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Shopping for your following secondhand car ?
then you probably are spending a fortune of clock on-line at use cable car websites .
About 80 percentage of the millions of used cable car shoppers each year spend closely two-thirds of their research and shop clock – or about 10.5 hours – on practice cable car websites, such as Autotrader, Edmunds and ( Kelley Blue Book ) .
But determining which are the best use car websites that assistant most may seem deoxyadenosine monophosphate challenging as finding the vehicle itself.

An analysis by Santander Consumer USA identified about 100 on-line research and shop resources available to the about 40 million consumers that shop for practice cars in a typical year. The best use car sites were named by 28 sources that listed choices for those most helpful to car shoppers .
But who has the time to look at 100 websites ?
cipher .
few shoppers look at even a six of the best use car websites, based on a holocene sketch, which showed that on-line shoppers visit an average of about four websites before buying their used fomite, and that third-party websites typically were the first and survive on-line patronize destinations .
You may use more or less than four of the best use car websites, but you probably still want to know which inquiry and shop websites are probable to be the most helpful thus you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate waste your time .
hera are our 16 best used cable car websites in ordain of how often they were identified in our survey :

The 16 best used car websites

not all third-party websites are good for every search and using the wrong one can waste your time. Our goal here is to help you focus on the best websites for your research and denounce. here ’ s what you need to know about the 16 use car websites that topped our surveil :
Autotrader is an automotive market with millions of cars listed for sale from thousands of car dealers and private sellers. The site allows shoppers to search for cars by criteria such as newly, used, certified preowned, make, model, soundbox manner, color, price, geography and more. Autotrader besides flags capital prices and commodity prices, based on Kelley Blue Book. The site enables shoppers to obtain cable car values and to advertise theirs for sale. You ’ ll find easy-to-use car payment and affordability calculators and a utilitarian dealer locator. New-car reviews besides are provided. ( + )
CarGurus is an automotive shop and research web site where shoppers can compare local car listings. The site analyze millions of newfangled, used, and certified preowned vehicle listings daily to determine each car ’ south Instant Market Value, then ranks search results according to prices – capital deal, thoroughly distribute, bonny distribute, high price and overpriced for used cars– and dealer repute scores. The site enables shoppers to obtain car values and to advertise theirs for sale. New-car reviews besides are provided. ( + )* provides shoppers data, resources and digital tools to make inform buy decisions about new, used and certified preowned vehicles and to connect them with dealers. search by gain, model, consistency style, color, features, price, bargain rate ( great, good, fair price ) and more. The site offers one of the simplest car affordability calculators we encountered, and an outstanding instrument enabling detailed comparisons between respective vehicles. New cable car reviews and videos besides are provided. ( + )
Kelley Blue Book*
possibly the best-known car inquiry web site, earns its reputation with an range of valuable resources to help consumers inquiry, price and shop for a fomite. In accession to a comprehensive new- and used-vehicle search officiate, the web site features The Kelley Blue Book Price adviser, which shows what shoppers should pay based on other purchases in their area – the Fair Market Range. It besides flags great and beneficial prices and provides adept and consumer reviews, 5-Year monetary value to Own information, a vehicle-comparison tool, easy-to-use payment calculator and more. ( + )
The web site combines results from several denounce websites, including other top sites listed here, i.e.,, CarsDirect, Carvana, eBay Motors and, and enables easy comparisons with Autotrader, CarGurus, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. The site boasts that “ nowhere else will you find more listings in one station, ” and backs it up with a research engine that besides includes a Car price Tool ( new vehicles ), Kelley Blue Book reports, eBay actual prices paid, reviews and educational guides .
While not as comprehensive examination overall as some other websites, CarsDirect helps consumers “ get a bang-up cover on a new or used car by giving [ them ] up-to-the-minute car price information ” to inform their shop. The CarsDirect team of experts analyzes the latest price data that allow the site to spot “ hot deals and pricing trends ” useful to cable car shoppers. Research make, mannequin, body expressive style, color, features and prices available before heading out to the trader. New car reviews and videos besides are provided .
