It is ruled by Black Adam, and was one of the countries that spearheaded the Freedom of Power Treaty. Its capital city is named Shiruta. At least one of its official languages is Arabic.

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Quote1.png In my attempt to protect our HOMELAND, I turned my back on the rest of the world. And I suffered for it. I witnessed the true evil that lives within so many and I realized that Kahndaq must teach the world how to deal with it. We have a mission.

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Kahndaq is a state on the Sinai Peninsula .


It is ruled by Black Adam, and was one of the countries that spearheaded the Freedom of Power Treaty. [ 1 ] Its capital city is named Shiruta. At least one of its official languages is Arabic. [ 2 ]

culturally, the area is similar to Egypt. As such, the majority of the Kahndaqi population are relatively liberal Sunni Muslims who are uncoerced to view Black Adam as a prophet along the lines of Mohammed. Due to the relatively liberal culture, the social barriers to women in Kahndaq are by no means arsenic rigorous as they are in Muslim countries that impose a nonindulgent interpretation of Islamic law.

Over 3,600 years ago, Kahndaq was the parturition seat of Black Adam. In 1600 B.C. Kahndaq was attacked and burned to the ground by the super-villain Ahk-Ton, in which Black Adam ‘s first wife and children were among those killed. [ 3 ] The deaths of his wife and children drove Black Adam to take extreme measures to protect Kahndaq. This in turn forces the ace Shazam to remove Adam ‘s powers and entomb him for centuries. By modern times, Kahndaq fell under the dominion of authoritarian Asim Muhunnad, who was finally overthrown by Black Adam and a group of former Justice Society of America members, and executed by Atom Smasher. [ 4 ] Black Adam soon declared himself rule of Kahndaq. Kahndaq was heavily damaged soon thereafter by the Spectre, during the Day of Vengeance. [ 5 ] Kahndaq became a major fructify for the events that surround the Black Marvel Family, consisting Black Adam ‘s bride directorate for inter-services intelligence and his brother-in-law Osiris. After the Infinite Crisis, Black Adam became the “ defender ” of Kahndaq, though he is treated like a idol amongst the nation ‘s citizens. He issued respective draconian laws, including public executions every Wednesday ( which Black Adam carried out himself ). [ 2 ] however, these harsh policies are tempered by Isis, who along with Osiris encouraged Black Adam to turn Kahndaq into a paradise. unfortunately, the Black Marvel Family ‘s plans were ephemeral, as Kahndaq is attacked by the Four Horsemen of Apokolips, a quartet of artificially enhanced beings based in the nearby state of Bialya. Isis and Osiris were killed, which prompted a deeply revengeful Black Adam to kill the Horsemen and attacking Bialya, killing closely every inhabitant. [ 6 ]

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  • Shiruta: Capital city of Kahndaq.



  • Though the location on the Sinai Peninsula has been (somewhat) consistent, its shape and size have not. It has been portrayed as landlocked,[4] but also as taking up the southern part, roughly analogous to the South Sinai Governorate.[7] Bialya is sometimes is nearby,[6] even sharing a mountanous border.[8][9]

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