‘Black Widow’ Is A Prime Example Of What The MCU Keeps Getting Wrong

‘Black Widow ‘Credit: Disney
Black Widow mixes bang-up natural process with a long-winded script, predictable plot and excessively long runtime. The results are blend .

If I had to describe Black Widow ’ s fight scenes using one word only, I ’ d say “ ragdoll. ” Bodies are tossed into walls, out of vehicles, off bridges, through windows, into the publicize and onto the ground like ragdolls .

The action is fast-paced and angered, and while the fights in Black Widow are not peculiarly bloody—it ’ s the MCU, after all—they ’ ra often surprisingly beastly .

Since there are many fights and a great conduct of action, it ’ s an entertaining adequate movie for a dose of superhero fun and escape .

There ’ s plenty to like about Black Widow. It can be funny at times—if you ’ re not excessively burned out on the MCU ’ s hallmark trade name of humor. It ’ mho exciting and crimson with lots of fun locations that fly by about excessively flying to notice .

But there ’ s batch to dislike a good .
The characters all feel a little apartment and inconsequential, but when they ’ re bicker and controversy or smashing each others ’ faces in, you can ignore how shallow the hale thing is—part The Americans, part Jason Bourne, with merely enough Avengers thrown in to remind us that this is indeed a standalone MCU film, for better or worse .
Black Widow hews toward a dark, grittier style than much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though by the end we find ourselves in a lot more familiar district. Things go smash. A giant, hovering infrastructure explodes and crashes out of the sky—Marvel ’ s adaptation of the Death Star .
The 20 Minute Rule
There ’ s a recipe to most Marvel movies and Black Widow lone flirts briefly with abandoning it before returning wholesale. By about the halfway point, or possibly oklahoman, you should be able to chart out precisely what ’ second going to happen in the moment half .

In fact, after the open act, I found myself drifting. Getting antsy .
The action scenes are fun but frequently besides predictable, and there sol many that even the better, more elaborate set-pieces ( like a russian prison about to be crushed under a massive avalanche ) start to feel tire .
meanwhile, the personal drama international relations and security network ’ metric ton compelling or surprise enough to occupy as much screen clock time as it does, and I found myself coming back to my current running theory that most movies these days—and particularly most superhero movies—are about 20 minutes besides long. As a guiding principle this could be applied to a startle total of genre films. Cutting 20 to 30 minutes would about constantly help, making for more palatable, less long-winded, cinematic experiences .
I said the lapp thing about Zack Snyder ’ s Army of the Dead. Cut 20 minutes ( or sol ) and you have a better, better-paced picture. Black Widow runs 2 hours and 14 minutes. This is at least 20 minutes besides long, but probably more like 30. If I went back through the movie again, I guarantee I could point out every single scene that could be cut or shortened. That avalanche fit I mentioned up above ? It would have been a lot better if we hadn ’ metric ton already been therefore afloat with so a lot action .
What happened to 1 hour and 45 minute-long movies ?
actually, they ’ re still out there. A hushed place 2 is just 1 hour and 37 minutes and it decidedly doesn ’ t need to be any longer than that. Its economical and tells a complete report with a nice desegregate of carry through and drama, and a meet resolution that arrives precisely in time. John Wick sits well under the 2 hour marker at 1 hour and 42 minutes, and not a minute of it is wasted .
Black Widow dawdles flush when everything is exploding. It drags its feet in every character-driven view that doesn ’ metric ton necessitate guns blazing or a fist competitiveness. And the ending is painfully slow. The movie is besides long and the pace suffers for it particularly as we get into the latter half. Taskmaster

