‘Eternals’: Why Does Starfox Look Human? Here’s Why Thanos’ Brother Isn’t a Giant Purple Guy

[ Editor ‘s note : The following contains spoilers for Eternals ] Love it or hate it, there ’ s no questioning that Chloé Zhao ’ randomness Eternals takes the Marvel Cinematic Universe on a wild ride. As if it wasn ’ triiodothyronine enough to explain the origins of the integral MCU, the film ’ s post-credit scenes tease many unexpected heroes will soon join the ranks. One of these raw heroes is Harry Styles Eternal Eros, besides known as Starfox. The character is pompously introduced in the credit scene by Patton Oswalt ‘s drink troll named Pip ( ! ) as a bang-up explorer and… Thanos ‘ brother ? That raises some questions ! Like, why does Eros look like a ( superintendent aphrodisiac ) human when Thanos is a giant purple guy ? well, as it turns out, the amusing books have the perfect explanation .
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Why Starfox and Thanos Look Nothing Like Each Other?

starfox-marvel-comics Image via Marvel Eternals are not man-made beings in the amusing books but the result of Celestials ‘ experiments in proto-humans. The Celestials successful experiments led to the birth of Eternals, a knock-down slipstream charged with protecting earth from all evil. however, the Celestials didn ’ metric ton get their experiments right on the first test, creating the Deviants as a flawed evil race that normally looks flex and weird. Eternals and Deviants have been at war for millennium, the first trying to protect the Celestials ’ creation design, the latest rebel against gods that threw them away as nature ’ sulfur mistakes .
While the Eternals were born on Earth, a capital war among their peers destroyed their dwelling city of Titanos. After this bang-up war, some Eternals remained on Earth, building gallant cities such as Olympia in Greece. Others left Earth, finding a new home in one of Saturn ’ sulfur moons, which they named Titan. Created by Jim Starling for 1973 ’ s The Invincible Iron Man #55, Eros and Thanos are the sons of Sui-San and A ’ Lars, two important Eternals from Titan. Thanos, however, drew the short pin and inherited the Deviant gene, placid diluted in the Eternals and able of emerging from time to time. That ’ second why Thanos looks like a giant purple ridicule ; Thanos ’ Deviant gene deformed his appearance. On the other hand, Eros looks like a regular human, barely like other Eternals, because they belong to the same evolutionary way .

How the MCU Will Explain Thanos and Eros Family Ties?

thanos-avengers-endgame Image via Disney The MCU brings Starfox to the close up while keeping his ancestry, since he ’ south already titled “ brother of Thanos. ” But the movie will have a fortune to explain, since the MCU changed many things about Thanos, Titan, and the Eternals. For starters, Thanos was always depicted as an organic being, not a celluloid one. As we learn in Avengers: Infinity War, the Mad Titan actually comes from Titan, a satellite that got destroyed due to its lack of resources. therefore, how can Starfox and Thanos silent be brothers if one is obviously an Eternal and the other, thus army for the liberation of rwanda, had no direct relation with the Celestials ?

Of course, the MCU can retcon Thanos ‘ origin and say that Titan was a victim of a celestial emergence. If Thanos is an ageless, possibly his plan to wipe half of all intelligent life in the population was somehow motivated by the Emergence. The Mad Titan wanted to stop Celestials from destroying integral civilizations with their reproduction march by taking away their food : healthy life. That would be hard to explain since Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame underlines the ecological reason behind Thanos ’ plan. however, it could explain how the Mad Titan survived Titan ’ s fall and how he can be a brother to Starfox .
however, evening if the MCU retcon Thanos as an Eternal, that wouldn ’ triiodothyronine explain him being a giant purple guy. The Deviants are barbarous beasts in the MCU, while the Eternals are perfect machines. sol, there ’ s thus means Thanos inherited a Deviant gene. possibly Starfox and Thanos are adopted brothers, then ? We have never seen any other Titan in the MCU, so Thanos could look like any early penis of his alien race. As for Starfox, possibly he was the Eternal Prime charged with looking after Titan, the like way the movie ’ second main Eternals looked after Earth. Starfox could have grown attached to Thanos and lived an entire life by his side, which would explain his title .
We can only wonder, for the moment, why Eros looks human while his brother does not. however, since the MCU completely changed Eternals and Deviants from their comic ledger origins, they will have to come up with an excellent solution to explain these eldritch family ties.

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