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Real Name

Jaime Reyes

Main Alias

Blue Beetle


( founder )
( sister )
( parental grandma )
Alejandro Reyes ( grandfather, deceased ) Bianca Reyes (mother) Alberto Reyes (father) Milagro Reyes (sister) Elena Leal (maternal grandmother)Alejandro Reyes (grandfather, deceased)


Posse, Teen Titans

Formerly Justice League International

Base Of Operations

El Paso, Texas





Secret Identity



Marital Status



Superhero · Student












New Earth


Keith Giffen · John Rogers · Cully Hamner

First Appearance Last Appearance
Infinite Crisis #3
(February, 2006)
Teen Titans Vol 3 #100
(October, 2011)
Quote1.png I got magic armor… dunno how it works. Got a magic rock inside my body… can’t get it out… Went into outer space n’ helped them… but now the superheroes hate me, gonna kill me… I’m the Blue Beetle. Quote2.png

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Jaime Reyes was the third gear Blue Beetle, and a member of the Teen Titans.


Jaime Reyes was a relatively normal high school student from El Paso, Texas. His beget ran a garage, his mother was a paramedic, and his little sister was a bratwurst. Jaime hung out with his two best friends Brenda and Paco, the mediator between the hard-working Brenda and the laid-back Paco. By both Brenda and Paco ‘s accounts, he was a adept supporter, the kind of person who could let them be themselves, and who could always make things better. Jaime aimed to help his father out at the garage, but Alberto turned him down, not wanting to see his son grow up besides fast. Everything fell aside with the attack of the Infinite Crisis .

The Blue Beetle Scarab

Some while before, Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, had come into possession of the Blue Beetle Scarab, the artifact which had given Dan Garrett, the first base Blue Beetle, his powers. The Scarab had been presumed destroy early in Ted ‘s superhero career, but it was discovered integral in a pyramid in the Middle East. Ted lost the Scarab on a visit to the Rock of Eternity, home of the ace Shazam. soon afterwards, he met his death at the hands of Maxwell Lord, Black King of Checkmate. The Rock of Eternity was late destroyed in mysterious conflict between Shazam and the Spectre, its contents blasted across the global. The Blue Beetle Scarab came down in El Paso, fire and omen in its aftermath .
Jaime discovered the Scarab on the manner home from school with Paco and Brenda, half-buried in a disused fortune. He took it home, curious as to what it might be. That night, the Scarab came alive, and grafted itself to the base of Jaime ‘s spine, inducing strange dreams in Jaime. He besides got into trouble with a local crowd of magic meta humans called the Posse. Mistaking him for a magic meta human, they attempted to magically scan him and invite him to join. Jaime declined the extend, while the Scarab had no intention of being scanned, and it about killed Probe. It easily bested the rest of the Posse. The adjacent night Booster Gold sought Jaime out, and took him to meet Batman. Booster had been to the future, where he had learned that Batman would seek out Brother Eye and fail – but he had besides learned the Blue Beetle Scarab was the one thing adequate to of seeing Brother Eye. Jaime went into quad with Batman and his team. The Scarab saw where Brother Eye was hidden, and pulled the rogue satellite back into reality. Jaime, together with Black Canary and Green Arrow, destroyed Brother Eye ‘s dimensional stabilizer, preventing it from escaping outside world again. Once Batman ‘s team had sent Eye plummet Earthwards, the Scarab shunted Jaime outside dimensions itself, seeking to escape the Green Lanterns on the starship. unfortunately, the chaos of the dimensional stabilizer ‘s destruction dilated fourth dimension for Jaime. a far as he knew, he had alone been outside dimensions a couple of minutes ; on Earth, however, a hale year had passed .

One year later

The adjacent thing Jaime remembered, he had come down in the desert outside El Paso, and Guy Gardner was trying to kill him. once Guy realized he was fighting a kyd, he broke off the crusade, but not without promising Jaime he would be back. Jaime finally managed to find his way back home, only to discover his year-long absence. In that fourth dimension, his forefather had been crippled, forcing him to walk with a cane, Paco had teamed up with the Posse, and Brenda had been taken in by her aunt after her abusive beget died in a DUI. He revealed his identity as the Blue Beetle to both his his syndicate and his two friends ; while his beget and friends were understanding, his mother became leery and disbelieving that he was very Jaime, and his baby Milagro became terrified of him. It was n’t until Jaime returned to the view of his rearrival and recalled the memories of what had happened that the two finally reconnected with and accepted him. Jaime ‘s attempts to learn more about the Scarab led him to the Posse – and involved him in their conflict with El Paso ‘s resident crimelord, La Dama, as she sought to bring the charming metas of El Paso under her control. Her confederate Diviner even got sol far in manipulating The Bottom Feeder to adduct the baby daughter of the Posse drawing card Damper, Alina Jaime fought to save the baby, discovering he could permanently slay the Bottom Feeder but despite of the Bottom Feeders own wishes he refused as Jaime was not a murderer. After that, Jaime and the Posse launched a raid on Warehouse 13 where La Dama was holding her collection of magic-metas, only to find most of them were happy where they were. however, the Posse managed to convince a beneficial one-half of them that they could return to their ordinary lives, promising the Blue Beetle would defend them. La Dama had no choice but to accept this, or gamble facing her guests ‘ “ objections. ” Jaime and La Dama made a reluctant armistice – both knew the other ‘s privy identity, and could make it public whenever they chose. Jaime initially believed the Scarab was a mystic artifact, up until Peacemaker arrived, revealing that it was a piece of extraterrestrial being engineering. Jaime ‘s search for more information took him back to where he had crash landed in the abandon, in an try to find out about his missing class. He then headed out on Dan Garrett ‘s chase, looking to find out what the first Blue Beetle had known about the Scarab .

