Best keyboard apps for Android 2022

Finding the best android keyboard apps is one of the most significant choices you make on your phone. They will shape the rush and accuracy with which you use your call to communicate, and because keyboards can see everything you type from passwords to social security system numbers, it ‘s important to have a keyboard you trust and like. To that end, here now are the keyboards we trust and like the most to help us tweet, text, and type up our articles in a crowded browning automatic rifle .

These are our picks for the best Android keyboard apps

many of us stick to the keyboard that comes pre-installed, which is likely Gboard or Samsung ‘s keyboard. There ‘s a rationality why Gboard is king on Android and that ‘s thanks to its versatility and ability to recognize what you ‘re trying to type while you ‘re typing it. Google has besides included a swerve of features to help you customize and tweak the keyboard to your like. For years, SwiftKey’s biggest complaint was that you had to pay for it. nowadays that the paywall has been removed thanks to Microsoft, it ‘s a fantastic and wholly loose option to Gboard. And while the app has all the features you could want and more, there ‘s besides a beta broadcast ( opens in new yellow journalism ) that you can join to get all of the fresh features that are coming down the grapevine.

Chrooma is one of those keyboard apps for those who love customizing every aspect of their device. From pre-installed themes to creating something wholly singular, there ‘s something here for everyone. What ‘s bang-up about Chrooma is that it will automatically adapt to whatever app you are using, changing the semblance theme in the process .

1. Gboard

Gboard Pixel source : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ( prototype citation : source : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ) Gboard has been at the top of the Android keyboard batch, and the reasons are clear : big predictions courtesy of machine memorize, easy entree to gifs and sticker packs such as the Disney Stickers collections, and a dictionary tied to your Google account, so it follows you everywhere. Whether you ‘re using something like the Pixel 5, or one of the best android phones, Gboard works across the circuit board. It added all the smart features that Android users have enjoyed from other keyboards and wrapped it all in a agile and responsive ( and free ! ) software. Themes on Gboard distillery are n’t as divers or dash as other keyboards, but the ones here look good and there ‘s a material Black option, which is all you truly need at the end of the sidereal day. You can besides finally make your own gifs in Gboard like io users have been able to do for a while. Best of all, Gboard hides no features or options behind paywalls or ads. One of the best android keyboard apps, and one of the best android apps overall, is wholly free. Google ‘s Gold Standard

Free at Google Play ( opens in new pill )
King of the keyboards
Google brings its A-game to the keyboard that more Android phones than ever come with correct out of the box. Between robust dagger and gif support, machine learning predictive text, and ache purpose and menu layouts, Gboard sets the measure high for Android keyboards .

2. SwiftKey

reservoir : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ( prototype credit : source : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ) Swiftkey is always right there aboard Gboard, but for a while now, it has n’t been able to outdo it and retake its enthrone. SwiftKey has been a major player in Android keyboards for years ; it used to be the pinnacle of predictions and pilfer, but both have fallen just a small behind Gboard. There is however a devoted follow to SwiftKey, and after years of building a personal dictionary on SwiftKey, it can be hard to switch to anything else. There are plenty of themes to choose from and customize, along with all of the features you would expect, including a built-in GIF search. While it ‘s unmanageable to find a third-party keyboard that does n’t have auto-correction, SwiftKey is one of the best. The app will even try to predict what you ‘re saying and then display it in the prevention at the peak of the keyboard. Plus, if you sign in with a Microsoft report, your settings and preferences will be saved and can be synced across whatever devices you own and use SwiftKey with. SwiftKey may not be total one, but it ‘s inactive a good keyboard and capital for productivity. And while SwiftKey used to be a pay keyboard, it has been completely barren for years now. Microsoft has done a bunch to keep this amongst the best android keyboard apps, and we ‘re hoping that continues for years to come. Nice and recess

Free at Google Play ( opens in newfangled check )
Still great, but not the greatest
SwiftKey is right up there with Gboard in terms of choice and features, but its features skew a short more towards finical professionals than laid-back adolescent texters. I love the punctuation swipes and symbol entree, ampere well as robust clipboard access .

