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It is widely known that Apple io is truly secure. But putting an extra layer of security, like a VPN, would hurt cipher, except the cybercriminals, right ?
besides, a good VPN for iPhone and iPad won ’ metric ton alone keep you protected. It will besides unblock streaming services and websites, boost your internet connection, and give you tons of useful features. But can a unblock VPN do that ?
decidedly ! But only trustworthy VPNs should be considered, as most of the free VPNs earn money by selling user data to third parties. Or they simply spam you with annoying ads. not to mention the huge list of “ free VPNs ” offered on the App Store which end up costing more than even VPNs .
That being said, we have curated a list of the best free VPNs for iPhone and io devices in 2022 that are in truth condom so that you could find the best provider stress-free. Continue reading to find out which are the good ones !

Top 5 best free VPNs for iPhone:

  1. ProtonVPN – a speedy and secure free VPN for iPhone
  2. Atlas VPN – a trustworthy VPN companion for an iPhone
  3. Windscribe – the best partner in crime for unblocking Netflix
  4. VPN – an advanced free VPN for iOS
  5. ZoogVPN – a private VPN for your online anonymity

Is it worth having a free VPN on iPhone?

The worth of a detached VPN depends on your needs. first, a free VPN can cover only basic needs as most of the free providers have very limited suites of security. You may lose a chance to pick a preferable waiter and location, or have a short and pall number of features that won ’ t even help you to bypass geo-restrictions .
second, free VPNs are always looking for a way to make their users subscribe to paid services. normally, a free version is alone a commercial product that is meant to seduce you for a agio product. consequently, all the limitations and constantly seen reminders to upgrade your plan might bring you more anxiety than security .
All in all, a free VPN is more like a short-term solution for taking wish of your on-line security and anonymity. On the other hand, premium services allow you to have an unrestricted, unlimited, and safe shop experience. With them, you can secure your identity even when a VPN connection drops, get rid of annoying ads, or access Netflix and other cosmopolitan streaming services .

  • If you decide to go for a paid VPN, we recommend choosing NordVPN or Surfshark.

Best free VPNs for iPhone and iPad – our detailed list

We absolutely have seen how many absolve VPNs there are waiting for your attention on the Apple App Store. And getting confused at that period is wholly apprehensible .
To ease your way to getting a trustworthy release VPN, we have tested and picked these 7 free VPNs for your io device. For finding out whether they are actually the best, we have based on criteria that beginning with personalization for io, continue with base hit, and end with features .
so, take a expect and see if there ’ s The matchless that you were looking for .

1. ProtonVPN – a speedy and secure free VPN

ProtonVPN banner

Based in: Switzerland
Unlimited data: Yes
Unblocks Netflix: Yes (paid-only)
Current deal: Get up to 33% OFF ProtonVPN!

Visit ProtonVPN
ProtonVPN is our exceed choice as a absolve VPN for iPhones and iPads. That ’ mho because ProtonVPN offers unlimited data. But that ’ s not wholly, as it has besides implemented military-grade encryption and has a no-logs policy .
normally, the io version of a VPN app is quite behind the Android one. Nevertheless, here you will get to enjoy the kill switch sport and DNS leaking prevention. The entirely features that are excluded are rip tunneling and alternate route .
besides, ProtonVPN allows you to choose OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec burrow protocols, which is a rare font in a free VPN ( keep in mind that a premium version besides offers the WireGuard burrow ) .
If you stay with a dislodge version rather of a bounty one, you would get to pick from only 3 countries and their servers. But if you are worry about overcrowd servers, then you might get happier by knowing that ProtonVPN has implemented a tool that shows the current server load .
What ’ s actually deplorable about ProtonVPN ’ s exempt version is that you won’t get an opportunity to access Netflix or any other big cyclosis platform. To get that privilege, you would have to upgrade your plan to a premium one. Could that be a fracture point ?
If you ’ re still not convinced, have a count at our in-depth ProtonVPN reappraisal .