The Reach

The current Dan Garret was the original Blue Beetles granddaughter and claimed she had the right of the scarab, but since it was stuck to Jaime ‘s spine she let it go.

however, it was Jaime ‘s probe into a cattle mutilation outside El Paso that would provide his biggest contribute on the Scarab. His confrontation with the grotesque creation responsible led him to the Reach, the foreigner civilization who had created the Scarab and left it on Earth. Jaime discovered that the Reach were astronomic conquerors, who planned to add Earth to their tilt of conquests. initially, the Scarab had been programmed to be obedient to the Reach, and to subordinate its server ‘s will to them a well. The Reach had intended to present the Scarab ‘s host as Earth ‘s defender, before moving to establish their influence over the planet. however, during the centuries the Scarab had spent on Earth, it had been infused with magic trick, the charming “ corruption ” preventing the reach from controlling it. With Jaime ‘s aid, it had started to develop free will and independence, overriding the Reach ‘s deepest scheduling. however, the Reach still intended to take over the planet, even without the Scarab to help them. a far as the pillow of the populace was concerned, the Reach were passive “ galactic traders. ” Their mysterious bases and engineering were hidden aside, out of phase with the rest of the world, and Jaime was the entirely one who could see them. Seeing Jaime and the Scarab as the biggest terror to their plans, the Reach attempted to eliminate them through the practice of deniable agents, including Earth ‘s supervillains. Jaime, interim, tried to find out what the reach were up to, and how he could stop them. Worried that the Scarab might still be a terror, Jaime sought help from the local anesthetic arm of S.T.A.R. Labs. An meet with Livewire, who was being assessed there at the time, triggered a strange reaction in both Livewire and the Scarab, resulting in a contend. Superman put a stop to the struggle, and helped to reassure Jaime about himself and the Scarab. Jaime besides assisted Traci Thirteen in foiling Eclipso ‘s undertake to kidnap a baby with great charming electric potential and use it as a modern, uncorrupted host. During the course of the gamble, Jaime and Traci developed a romantic matter to in each other, and remained in long-distance contact after Eclipso ‘ frustration. When the Reach recruited Lobo to prevent the launch of a rocket containing anti-Reach technology, Jaime teamed up with the Teen Titans to make certain the rocket lifted off safely. Afterwards, the Titans invited Jaime to Titans Tower, so he could hang out with them, get train, and learn how to fight. Jaime took them up on the invitation – and found himself helping the Titans fight off their future incarnations, the Titans of Tomorrow. last, Jaime and the Scarab managed to uncover the Reach ‘s scheme and destroy it, but besides ended up destroying any evidence of the dodge, By this point, the Scarab had become an independent, free-willed entity in its own right, naming itself Khaji Da. together, Jaime and the Scarab devised a plan to bring the Reach down before they tried conquering Earth again. Jaime allowed himself to be captured by the Reach, giving the Scarab the opportunity to hack into the Reach ‘s computers and broadcast their invasion plans worldwide. The Reach ‘s Negotiator, repel to breaking point, ordered Earth ‘s destruction – but again, Jaime and the Scarab intervened, stopping the world-rippers before they could be activated. The Reach were forced to withdraw, claiming that the Negotiator had “ gone rogue. ” The Scarab, however, had had a conversation with the other Scarabs onboard the Reach ship – a fiddling surprise for the Reach .

Battle For The Border

Jaime is adjacent seen with a world frump creature who was battling another man for the name Hell Hound. He tried to convince both of them to take other names and quit their crusade. The two did not and attacked Jaime. He quickly dispatched them both. Flying away he came to the bound where Peacemaker was fighting a group of ace powered criminals. When he arrived they took a hostage. Jaime had to call of Peacemaker to save her but the kidnapper threw her off the side of the cliff. Jaime saved her but the group had run off when he tried to use the Beetle to track them he found out there was to much hindrance. The daughter he saved ended up needing a place to stay and ended up staying with Paco and his family.



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