3. Chrooma

generator : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ( image credit : reference : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ) With most keyboards, you pick a theme and that ‘s that, but Chrooma thinks that ‘s a little drilling. alternatively, the colors of the Chrooma keyboard adapt to each app you ‘re using : it turns blasphemous for Twitter, green for Spotify, yellow for Google Keep, and so on. There ‘s even a night mood that will darken the keyboard ‘s color selections at nox — or all the time if you leave night mood on like me. Chrooma ‘s color options are on item with most apps, and it ‘s easy to switch colors for the apps where it misses without losing the color adaptation when type in early apps. The pilfer on Chrooma is ace, and the ability to swipe further and further left to delete unharmed words or sentences is fabulous for removing short chunks of textbook. If you want to get truly fancy with the keyboard style, size, baptismal font, and having your settings sync between devices, you ‘ll have to shell out for Premium, which is a erstwhile leverage of $ 9.99. It ‘s a short exorbitant, but if you ‘re person who moves devices frequently, that ‘s well worth the public toilet of having your predictions and settings follow you from device to device. adaptive and edgy

Free at Google Play ( opens in new tab key )
Color, choice, and clarity
Personalization is the appoint of the game with Chrooma, as you can choose from specific emoji themes, baptismal font styles, and overall subject. But you can have evening more fun by having an automatic subject based on whatever app you are using .

More of the best Android keyboard apps

We say it all the time, but the great thing about the Play Store, and Android in general, is that you are n’t locked down to using just a single app. While Gboard is fantastic, it may not be for everyone, so we ‘ve rounded up some more of the best android keyboard apps you should try out .

Typewise Keyboard

generator : Typewise ( trope credit : reservoir : Typewise ) Typewise is another one of those keyboard apps that ‘s been around for a few years, but the developers just released version 3.0. This time around, Typewise claims to offer better autocorrect than both Gboard and Swiftkey, and in our test, it decidedly comes close. however, the real power of Typewise is in the alone keyboard layout. The keyboard is laid out in a honeycomb model that will be very off-putting when you install and activate it for the first time. Over fourth dimension, you ‘ll decidedly get used to the interface, and then it will become moment nature to use Typewise over traditional QWERTY keyboard apps. If you find yourself struggling with the honeycomb layout, there is an option to switch second to that more natural keyboard layout. however, if you stick with this unique option, Typewise claims that you ‘ll end up typing up to 33 % faster and will make up to 4x fewer misprint. And with privacy in mind, the keyboard offers a 100 % offline mode so you wo n’t have to worry about your typing being keylogged on some random waiter somewhere. Learning bend

Free w/ IAP at Google Play ( opens in new pill )
Takes some getting used to
Typewise Keyboard is one of the more matter to options on the Play Store with its unique honeycomb-style layout. This layout is used to help cut down on potential misprint and help increase your typing speeds. It ‘s just going to take some getting used to.

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beginning : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ( effigy credit : reference : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ) Fleksy has been making a rejoinder, but unless you ‘re a hunt and pecking typist, you ‘ll probably want to keep moving. Swiping words on Fleksy does n’t happen, and the corrections on this keyboard can go a fiddling overboard when you ‘re using a crowd of acronym or non-standard jargoon. There are some neat add-ons for this keyboard, including emoji suggestions, and a firework accessory that brings little explosions to your keyboard taps and sounds. Fleksy has a low eruditeness crook, but unfortunately, when you switch phones or factory reset your personal dictionary does n’t always follow you. We hope to see this keyboard cover to improve and make up ground to compete more evenly with swipe-enabled keyboards like Gboard, but for the casual hunt-and-peck typer, Fleksy should be great. Hunt and peck

Free w/ IAP at Google Play ( opens in new tab )
Peckers can be choosers
Leave your gestures at the door ; Fleksy is a keyboard for messy typers who are tired of swiping words they did n’t mean to. Text correction is aggressive here, but slowly enough to add words to, and the widget-like add-ons for this keyboard are besides playfulness to ignore .

