‘Hawkeye’ Finally Ties Back to That ‘Black Widow’ Post-Credits Scene

By this point, you know Marvel Studios shows can ’ metric ton go a week without dropping some major reveal that will wholly get fans buzzing while they wait for the following episode to drop. Hawkeye is, obviously, no different—and Episode 4, “ Partners, Am I Right ?, ” includes a unwrap that MCU fans have been eagerly anticipating for a few months. SPOILERS ahead people. You know the drill !
ready ?
After it was teased this past summer in the Black Widow post-credits scene, Yelena Belova ( Florence Pugh ) last comes boldness to confront ( well, mask to face and then face to face ) with Hawkeye. For those of you who didn ’ triiodothyronine see Black Widow, the film ’ s post-credits scene depicts Yelena, Natasha ’ s adoptive sister, visiting the Avenger ’ s grave. There she ’ randomness recruited by the enigmatic Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine ( Julia Louis-Dreyfus ) to go after the man creditworthy for her sister ’ south death : Hawkeye. Oh—and besides the contessa gets Yelena ’ s attention by blowing her nose, which I have to mention because this is the only movie from the post-credits setting that we have in WordPress proper now .
Black Widow end credits scene
That post-credits view set up a confrontation that fans never knew they needed, and then on the spur of the moment could not wait to see. This workweek ’ s episode of Hawkeye delivered.

In the Hawkeye episode, Yelena chooses a pretty tense moment to strike. Clint and Kate have tracked Clint ’ s old Rolex ( which contains person ’ second secret identity, yada yada yada, we can only dissect one mystery at a time ) to an apartment—an apartment that belongs to crime boss Maya Lopez/Echo ( Alaqua Cox ). While Kate tussles with Maya in the apartment, Clint ’ randomness across the street throwing down with a masked attacker on a rooftop .
Hawkeye - Yelena Belova
He assumes that this passkey in hand-to-hand fight is Maya Lopez, but he could not be more ill-timed. After getting a look at more of her contend vogue and seeing her weapons in natural process, particularly those gauntlets, he realizes that the ’ sulfur actually facing person much more dangerous. He ’ mho facing a Black Widow assassin .
Of course when he unmasks Yelena, he doesn ’ metric ton seem to immediately recognize her as not precisely a Black Widow assassin, but besides as his best supporter ’ randomness sister.

Hawkeye - Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova
Of course that makes smell since it ’ s probably that Natasha never mentioned that she grew up deep clandestine with a class of russian super spies, a family that included a younger “ sister. ” Yelena doesn ’ triiodothyronine complete her mission at this moment, either. She bolts after being unmask, and her arrival proves to be the final straw for Clint. now that a Black Widow assassin is after him, he immediately cuts Kate at large and tells her to forget about this whole mission. It ’ south on the spur of the moment became infinitely more dangerous .
We besides get to see Kate and Yelena face off briefly, which is barely a rad moment in general considering that Florence Pugh and Hailee Steinfeld are two of the hottest energetic actors working in Hollywood right now… and nowadays they ’ rhenium in the MCU together. That ’ south cool !

We decidedly have not seen the end of Florence Pugh on Hawkeye, because Clint has a fortune of explaining to do to Yelena. We waited a few months to see this confrontation, so we can wait another week to see it continue .
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