Surfshark VPN Review

Surfshark is a highly polished and herculean VPN that competes with the identical best premium providers, all while offering a seriously tempt price point. We found some very minor issues with the killing switch, and OpenVPN speeds are n’t the best, but at this price, you wo n’t find a better VPN. Surfshark is a highly polished and herculean VPN that competes with the identical best premium providers, all while offering a seriously tantalizing price point. We found some very minor issues with the kill switch, and OpenVPN speeds are n’t the best, but at this price, you wo n’t find a better VPN. widely recommended on the web and founded in 2018, Surfshark is a relatively raw serve that ‘s made some serious waves, and now dukes it out with the biggest providers to be considered the best VPN on the marketplace. Surfshark boasts a healthy 3,200+ servers in 65 locations and unlimited coincident connections, plus industry-standard AES-256-GCM encoding and a beneficial choice of protocols. On paper it looks like a real rival, but in practice can it hold its own ?

In our comprehensive Surfshark review, we run down the keystone features that make Surfshark a alluring provider, and why it ‘s now indeed popular amongst both new and experience users. You ’ ll learn whether any sacrifices were made to keep the price thus low, or if you in truth are getting a top-of-the-range VPN for precisely a few dollars a month. To head to a finical part of the inspection, just click the seafaring bar at the clear of the page. Otherwise, precisely keep scrolling for everything you need to know about Surfshark .

Surfshark 1-minute review

Surfshark ‘s biggest draw is its price, and at the time of write, the 2-year plan comes in at an excellent $ 2.30 a calendar month, which includes 2 dislodge months. Shorter plans are much pricier, with a single month costing $ 12.95. Be aware that the price will rise after your initial 2-year term, though, so make a reminder to check the small print before you renew. With industry-standard AES-256 encoding and amply audit servers, Surfshark ticks the basic on-line privacy boxes. You ‘ll get split burrow, which is excellent for torrenting and separating out your connections, and a kill trade on personal computer and Mac. In our rigorous tension quiz, we did find a small issue with the kill switch, but in real-world use, this is very unlikely to happen. Beyond those basics, though, Surfshark has in truth pushed the gravy boat out in terms of features. GPS spoof, URL and ad barricade, multi-hop ( routing through two back-to-back servers for add privacy ), wide P2P support, extra password technical school which will alert you of leaks, and ‘ invisible to devices ’ mode, which can hide your device from others on the like network. The new Nexus feature besides rotates your IP seamlessly. hardly reduce pickings, then. Speeds are good when WireGuard is used, this time topping out at around 790Mbps. That ‘s much better than our stopping point test, and we hope the speeds remain stellar for the foreseeable. OpenVPN speeds are passable at around 140Mbps, but hardly class-leading. Surfshark truly shines when it comes to streaming, and you ‘ll be able to unblock Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and more. In this area, there ‘s not a bunch to be improved at all. Customer documentation is full, with articles and live chat available. The articles are n’t the gold standard, but suffice for most issues. The survive chew the fat is comprehensive examination, if by and large script-led, but in more in-depth circumstances operators do break from the script and volunteer utilitarian advice. overall, Surfshark is a powerful VPN, and its entreaty is alone enhanced by its strikingly cheap price chase. Surfshark VPN review - homepage ( visualize credit : Surfshark ) Surfshark has recently introduced its Nexus sport, which is presently only an IP rotating tool. This changes your information science without disconnecting you on a unconstipated basis. Nexus is still waiting to be fleshed out, so in the future it could become a standout feature of speech. Surfshark has relocated its official base of operations to the Netherlands, from the british Virgin Islands. On this count, Surfshark claimed : “ The Netherlands serves no legal obligation for companies to log or retain drug user data, thus we can continue upholding our rigorous no-logs policy. “ In making the decision to relocate our legal power from the BVI to the Netherlands, we consulted with jurisprudence firms and performed due application to make certain that logging and retaining data would n’t be required. ” The provider launched a Microsoft Edge elongation. WireGuard speeds are importantly improved .

Surfshark on paper

Number of servers: 3,200+
Number of countries:
Platforms supported:
Windows, Mac, io, Android, Linux, Fire television, Apple TV, early TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Chrome & Firefox ( browser extensions )
Simultaneous connections:
Split tunneling:
Kill switch:
Supported protocols:
WireGuard, OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2
Country of registration:
24/7 live chat, e-mail, knowledgebase

Surfshark VPN price: how much is it, and is there a Surfshark free trial?