Grammarly Keyboard

reference : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ( image credit rating : reservoir : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ) It does n’t matter whether you ‘re an english professor, writer, or person who writes occasionally, Grammarly Keyboard can come in handy for everyone. The keyboard keeps track of what you ‘re typing while you ‘re typing to ensure that your grammar and spell is adjust. And a holocene update brought swipe type, a sport that is already available on just about every other democratic keyboard. This keyboard besides features predictive suggestions, but you ‘ll have to let Grammarly learn how you type inaugural. possibly the best contribution, other than the corrections, is that you ‘ll be provided with a dim-witted explanation as to why your grammar or give voice is faulty. so not alone will you not look like a fool, but you ‘ll pick up some tips for future typing needs. Grammar Check

Free w/ IAP at Google Play ( opens in fresh check )
More useful than you may realize
Grammarly is great for those who have issues with grammar or those who just want a second gear set of eyes. You ‘ll get pilfer type, consolidation with all of your apps, and predictive textbook suggestions. Plus, Grammarly will teach you when you make mistakes to help make sure they do n’t become a recur issue .


beginning : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ( prototype credit : source : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ) The problem with some third-party apps is that there is either the chance of your stimulation being recorded or the app being abandoned. With a keyboard app like OpenBoard, you wo n’t have to worry about either, as the app is regularly being updated, but does n’t add a wholly set of “ frills ”. talk of which, there ‘s a one omission that may drive some folks off and that ‘s the lack of swipe texting. You ‘ll have to hunt and peck on your screen unless this is the kind of thing you ‘re already looking for. OpenBoard is besides open-source, so you can keep cut of what updates are coming and what microbe issues have already been filed. Fast and dim-witted

Free at Google Play ( opens in newly yellow journalism )
The keyboard of the old days
If you want a keyboard that is open source and removes the necessitate to worry about your data being mined, OpenBoard is perfective. The only big have missing is the miss of swipe type, but it offers a few gestures along with a copulate of themes .


source : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ( image credit : generator : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ) like to OpenBoard, AnySoftKeyboard is another app that gives us a nostalgic feel at first. well, at least until you dive in and start tweaking the composition to your like. The app features quite a few pre-built themes to check out, but you can go ahead and create your own if you do n’t find something you like. There are a few bang-up features that help set ASK apart from others, and we ‘re not just talking about the gesture-typing that everyone has become accustomed to. The developers have added Multi-Touch support, making it so you can treat your call ‘s keyboard more like a traditional one by holding the SHIFT key and pressing another key on the keyboard. With the built-in dictionary, you can add or delete words from your dictionary as it becomes more full-bodied, along with creating shortcuts for specific words or sentences. Versatile and open-source

Free at Google Play ( opens in new tab )
Simplistic in all the right ways
AnySoftKeyboard a fantastic and simplistic app that gives you all the features you could want from a keyboard app. It does n’t try to go overboard with besides much botch, but gets the job done and does it well .

GO Keyboard

beginning : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ( image credit : reference : Andrew Myrick / Android Central ) If you ‘ve been on Android for equally long as we have, you probable have run across GO Keyboard at one compass point or another. When it comes to themes, you would be distressed to find an app that has ampere many options or possibilities as GO. With more than 10,000 themes, and custom-made emoji/fonts, it ‘s adjacent to impossible for you to not find at least a few themes that you ‘ll want to take advantage of. As for those custom-made emoji, GO Keyboard makes it possible for you to create a “ cartoon avatar ” that looks just like you. then, a personalize gummed label library can be created, feeling exchangeable to Memoji on Apple. Another great feature of GO Keyboard is the act of languages that are actively supported. presently, there are more than 20 languages to choose from and you can switch between them while using GO.

Next-level themes

Free w/ IAP at Google Play ( opens in modern pill )
Everything can be customized
GO Keyboard has been on the Play Store for years and continues to top the charts. From custom themes to personalized emoji stickers, those who enjoy theming everything will want to check this one out .

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