Who is Blackguard? Pete Davidson’s Suicide Squad Character Explained

Warning: SPOILERS for The Suicide Squad.
The Suicide Squad contains a colorful range of characters adapted from DC ‘s comics, including Pete Davidson ‘s Blackguard. Though he is by no means the biggest quality in the movie, Blackguard does play an authoritative function in the film, and besides establishes the tone of James Gunn ‘s work from an early item onwards. But who is Blackguard, and how unlike is he from his comic counterpart ?
Blackguard ‘s first gear appearance was within in the pages of Booster Gold in 1986, serving as a extremity of the time-traveling superhero ‘s collection of rogues. While Richard Hertz was a nickel-and-dime hood, he was hired by the organization known as the 1,000 for several different jobs and operations on their behalf. While he ‘s by and large been classified as not being the brightest medulla oblongata in the room, he was given an increased come of intelligence by the devil overlord Neron, who granted him apparently modal brains as a result. Blackguard wears a befit of heavy-duty armor, which he presumedly received from the 1,000. He besides wields an energy shield and mace. Years later, Blackguard was enlisted by Amanda Waller to join a heavy-duty Suicide Squad, aboard characters such as Marauder, The General, and White Dragon. however, this particular team was n’t so loyal, betraying the others which ultimately led to the General beheading Blackguard by ripping his head off midway through their dysphemistic, therefore ending Blackguard ‘s short circuit tenure in the DC Universe .

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In this vein, Davidson ‘s Blackguard is identical alike, as early into The Suicide Squad he reveals he has been collaborating with the Corto maltese government, only to be promptly shot dead by their united states army in ghastly manner after warning them that the group had arrived. This would lead to a swift chain reaction of murders that would take out the majority of Task Force X in one fell swoop. however, this death is reasonably less sympathetic than the demise of his comic self, as the DCEU Blackguard dies as a resultant role of his own betrayal of the team, not the early way around .

Pete Davidson as Dick Hertz Blackguard in The Suicide Squad

indeed, the real shame of The Suicide Squad ‘s Blackguard dying thus soon into the film is that viewers are left with relatively fiddling in terms of information about this version of the character. Blackguard ‘s black leather suit may suggest that he has besides worked with The 1,000 and thus potentially besides received enhance intelligence from Neron – but given that this is never thus a lot as allude to, there ‘s besides a full gamble he is a relatively convention criminal in this think. The fact that Davidson ‘s Blackguard has guns on his suit supports this idea, as it ‘s a far cry from the mace and physical weaponry that the comedian Blackguard leans towards .
Though it would have been fun to see Pete Davidson get to break out his acting in a supervillain function a little more, his DCEU reimagining of the quality is distillery a decidedly entertain one, even if he ‘s alone seen in a relatively little amount of clock. He ‘s besides so far another example of how The Suicide Squad did an admirable job adapting slightly obscure amusing characters in its roll
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