2. Atlas VPN – a trustworthy VPN companion for an iPhone

Atlas VPN banner

Based in: United States
Unlimited data: Yes
Unblocks Netflix: Yes (paid-only)
Current deal: Get Atlas VPN, now 81% OFF!

Visit Atlas VPN
One more detached VPN that we would vote for is Atlas VPN that is a mobile-focused provider. Besides being a decently personalized VPN for io, this provider besides uses AES-256 encryption and claims not to collect user data. Meaning, your privacy remains safe and sound with Atlas VPN .
What ’ sulfur besides great is that you get an unlimited amount of data to use even with a free design. now, if you decide to go for a premium plan, you wouldn ’ t have to worry about spending besides a lot money, as Atlas VPN’s price starts from $2.05/month .
Hopping on a free Atlas VPN ’ sulfur deck would provide you with features like a kill switch, safe browsing, and P2P file sharing. indeed, you would stay protected from malicious websites and the danger of the VPN connection dropping off. besides, torrenting could fulfill your weekends .
But, accuracy be told, that ’ s not a lot and you would get more by subscribing to a paid version. For example, you could unblock streaming sites and detect data breaches .
Moving far, the connection amphetamine matters, right ? Well, hera we won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come across anything surprising, as Atlas VPN offers only three locations to choose from. But it claims to add new locations on a regular footing, so we can hope for better days to come .
For all the information you need, read our detail Atlas VPN review .


3. Windscribe – the best free partner in crime for Netflix

Windscribe banner

Based in: Canada
Unlimited data: No
Unblocks Netflix: Yes
Current deal: Get 55% OFF with a 1-year plan!

Visit Windscribe VPN
Windscribe might get you jumping around from happiness, as it unblocks Netflix even for free users. Just keep in mind that you only get to use up to 10GB of VPN-protected data, so there will only be a few episodes available per month .
furthermore, to get that 10GB, you would have to provide Windscribe with your e-mail address. Yet, if you seek to stay a anonymous as possible, there will be only 2GB available for you .
however, even by providing your e-mail address, you would remain pretty secure as Windscribe uses AES-256 cipher and it has a no-logs policy ( even though they are located in a 5-eyes country ) .
The thing we adore about Windscribe is the wide range of tunneling protocols you can pick from : IKEv2, OpenVPN ( both UDP and TCP ), Stealth, and WStunnel. That ’ s a great security benefit that you can rarely see in release VPNs .
Windscribe is besides decently filled with features. Despite using its free version, you would receive a kill switch feature, SOCKS5 proxy, an ad blocker, a secure hot spot affair, and the possibility to use two servers at the lapp time to have double auspices. furthermore, torrenting is besides possible and you get to pick from 11 countries, which is outstanding as for a free VPN .
If you wish to have even more than all of this, then subscribing to a paid Windscribe design would be a ache move to make. not to mention the fact that you would besides be safer.

If you want more information, read our in-depth Windscribe VPN reappraisal .


4. VPN – an advanced free VPN for iOS

Hideme vpn banner

Based in: Malaysia
Unlimited data: No
Unblocks Netflix: Yes (paid-only)
Current deal: Get up to 74% OFF + 3 months FREE!

Visit Hide Me VPN VPN is a quite charm option to secure your traffic on io devices. Although you face a 10GB data cap, you calm receive a strong suite of security which includes AES-256 encryption plus a properly sack of tunneling protocols .
With free VPN you may connect to IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols, and if you join its pay services, you would benefit from WireGuard, which is known for its matchless amphetamine and excellent auspices .
To continue with asserting how fasten this supplier can be, we would like to mention that it ’ s besides located in Malaysia, meaning your data won ’ metric ton be logged. In accession, VPN has gone through an audit done by DefenseCode Ltd., and got certified as one of the most anonymous VPN providers .
As a free VPN exploiter, you would get to choose from a short number of locations. unfortunately, that only includes 4 countries. But every waiter has a pink aside, so you would know which server is the fastest one .
ultimately – the tasty part of features. Whether you are a barren exploiter or a yield one, you get to enjoy the lapp suite of tools. It consists of split tunneling, custom DNS, and Stealth Mode which is a mix of a kill switch sport and split tunnel .
For more information, read our full moon VPN review .


