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Robert Louis “ Bobby ” Drake

Current Alias



Rampage, [ 1 ] Drake Roberts, [ 2 ] “ Frosty ”, [ 3 ] Mr. Friese, [ 4 ] Frosty, [ 5 ] Frozen One, [ 6 ] Ice-Hulk, [ 7 ] Iceheart, [ 8 ] Mister Tastee-Freeze [ 9 ]

“Frosty”,Frosty,Frozen One,Ice-Hulk,Iceheart,Mister Tastee-Freeze

Affiliation and Relationships



Marauders ( Pryde ), [ 10 ] Department X, X-Men ( Time-Displaced ), X-Men ( fantastic Four [ 11 ] Defenders, New Charles Xavier School ), Murder Circus (brainwashed), Excelsiors (squad leader), The Twelve X-Factor/X-Terminators (founding member), The Chosen (Dualers), Secret Defenders Champions (founder) X-Men (founding member)


( father ) ;

Parents: William Drake (father);

Madeline Drake (mother)
Other Relatives:
Anne Drake (paternal aunt);
Mary Drake (cousin);
Joel Drake (cousin);
Unnamed symbiote (formerly)

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics[150]




5′8″ ( 1.73 m )


145 pound ( 65.77 kilogram )



  • Blue



Unusual Features

None. Prior to M-Day, he temporarily had a permanent ice form, but it was lost when he subconsciously convinced himself he was de-powered.

Origin and Living Status



Living Status




Place of Birth

New York

Floral Park, Hempstead

Personal Information




American, Krakoan


[ 12 ] teacher, vigilante, accountant, student

Adventurer; former headmasterteacher, vigilante, accountant, student


College graduate, public accountant certification

Base of Operations

Krakoa, Pacific Ocean


Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York ; Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, X-Haven, North Salem, Westchester County, San Francisco Bay, California ; Graymalkin Industries, Marin Highlands, San Francisco, California ; Ship ; X-Factor Complex, New York City, New York ; Defenders Mansion, Rocky Mountains, Colorado ; Champions Headquarters, Los Angeles, California ; X-Mansion, Hightown, Madripoor ; Alberta, Canada Limbo (formerly Salem Center New York ); Utopia New Charles Xavier School for Mutants, near Roanoke

Creators and Appearances


Stan Lee, Jack Kirby


X-Men # 1
( July, 1963 )
Quote1.png Iceman. I’ve been an shave. I’ve stood side by side with the toughest, most powerful heroes in the known universe and always held my own. But today… today I need to be something more. So go ahead, call me a joke if you want. Label me the X-Man with the lamest power ever. But a man of untapped potential? Don’t you dare ever call me that again! My name is Robert Drake.I ‘ve been an X-Man, an ten … Factor-ian, a Defender, a Champion ( do n’t ask ). I ‘ve been a superintendent hero since before I was honest-to-god adequate toI ‘ve stood side by side with the toughest, most brawny heroes in the know universe and constantly held my own. Buttoday I need to be somethingSo go ahead, call me aif you want. Label me the X-Man with the lamest office ever. But a man ofDo n’t you dare ever call me thatQuote2.png



This is an abridged version of Robert Drake’s history. For a complete history see Robert Drake’s Expanded History

early life sentence

Robert “ Bobby ” Louis Drake was born in Floral Park, Hempstead, New York to William Robert Drake and Madeline Beatrice Bass-Drake. Bobby was Jewish on his mother ‘s side and Irish Catholic on his father ‘s. Bobby beginning discovered his mutant abilities at a young age when he found himself unable to stop feel cold and shudder. A school bang-up named Rocky Beasely had convinced his gang to attack Bobby and Judy Harmon, his girlfriend at the time. Bobby panicked and encased Rocky in ice, saving Judy, but revealing his abilities to his peers. Believing Bobby to be a dangerous mutant, the people of his town, Fort Washington, organized a lynch mob. The gang broke into the Drake family and overpowered them. The local sheriff noticed that things were getting out of hand and took Bobby into hands for his own protective covering. The fib made its way to Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men. [ 13 ]


Xavier sent Scott Summers ( Cyclops ) to recruit Bobby. After Bobby turned him down, the two mutants got into a abbreviated scramble before the throng caught up with them. The throng was stringing Scott and Bobby up to be hanged when Professor X used his telepathic abilities to erase their memories. Grateful for saving his life and hanker to be like Scott, [ 14 ] Bobby enrolled in Xavier ‘s School for Gifted Youngsters and become the moment extremity of the X-Men. [ 15 ] There, the X-Men were tutored by Professor X and trained in the function of their powers in the Danger Room. As ‘Iceman ‘, Bobby learned to control his abilities in order to protect a world that feared and hated him for being different aboard Cyclops, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl. Iceman cursorily befriended Beast, however, he remained self-conscious about being the youngest penis of the group. still, his blithe border on to disaster frequently ease tension among his teammates. Bobby ‘s vestigial control of his abilities caused his appearance to be snowman-like, quite than the about transparent frost interpretation of his late years. Alongside the X-Men, he battled many foes including Magneto [ 16 ] and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. [ 17 ] [ 18 ] In time, Bobby learned to cover himself in ice rather of his original snowman appearance. [ 19 ] During this time, Bobby teamed up with the Human Torch to defeat the contemporary pirate Captain Barracuda. [ 20 ]


