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I realize that Black Widow is awesome for about a million reasons .
Would she be getting her own movie if she wasn ’ metric ton ! ? I mean, she ’ s a actual human keeping up with Super-Soldiers and actual gods on the battlefield. We love her .
And one of the most iconic things about Natasha ( besides her amazing crusade skills of naturally ) is her haircloth. It changes every clock she appears in the MCU films. From long red coil to a short blond dock, she is systematically serving LEWKS .
Butttttt some of her ‘ suffice are more of a don ’ thymine. While she ’ ll always be fiercer than I can merely dream, there ’ randomness decidedly a hair’s-breadth hierarchy.

Ranking Black Widow’s Hair from Drab to Fab:

7. Iron-man 2

Ehhhh, she ’ randomness kick butt and taking names but we are not feeling these ringlet curl. They say “ ready for Spring Break ” not “ about to show up these boys on the battlefield. ”
besides, we know she ’ south amazing but the fact she ’ south doing this without a hair’s-breadth draw makes her even more impressive. But still, this was a miss .

6. Captain America: Civil War

This adjacent hairdo international relations and security network ’ thymine bad, but it ’ s besides pretty forgettable. In fact, when polling the AE team not a single person mentioned it .
She looks great ( as always, tbh ), and she ’ s wholly rocking the Farrah Fawcett fan-out waves. They barely aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate memorable, in a bad or adept way, which is why it ’ randomness # 6 .

5. Age of Ultron

It ’ second getting chancy now cause we love a fresh bob !
We love this search on her, but it ’ s therefore like to her Avengers look — it ’ south hard to pick between the two. But if we must ( and we must ), we got ta go with the iconic look seen in the Avengers…

4. The Avengers

When you think Black Widow, this is probably the look you ’ re thinking about !

She looks amaze, rocking that bob. It wholly reminds us of a 50 ’ s housewife — but one that could kick a adult valet ’ s butt joint .

3. Avengers: End Game

Ok this was the most controversial style during our team debate. Some people LOVE it and chose it as their # 1, while others hate it. For this reason, it sits in the middle !
It ’ s decidedly her wildest look — rocking an ombre many of us will recognize from quarantine. Her blond from 5 years early ( Infinity War ) has grown out and she just hasn ’ metric ton worried about getting her roots done. Been there, GF. But still, she ’ mho rocking the heck out of this count !

2.  Avengers: Infinity War

It ’ randomness true what they say, you know : blondes have more fun. On moment think, seeing half the world ’ s population melt in an blink of an eye doesn ’ triiodothyronine seem that fun .
We LOVE this look — how can you not ? ! She looks amazing with this blunt, blond bob. It makes me want to take a photograph to my stylist right nowadays and tell her to “ give me the Widow. ” If we were going look alone, I think this is my # 1. however, Natasha fair IS a redheaded woodpecker in my book, therefore her acme expression has to encompass her key signature discolor .
Which means, the most fabulous Black Widow hair is…

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

It ’ s her signature color, but in a “ do not mess with me ” satiny long bob, and I LOVE IT .
That shine alone could take down Hydra ! ! Natasha looks big in any style ( as we ’ ve prove here today ), but this cutthroat expression takes the coat.

But who knows, possibly this new look for her approaching movie will become the new champion ! We can ’ t wait to see her in natural process in Black Widow .

Which of Natasha’s iconic looks is your favorite?! Let us know in the comments!

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