How to watch Black Widow on Disney Plus at no extra cost

Want to stream Natasha Romanoff’s standalone MCU film without incurring any extra costs on Disney Plus? Here’s everything you need to know.
As the first MCU film since 2019 ’ s Spider-Man : far From Home, Black Widow was easily one of the biggest cinematic releases of 2021. Of naturally, having come out at a time when the prospect of going to the film was still airy for a draw of people, the film was released simultaneously in film and on-demand as share of the Disney Plus Premiere program .
In order to access Black Widow at home, Disney Plus subscribers were required to fork out £19.99 on top of their monthly fee, which intelligibly didn ’ t sit well with a goodly lump of customers. fortunately for those who abstained from paying the extra cost, Disney Plus Premiere films do finally make their means to the platform ’ south streaming library – and Black Widow is no different. If you want to watch Black Widow at base for free then here ’ s what you need to know.

When is Black Widow free to watch on Disney Plus?

If you want to watch Black Widow at no excess monetary value then you ’ re in luck – Black Widow is now available to stream for all Disney Plus customers as of today, October 6 .
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How to Black Widow at no extra cost on Disney Plus

now that Black Widow is available to stream for all Disney Plus subscribers, all you have to do is login to the app on your phone, tablet or smart television receiver and search for ‘ Black Widow ’ in the search bar. Chances are however that with this being such a huge free for the platform, Black Widow will be the foremost matter that appears in the have slots on Disney Plus .
If you ’ ve even to sign up to Disney Plus then you can use this opportunity to bag a weeklong free test, efficaciously letting you watch Black Widow, and the lie of Disney Plus ’ catalogue ( with the exception of any Premiere content ) for unblock .

How long is Black Widow?

If you ’ rhenium hoping to squeeze in a screening of Black Widow after work then fear not as the movie doesn ’ t come anywhere near the elephantine lengths of something like Avengers : endgame. Black Widow has a full runtime of 134 minutes, ringing in at just over two hours .

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