beast from the future traveled to their time in club to inform them that the future was in a badly state, and that only the original X-Men could help fix it. Bobby and the pillow of the X-Men accompanied this Beast to the future where Cyclops had killed Charles Xavier and Jean Grey was all in ( with the school named after her ). Bobby was particularly disturbed to find that his future self had become so “ lame. ” [ 21 ] After the team confronted the future Cyclops, [ 22 ] the team ( under Jean ‘s leadership ) decided they would stay until the problems in this clock time were resolved, before returning to their own. [ 23 ] After a conflict between Wolverine ‘s X-Men and the future versions of the X-Men and Brotherhood at Cape Citadel, Kitty decided to quit Logan ‘s educate and take herself and the younger X-Men to Cyclops ‘ school rather. [ 24 ] not long before the young X-Men left Cyclops ‘ side, the young Jean Grey privately confronted Bobby, having read his mind and discovered he was brave. Bobby initially refuted her claims angrily, chiefly due to the invasion of privacy, but opened up to her and admitted that he was, even though he wondered why his adult-self did n’t seem to be. [ 25 ] With Jean ‘s aid, Bobby later talked to adult Iceman, who came out to his younger self and explained that he had n’t ahead because he thought it would only complicate his life. [ 26 ] With the resurrect of anti-mutant craze following the death of adult Cyclops and the beginning of the M-Pox crisis, the time-displaced X-Men decided to separate ways and lay low for a while. Bobby moved to Austin, Texas, a city so friendly of mutants that Bobby became an drawing card, building frost statues in populace. Months late, the time-displaced X-Men reunited ( with the exception of Jean ) and they were joined by Genesis, Oya, and the new Wolverine on a road-trip across the state helping people whenever necessary. [ 27 ] By this time Bobby had come out to the rest of his teammates. [ 28 ] genesis and Oya by and by offered to act as wingmen to help Bobby get a date, and took him to a cabaret in Miami, Florida. After a black try at flirt, Bobby ran into a young man named Romeo while leaving the club. Romeo turned out to be an Inhuman in the center of a assignment for the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission. Bobby and Romeo hit it off, [ 29 ] and started dating some time late. When different factions of mutants decided to assault New Attilan to take down major Inhuman players in order to destroy a Terrigen Cloud which was roaming the standard atmosphere and was close to dispersing and making Earth uninhabitable for mutants, because the Terrigen Mists were the induce of the deadly M-Pox, Iceman decided to join the attack entirely to find a entail to locate Romeo. Once the X-Men penetrated New Attilan ‘s defenses, Iceman slip away and went looking for Romeo. When Bobby found him, they shared their first kiss and escaped together from the conflict. [ 30 ] After discovering a way to travel through time, Beast assembled his time-displaced friends to show them an inauspicious slope discovery. He believed he had entirely managed to travel to the past within the timeline they were presently inhabiting and not their own, which led to them finding what they thought was this timeline ‘s young X-Men in the past they initially believed would be available for them to return. now certain of their inability to return to their fourth dimension, the young X-Men looked forward to the new future they could build, which was no long tied to that of their deliver selves. [ 31 ] The time-displaced X-Men assumed they could stay in the deliver with no consequences until the collapse of the timestream forced them into a time-hopping adventure that resulted in the young heroes discovering that the divergent versions of themselves in the past were in reality the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from an alternate future impersonating them to take advantage of the void they left. [ 32 ] The young X-Men returned to the future, but with the cognition that they would ultimately have to return to the exact moment they had left to prevent the Brotherhood from carrying out their plan. [ 33 ] When the time-traveller mutant-hunter Ahab targeted the young displaced X-Men, threatening to bring forth a dystopian future if he killed one of the five master X-Men, a younger adaptation of the time-travelling warrior Cable set out to send the young mutants to the past on his own. After defeating Ahab, the youthful X-Men agreed to return to their master time. Before doing therefore, Jean Grey sealed off the memories of her and her friends ‘ time-displacement, causing them lone to resurface on their older selves deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as their younger selves returned to the past. [ 34 ]

further adventures

Bobby started dating the wait Zelda, much going on double dates with Beast and his girlfriend, Vera Cantor. Bobby and Hank did not reveal their superhero identities to their dates. During one date, Iceman and the Beast got into a brawl with the Maha Yogi. [ 35 ] When the X-Men joined together against Mesmero and an android Magneto, [ 36 ] Bobby developed a brief romantic relationship with the mutant Lorna Dane which turned into a love triangle when Scott ‘s brother, Alex Summers joined the team as ‘Havok ‘. [ 37 ] The triangulum ended badly for Bobby when Lorna finally decided that her heart belonged to Havok. [ 38 ] After it was revealed that Professor Xavier lied to his students, having faked his death, Bobby angrily quit the team. After hearing his erstwhile teammates were in disturb, Bobby traveled to the Savage Land where he stumbled into a conflict between Sauron and Magneto. Sauron erased Bobby ‘s memories of the meeting. Bobby returned to the X-Men shortly after. [ 39 ] After witnessing the kidnap of Gwen Stacy, Bobby concisely battled Spider-Man until they realized it was a mistake. The couple rescued Robbie Robertson from corrupt politician, Sam Bullit. [ 40 ] later, Bobby was attacked by the Human Torch, who was convinced he had been attacked earlier by Bobby. After the other X-Men control Bobby ‘s purity, the duet decided to track-down the villain responsible and battle Equinox. [ 41 ] Bobby was among the original X-Men captured by Krakoa, which led to the constitution of a new embodiment of X-Men. [ 42 ] Bobby decided not to remain on the second gear generation of the team and left along with all of the original members except for Cyclops. [ 43 ]