Shoppers OK without all the bells and whistles of many early sites on this list may want to Google The site is comparable to old-school local classified advertisements, but the search engine is serviceable and covers many cities. Be careful, though, the site doesn ’ t vet sellers or vehicles, evening offering general safety tips for shoppers and advice on avoiding scams. ( + )
eBay Motors
The well-known auction web site functions more like an on-line classified ad number for cars and trucks. The eBay search engine provides detail criteria such as reach, model, pricing, placement, delivery options and more, arsenic well as a Market Price Analysis that shows how asking prices compare to other prices for vehicles sold on the web site. Unlike the former web site, eBay Motors provides seller ratings that may help shoppers decide whether or not to make a particular purchase. ( + )*
Edmunds offers a countrywide database that empowers customers to search a huge inventory of newfangled, used and certified preowned vehicles in their area. The site provides comprehensive used-vehicle search capability and fomite rankings ; reports new-car pricing ; identifies highly-rated use cars ; flags great, dependable and bazaar prices, and offers affordability and loanword calculators. Edmunds besides provides true Market Value and True Cost to Own on used and new cars, respectively. While a snatch submerge, the web site is worth exploring for the wealth of information it can provide to serious shoppers. ( + )
possibly good known for its cable car vending machines – more than two-dozen nationally – Carvana ’ s dim-witted web site provides a 100 percentage on-line buy experience, including an easy-to-use “ Car Finder ” search cock for their high-quality, used-vehicle inventory. The site enables shoppers to browse makes and models, trims, styles, locations and more ; deal or craft vehicles ; determine payments using the easy lend calculator ; apply for finance, and arrange for delivery or pickup at the nearest peddle machine. ( + )
Autolist boasts that it will help shoppers “ find your dream car ” by enabling them to “ search multiple modern and use car websites in one easily search. ” In addition to a comprehensive, customizable search tool, the site offers trending searches, arsenic well as searches by price, body style, most popular vehicles, cities and year. Sign up for a exempt account and you can obtain buyer intelligence that includes a price history, “ Listimate ” price comparison, price changes history, days on grocery store and a Carfax report. A Resources department offers shopping guides, reviews and vehicle comparisons. ( + )
Shoppers can find CarMax-certified secondhand vehicles online that are available through 225 stores countrywide. shop by vehicle price, category, brand, model year, popularity and life style ( commuter, eco-friendly, family and outdoor ), for case. Although the web site could be easier to navigate, shoppers should be able to find car-buying tips and an easy-to-use car payment calculator. ( + )
TrueCar is a digital automotive market offering more than a million practice vehicles, arsenic good as new vehicles, through a network of certify dealerships countrywide. TrueCar besides is associated with car-buying programs for more than 250 companies, including Sam ’ s Club. Shoppers can use the search tool to screen vehicles by category, price, trade name, model, model year, features and more. The web site indicates whether deals are excellent, great, fair or costly based on TrueCar ’ s analysis of millions of practice cars available across the U.S. car loan and car lease calculators besides are available. ( + )
Boasting that it offers “ the better way to buy or sell a car, ” the site provides a bit-by-bit lead for car buyers, from browsing on-line to starting your purchase, uploading documents, financing through lending partners such as Santander Consumer USA and, of course, delivery to your door. The search joyride is simple and easy to use, allowing shoppers to sort through thousands of Vroom-certified, low-mileage cars, trucks and SUVs listed with Carfax vehicle history reports and no-haggle prices. ( + )
Facebook Marketplace
Located on Facebook social media platform, this is basically a classified ad web site with a search affair that enables shoppers to identify vehicles that meet their selected criteria. But the site generates research results among the best in our survey ( see following section ). The web site may not provide all the details needed to make a purchase, but it does give shoppers a feel for the local anesthetic marketplace .
Although not gamey in mentions in our survey, makes this list because it besides gets results for shoppers, which, ultimately, is what this article is about. Besides providing a comprehensive examination search tool, the site besides identifies great, good and fair deals ; vehicle prices compared to market prices ; circumstance analyses, trader ratings, and more. Shoppers besides may explore popular searches identified by iSeeCars. And the web site produces useful studies from its own car sales data. ( + )
* See ranking according to pageviews by based on Alexa Global Traffic Rank and U.S. Traffic Rank from Compete and Quantacast
( + ) Mobile app available in the App Store and/or on-line

