Why Yelena Is Still Called Black Widow In Phase 4

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Hawkeye episode 4.
Despite escaping from the Red Room years ago, Yelena Belova is calm referred to as a Black Widow in Hawkeye — here ’ south why. Introduced in the movie Black Widow, Yelena Belova ( Florence Pugh ) is Natasha Romanoff ’ second ( Scarlett Johansson ) adopted sister, who was besides trained in the Red Room. As children, Natasha and Yelena were part of an clandestine assignment, where they unwittingly posed as the children of Alexei Shostakov ( David Harbour ) and Melina Vostokoff ( Rachel Weisz ), agents for Russia. Decades late, Yelena, in concert with her family, had managed to destroy the Red Room, so far her identity as a Widow even remained .
In Black Widow ’ s post-credit scene, Yelena mourns the death of her sister, Natasha, following the events of Avengers : endgame. She gets interrupted by Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine ( Julia Louis-Dreyfus ), who tasks her with killing Clint Barton ( Jeremy Renner ). While it is ill-defined how a lot Val knows about the forfeit in Vormir, she surely paints Clint as “ the man responsible ” for Natasha ’ s death, fueling Yelena ’ s necessitate for vengeance. Unsurprisingly, Yelena pays Clint a travel to in Hawkeye episode 4. In her action-packed cameo, Yelena fights Clint while wearing an all-black outfit and night-vision goggles. Clint manages to remove the mask and reveal her identity, but she incapacitates Clint and escapes.

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Although Yelena ’ s confront was only momentarily visible, Clint already deduced her identity, calling her “ a Black Widow assassin. ” She may have successfully escaped from the Red Room and taken down the unidimensional Black Widow villain Dreykov, but she came from the Red Room and its style and Black Widow program aim is all over her. After all, her fighting style, equipment — particularly the trademark electroconvulsive therapy bracelets — and equip are still brooding of the elect assassin group. barely like her sister Natasha, no matter how many years pass, Yelena clearly can not in full shed this region of herself in MCU Phase 4, having spent most of her life wear that identity .

Hawkeye Masked Villain Yelena Belova Adaptoid SR While Clint may not specifically recognize Yelena as Natasha ’ sulfur sister, he possibly knows that there are multiple Black Widows nowadays operating as free agents under the control of mighty people. In fact, the mere bearing of Yelena informs Clint about the badness of their site, scaring him into cutting off all ties with the eager and skilled but uninitiate Kate Bishop ( Hailee Steinfeld ). Furthermore, Yelena being referred to as a Black Widow in the MCU Phase 4 might suggest that she is set to be Natasha ’ s successor. She may already be working for a close new administration under Contessa Val, possibly alongside John Walker ‘s US Agent from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier .
Throughout the beginning half of Hawkeye, Clint has been manifesting signs of guilt over losing Natasha, and the new Black Widow–or at least, a Black Widow, ampere far as he knows–looming over him surely does not help with his emotions. obviously, Yelena ’ s cameo in Hawkeye episode 4 is not the last time viewers will see her interact with the archer duet, since a confrontation is guaranteed as she pursues her goal. Hopefully, the record will be set straight, and both Clint Barton and Yelena Belova can receive blockage from Natasha ’ s death in the MCU as Phase 4 continues .
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Marvel ’ s Hawkeye airs every Wednesday on Disney+ .

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