Champions of Los Angeles

Bobby went-off to college at UCLA, where he finally earned his CPA accreditation. Bobby and Warren Worthington III were attacked by harpies who were trying to locate Venus. The two young heroes were joined by Ghost Rider, Black Widow, and Hercules. After defeating Pluto, they decided to stick together as a team : self-styled “ Champions of Los Angeles ”. [ 44 ] Warren ‘s wealth bankrolled the group and they bought a excess of Avengers ‘ Quinjets, the “ Champjet ”, for team use. The Champions battled Edward Lansing and his mutates, [ 45 ] Rampage, [ 46 ] Griffin, Titanium Man, and Crimson Dynamo, [ 47 ] Stilt-Man, [ 48 ] Warlord Kaa, the Stranger, Kamo Tharnn, and Swarm. Bobby developed strong feelings for Darkstar. unfortunately, Darkstar did n’t parcel those feelings. [ 49 ] The group was volatile and disbanded after a brief least sandpiper. After the team disbanded, Bobby visited his erstwhile opposition rampage in the hospital and was brought under his genial control. Bobby began wearing the armor of rampage and helped him to escape. Spider-Man arrived to cover the story of the Champions disband, and Bobby battled both him and Angel. Spider-Man was able to bring Bobby to his senses. [ 1 ]

Master Mold

belated, Bobby took his girlfriend, Terri Sue Bottoms, to Warren ‘s cabin vogue sign of the zodiac and was attacked by Master Mold. After Bobby was captured, Master Mold awoke the Hulk. The Hulk and Angel were besides captured and taken to the Sentinel Space Station, where the Hulk broke complimentary and tear Master Mold into pieces. [ 50 ]

erstwhile Avenger

late, Professor X called on Iceman to help in the rescue of the friends and family of the X-Men from Arcade ‘s confederate Miss Locke. [ 51 ] Bobby was reunited with Polaris and it was during this mission that Iceman was able to ultimately accept her decisiveness, though the wound would seem to always remain sensitive. Bobby teamed up with the Thing and Giant-Man to defeat the Circus of Crime and save Alicia Masters. [ 52 ] Later, Bobby was reunited with Angel and Beast after he and a group of heroes were manipulated to join the Avengers. Bobby felt compelled to display his skill by battling Moon Knight. When it was revealed that Moondragon was manipulating them to strengthen the Avengers, Bobby returned to college .


On another summer rupture, Bobby visited his early teammate and best acquaintance, Hank, and concisely became associated with the Defenders. After the initiation Defenders ( Dr. Strange, Prince Namor, the Hulk, and the Silver Surfer ) were convinced to leave the team, Iceman played a pivotal character alongside Hank and Angel in the constitution and cohesion of the team. [ 53 ] While visiting his parents, Bobby was attracted to Marge Smith and, while attempting to talk to her, was attacked by Idiot and White Light. After finding a little box in Marge ‘s destroyed home, Bobby returned to his parent ‘s home where they berated him for bringing dishonor to the family. While holding the box, Bobby was sent into the past where his parents, William Drake and Madeline Bass, were his age. When they were attacked by Kali, Marge saved Bobby but his father died, causing Bobby to fade away. Bobby was sent to Oblivion, who explained that Marge was his daughter, created out of a fragment of himself, and if Bobby returned her he would recreate Bobby ‘s don. Bobby was sent to a never-never land, created by Marge, and convinced Marge to return to Oblivion. This venture helped him to understand his parents more upon his return. [ 54 ] former, Moondragon, who was possessed by Dragon of the Moon, apparently killed most of the members of the Defenders in a climactic struggle, and the team disbanded. [ 55 ]


After his completion of college and a light life as an accountant for Harras, Anderson and Brown, it was discovered that Jean Grey was still active after having been believed dead for years. Believing that the X-Men were no longer following Xavier ‘s dream, Bobby joined his former teammates and founding members of the X-Men in the constitution of X-Factor, an administration that intended to seek out and help mutants under the guise of hunting down mutants as menaces to club. The public assumed they were humans hunting mutants when in fact they were training unseasoned mutants in the use of their powers at the X-Factor Complex. [ 56 ] They besides worked as mutants in a team the media referred to as X-Terminators. [ 57 ] The team went on to struggle Apocalypse and his alliance of Evil. Bobby was besides the aim of a crush from the young mutant, Boom-Boom. Later, Bobby was captured [ 58 ] by Loki, the Asgardian God of Mischief. Loki hoped to enhance Iceman ‘s powers to the point that he could be used to restore the Frost Giants of Loki ‘s region. [ 59 ] After being rescued and returned by Thor, Bobby ‘s powers spiralled wholly out of command. [ 60 ] After the defeat of Apocalypse, his sentient Ship barge in landed on their complex and X-Factor began living on it. X-Factor was approached by the media and ultimately revealed the accuracy of X-Factor ‘s mutant origins. [ 61 ] Iceman began dating a young mutant named Infectia. Infectia kidnapped Bobby and tried to use her powers to kiss him and make him her slave. Beast jumped in the way and took the kiss alternatively, plunging him into a coma for several days. [ 62 ] Later, Bobby began dating Opal Tanaka. [ 63 ] Bobby helped Opal with her forced marriage arranged by her crime overlord grandfather, Tatsu ‘ oxygen, and her cousin, Hiro, to one of his Cyburai. [ 64 ]