Best online car-buying websites to get results

While the survey is one means to look at the best exploited cable car websites for shoppers overall, some shoppers already have done their homework and barely want to search for a specific fomite .
We sampled all the best secondhand car websites in the list above by searching for 2015-2017 Ram 1500 pickup within 50 miles of a specific location in the suburb of a major metro area. Three- to five-year-old models fall in the “ dulcet smudge ” of used vehicles with the big depreciation hit having been taken by the original owner and still offering late features and engineering, a well as possibly lower sustenance costs .
That generated this rate of the 13 best on-line car-buying sites based on research results shown in parentheses :
• ( 664 )
• ( 447 )
• Facebook Marketplace ( 428 )
• ( 384 )
• ( 360 )
• CarGurus ( 292 )
• Kelley Blue Book ( 290 )
• Autotrader ( 268 )
• ( 268 )
• ( 255 )
• ( 177 )
• Carvana ( 172 )
• CarsDirect ( 159 )
Of course, results may vary depending on where a shopper rest, the specific model they are seeking and how far they are willing to travel from home to purchase a vehicle .
While most vehicle shoppers won ’ thymine want to use their average of 10 hours of on-line research and denounce meter based on quantity alone, there ’ s something to be said for using at least one comprehensive web site that provides information on the local grocery store .
otherwise, choice of the best secondhand car sites depends a distribute upon what other information the shopper wants or needs to make the best vehicle-purchase choice to fit their life style .
But, as we wrote at the beginning, there are a lot more third-party websites than clock time to look at them .

The second level of used car websites

These websites range from companion names such as Consumer Reports to less familiar such as Bring a Trailer, but all were identified less much among the 28 sources in our survey.

• Bring a Trailer
Online auction web site for vintage and classic cars
• Carfax
Used cable car listings feature millions of vehicles with Carfax history reports
• Autobytel
Shop new cars and inventory comprising hundreds of thousands of used cars
• AutoNation
New and use cars for sale on-line from more than 300 retail locations
• Car and Driver
New-car reviews and lists of 10-best vehicles by categories
• Cars for Sale
Used vehicles for sale by thousands of dealers nationally
• CarSoup
New and exploited cars for sale with great, commodity and carnival deals identified
• Consumer Reports
Research, ratings and tools, but you must subscribe to get the best information
• Hemmings
The largest collector car classified ad web site with millions of active buyers and sellers
• NADA Guides
Research on vehicles, new car prices, used car values, deals and more
• RelayCars
Virtual reality research web site and apps with 360-degree views of many vehicles
Remember, though, this is just the next floor of websites identified by our review from among 28 sources and doesn ’ thymine mean they are the only sites that may provide some prize. But the end of the approximately 100 websites rated entirely one citation by our 28 sources .
You can find a arrant number of our on-line survey sources at the goal of this article .

What the best online car-buying sites provide shoppers

Before you spend valued clock on any of the third-party resources – even the best on-line car-buying sites – it might help to know why it ’ south worth the campaign for unplayful car shoppers. As you might expect, third-party websites were happy to talk about their value to shoppers .
“ Third-party websites allow shoppers to search cars from multiple dealerships and compare listings across multiple makes, models and fomite types, ” said Julie Blackley, a spokeswoman for “ Along with showing more inventory than what can be found on dealer websites, the best third-party sites arm users with the data necessary to make a smart fomite purchase. ”
“ In today ’ randomness digital universe, shoppers want to be able to comparison workshop and narrow down their car search by visiting as few websites as potential, ” she said. “ Ideally, shoppers will be able to comparison shop and narrow down their car search by visiting fair one web site. ”
Representatives of Cox Automotive ( Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader ) offered like views .
“ Third-party sites have played a critical function in connecting consumers with a marketplace of stock and with dealers across the country when they ’ ra patronize for a vehicle, ” said Cox ’ s Rachelle Petusky, who cited the need for “ a personalized, intuitive feel ” and getting a great hand .
“ The best third-party automotive sites are trusted, comprehensive and easy to use, ” said Jason Allan, editorial director for Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book. “ By providing indifferent reviews, ratings and price steering, many third-party automotive websites make it much easier for shoppers to triangulate their way to the right cable car and a fair price. ”
infographic “ Unbiased transparency is far and away the most crucial factor that a shopper wants from a third-party platform, ” said a spokesman for CarGurus web site .

