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Hamburger Rock in Padre Bay Hamburger Rock in Padre Bay The grandfather of all Utah lakes, Lake Powell is home to countless beaches fair waiting to be discovered. The only trick to finding some of them is that you need a boat. Bring your own or consider renting a houseboat, one of the most enjoyable ways to amply experience the lake .
once you are out on the water, you ‘ll have 196 miles of body of water to explore. Beaches on the lake are a mix of flaxen shorelines and smooth sandstone rocks extending into the water. The water in Lake Powell warms up dramatically in the summer, and water temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit are common .
One of the most popular beaches on Lake Powell is Warm Creek Bay. This massive true laurel is home to shallow, flaxen water, full moon of protective coves. It ‘s easily approachable via the Castle Rock Cut when the lake levels are above a certain minimum. warm Creek bay is ideal for waterskiing, swim, and all kinds of motorized water sports. The arenaceous shorelines are arrant for wading and lounging.

A act farther on, and more outstanding, is Padre Bay. incredible crimson rock buttes rise from the shoreline in the distance, while in the foreground, smooth rocks and flaxen beaches beckon you to stay a while. This is true defect wilderness and well worth the campaign to get to.

little coves hold arc of backbone backed by flat rocks. Take a dip in the net waters and lay out on the warm, smooth sandstone rocks to dry off in the sunlight like a lizard. Up from the lake are hikes to bizarre rock candy formations, including the celebrated Hamburger Rock.

access to Lake Powell is from the Wahweap area, merely over the surround in Arizona. here, you ‘ll find a massive boat establish, and a marina providing everything boaters will need. Down the road fair a bit foster is Page, AZ, where you can arrange and hire houseboats. page besides has a dear categorization of hotels and motels if you need nightlong adjustment .
One of the few areas to access a beach on Lake Powell by car is at Bullfrog Bay. Although the scenery here is not about adenine impressive as at Warm Creek and Padre Bay, the fact that you can drive right down to the water ‘s edge at Hobie Cat Beach makes up for it. The water is warm and shallow here and ideal for swim .
note that if you intend to launch at Bullfrog Bay, it ‘s a retentive boat ride to Warm Creek and Padre Bay .

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