Returning to the X-Men

After the X-Factor and the X-Men defeated the Shadow King on Muir Island, the members of X-Factor rejoined the X-Men. [ 65 ] [ 66 ] Iceman became a extremity of Storm ‘s Gold Team. After taking Opal to meet his parents, Bobby was again attacked by her cousin, Hiro. [ 67 ] In a confrontation with Mikhail, [ 68 ] Iceman ‘s torso was forced to turn into living ice alternatively of good the external encase he had constantly used ahead. Iceman began to realize that there were more aspects to his powers than he had once thought. Bobby began experimenting, adding ice rink to his torso to bulk himself up and using ice rink columns to lift things into the air rather than his typical methamphetamine skid. opal became fed-up with the outlandishness her lover ‘s life brought with it and dumped Bobby. [ 69 ] Later, Bobby and Hank visited a dying Infectia in a hospital in San Francisco. [ 70 ]

Emma Frost

After months in a coma, Emma Frost wake up and possessed Iceman ‘s body. Frost accessed the wax extent of his powers and used them in ways Bobby had previously never dreamed. Bobby demanded she tell him how she accessed his powers. [ 71 ] Emma responded that she owed him nothing and went adenine far as to call him a pathetic loser for not pushing himself. [ 72 ] Bobby, however upset about the lack of control over his powers after years at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, went on a road trip with Rogue, who was dealing with her own demons after sharing a kiss with Gambit. During the travel, Bobby began seeing visions of Emma Frost. [ 73 ]


later, Bobby, Scott, Ororo, and Logan awakened in an area unfamiliar to them. They all seemed to have suffered in a battle of which they had no memory. Bobby awoke in his ice rink form with a agape trap in his thorax. Amazed he was still animated, Bobby and the other X-Men found that they were being tested by Onslaught. After last defeating Onslaught ‘s acclaim, Post, they were teleported back to the mansion. [ 74 ] Bobby again confronted Emma Frost, who helped Bobby learn how to convert to his full frost form and back, healing the hole in his thorax. [ 75 ]

Graydon Creed & Operation : Zero permissiveness

The X-Men mail Iceman and Cannonball to infiltrate presidential campaigner Graydon Creed ‘s mutant hating political campaign. [ 2 ] Bobby found attest that Creed was associated with the Friends of Humanity. After his don spoke out against Creed, Graydon ‘s thugs about killed Mr. Drake, and Bobby left the team to be at his founder ‘s side. [ 76 ] Bobby briefly returned to rescue Cecilia Reyes during Bastion ‘s government-sponsored anti-mutant operation : Zero Tolerance went into effect. During this mission, Bobby brought Marrow into the X-Men. [ 77 ]

secondary mutation

Bobby learned that he did n’t need to fear the evolution of his abilities and returned to the X-Men to explore his untapped likely to the fullest. It was during this time that Bobby suffered a chest of drawers injury from Black Tom Cassidy that triggered his secondary Mutation, [ 78 ] slowly encasing his body in ice and preventing him from reverting into his human form. During a mission to rescue Nightcrawler, Iceman ‘s entire torso was shattered in his ice-form, leaving only his head. Bobby late reformed himself using the moisture from the body of an enemy. [ 79 ] Bobby was unable to return to his human form at all, which caused him to become bitter towards everyone .


After Havok left Lorna at the altar for a woman Bobby had previously kissed, Lorna was left open for Iceman to admit that he however had feelings for her and a relationship between them developed. [ 80 ] Things were further complicated when Bobby expressed disapproval over Cyclops reassigning him to a team under his buddy Havok. As he was one of the original X-Men, Bobby felt he held a higher social station. Bobby besides was n’t glad having the Juggernaut on any X-Men team, let alone his. [ 81 ] Bobby ‘s attitude toward leaving the team was discernible day by day. He wrote many letters of resignation only to leave them in a desk drawer. [ 14 ]


The events of M-Day seemed to remove his powers raw, until Emma discovered that Bobby had been instinctively suppressing his powers out of fear. [ 82 ] Lorna left the team with Havok after losing her powers. Bobby tried to follow, but Cyclops insisted that he was needed. [ 83 ]


Iceman was recruited by Rogue to serve on her new team of X-Men. [ 84 ] During their first confrontation with the Children of the Vault, Bobby was apparently killed when he was wholly destroyed by Northstar and Aurora. however, Bobby was able to pull himself back together from steam to ice and finally his homo shape, marking the first time he was able to re-manifest a body after it had been vaporized. [ 85 ] Mystique gave him mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate him. [ 85 ] When Mystique came to the team as a apparently reformed enemy seeking mental hospital, [ 86 ] she and Iceman developed a brief romanticist kinship. The integral personality Mystique portrayed turned-out to be a presence for her goals of spying on the X-Men for Mister Sinister and locating Destiny ‘s diaries. Bobby and Mystique kissed while fighting the Hecatomb, [ 9 ] and had a very inner here and now in Rogue and Mystique ‘s old dwelling, in Caldecott County, Mississippi. [ 87 ] At this fourth dimension, Bobby besides showed a molecular level control of his power by blocking Sunfire from use of his powers. [ 88 ] Mystique revealed that she did not have feelings for Bobby after all, shooting off one of his arms below the elbow while he was in ice-form. still, Mystique allowed Bobby to escape when no one was watching, warning him to stay away. [ 89 ] Bobby survived, but was tricked by Mystique again when she posed as his ex-girlfriend, Opal. Mystique was playing games with him. [ 90 ]

San Francisco

When the X-Men moved to San Francisco, Bobby soon followed. Iceman was responsible for creating beverage water system on the island chancel, Utopia. Bobby attempted to keep spirits astir, but believed that they were living in the last days of mutant kind. [ 91 ] Scott sent Bobby to San Francisco to recruit a new public Relations agentive role for the X-Men and the mutant race, alike to Cameron Hodge and X-Factor years earlier. With Warren ‘s fund, Bobby hired Kate Kildare of Hestia Public Relations. later, when the vampire army of Xarus attacked Utopia, Scott had Bobby blessed by a priest as holy place water and used him to burn them away with his frost powers .

