Black Manta (New Earth)

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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 1950s-2011‎

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Real Name

David ( surname strange )

Main Alias

Black Manta


Jackson Hyde (son)


The Society · formerly O.G.R.E. Injustice League, Junior Injustice League

Base Of Operations

Devil’s Deep





Secret Identity



Marital Status













Earth-One · New Earth


Bob Haney · Nick Cardy

First Appearance
Aquaman #35
(August, 1967)
Quote1.png It’s this simple, is it? I can just watch you die… and then I rest. Quote2.png

Black Manta src

Black Manta is the arch enemy of Aquaman.


The son who would become Black Manta was an autistic young who grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and loved to play by the ocean. As a youth he was kidnapped and forced to work on a ship for an unspecified amount of time. At one point he apparently saw Aquaman with his dolphinfish friends and tried to signal him for avail but was not seen. ultimately, he was forced to defend himself, killing one of his tormentors on the ship with a tongue. Hating the emotionless sea ( and Aquaman, who he saw as its representative ), the boy was determined to become its master. [ 1 ] Placed into an institution for his mental “ affliction, ” the son was treated cruelly by his attendants. The boy experienced being immersed in water as reverend ecstasy, while the indistinctness of the cotton sheets of his bed yield for him excruciating pain. [ 2 ] The attendants would strap him to the bed anyhow, and to stifle his scream of pain, they would smother him with pillows until he passed out. The son could scantily speak, normally repeating a few words, such as “ love swim. ” [ 2 ] The doctors began performing experimental treatments on the male child, experiments that seemed to cause him pain. One of these experiments was successful enough that he became able to speak in complete sentences. Using his newfound ability to seem normal, the boy put his doctor at relief enough to unstrap him. Afterward, the son used the syringe used to help him speak to murder the doctor and escape. [ 2 ] As an adult, he designed a costume ( chiefly a bootleg wetsuit with bug-eyed helmet that was able to shoot blasting rays from its eyes ) and fashioned a high-tech submersible inspired by black manta rays. Taking the diagnose Black Manta, he and his dissemble army became a military unit to be reckoned with. He besides joined the ephemeral Injustice League .

death of a prince

Main article: Aquaman: Death of a Prince Black Manta began a series of more evil personal attacks on Aquaman, beginning with an rape on Atlantis ‘ agricultural system. [ 3 ] He besides hired a robotics mastermind named Weisbogg to destroy the city ‘s dome with a mechanical Bugala, although this design besides failed. [ 4 ] After burying him under tons of debris, Aquaman still managed to escape through a network of metro caves. [ 5 ] Aqualad and Aquagirl uncovered one of his criminal operations in Mississippi, and it was revealed that he had been smuggling guns to the nefarious King Karshon who had dethroned and exiled Aquaman. [ 6 ] Fighting his enrage bane again after Mera and Aquababy had been kidnapped, Manta knocked him out and gave him to Karshon in central for information about the City of the Lost Tribes. [ 7 ] This was the home of the pacifist Idylists, and he easily conquered it with a team of mercenaries. Revealing himself to be african American, he explained that he hoped to create an submerged colony where his people could be barren from the persecution they faced on the come on earth. Aquaman and Aqualad were put into an arena and forced to fight each early to the death. Manta placed Aquababy into a chamber where he would slowly suffocate until one of them had killed the other. The two heroes managed to break dislodge while he escaped, but the baby died and they were besides belated to save him. [ 8 ] Aquaman pursued revenge with the purpose of murdering his bane, and Manta about managed to kill him but was betrayed by one of his disenchant mercenaries named Cal Durham. Broken and pleading for mercy, Manta was spared by Aquaman who decided that it was not worth compromising his ideals and had him arrested rather. [ 9 ]

Underworld Unleashed

Main article: Underworld Unleashed Black Manta late sold his soul to the devil Neron in exchange for more power, and transformed into a Manta/Man loanblend. He took to wearing a new costume that completely covered his appearance, and inexplicably stopped tormenting Aquaman and alternatively indulged in drug smuggling from his new basis in Star City. here, he was opposed by green Arrow and Aquaman .
In a former confrontation, Aquaman, sporting the dame of the Lake ‘s Healing Hand, reversed Neron ‘s alterations to Black Manta, and rewired Manta ‘s afflict brain, making him normal for the first fourth dimension in his life. unfortunately, Manta remained a violent criminal, lulling Aquaman into a false sense of partnership and about killing the Sea King in the summons. In later events, Black Manta was used as a examination subject to make water breathers, using genetic manipulation. This succeeded and since then Black Manta has returned to the oceans to face Aquaman once again.

