rapidly. During the test, the Windscribe connection has dropped respective times so it is hard to judge that the Windscribe has decent connectivity. besides, Windscribe offers 2 GigaBytes of release traffic per month, a good deal compare to TunnelBear but not quite generous compared to iTop VPN .
toppleOperate & UI: Bad, Complex
Daily Traffic: About 200MB per day
Speed: Medicore
Bandwidth occupation: Medicore
Latency: Bad Operate & UI : Bad, ComplexDaily Traffic : about 200MB per daySpeed : MedicoreBandwidth occupation : MedicoreLatency : bad

7. PrivadoVPN – Free VPN for PC Multi-Devices

This release VPN for Windows, about same as iTop VPN, is besides available for Android, macOS, io, SmartTV. Based in Switzerland, it is particularly committed to protecting on-line privacy with advance and secure encoding protocols are offered by PrivadoVPN : OpenVPN ( for fasten point-to-point or site-to-site connections ), IKEv2 ( for secret communication between two peers over the internet ), and WireGuard ( for high-level cryptanalysis ). This rid VPN for Windows has 10GB for a month with servers in 12 cities after signing up with an e-mail .
PrivadoVPN for Windows Free
Turning on Kill Switch can avoid data escape in sheath of VPN disconnection. The pro adaptation enables you to enjoy more servers and benefits : 327 VPN servers in 45 countries, plug stream from anywhere, P2P support with SOCKS5 Proxy, and separate tunnel. 10 multiple devices can be connected simultaneously. The price is $ 7.99 for a 1-month subscription and $ 59.88 for a 12-month subscription. 30-day money-back is guaranteed. For any trouble, get the solution with the live chat on its official web site .

8. NordVPN – 30-Day Free Trial VPN for Windows

NordVPN, developed as a top VPN for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 in the industry, is reliable and trustworthy with increasing advance features. It claims to have a 30-day free test. But the fact is that the alleged VPN unblock trial takes impression after making a subscription, and if you ’ re not satisfied, you ’ ll get your money back in respective days. Based on the truth, NordVPN is optional for those who pursue flying accelerate and on-line security with next-generation encoding .
NordVPN for Windows Free Trial
In terms of servers and countries, NordVPN is decidedly an excellent merchandise with 5400+ servers distributed in 60 countries. Besides, it supports 6 fast coincident connections on multiple devices : Mac, io, Android, Linux and lightweight extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Edge. One explanation allows you to protect all your devices with an all-around features such as malware blocking, Kill Switch, Onion over VPN, and multi-factor authentication…

9. PrivateVPN – Best Windows VPN with 2048-Bit Encryption

Unlike most VPNs for Windows in the article, PrivateVPN has no free translation, no free trial. Buy a subscription with an low-cost price : $ 72 for 36 months, $ 18 for 3 months, $ 8.99 for 1 calendar month. You choose several payment methods : credit menu, PayPal, a well as bitcoins. It protects your privacy with 2048-bit encoding with AES-256 angstrom well as no-logging policy. You can download the VPN app on Android, io, macOS, and Linux devices and enjoy 10 coincident connections.
PrivateVPN for Windows
With 200+ servers in 63 countries, you can unblock websites and get inexhaustible access to your favorite sites with abject latency and flying rush. many VPN protocols can be chosen for your specific needs like coarse OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IKEv2. Live chew the fat is supported to help you solve your problems .

10. Betternet – Simple Free VPN for Windows

Betternet is a very easy-to-use free VPN for Windows 10 and other versions. You can use the unblock VPN software for Windows even without following a suer tutorial as its home page has 2 main buttons which are used to choose and connect to a server. general settings include : prevent IP leak, Kill Switch, sour on the release VPN when connected to WiFi Hotspots, VPN protocol, and exclude domains ( that is split tunneling ). Of course, a spare version besides means limited data ( 500 MB/day ) and specify rush.
Betternet Free VPN for Windows It ’ s the last one on the number of best exempt VPNs for Windows because it has relatively weak functions for unblocking websites and keeping on-line privacy. If you ’ re looking for a detached Windows VPN for getting virtual locations, you can try Betternet VPN. Its bounty interpretation offers outright data, 110+ locations, up to 5-device connections at the like clock, and 24/7 hold at the price of $ 95.88/year .


Before you actually pay for a VPN service, have a hear for these 10 best  free VPN for Windows are strongly recommended. Because it helps you to be cognized to the use you want to adapt your VPN with Gaming ? Is safety secure ? regional spoof ? You need to know what you need. All listed VPNs are considered the best free VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7, without any pay, no manually setting up your VPN & precisely chink & go. These Windows VPNs are helpful to protect your occupation. For how to start a business, you may get an suffice from this web site .

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