Jean Grey School for Higher learning

After the schism between Cyclops and Wolverine over the commission of the mutant race, Wolverine decided to relocate the majority of the students rear to the Xavier grounds and Bobby was the first base person he asked to help him. Bobby agreed and the two began to recruit staff members for the “ Jean Grey School for Higher learn ”. Bobby served as the school ‘s bookkeeper. He and Logan tried to rescue the kids after an earthquake hit the school. When the X-Men defended the school from the Hellfire Club ‘s forces, Logan ordered him to leave with the kids. Bobby unleashed his ice rink cloning world power, which he used to protect the children and defeat the enemies. One of the ice clones besides kissed Kitty, which Lockheed melted. He belated tried to talk to her about it, but she dismissed him. [ 92 ] [ 93 ] He belated watched over Angel, who flew to a family and resurrected a dead dog, scaring an entire family in the work. While returning to school, Bobby realized that Angel did n’t remember him. Logan informed him that Angel lost his memories during the battle with Apocalypse. He brought him to the educate hoping that it might help him recover his memories. Bobby volunteered to take full province for Warren. Logan, Bobby, and Warren left Worthington Industries after a meet, and while Warren took off his clothes and flew around, Logan and Bobby talked about their stream situation. Bobby said that they had used up all their money to open the school, and if they did n’t have a bombastic infusion of money in the future, they would have to close. Logan refused to close the school and decided to get more money. He left Bobby and Warren, but not before naming Bobby irregular headmaster, as Kitty had n’t been seen in two days. When Bobby discovers her Brood infection, he was one of the X-Men that shrunk down and went into her body to fight the Brood. [ 94 ] later, Kitty vomited, causing the X-Men to be expelled from her body, after a very long and ghastly struggle. Before Kitty was taken away, she kissed Bobby. [ 95 ] adverse to Wolverine ‘s wishes, Bobby decided to leave the school to join the battle alongside his colleague mutants against the Avengers. He and most of the X-Men however decided to join the Avengers after the Phoenix Five went rogue .

Astonishing X-Men

Iceman took part in a struggle against Celestial creations, during which he was infected with a Death Seed of Apocalypse ‘s baron. He lost control of his judgment and about froze the wholly planet while besides kidnapping his ex-girlfriends and closely killing his beget. The X-Men figured out that Dark Beast had planted that exponent in him and tried to confront Iceman with Thor ‘s avail. Iceman about killed Thor, when his ex-girlfriend Opal appeared and distracted Bobby, giving thor a prospect to shatter Iceman. Mystique, who was besides pretending to be Iceman ‘s ally, took Apocalypse ‘s fragment for herself, but was stopped by the X-Men. [ 96 ] Later Mystique told Bobby that the break up did n’t amplify his world power, but alone opened his mind and allowed him to use his power at a higher capacity without fearing his own abilities. With help from the X-Men, Iceman managed to collect his shattered mind and to become wholly again, but the guilt for the many lives that were lost during his earth freeze stint hush haunted Bobby. [ 97 ]