5. ZoogVPN – a private VPN for your online anonymity

ZoogVPN banner

Based in: Greece
Unlimited data: No
Unblocks Netflix: Yes (paid-only)
Current deal: Get up to 85% OFF Zoog VPN!

Visit ZoogVPN
ZoogVPN is a VPN with a strict no-logs policy which is perfect for those who want to stay deoxyadenosine monophosphate individual as possible. Yet, the downside is that this VPN supplier uses AES-128 encryption that fails to be angstrom adept as AES-256 .
By choosing this spare VPN, you would have to deal with a 10GB data cap, although it ’ second coarse among free VPNs. One more common contingent is a limit of possible locations to select from – ZoogVPN provides you with 3 free countries .
To score a degree regarding security system, ZoogVPN allows you to use I KEv2, PPTP, OpenVPN UDP, and OpenVPN TCP tunneling protocols. In fact, the latter two are the safest options on the list. however, having an opportunity to use an OpenVPN protocol for free is an extra detail to like about ZoogVPN .
If you are looking for a VPN app that will provide your io with a bunch together of features – ZoogVPN international relations and security network ’ t the one. Yet, let ’ s not rush into judging as you still get to benefit from a kill switch and the ZoogVPN shadowing tool that might help users from China to use a VPN .
Coming to the biting contribution, ZoogVPN won’t be a helpful buddy for unblocking geo-restricted content. Yes, Netflix is besides on the list. To bypass geo-restricted content and benefit from an outright interpretation of ZoogVPN, you would have to pay from $1.87/month .


How we tested these free VPNs for iOS

It ’ s not easy for io users to choose the best free VPN. There is a crowd of important details that you have to pay attention to for picking it. Hence, below you will find a list that we have based on for finding the best free iPhone VPN .

  • Security. Look for AES-256 encryption and secure tunneling protocols as OpenVPN or WireGuard. We don’t fall for a VPN easily that doesn’t use these tools.
  • Unlimited data. The bigger the limitation is, the smaller amount of protected network you will have.
  • Speed. No one likes it when the network connection starts buffering. Hence, the faster a VPN is, the better browsing experience you will get.
  • Features. Free VPNs are already quite poor with features, so looking for the most feature-rich provider is a must.
  • Tolerance for iOS. Plenty of VPN providers leave iOS behind Android’s back. Thus, we look for those VPNs that still offer lots of features for iOS.

How do I set up a VPN on my iPhone for free?

Signing up and setting your io device for a rid VPN is an easy and promptly tax to do. Below you will find a light template on how to do that with ProtonVPN. so, grab your iPhone or iPad and follow the instructions :

  1. Head to the Apple App Store and type in “ProtonVPN” into the search bar
  2. Click Get

Get ProtonVPN ios

  1. After the app finishes installing, open it and choose to Sign Up

Sign up ProtonVPN

  1. Scroll down and select ProtonVPN FREE

Free ProtonVPN plan

  1. Put in your credentials to create an account

Account info ProtonVPN

  1. Verify yourself with email or SMS
  2. That’s all! Enjoy free and secure browsing

Free iPhone VPN apps compared

To find out how flexible you ’ ll be with a absolve iPhone VPN, you should pay care to respective details. They include bandwidth and data limits, evaluation, extra supported devices, possibilities regarding streaming services, and, of course, privacy policy. And to ease your research on them, we have put this information into a table under .

Category ProtonVPN Atlas VPN Windscribe VPN ZoogVPN
Data cap Unlimited Unlimited 10GB 2GB 10GB
App Store rating 3.9 4.8 4.6 4.5 4.6
Works with Apple TV Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Unblocks Netflix Yes (paid-only) Yes (paid-only) Yes Yes (paid-only) Yes (paid-only)
Logging No-logs policy No-logs policy No-logs policy No-logs policy No-logs policy

Why free VPNs might be dangerous

Despite certain restrictions that come along with a free VPN, there are extra disadvantages. And those are the ones that might be a threat to your Mac or another io device .

