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Young Bolland in his hippy daysYoung Bolland in his hippy days Brian Bolland was born in Butterwick, a little farm community near Boston, England, in 1951. Growing up an only child on a farm, Brian had a draw of free meter on his hands, so he taught himself how to draw. He started art school in 1969, but learning how to draw comics besides became a “ self-taught thing. ” He claimed that, “ During my five years in three art schools I never learnt a one thing about comics from any of my tutors. ” While at school, Bolland self-published a couple of fanzines and his work was published in a few british underground magazines. To this day, his affection for belittled freelancer comics endures. He still occasionally releases stories in his Actress and the Bishop and Mr. Mamoulian series. Mr. Mamoulian, who is Brian ‘s alter-ego, appeared in many of the issues of Negative Burn during the 90 ‘s .Bolland and Moore circa 1980Bolland and Moore circa 1980 possibly best known for the Batman floor, The Killing Joke ( which he re-colored in the 2008 Deluxe Edition ), his credit list is long and impressive. He besides wrote a short report for the Killing Joke special version. He beginning was noticed by fans, with much acclaim, for his solve on Judge Dredd in the early 80 ‘s, followed by Camelot 3000 ( which was recently re-issued in a hardback edition ). These books are among the few in which Brian did the home art. His covers on DC books such as Animal Man, Robin, The Invisibles, and Wonder Woman have won him numerous awards. He has besides illustrated the covers for Vertigo ‘s Jack of Fables, DC ‘s The Last Days of Animal Man and Will Eisner ‘s The Spirit. In 2010, he did the version covers for DC ‘s Zatanna serial and and then Dial H in 2012.

Going Digital

Digital artist since 1997Digital artist since 1997 Bolland is well known for his fall black and white comic artwork style. Since 1975, he used traditional ink method acting with the Windsor & Newton brushes. It was not until in 1996 when he was introduced to Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Tablet by Dave Gibbons. Described as an “ infectious ” consequence, Bolland bought a computer a year later. Since he had never used a computer before, the transition from traditional to digital artwork was difficult at first base but with the help of Gibbons, Angus McKie and his buddy Ian McKie, Bolland was able to adapt to Photoshop with ease. From the end of 1997 onwards, Bolland was technical enough to do everything in the calculator – from penciling to inking to coloring. He joked that “ collectors of original comics art have hated me for it always since ! ”

Additional Info

“I love all that white space” – Brian Bolland

  • Of all the comic book covers he has worked on, his favourite is Animal Man Issue #25. Close second is The Invisibles Vol. 3 #4.
  • His main influences include Curt Swan, George Klein, Gil Kane, Murphy Anderson and Neal Adams.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it was Bolland who asked Alan Moore to write Batman: The Killing Joke and not the other way around.
  • Bolland is left-handed.
  • Bolland is married to Rachel Birkett since 1981. They two have a son named Harry.

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