When you look at the cost of Surfshark ’ second service on a even monthly design, it doesn ’ thymine appear that reasonable. In fact, at $ 12.95 per calendar month, it ’ sulfur actually well more expensive than some of its competitors. pay for six months in one go, the price drops to $ 6.49 per calendar month – hush fairly costly – but select the biennial design and you ’ ll notice a huge dangle in price. The longest option on put up, 24-month design is just $ 2.49 a calendar month, which undercuts good about every other premium VPN. however, at the time of writing there ‘s a VPN cover that offers 2 supernumerary months on the biennial design, bringing the price down to $ 2.30 a calendar month. Great value. Some users will undoubtedly be put off by signing up for a drawn-out design, but it ’ s such a cheap VPN when compared to early services of its like that it ’ s completely worth it. Your first two years of access to Surfshark will incur a one-off payment of $ 59.76. In comparison, NordVPN costs about precisely the lapp for a individual year. There ’ s a ‘ but ’ here, though. While that $ 2.49-a-month price is seriously tempt, do be aware that upon renewal you ’ ll be paying more than that – $ 4.98 a calendar month to be claim. While that ’ s calm cheaper than many alternatives, we recommend bearing it in mind when the first two years are up. Surfshark has besides recently launched Surfshark One, which offers the standard VPN features, plus Avira-powered antivirus, data breach monitor and privacy-friendly internet search. It ‘s a well bundle for merely $ 1.49 a month excess, and we can see a set of customers going for this. If you use Mac, io or Android, you can besides make use of a 7-day VPN free trial, but unfortunately there ‘s no such option for Windows. If you in truth want to fully test out the service, though, we ‘d recommend making the most of the 30-day money-back guarantee. When it comes to payment options, you might be surprised by the assortment on extend. It ’ s potential to pay for Surfshark with most leading credit cards, versatile cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Alipay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay besides. ( image credit : Surfshark )

How private is Surfshark?

Surfshark is packed with privacy features. You ’ ll find all the classic privacy measures in place – AES-256 encoding, plus the impregnable protocols OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2, and WireGuard. however, there are besides a number of advanced privacy features. Surfshark utilizes a secret DNS on every one of its server servers that enables users to add an extra layer of protection and prevent third parties from intercepting browsing sessions. The service besides adopts a VPN chain mechanism. This arrangement enables users to route their traffic through two offprint servers. It can be accessed using the MultiHop release and basically enables users to connect to one location and passing from another. This means even if a cyber criminal is able to access the exit server, they won ’ triiodothyronine be able to track down your IP address. Surfshark offers 15 routes. Server one is your connection location, which could be the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, India, or Australia. The second is your exit location and where it appears to anyone looking into where you are located. Options for this are Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Portugal, Sweden, Singapore, the UK, or the USA. Surfshark Nexus is an concern development, and although its only current officiate is as an IP rotator, the provider is promising boastful things. Watch this space. finally, Surfshark ‘s servers have recently been audited by Cure53, as mentioned above. It ‘s an essential step for proving any claims made in marketing material, and Surfshark ‘s results were dear. Cure53 found equitable four issues, none worse than ‘medium ‘, and these have been rectified .

How secure is Surfshark?

Surfshark has an in-built Whitelister empanel that enables you to create whitelists of apps, IP addresses, and websites that you can redirect around the VPN. This process is exchangeable to split-tunneling, and if you do find that the VPN disrupts an app or locate, whitelisting it should fix the issue. You can besides set up the Whitelister so merely your choose apps and sites are routed through Surfshark. We tried it out and it worked absolutely. We were please to see this feature in a background app – many VPN providers merely offer it for mobile users. Ads, malicious content, and web trackers are blocked using Surfshark ’ s CleanWeb feature. however, we tried it out and weren ’ t excessively impressed by the result. Using a dedicated tool like uBlock Origin enables you to block more subject and have greater control over the action. There is an option that enables you to activate the VPN mechanically when you start Windows, and it ’ s besides possible to toggle between different protocols depending on your security needs. One of the most important security features on Surfshark is the kill switch. This enables you to disconnect from the internet automatically if your VPN connection is severed. A late improvement is an change of how the kill switch works. previously, Surfshark ‘s kill switch was an all-or-none affair – if it was active, it would entirely block the internet unless you were connected to a Surfshark server. nowadays, it functions more typically – cutting your internet if your Surfshark VPN drops, but allowing you to browse normally if you ‘ve just chosen not to activate the VPN When we started terminating lower-level operation to actually test the kill switch, it did have some small issues. When we terminated the Surfshark app the kill switch kicked in – good – but afterwards, when the kill trade was active, we could n’t access the internet. This was annoying and not solved by rebooting, but at least we were kept protected. overall, in every day usage the kill switch is effective, and lone had issues when we simulated a situation that ‘s improbable ever to arise in real number terms. ( persona credit : Surfshark )

Does Surfshark keep logs?