  • Free VPNs might allow the government to collect user data. Some free VPNs let the government sniff around so that a VPN could work in some heavily restricted countries. For example, China. As a result, the promised privacy with a VPN vanishes.
  • Free VPNs intend to plant a tracker for unspecified reasons. The reasons behind that can vary. For instance, targeting you with commercial content based on your location and activity. Additionally, it can be an extra source of money as it allows the provider to track every step you make while you are connected.
  • A free VPN might be a source of malware infection. Since free VPNs make money by bothering their users with pop-up ads from third parties, malware gets into your Mac through an ad.
  • A free VPN invites unwanted ads. As free VPNs don’t earn directly from you, they do the devil’s job and allow third parties to interfere with your browsing experience. Consequently, by connecting to a free VPN, you might receive more pop-ads or video ads than you did before.
  • With a free VPN, you might get your browser hijacked. As soon as your browser gets hijacked, you might be redirected to websites that you didn’t intend to visit. And often mentioned websites are malicious ones that you know aren’t healthy for your iOS device and your privacy.
  • Freebies are likely to offer you compromised security. With a free VPN, you are more likely to have an extremely limited list of tunneling protocols. One of them might be the PPTP protocol which is outdated and doesn’t encrypt your traffic. Therefore, you come across security gaps and leave your online privacy behind your back.

As you can already assume, exempt VPNs must make money somehow to maintain their services available ( although, they are fleeting solutions ). so, from hera you become a product that guarantees an income. You might sacrifice your own safety alternatively of the money that you would pay for a premium VPN. That being said, paying for a VPN causes you much fewer problems .

Free iPhone VPNs to avoid

We shall all agree that there are some free VPNs that are trustworthy enough to have access to your real IP address. But permit ‘s agree on one more thing – you won ’ thymine fall for a VPN that ’ mho included on a blacklist that you will find below .

  1. Betternet – although this provider is seen as one of the top free VPNs for iOS, its actions regarding your security say different things. What we mean by that is that with Betternet, you might have your IP address leaked or get infected with malware.
  2. Hotspot Shield – if you seek to stay as anonymous as possible, then just bypass Hotspot Shield. This free VPN provider was found to use trackers in its application. Oh, and DNS leaking was also detected.
  3. Opera VPN – well, you probably know Opera as a browser. But it also claims to have a free VPN which occurs to be only a browser proxy that can help you to stay anonymous but nothing else. Yet, Opera VPN isn’t successful at this as it broadly collects user data and is owned by a Chinese company.


indeed, a detached VPN might come as a useful security tool in cases such as protecting your privacy while connected to a public wi-fi or finding a have that fits your needs. But are these benefits worth selling your personal data alternatively ?
While you are connected to a exempt VPN, your browsing history and personal information might be in danger. conversely, subscribing to a paid VPN for iPhone requires you to empty your wallet a bite but saves you enough of nerves and guarantees strong protection .
All in all, you should always weigh a VPN supplier before diving into its services all in .

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Yes, but all rid VPNs issue forth with severe limits. even though a provider offers a barren plan it ’ second still a joyride to make clients buy premium subscriptions. consequently, with a spare VPN, you get to use a bantam measure of features, the server flit is poor people, and provided security has spots .

Windscribe is a complimentary iPhone VPN that has the most servers in 11 locations. With it, you may connect to servers that are distributed in Germany, the US, Canada, France, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, UK, Turkey, and Hong Kong. Out of these countries, the VPN will suggest the fastest server to connect to .

Apple doesn’t recommend any free VPNs. In fact, what Apple does is only promote applications after the App Store curators review an app. Meaning, the promoted apps are based on download rates and successful marketing techniques .

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