extraordinary X-Men

When the Terrigen Cloud became toxic for mutants, Iceman was one of the recruits in Storm ‘s newly team dedicated to protecting mutants from the Terrigen by leading them to X-Haven, in Limbo. [ 98 ] Iceman by and large worked aboard Nightcrawler, helping him search for Colossus after he was transformed into one of Apocalypse ‘s new Horsemen. Iceman and Nightcrawler managed to track Colossus to Egypt, where he ambushed them and about killed them until another police squad of X-Men came in to help. [ 99 ] Iceman joined the X-Men when they declared war against the Inhumans after discovering that in a matter of weeks the Terrigen would render Earth completely uninhabitable for mutants. [ 100 ] Following the end of the Terrigen Cloud by Inhuman Queen Medusa in order to spare mutantkind, [ 101 ] the X-Men returned from Limbo, establishing Central Park as their new free-base of operations. [ 102 ] Bobby attempted to enter the date scene through an on-line profile. This was partially in reaction to seeing his younger self happily with a boyfriend. however he was however struggling with his relationship with his parents, who did not however know he was homosexual. When visiting his church father at the hospital a Purifier attack because of a young mutant. Bobby helped her but it only furthered the tension between him and his parents. [ 103 ] He realized that coming out was n’t ampere simple as he had thought on a deputation with his x girlfriend, Kitty Pryde, who was upset she had to find out about his sex from Goldballs. [ 104 ] He decided to be more upfront and came out to several of his friends and former teammates over a text message. When attempting to come out to his parents over dinner they were interrupted by Purifiers. [ 105 ] Bobby finally came out to his parents when they visited Xavier ‘s. [ 106 ] In the reality created by Nate Grey and a Life Seed, a worldly concern where everyone on Earth was a mutant and relationships were powerfully discouraged or illegal, Iceman was a extremity of Department X, the patrol push in consign of investigating and arresting dissentient mutants. [ 107 ] Iceman, Moneta, and Psylocke were inaugural seen attempting to arrest X-Man Bishop for “ engaging in a forbid relationship ” with Marvel Girl and his “ one-third breach of the guide principles. ” [ 108 ] A brief skirmish broke out, but Psylocke and Iceman soon restrained Bishop while Moneta placed probed his memories for psychic evidence. Confirming guilt, Moneta placed a office inhibitor collar on him and deemed him “ excommunicated ”. The group then removed all traces of Bishop ‘s being. [ 108 ] One day Department X was tasked with capturing perennial love criminals Luke and Nezumi Sen. While arguing over baking implements, Jubilee and Iceman were temporarily deafened by Luke ‘s vocal amplification powers. Although they finally put Luke on ( literal ) ice rink, the couple and Moneta discovered graphic mental images of the couple and debated how to humanely remove Luke ‘s internal-combustion engine forget back to the police avant-garde. Nezumi revealed to Blob while being loaded into the patrol vanguard that she was fraught, the first pregnancy that the group had encountered in their careers. Flummoxed by her revelation, Blob consulted with his teammates for confirmation of the pregnancy and what to do with their pregnant charge. finally the group opted to unfreeze Nezumi upon their render to headquarters and decided what to do with her there. Moneta, hating the nature of their “ crime ”, used derogative words to describe the prisoners. Iceman told her to stop with the give voice retrograde as it was a aspersion. [ 107 ] On a following day, Iceman and Department X participated in a see burn of a nearby forest, in orderliness to give the X-Men a calamity to manage. Bobby used his ice rink powers to build an ice wall around the stallion blaze. [ 109 ] When team leader Blob had been absent for a few days and Moneta threatened to take over his duties, Iceman and the team ignored her. ferocious, Moneta verbally lashed out and called them newspaper pushers only concerned with familiarity violations. Moneta then left in a huff, with Northstar translating her Quebecois explanation to the group. [ 109 ] Iceman and his teammates were salute the comply sidereal day when Moneta accused Psylocke of pretending to wipe a recently arrested mutant ‘s memory. Psylocke countered, stating that sometimes the memory expunction took awhile to stick. Iceman returned from checking on the prisoner, who appeared to be all right. Blob cursorily came to Psylocke ‘s defensive structure, chastising Moneta for her accusations and pulling rank to quell her disobedience. After sending Moneta dwelling, Jubilee revealed to Blob the inhumane treatment of their prisoner Nezumi and the continuing uncertainty of how to deal with Nezumi ‘s pregnancy. [ 110 ] Days late, Department X investigated a tip of a dissentient adolescent party at a bedraggled early library. The team soon discovered a group of teenagers, who Moneta insisted were in fact part of a “ dangerous retrograde cult ”. Although the teenagers initially opted to flee, some members of their group rallied their cohorts to fight Department X, inspired by revolutionary Murshid En Sabah Nur. The prepare officers quickly and reluctantly defeated the annoyed teens. Upon question Moneta revealed that she had set up the meet to prove the universe of the resistance. angered at her deception, Blob fired her from the department and ordered her memory erased. [ 110 ] While cleaning up the mess from the fight, Blob and Psylocke shared an intimate moment. Unbeknownst to the pair, Northstar picked up on the closeness between the two and was deeply bothered by this revelation. Iceman in turn picked up on his discomfort and attempted to alleviate Northstar ‘s straiten through his apparent tease and touch. Unamused, Northstar broke contact and flew aside. Upon returning to the function the following day, Iceman attempted to tease Moneta ; Northstar chastised him for threatening her recondition. Blob and Psylocke showed up soon after and gave out assignments for the day, one of which was at a nearby field charged with showing incendiary material. Northstar accepted the grant, zooming aside before Iceman could be assigned to accompany him. Arriving at the field, Northstar was greeted by Rictor, the owner and an apparent friend. Rictor, despite Northstar ‘s admonitory, was casual about Department X ‘s interest in the field. iceman showed up soon after, having opted to follow Northstar to the dramaturgy out of concern for his wellbeing. This infuriate Northstar who demanded that Iceman butt out. Sensing the latent hostility between the two, Rictor invited them up to the roof to drink with him. After several hours of drinking, Jean-Paul revealed to Bobby how a lot he missed his former biography as an Olympic skier and the visions/feelings that haunted him of his husband back in the mainstream reality. An explosion occurred soon after in front of the theater, instigated by Jubilee, who offered the three of them to join her in riot over their stolen and slowly-returning memories. Iceman and the others happily accepted. [ 111 ] unbeknown to the rioters and with Blob ‘s encouragement, Psylocke released all of the memories she had stored in her judgment, both from prisoners arrested by Department X and, apparently, her teammates. soon after, Northstar remembered his past friendship with Iceman, facetiously calling him “ otter-pop ” ( a gay endearment referring to his ice-making abilities and physique ). This fully snapped Bobby back to himself and he hugged Jean-Paul in remembrance. [ 112 ] Although not shown on panel, Iceman returned to the mainstream reality with the rest of the trap mutants through Nate Grey ‘s portals .