Surfshark is now based in the Netherlands, but just like its former home of the BVI, local anesthetic laws don ’ triiodothyronine require the supplier to log many VPN-related activities.

You ‘ll find the wax summation of Surfshark ’ s logging policy on its FAQ page, but in brief, the service doesn ’ triiodothyronine collect IP addresses, internet activity history, VPN server placement history, bandwidth usage, information regarding sessions, or timestamps. All that is recorded is an e-mail address and information for bill along with some anonymous statistical data. For case, this can include crash reports, statistical and performance data, and early exchangeable stats. In terms of security audit, Surfshark has been audited doubly by the leading security company Cure53 – once in 2018, dealing with browser extensions, and once in 2021, which was a more exhaustive audit of its servers. thankfully the results of both were plus, and the few risks that were identified have been addressed .

How fast is Surfshark?

Surfshark is a decidedly fast VPN. In our tests, we did n’t experience any connection issues any, and the association speeds were good. Since our concluding review, Surfshark ‘s connections speeds have improved greatly. In the US, WireGuard speeds topped out at 792Mbps, and in the UK it reached 700Mbps. Connections were stable, and maintained these speeds each time we connected. When using OpenVPN, the word picture was n’t quite as flushed. With maximum speeds of just 150Mbps in both locations, it ‘s more than enough for a casual drug user, but nothing like the 400Mbps+ we saw from the likes of ProtonVPN and Does this in truth matter ? not for most people – WireGuard is very much the average now, and we expect about every user to be connecting with it. so, on the whole, Surfshark can deliver excellent connections, and if you ’ re working with a regular domestic trace it won ’ t have a drastic impact on speeds .

How good is Surfshark for streaming?

Complementing that excellent performance is Surfshark ’ s near-perfect pour capabilities. many other VPN providers make claims about unblocking streaming sites but do n’t live up to their promises ; Surfshark is unlike. As a Netflix VPN, Surfshark has historically been very adequate to. however, in the last year or then Netflix has changed its VPN barricade technical school, and subsequently about every VPN on the market has seen fluctuating results. In our most recent quiz, Surfshark was able to unblock every Netflix region we tried, which includes the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Japan. That ‘s right up there with the very best. We were besides able to watch content from US YouTube with still, although this is probably the simplest block to navigate. We besides had no trouble accessing BBC iPlayer – in our tests from three locations in the UK, each one was successful. We besides had achiever with Disney+ and US Amazon Prime – a full moon theater, then. overall, Surfshark is a seriously competent streaming VPN, and we highly recommend it for getting the most out of your subscriptions. ( effigy credit : Surfshark )

How good is Surfshark for torrenting?

Surfshark can be used as a torrenting VPN, although this is n’t one of its primary functions. To this conclusion, the chopine enables P2P support for most of its servers, and for extra anonymity, users can opt to pay for the service using cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. Another function that could help users keen to use Surfshark for torrenting is its whitelisting capabilities. You could unmarried out your downpour client, enabling it to drive dealings through the VPN while your other internet traffic is channeled through a standard connection. so, it ‘ll do you just fine, but other providers like ExpressVPN offer P2P support on every server, and others like Private Internet Access have in-depth features like port forwarding, which may suit avid torrenters better .

How easy is it to install Surfshark?

Installing and connecting to Surfshark for the foremost time is a very straightforward operation. For the aim of this reappraisal, we downloaded the Windows app from the Surfshark web site and were surprised to learn that we could sign up and pay for the service during the facility action. To start the VPN, all we needed to do was tap the connect button. After this, a desktop notification appeared to tell us we were connected. once selected, the interface displayed our IP location .

How good are Surfshark’s desktop apps?

