US Agent Explained: John Walker’s New Superhero Name & Costume

John Walker has a new costume and a new name at the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – but what does the future hold for US Agent ? Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier season finale.
John Walker ‘s tenure as Captain America may be over, but now he has a new name and costume as US Agent. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ‘s season stopping point teased John ‘s future working with Julia Louis-Drefyus ‘ smooth-talking mystery woman Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, who gives him a black version of his old Captain America consistent and promises him newly and excite opportunities .

After hitting rock bottomland with a violent public murder and subsequently losing his carapace in a struggle with the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, John Walker was on the warpath in the series finale. Though officially stripped of his Captain America title, he made his own carapace at home plate and joined in the final battle against the Flag-Smashers. It seemed like John was on the road to becoming a full-blown supervillain, but when given a choice between chasing Karli Morgenthau and saving a hand truck full moon of hostages, he chose to let Karli go and be the hero he so urgently wanted to be .
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Though John Walker parts on effective terms with Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, his new change ego could take him down a dangerous path again, depending on what Val has planned. here ‘s what the future could hold for US Agent .

Why John Walker’s Costume Changes

John Walker in his U.S. Agent uniform in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier John Walker ‘s defiant continuance of his function as Captain America symbolically ended when he dropped his buffet homemade shield in the midst of trying to save the Flag-Smashers ‘ hostages. And while he may have stalled the truck from falling for a while, John was ultimately left looking up and watching while Sam Wilson – wearing his new Captain America uniform – pushed it to safety. By the end of the series, John Walker seems to have made peace with that fact that he ‘s no farseeing Captain America. This acknowledgment is no doubt helped along by Val ‘s assurance that the earth needs a US Agent more than it needs a Captain America .
The US Agent costume is effectively the lapp as the redesign Captain America outfit John was given when he took over the function. As he puts it, “ It ‘s the lapp, but black. ” In the pages of Marvel Comics, the costume that would finally become US Agent ‘s was primitively worn by Steve Rogers after he quit being Captain America. For Steve, the costume is a symbol of his resistor to working directly for the United States government, and for the Marvel Cinematic Universe ‘s John Walker it could have a exchangeable entail. John became disillusioned with the military and the government after he was stripped of his Captain America mantle and discharged from the army. As US Agent, he can rather work as a materialistic for people who wo n’t necessarily mind him crossing the line to get the job done .

What’s Next For John Walker’s US Agent?

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale US Agent What lies in US Agent ‘s future depends greatly on what Val has recruited him for. The Contessa ‘s motives are still a mystery, though she jokes that she may or may not have had a hand in helping Zemo mangle the remaining Flag-Smashers. Regardless of whether or not she did, the exchange highlights that Val values an approach that avoids the need for paperwork, redacting and shredding – all of which points to her being involved in black ops or mercenary exploit. Val ‘s reference point to things getting “ wyrd ” strongly suggests that US Agent could return in Secret Invasion, since the Skrulls decidedly qualify as wyrd and Val has a lot of history with Nick Fury in the comics.

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There are other possibilities, of course. Whether intentionally or not, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been laying the basis for the egress of the Thunderbolts – effectively a superhero team made up of supervillains, both founded and funded by Baron Zemo. If Val is indeed working with Zemo, then she may have recruited John for the Thunderbolts. alternatively, he may become a mercenary carrying out oeuvre for those who need a super soldier to get the caper done. Despite many attempts to perfect the serum, functional and reasonable super soldiers are rare, which makes John a valuable asset .
While his heroic actions in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ‘s season finale may have implied that John is an instantaneously champion rather than a villain, the truth is likely more complex than that. In the comics, US Agent is efficaciously a translation of Captain America with good flaws, including a wild temper, an inability to get along well with others, and a willingness to use more violence than strictly inevitably to achieve his goals. John ‘s final, elated contract of “ I ‘m back ! ” suggests that he has n’t actually learned his lesson, and the future step of floor will be precisely as morally grey as the last .

US Agent Comics Origin & Powers

John Walker Assassination attempt from panel in Marvel Comics After surrendering his harbor, costume and superhero name in Captain America # 332, Steve Rogers reclaimed all three in Captain America # 351, “ exchange of the Guard. ” The ceremony announcing his fall was tainted, however, by the sudden character assassination of John Walker in the in-between of his actor’s line about planning “ to find another way to serve my country. ” It was late revealed that the character assassination was staged by General Haywerth, a member of the Commission on Superhuman Activities .
It was the Commission ‘s attempts to bring Steve Rogers to heel and force him to work immediately for the government that drove him to give up his shield, and the Commission who selected John Walker to replace him. not wanting to let a super soldier go to waste, General Haywerth faked John Walker ‘s death, brainwashed him with a modern identity as “ Jack Daniels, ” and rebranded him as US Agent, accomplished with his new black uniform .
After being approved by the perch of the Commission, US Agent was sent to join the West Coast Avengers – much to the humiliate of Hawkeye, whose clash with US Agent finally escalated to a barbarous brawl. US Agent has since served on a act of different superhero teams in the comics, a well as working alone as a mercenary. He besides reconciled with his old buddy, Battlestar, and recovered his memories of his true identity as John Walker .

Thanks to the extremely soldier serum he received from the Power Broker, John ‘s powers in the comics are on par with Captain America ‘s – encompassing super strength and agility, enhanced lastingness and healing, and highly honed battle abilities. He besides carries a vibranium shield with black stripes where Captain America ‘s has blue stripes, and “ US ” emblazoned in the center rather of a headliner. It will be matter to to see whether the MCU ‘s John Walker gets another shield to replace the two that he has now lost, or whether he ‘ll give up on shields and choose for a unlike weapon .
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