How Every Black Suit Superman Compares To Each Other (& To The Comics)

Superman has been adapted for the large and minor several times, with lone a handful of adaptations including Clark Kent ‘s celebrated black befit from the comics. One of the characters portrayed the most in live-action is the last Son of Krypton, whether in movies or television shows. Wherever Superman goes, his classical red-and-blue undifferentiated is always depart of the package. however, while that costume has been iconic since Superman ‘s debut in the comics, that is n’t the only suit Clark is known to wear .
When DC Comics did The Death of Superman, it became one of the most all-important moments in Kal-El ‘s fabricated history. While Clark came second to life, he was n’t at full moon strength yet after his massive confrontation with Doomsday in The Death of Superman. To help his consistency mend, Superman wore a black courtship with a big argent S-shield on his chest — but rather than being an aesthetic choice, the black adaptation was actually a recovery suit that would absorb solar energy, allowing Clark ‘s Kryptonian cells to heal his injure consistency .
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As Superman ‘s media bequest has expanded over the decades, respective television receiver shows and movies have incorporated the black suit. While the lawsuit does n’t have the lapp background as it did with The Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen, it has had its fair share in live-action. however, it is even remarkable how many times it has been used over the years and how diverse live-action properties adapt it from page to filmdom .

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman

The first time Superman ‘s black costume is ever portrayed in live-action is in Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman temper 3 and season 4. As Clark, played by Dean Cain, learns about the universe of New Krypton, the prove adapts the iconic look with a slender deepen. Rather than sporting a silver medal House of El symbol, the designers made it blue rather, which hush works for the black bodysuit. In this context, Clark dons that costume when he chooses to leave Earth to lead the Kryptonian race, making it a more emblematic scenario. then far, Cain ‘s black Superman costume is the only live-action iteration that excluded a cape, which is the case with the amusing book counterpart .
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Smallville Season 9

While Tom Welling ‘s Clark Kent did take on Doomsday in Smallville temper 8, it did n’t end with the soon-to-be Man of Steel dying, physically anyhow. Smallville ‘s approach to the black lawsuit is very different from the comics, both visually and in context. It came through Welling ‘s character declaring Clark Kent dead as he gives up on his world after the tragic death of Jimmy Olsen. Seeing his human side as a failing, Smallville season 8 ended with Clark dying metaphorically to set up the black suit ‘s debut in the watch season. immediately operating as The Blur, rather of the Red-Blue Blur, Clark begins to wear a in full black-and-grey uniform, adapting the ill-famed black costume but with a Smallville spin. The black trench coat is meant to serve as a nod to Superman ‘s cape, even though Clark ‘s black suit in the comics did n’t have one. While placid having a silver House of El symbol on his breast, Clark wore a shirt and pants quite than a bodysuit. The blacken suit is finally abandoned at the begin of Smallville season 10 after Clark had spent most of the ninth season re-connecting with his human side .

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder Justice League

Cinematically, only one interpretation of Superman has worn the black suit. Portrayed by Henry Cavill, the iconic costume made its big-screen debut in Man of Steel during a thinker confrontation between Clark and General Zod. As the Kryptonian foe tries to get Kal-El to join him in terraforming Earth into a new Krypton, Clark refuses and on the spur of the moment wears a black version of his costume. But in Zack Snyder ‘s Justice League, Clark suits up properly in the black-and-silver uniform. While it is not a regeneration suit like in the comics, it is still connected to when Clark is brought back to life. After dying from the battle against Doomsday in Batman v Superman : dawn of Justice, Clark is revived by the team. When he returns to the Kryptonian Scout Ship and walks through the hall, he chooses the black costume before flying away to help the Justice League. evening though they defeated Steppenwolf, Clark is distillery seen wearing the black uniform at the end of the Snyder Cut .
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Arrowverse’s Elseworlds/Superman & Lois


The Arrowverse has besides introduced Superman ‘s black lawsuit on two freestanding but similar scenarios. Despite doom having been mentioned in the franchise, Tyler Hoechlin ‘s Superman did n’t die during their conflict, which has only been referenced concisely. The first time the black costume is adapted was in the 2018 crossing over event, Elseworlds. John Deegan, the crossing over villain, uses the Book of Destiny to rewrite reality and makes himself the Superman of Earth-1. As Deegan transforms himself into the Man of Steel, he dons an wholly bootleg version of Hoechlin ‘s first costume, with a eloquent S-shield. Why Deegan specifically picked that color dodge was never explained during the crossover voter.

Hoechlin wore the black suit again on Superman & Lois. John Henry Irons ‘ backstory revealed that he is from an land where Kal-El turned on humanness. While little is known thus far why this version of Superman is evil, Clark ‘s doppelganger is wearing the same lawsuit as Hoechlin wore in Elseworlds. It is probably condom to say that this Clark is n’t wearing the bootleg costume because he was killed and brought bet on to life. As Superman & Lois season 1 progresses, it will probable be explained why this interpretation of Krypton ‘s end Son is wearing this specific courtship .
It is interesting how many times the black suit has been adapted into live-action, yet none of the iterations have had the regeneration routine. possibly if Superman & Lois ever adapts The Death of Superman saga down the note, possibly the Arrowverse will get to introduce the entirety of that Superman suit. Whether it is on television or film, it will be intriguing to see where Superman’s black suit is seen next in live-action .
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