Bobby was late seen drinking aboard Archangel and Beast at the celebration following the announcement of Krakoa as a sovereign state under the United Nations and the first meet of the Quiet Council of Krakoa. [ 113 ] Bobby then joined his ex-girlfriend Kate Pryde and others in helping mutants get to Krakoa by traveling aboard the ship The Marauder. [ 10 ] During this time, he entered a kinship with Emma Frost ‘s brother, Christian, [ 114 ] [ 115 ] but, after Kate ‘s death, Bobby distanced himself from everybody, including Christian. [ 116 ] Bobby was one of the Omega Level Mutants that helped transform Mars into Arakko. [ 117 ]


Power Grid[151]


Iceman is an Omega Level mutant [ 118 ] [ 119 ] [ 120 ] [ 103 ] [ 121 ] [ 122 ] He was besides considered an Omega Level Mutate by Supergiant, [ 123 ] an Alpha-Level Mutant by Apocalypse, [ 124 ] and a High Threat by the O * N * E. [ 118 ] According to Prosh, his Comparative Mutagenic Power Register was of 3.2. [ 125 ] On a daily basis, Drake ‘s powers are n’t capable of their highest flush of performance, but this potential has been unlocked on some occasions by respective encounters- specifically with Loki, [ 126 ] Mikhail Rasputin, [ 68 ] and Emma Frost. [ 127 ] On other occasions, his abilities were unlocked by telepaths, such as Psylocke. [ 6 ]

  • Thermokinesis: Iceman is a mutant with the ability to lower both his external and internal body temperature, which projects intense coldness from his body. Like any normal human being, the nerve centers for regulating Iceman’s body temperature are found in the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. However, Iceman can mentally override his hypothalamus to allow his body temperature to be lowered by an unknown internal mechanism. This ability converts the latent thermal energies in and around his body into an unknown form of energy that is efficiently dissipated. A related mutation has rendered his body tissues unaffected by sub-zero temperatures. Iceman can consciously, immediately lower his body temperature from its normal 98.6 Fahrenheit to absolute zero (The point where all molecular motion stops.) and lower within the span of a few tenths of a second. Iceman’s power to generate cold is so great, he was able to stop a massive fusion device explosion.[9]As his body temperature falls, the surrounding moisture in the air that is in contact with him is similarly lowered. Just as condensed moisture forms frost, this moisture forms an icy covering which encompasses his entire body. It also obscures his facial features. When Iceman first began to completely lower his body temperature, this covering took on a more snow-like appearance. But as he learned to increase the severity of his coldness, the covering assumed the consistency of crystalline ice that it has today. This ice constantly cracks with any movement of his body, and immediately reforms (hence, there is a cracking sound when Iceman covered with ice, moves). Through practice, Iceman has learned to control the intensity of his coldness, and he can selectively lower the temperature of isolated parts of his body.
    • Thermal Vision: When lowering his body temperature, Iceman can see other beings via the heat signatures they give off because of the absence of heat around himself.
  • Cryokinesis: Iceman can generate, manipulate, and fully control ice, snow, and cold temperatures. He can use his mutant ability to control moisture such as to freeze any air moisture into super-hard ice. This ice can be formed into any object of his choosing: the only limitations are his own imagination and the ambient air temperature which determines how long his ice sculpture will stay icy. He does not have to hold the ice physically with his hands in order to shape it. Apparently, he can simply direct the waves of coldness he projects in certain ways so as to create ice in the shape he desires. In the past, Iceman has formed ice-ladders, ice-slides, ice-shields, ice-domes, ice-bolts, ice-blasts, ice-beams, and other constructs of ice. Iceman has created constructs of ice so powerful that he was able to easily encase and contain the likes of the Hulk with him being unable to break out of it for quite some time. On at least one occasion, he has even been shown to make it snow or cause a blizzard. He can also unfreeze matter.

    Iceman is able to form a rising column of ice beneath his feet, capable of lifting him off the ground. The tensile strength of the column is determined by its thickness and its steadiness by how well it has been braced. A well-braced and regular column, 6 feet in diameter at its base, is able to support his weight without toppling for about 85 feet in a 40-mile per hour wind. By forming long ice-ramps connected either to his ice-column or to an existing structure like a building or a bridge, Iceman is able to travel above the ground by sliding down the ramp he is creating. Unless he creates supports periodically, the ramp will crack beneath him, unable to support their combined weight. Iceman although has shown that he is not limited to creating constructs and can fly on his own with his control over moisture, or by levitating the ice on his own body.

    Iceman’s control of his powers are so vast that it extends to the molecular level, to the point that he can freeze all of the molecules of an object/being with a thought, as well as unfreeze it. An example would be freezing the blood in the veins, thereby stopping flow to the brain. He has demonstrated the ability to control chemical reactions on the molecular level, at one point preventing Sunfire from accessing his powers.[88]

    • Organic-Ice Form: Ability to not only cover his body with ice, but to actually become organic ice.[128] Though the appearance is similar, Iceman is now actually translucent in his ice form. Iceman is virtually indestructible in this form, allowing him to reform his body should it become shattered or evaporated. He has been incinerated while in human form and was able to rebuild himself. In his ice form, he is able to use the moisture in the air to form spikes, shields and attach other extra appendages to his body. It is currently unknown if Bobby would be considered immortal.

      Due to the amount of water on Earth, Iceman has a virtually unlimited supply of moisture since it is always present in the surrounding air or environment. Even desert air has sufficient moisture content for him to make temporary practical use of; however, the mental effort needed to employ his mutant power under these circumstances could eventually fatigue him and render his freezing ability temporarily dysfunctional. Due to his cryokinetic-based powers, Iceman is able to sense, generate and manipulate various cold aspects of the weather such as snow, hail, blizzards, cold air, freezing rain etc.