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Infinite crisis

Main article: Infinite Crisis He was obviously killed by Aquaman in anger, after causing a disturbance in Sub Diego in which Captain Marley was sternly injured. Aquaman summoned diverse predaceous sea-life to attack Black Manta and left him for dead. He reappeared, however, during the battle with Alexander Luthor and Superboy-Prime .

One class subsequently

Main article: One Year Later One year late, he took over Sub Diego but was forced to flee when King Shark bit off his face. He can be seen as a member of Libra ‘s Secret Society of Super-Villains .

Brightest Day

Main article: Brightest Day During the Brightest Day, Black Manta is future seen working in a pisces marketplace. When the local news and his customers revel in the return of Aquaman, Manta leaps over the counter and murders them with his tongue. Black Manta is late seen burning a shorefront house to the ground and walking into the ocean. He immediately leaps out wearing his Black Manta costume and yelling “ Aquaman. ”
Black Manta is seen later at Thomas Curry, Aquaman ‘s beget ‘s gravestone, where he is approached by Siren and her Death Squad after demolishing the gravestone. The Death Squad began fighting Black Manta but before the contend can get excessively far along, Siren stops them. She tells Black Manta that they need to work together to find his son, as she makes a unvoiced body of water double of Jackson Hyde. Black Manta and Siren track down Jackson and attempts to kill his foster father. Jackson ( using his ability to create difficult water constructs ) defends his foster father, but can not stop Black Manta from shooting a trident-shaped dart at his foster don. Aquaman then arrives on the scene stop and crushing the dart. Black Manta prepares to face his old nemesis again. During the battle, Aquaman pulls Jackson and his foster father to base hit from Black Manta and Siren. After Jackson learns the truth behind his origin, Aquaman and Jackson ( now calling himself Aqualad ) are ambushed by Siren and the Xebel soldiers. The fight continues onto the beach where innocent citizens get caught in the crossfire. As Aquaman is about to strike bet on at Siren, Black Manta springs from the urine and severs Aquaman ‘s right handwriting. jackson attacks his beget and berates him for siding with the people who killed his own wife, only for Black Manta to throw Jackson to the ground and coldly states that both he and his mother mean nothing to him. When Black Manta is about to impale his son with one of his blades, Mera arrives with Aquagirl, who saves Jackson by strike Black Manta ‘s square in the grimace. Jackson and Mera are able to work together to seal Black Manta, Siren and the rest of the invaders away in the Bermuda Triangle, Black Manta vowed to get his son, Jackson.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Black Manta has been trained in combat since he was young and is able to hold his own against Aquaman and others.
  • Genius Level Intellect: He fashioned his own high-tech submersible inspired by black manta rays.
  • Leadership
  • Swimming: Black Manta is an excellent swimmer who is able to keep up with Atlanteans.
  • Weaponry: Black Manta is very skilled with a variety of weapons with knives being a favorite of his.
  • Seamanship: Black Manta is able to operate his own submarine and has shown that he is able to hijack and navigate any sea faring vessel he has come across.
  • Intimidation: Black Manta is widely known and feared among both superheroes and villains for his efficiency, sadism and completely ruthless personality.
  • Tracking: He is a very talented tracker who is able to locate people who have taken great effort to cover their tracks.

other Characteristics


  • Diving Suit: Black Manta uses a diving suit that allows him to dive extremely deep distances underwater and gives him oxygen which allows him to survive underwater indefinitely. It is designed to protect him from the cold and crushing depth of the bottom of the ocean and let him navigate the dark of the sea with no issue. It is highly resistant to bullets and concussive force, allowing him to withstand blows from Aquaman that would easily kill a normal human, as well as greatly enhancing his strength and speed.


  • Black Manta’s Sea-Saucer: Advanced submersible craft

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC’s Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character’s Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.


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