MCU: How Black Widow Became a Footnote

Jon Favreau ’ s Iron Man franchise not alone usher in a newly era in cinema, but introduced audiences to characters that could stand on their own without a call to assemble. One such character was Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson. Her introduction into the MCU was adenine epic poem as the film she was introduced in. Iron Man 2 was the no-turning-back sharpen of the franchise ; audiences needed to be less concern about corporate espionage and faithless mentors and more about greater, super-powered threats to the global. For Black Widow to be separate of this shift in cinematic spirit shows how pivotal her role is to the MCU. She is more than she appears in many ways .
clearly, Black Widow is the most badass Avenger. Her skill set in conflict is like chess for her. Yet, she was often made into a cheap interpretation of a very charwoman by being sequestered to the role of sexual love pastime. similarly, her character is cheapened when she is written as “ the mother ” in Avengers : endgame, keeping everyone together as she struggles herself to feel complete. Of course, the biggest disservice to her character is the free of her solo movie after she died in Avengers : endgame. As such, here ‘s how Black Widow became a footnote in the MCU at large .

The Most Badass Avenger

black-widow-iron-man-2 Marvel Studios While Thor and the Hulk are among the top contenders for strongest original Avenger in the MCU, Black Widow has the broadest fight manner of her ( all-male ) peers. Trained as an assassin for the Russians, Natasha Romanoff spent her childhood learning to do one matter : kill the target. In Avengers : Age of Ultron, Natasha ’ randomness delusion via Wanda Maximoff is about her prepare in the Red Room and the surgery she had to undergo to graduate. Throughout the many iterations of assassins, the fight style is like a signature. nothing is truer for Black Widow ’ s fighting style. Whether she is taking on felicitous or fighting aliens in a underpass, Natasha is an unexpected force on the battlefield.

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More Than a Love Interest

Captain-America-And-The-Winter-Soldier-Captain-America-And-Black-Widow Marvel Studios Considering her impressive battle skills, it ’ s a wonder that her character arch stopped after the first Avengers movie. Such a formidable power, so far the next clock she appears on-screen, in Captain America : The Winter Soldier, she is kissing Steve Rogers in an try to distract Hydra members. In Avengers : Age of Ultron, the will-they-won ’ t-they subplot thickens, though this time with Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Although it is implied, some fans think Natasha and Steve Rogers are a pair in Avengers : Infinity War, according to Fan Bolt. Another fan hypothesis from Marvel Nerds even suggests that Steve and Natasha are married in an alternate universe in Avengers : Endgame. Of the women superheroes in the MCU, no character is more sexualize than Black Widow. As significant as she is to the Avengers, her first annotate is to be in a sleep together triangle with Captain America and The Hulk. Whether its comedian bible canon, the studio should have utilized Black Widow the way they utilized Gwenyth Paltrow ’ s Pepper Potts in the Iron Man saga or Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy .

Keeping Up with Black Widow

black-widow-avengers-endgame Marvel Studios Another cheap character growth tactic used with women in Hollywood is to make them maternal, even when a character explicitly says they never felt the want to be a mother. In the case of Black Widow, she reveals to Bruce Banner that she ’ s the real monster on the team after a forced hysterectomy in Avengers : Age of Ultron. The deduction in this scenery is that women or people with uteruses who can ’ t have children or don ’ metric ton want children see themselves in the lapp way. Yet the inverse is true : when women are written as instinctively maternal, it feeds more into the social narrative that all women want is to be a mother. This is another stark remainder between Black Widow and early women characters in the MCU. While audiences do not see early warrioresses like Captain Marvel or Gamora discuss being a mother, they aren ’ thyroxine forced into that function either. Black Widow is made into the mother during Avengers : endgame when she has an unfold line for the Avengers across the galaxy. She is, assumedly, the lone original team extremity who is living at the Avengers intensify, where Steve Rogers comes by to do laundry. That whole scene is quite collegiate in that Steve is coming dwelling to mom for a home-cooked meal and to rest, while Natasha is carrying the global on her shoulders .
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A Little Too Late

black-widow Marvel Studios While Johansson said that she was grateful to make the Black Widow solo movie when they did, in an interview with SyFy, for many MCU fans, the films comes as an afterthought. Fans know Black Widow dies in Avengers : Endgame. While she chooses to sacrifice herself in topographic point of Clint Barton ’ randomness Hawkeye, so he can return home, the first base womanhood superhero of the MCU should have had her solo film much preferably. According to Time, a series of leak emails from Marvel executives revealed that a Black Widow solo film was not marketable. Johansson stayed with the character despite studio apartment executives not believing in her ability to carry an action-packed film. In the same article from Time, Johansson reveals that as executive manufacturer of the movie, she was able to tell the history of Black Widow that she truly wanted to tell. While the MCU backed Johansson, the film fell short of fans expectations. specially the events in Budapest that were beginning referred to in Marvel ’ s The Avengers. Regardless of the forward motion to make the run actress the executive manufacturer deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, it was unfortunate that it took practically a ten for the film to happen, well after Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America had each completed their own trilogies of films. By having the solo film occur after the fictional character had died, it was like the period at the end of the sentence was replaced by a semicolon followed by a shard .

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