  • Hydrokinesis: Iceman can manipulate water at molecular level, he can use surrounding moisture to augment himself, allowing him to travel within large bodies of water very quickly. He accomplishes this by breaking himself down to his base levels and reforming at the destination. He is able to convert his body to gigantic proportions as well, through absorption of a body of water or water vapor in the air. One side effect of this is he gains superhuman strength to match his superhuman size. Wherever there is any moisture, Iceman is a threat. Iceman has demonstrated the ability to be transformed into nothing more than water or water vapor, yet remain conscious and retain the use of his powers. His conscious control of his abilities has allowed him to exist simultaneously in two places at once.
  • Molecular Moisture Inversion: The ability to freeze water molecules turning them into solid ice.
  • Molecular Moisture Conversion: The ability to transform organic matter, such as a human body, to organic ice and back again. With this, it is possible for him to project his consciousness through moisture molecules and reform his body at the destination. Though he has only done this to himself, he does possess the potential, as demonstrated by his AoA counterpart, to perform the feat with passengers. He later demonstrated this ability by converting Bishop to moisture as well as himself.[129]
  • Ice Clone Generation: The ability to generate ice clones of himself. It is unknown how many ice clones he can create at once.
  • Cryokinetic Perception: After he managed to freeze the Earth in ice and snow, Iceman gained the ability to spread his consciousness through the icy matter and perceive all events occurring within it, likening it to the perception of a God.[96]
  • Cellular Replacement: Bobby discovered that he was able to use his control over moisture to draw ambient moisture into himself and thus use that moisture to replace his bodies cells. He framed this ability as ‘A body swap, done one piece- one cell- at a time’, and by doing this was able to avoid receiving a fatal dose of neurotoxin, by letting the poisoned molecules of his body dissipate into vapor and be replaced by untainted water molecules from his surroundings. By using this ability he can heal/purge himself by remaking his own body.[130]

erstwhile PowersSymbiote: While on Ulgriath, Bobby bonded to a symbiote that escaped from [131][132] It later separated from him to return to its homeworld.[133] Black Vortex Empowerment: Iceman was briefly cosmically-empowered by the [134][135] While on Ulgriath, Bobby bonded to a symbiote that escaped from Haze Mancer ‘s solicitation, which adapted to his unique powers. Bobby ‘s symbiote assimilated his ability to produce organic internal-combustion engine, augmenting this with its shapeshifting powers.It by and by separated from him to return to its homeworld.Iceman was briefly cosmically-empowered by the Black Vortex, temporarily strengthening his methamphetamine powers and altering the ice class of his past self for a fourth dimension flush after the power was removed .


Bobby is a Certified Public Accountant, a skilled frosting skater, and can speak spanish fluently. [ citation needed ]


Like that of any aim athlete, Iceman ‘s ability to perform is directly related to his daily physical health and current mental department of state. Under normal conditions, he can normally form internal-combustion engine continually for a period of about 5 hours before becoming mentally exhausted. He seems to lack the creativity and imagination to use his powers to their full potential, though fear of losing control condition over them may be a factor in his reluctance .



once utilized a office belt to keep his powers under control .


X-Men Blackbird, Ice slides, once X-Men Stratojet, X-Copter, Professor Xavier ‘s Rolls Royce, Sentinel Air Transport, Champjet, X-Factor Plane, and diverse aircraft constructed by Ship .


Iceman ‘s sex and his love life

Bobby admitted that he is in fact homosexual, after his past counterpart and Jean Grey from the past confronted him about his sex. [ 26 ]

other notes

  • Iceman has at times expressed reluctance to “unfrost” himself, and a preference for his ice-form even when not needed for missions.[146]
  • Iceman has feared that he could be killed by Cyclops’ blasts, if his teammate poorly aimed them.[146]


  • Bobby thinks his teammate Angel is hot.[25][26][147]
  • Bizarre Adventures #27 lists some different historical information on Bobby Drake. His birthplace is listed as Floral Park

    , New York; And his father’s name is noted as ‘Robert N.’ Drake. At the time Drake was a student at Dartmouth College.

  • Iceman was one of the characters featured in the series of Marvel Value Stamps issued in the 1970s.
  • It is currently unknown if Iceman suppressed his secondary mutation along with his powers or if, like Black Tom Cassidy, he lost his secondary mutation and kept his primary mutation after M-Day.
  • Most of Iceman’s more creative uses for his powers were done by Emma Frost inside Iceman’s body and have yet to actually be done by Iceman himself.
  • As mentioned by writer Mike Carey, Iceman is “an Omega-level mutant…[and] has powers that can influence the ecosystem of the entire world.” Iceman has yet to tap into his full mutant potential, but over the years he has taken more interest in developing his abilities.
  • Interestingly enough, Cyclops was the one who suggested that Bobby focus on “refining his ice crystals,” making his ice-form less like a snowman and more like a living transparent being of ice.[19]
  • Iceman was stated to be an Omega Level Mutate by Supergiant.
  • The change of Iceman’s ice form from being smooth to having spikes was conceived by Scott Lobdell. When Lobdell asked Uncanny X-Men editor Bob Harras permission to alter Iceman’s appearance, he was turned down, due to an Iceman action figure having been just released by ToyBiz at the time, arguing the licensor wouldn’t be okay with the character looking differently in the comics than he did in the toy. Lobdell got around to changing Iceman’s appearance, albeit temporarily, when the character was taken over by Emma Frost in eldritch X-Men #314. As it turned out, the marketing division came up to Lobdell and asked him to use the spiked design for an action figure, which led to Iceman having spikes in his ice form becoming a long-term change.[149]

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