What shoppers value most from third-party sites

There ’ south nothing complicated about what shoppers value at third-party websites, suggests Mark E. Roszkowski, foreman tax income officer at Vroom : excerpt and appliance .
“ Used cars are all different and buyers appreciate having multiple makes and models to choose from, with varying levels of mileage, options and features. When you give consumers access to thousands of vehicles to choose from, they don ’ t have to compromise on getting precisely what they want. ”
And now, more than ever, he said, “ Consumers measure the ability to buy or sell a fomite without always leaving home. They can shop and transact when it ’ randomness convenient for them, not others. ”
A spokeswoman for third-party web site TrueCar said consumers besides want a “ personalized experience. ”
“ Whether it ’ s shopping from home on-line or going to the franchise, needing to trade a vehicle or patronize for a use fomite, consumers like to have options and need a personalize experience, ” the spokeswoman said. “ A third-party web site that can provide consumers that kind of feel without having to visit multiple sites during the process stands out from the push. ”
“ The ability to do everything on-line is a huge advantage and differentiator, ” said Vroom ’ s Roszkowski. “ Brands that offer throughout digital retail – for buying, selling, trade, finance, delivery – are serving a true consumer motivation for a commodious, seamless experience. ”
Petusky of Cox Automotive stated the consumer value proposition in evening simpler terms .
“ The sites that winnings are the ones that can meet consumers where they are in their shop or ownership travel with information that gives them confidence. ”

The COVID-19 effect on shopping behavior

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the best secondhand car websites front man and focus on, with sites we surveyed reporting dramatic increases in custom since early in 2020 .
And an expectation that the pandemic may have changed the landscape permanently .
“ We actually saw record-breaking traffic on weekends as consumers shopped virtual lots online alternatively of physical lots, ” said a report from Cox Automotive. This activity has translated to “ real buy actions ” with a 360 % increase in the number of digital retailing “ sends ” to sellers on Autotrader .
“ has seen a significant increase in traffic – 50 % to 100 % depending on the month – since COVID-19 in response to heightened demand for exploited cars and for private transportation, ” said Blackley .
“ Interest in digital retail has surged as the result of the pandemic, ” reported CarGurus .
Before the pandemic, “ 35 % of respondents said they were candid to buying on-line, ” according to a CarGurus report from November of 2020. “ now, 60 % of respondents are open to the idea. ”
“ Shoppers expected they ’ d fall to their normal denounce habits fairly soon – which most have come to accept is no long the case, ” CarGurus observed. “ As the pandemic continues, quilt and familiarity with on-line tools grows. now, cable car shoppers increasingly consider digital retail. ”
“ Third-party list sites should have features in place to help shoppers navigate this fresh COVID-19 environment, ” said the CarGurus spokesman, who went a step further. “ This includes empowering shoppers to filter for dealerships that provide a variety of dependable features, including contactless purchases, release home decrease, release at-home test drives, individual principal appointments and virtual appointments. ”

The bottom line on using the best used car sites

Third-party car-shopping websites that have been built with a “ consumer-centric mentality ” are the ones that shoppers will visit regularly as they go through their buying serve .
“ The average user visits [ third-party sites ] 12 times before buying, making them the most wide and frequently use car resource, ” according to CarGurus ’ 2020 Buyer Insight Report, which analyzed the car-purchasing behavior of more than 3,000 consumers .
“ The reason behind this gamey date is because third-party sites … provide a wide variety of apposite information to help make this major purchase, ” said a spokesman .
But the utility of the best on-line car-buying sites goes even further, CarGurus suggests .
“ Shoppers today are accustomed to using on-line to make them smarter shoppers. Whether they ’ re buy clean products or a car, shoppers will dig through ratings and reviews to ensure they ’ ra being treated fairly. Both in terms of monetary value and quality. ”
Of course, that takes us second to our original premise : determining the best practice car websites may seem ampere unmanageable as finding the fomite itself .
Our lists of the 16 best used cable car websites based on a sketch of on-line sources and 13 that get proven research results based on our own inquiry should make it a little easier to identify those third-party websites which may be the best use car sites in your search for another vehicle.

even better if you find three or four of the best use car sites to make your shopping an venture rather than an ordeal .

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