Credit: Disney
Bad Timing
There are other issues as well, chief among them something I think we can all agree on careless of our impression about the film as a whole : Black Widow ’ s placement on the MCU timeline and its actual turn date merely don ’ t make sense. The movie takes place after Captain America : Civil War and before Avengers : Infinity War and Endgame. In the latter of those films, Black Widow is killed—and she international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine “ snapped ” back to life in the un-Spannening. She ’ s dead and gone .
Logistics and other occupation issues conspired to push this movie back many years after it ought to have been released, and watching it just feels wyrd. We know she dies, but unlike knowing that Vision is dead in WandaVision we don ’ t have any large mysteries to unravel, no boastful questions to ask, since the movie simply takes target before the early films .
Black Widow is a finely MCU film—perfectly average in every way—and I ’ m not sure that ’ s enough to justify its universe. If it were in truth big, I could shrug off timeline issues, but it ’ s not. It ’ s decidedly OK. Scarlett Johansson is hush big in the function. I very much enjoyed David Harbour as soviet superhero, Red Guardian, as some much-needed comic relief. The rest of the hurl, including Florence Pugh as Yelena and Rachel Weisz as Melina, does a finely speculate. It was kind of playfulness to see O-T Fagbenle here with a british emphasis, since I ’ m so used to him as Luke from The Handmaid ’ sulfur Tale .
( Young Natasha is played by Ever Anderson who looked so familiar I had to google her. Turns out she ’ s the daughter of Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich, which explains things ) .
thus a fine cast, to be certain. It ’ s equitable that there very international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine much to work with, specially after the opening moments. I wanted more mystery or a apt heist or two, or anything that could elevate this mental picture from directly action to something more Bond-ian. But Bond movies are aphrodisiac and MCU movies are largely barren of sex. bind movies have a sharp border, a dinner jacket to hide that silenced pistol below, a martini in pass. Black Widow is all fists and grenades .
The movie tries excessively hard to say excessively many things and ends up saying nothing much at all except that—in predictable MCU fashion—the good guys will win and the bad guys will lose. Neither heroes nor villains manage to be peculiarly matter to along the means. On both sides we deal with signally shallow characterization, even for a superhero film. crimson defenderCredit: Disney
Would I pay $ 30 to see Black Widow on Disney Plus ?
Frankly, no. It ’ randomness something you should watch if you enjoy the character ( I do ) and some good fight scenes ( there are many ) but it doesn ’ t in truth add any modern layers to the MCU and feels queerly out of place given where that franchise is immediately. It ’ mho finely, but it ’ s not $ 30 finely .
If you ’ re going to see it, go to the movie theaters so you can experience all the spectacle as it ’ randomness intended : loudly, boisterous and flashy. merely be prepared to get a small bored—not Aquaman levels of bored, but bored however. There are more than a couple very good leap scares that will resonate in the movie theater more than at home besides .
All told, I give Black Widow a “ reasonably ” score. It ’ s a fine, entertain movie about Natasha Romanoff and her bogus family and we ’ re introduced to some cool characters like Taskmaster ( whose fight scenes are among the most entertain in the film, though whose secret identity is sure to be dissentious ) but it drags besides much and doesn ’ thyroxine very expand the universe in cool, creative ways. It ’ s basically a Tom Cruise spy thriller but with Black Widow and superintendent powers and—well, not very any heists. And possibly that ’ s all it needs to be. Nothing particular, nothing actually bold or daring or awful and glaring. It ’ s the MCU in a nutshell, truth be told, playing it safe while pretending not to .
If you want to watch something about soviet spies that ’ s actually bang-up, check out The Americans—a laughably underrated indicate that, while not perfect, tackles family, political intrigue and concepts of loyalty with intelligence and intensity you simply won ’ metric ton determine anywhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe .
Black Widow comes to Disney+ and theaters on July 9th .
director : Cate Shortland
Writers : Jac Schaeffer, Ned Benson, Eric Pearson
Scattered Thoughts :

  • Perhaps the most amusing thing about Harbour’s character will be for Stranger Things fans who realize that this must be where Hopper’s been all this time, cosplaying as some Soviet superhero in Mother Russia.
  • I feel like they did a terrible job at establishing the villain or explaining the organization he headed up, and why it only recruited female agents. The story sort of drunkenly shambles its way from one plot point to the next and while it’s not confusing it also fails to really make sense. Character motivations are barely explored. I may go into more depth on this once the film is out and I can talk spoilers.
  • Captain Marvel is widely derided as a terrible standalone MCU film, and I agree that Captain Marvel herself is pretty bad, wildly overpowered and just not a very great character. But at least that movie had some surprising twists and revelations. Black Widow plays it straight, which would work if it had more going on and was less predictable.

finally, I made a video recording —and wrote a break mail at my Substack —about the film ’ randomness politics. I ’ ve seen it praised as a “ feminist ” film and I ’ m indisputable some people will hate it for that reason, but personally I think it ’ mho much bustle about nothing. This is an action movie with female leads—not some sort of anti-male movie that dogs on men. Give it a watch :

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