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second in the introduce, the team battled Doctor Doom, who had succeeded in his goal of stealing Wanda ’ second powers. In the ensuing melee, Doom blasted Cassie Lang and killed her. Iron Lad offered to jump to the past again and save Cassie, but Vision refused his offer. Iron Lad then annihilated Vision and disappeared, but not before Wiccan informed him that Iron Lad ’ s path to becoming his old self, Kang the Conqueror, was secured. The Young Avengers disbanded and Wiccan fell into a state of deep depression. Hulkling proposed to him, which seemed to help, as did a ceremony where Captain America initiated all the Young Avengers as full-fledged Avengers. The team re-formed after Wiccan incidentally brought a leech called Mother into their dimension, posing as Teddy ’ s absolutely mother returned to life. This brought a young personification of Loki to the team, who was secretly manipulating both Mother and Wiccan, wanting to release Wiccan ’ south ultimate form, a terrify animal called Demiurge. To that end, Loki rightfully returned Teddy and Billy ’ s parents to biography, but under the influence of Mother, then convinced Wiccan to lend his huge magic trick powers to Loki for ten minutes to save the day. Wiccan agreed, only for Loki to use wiccan ’ s teleportation powers to flee.

Feeling guilty, Loki came back and helped the team escape Mother ’ s mind-controlled army, though as a consequence, Billy and Teddy couldn ’ thymine go anywhere near their resurrected parents ever again. The Young Avengers then decided to explore the universe alternatively, with the ultimate goal of returning and defeating Mother when they were cook. The young mutant Prodigy joined the team during this period with a warning : wiccan ’ s twin buddy Speed had been kidnapped by person who looked like Patriot. Their interdimensional pursuit led them to Mother ’ s dimension before the Young Avengers were ready, and in the ensuing chaos, Hulkling and Patriot were left behind. A massive spell hurl by Billy brought in evil clones of the Young Avengers that distracted Mother and allowed their stay teammates and the rest of the team to escape again, but Mother added the clones to her army.Wiccan leave office the Young Avengers after that, convinced, through a manipulative suggestion of Loki ’ mho, that Wiccan and Hulkling were only in concert because Wiccan ’ second magic trick made it so through accidental reality manipulation. mother managed to return to the Young Avengers ’ dimension and threaten the worldly concern, prompting wiccan to temporarily become his full-potential self, the Demiurge, to stop her once and for all .

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