As we covered earlier in this review, setting up Surfshark ‘s Windows app is very square. We tested Surfshark as a Windows 10 VPN, but if you want to install a Mac VPN, there is a client for this excessively. In terms of versatility, the interface was more flexible than we expected and adapted as we played around with the size. Before resizing, the app displays a Connect button, information regarding stream server status, and a menu containing server locations. When you expand the interface, it reveals different options and selectable panels. Although the list of locations does n’t explicitly show reaction time, icons are introduce that flag the best choices, while the Favorites pill is a handy means of storing the locations you use the most. Surfshark ‘s Static IP list makes it possible to connect to servers in Singapore, the UK, Japan, and Germany ( the US server has been dropped since our last recapitulation ) so you can have a fixed IP address from a country of your choice every time you connect. interestingly, Surfshark includes a NoBorders mood. This clever technology should make it possible for you to log on to the VPN in countries and jurisdictions where they are normally prohibited – great for a China VPN. As we mentioned earlier in this review, the Windows client besides includes the MultiHop feature, Whitelister, and kill switch. You ’ ll find the same features in the Mac app besides. Although some minor improvements could be made to the Windows app, we were impressed by its functionality, and it was very straightforward to operate. ( picture recognition : future )

How good are Surfshark’s mobile apps?

As a mobile VPN, Surfshark is impressive. Some VPN providers appear to see mobile apps as an afterthought, but Surfshark ‘s iPhone VPN and Android VPN are both identical functional and packed with advance features. aesthetically, the apps are very clean and jerk and easy to use. small touches like dark mode ( pictured on iOS above ) make it seem all-around and a pleasure to use. For this review, we tested the Android app and found it to be signally like to the Windows client. There is a like interface, the list of server locations is identical, and it ‘s potential to use the split-tunneling, MultiHop, blocking, and whitelisting features excessively. fluid users can take advantage of multiple support protocols including OpenVPN/IVEv2, and WireGuard, plus the lapp kill switch you ‘ll find in the desktop version. however, Shadowsocks has been dropped, which is a shame. On top of this, Surfshark ‘s Android app enables you to optimize performance on fluid networks, mechanically connect to the VPN in certain scenarios, and choose from multiple encoding methods – AES-256-GGM or Chacha20Poly1305. If you do run into any issues with the app, it ‘s potential to send hemipterous insect reports, raise a ticket, or search for support queries without having to navigate to the central support site. This functionality, minus the Android-specific features like variable star encoding options and rip burrow ( unavailable on io in any form ), is replicated in the io app besides .

How good is Surfshark’s browser extension?

Surfshark has two available browser extensions, one for Chrome and another for Firefox. This is slenderly restrict – other providers like ExpressVPN go the extra mile and include supernumerary versions for Edge besides – but the range of features included in Surfshark ’ s extensions is dependable. You can take advantage of all of Surfshark ’ s identify features when using either browser reference. You can connect to over 3,200 servers in 65 countries, profit from the supplier ‘s private DNS technology, CleanWeb ad and malware stop, and more. What ‘s more, Surfshark has besides added a rent tunneling feature to its extensions, and its big to see the developers putting feat into an oft-neglected areas of a VPN ‘s suite .

What customer support does Surfshark offer?

Surfshark has a dedicated documentation site where you can get the answers to a act of queries. It includes FAQs, guides, and tutorials, which should cover a becoming range of issues, but it is n’t wholly definitive. The majority of the capacity is related to setup issues, although there is some concentrate on fundamental running queries. That said, the bulk of the articles lack the details you ‘d expect and could do with being longer. In terms of finding the information you need, a set of improvements could be made in regards to how the articles are organized. For exemplar, if you type in “ io ” to the search bar, you receive a tilt of articles related to iOS issues, such as how to install Surfshark on an io device. It would be much better to have an option, like the one provided by ExpressVPN ’ s customer support, where all iOS-related issues were deal with in one document. If you ’ re in a rush, or can ’ triiodothyronine find what you ’ rhenium looking for, thankfully there ’ s a able team of live old world chat staff on bridge player that are prompt and helpful with their replies. At this price luff, we ’ re impressed with how sludge dthe survive old world chat is – thus if there ’ s anything troubling you when using Surfshark, this will probably be your first port of call .

Final verdict

Surfshark is a mighty impressive military service, with tons of features and excellent performance. And, when you consider how brassy the introductory 2-year plan is, any little issues – like the hapless OpenVPN speeds or slightly baffling kill switch – begin to fade away.

If you ‘re looking for the cream of the crop, we ‘d placid recommend ExpressVPN. Although more expensive than Surfshark, it delivers better speeds, more locations, and a degree of customer serve that ’ mho unbeatable. however, if you ‘re just looking for a VPN that works faithfully, and on tons of devices, Surfshark is a seriously entice choice .

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