Helena Wayne

Helena Wayne

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Huntress Batwoman

General Information

Real name:

Helena Wayne

First Appearance:

DC Super-Stars #17

Created by:

Paul Levitz
Joe Staton

Reading: Helena Wayne


Batman Family
( Father )
( Mother ) Batman (Father) Catwoman (Mother)


above normal known strength, speed and agility

Portrayed by:

Ashley Scott Helena Wayne is the original incarnation of The Huntress, originating from the original gold old age Batman continuity of Earth 2. Helena was the biological daughter of Batman and Catwoman, raised to be a lawyer-by-day/vigilante-by-night and finally became her father ‘s successor. After crisis on Infinite Earths, Huntress was reimagined as Helena Bertinelli .


worldly concern 2


In the year 1957 on the parallel proportion known as Earth-Two, aging hero Bruce Wayne and his wife, Selina Kyle, gave birth to a daughter named “ Helena Wayne. ” When Helena Wayne was nineteen years old, a tragic mishap claimed the liveliness of her beget. Due to the efforts of a erstwhile confederate named “ ‘Silky ‘ Cernak, ” a photograph revealing Selina Kyle defeating a policeman during her days as Catwoman emerged. Anguished by this dirt in her mother ‘s memory, Helena Wayne adopted the alias of “ the Huntress ” in honor of both of her parents. She tracked down Silky Cernak and arrested him, leaving his unconscious soundbox bound in a net outside of the G.C.P.D. The Huntress besides learned that the photograph that Silky Cernak had in his self-control was doctored, meaning that her mother had never defeated anyone. With her beget ‘s respect restored, Helena Wayne continued to fight crime as the Huntress, formally joining Dick Grayson as his junior collaborator and late becoming a member of the revitalized Justice Society of America american samoa good as that of Infinity Inc .


Helena Wayne would continue in her costume career as the Huntress contend aboard her mentor, Dick Grayson, in respective cases including Dick Grayson ‘s last encase as Batman II against the Joker of their native proportion and apparently at odds with Dick Grayson against Per Degaton ‘s clock time bunker during the historic shell against the reformed Justice Society ( America versus the Justice Society # 1-4 ). together the new Earth-Two Dynamic Duo were present at the battle at the “ Dawn of Time ” during the Crisis on Infinite Earths and frankincense survived the initial reformating and expunction of their original base Earth and its history. Locating the elder former Earth Two Grayson and discovering that they were now without a history of their own on this singular earth, Helena like many of the erstwhile Earth-Two heroes rose up against the Anti-Monitor ‘s shockforce to defend the New DC Primary Earth. It was during this first struggle that she was injured and knocked unconscious by the Thunderers ‘ attacks which dropped debris from a collapsing construction on top of her. She was burned to death by the Thunderers along with Grayson and the former Teen Titan Kole who sought to shield her unconscious mind form. The three dead heroes ‘ remains were discovered by the Earth-One Batman, Mary Marvel, and Jason Todd. Characteristics Height : 5’11 ” weight : 125 pound ( 56 kilogram ) Eyes : Blue Hair : Black Unusual Features : No strange features

Post-Crisis/Helena Kyle

recent events however in the series “ 52 ” have re-established Earth 2 and Helena Wayne was shown to be animated on this new Earth 2. Helena ‘s parents were however dead while the Robin of Earth 2 was besides alive as his worldly concern ‘s defender.

In the mainstream DC Universe, Catwoman had given birth to a daughter she named Helena. Film Freak and Angle Man figured out Catwoman ‘s dependable identity and kidnapped Helena. She was former rescued by her mother. Feeling that her liveliness was besides dangerous to be able to raise a child by rights Catwoman decided to have Batman help her fake her and Helena ‘s death and then she put Helena up for adoption. She was successfully adopted and Selina resumed being Catwoman full-time. Selina did not know who adopted her daughter for Helena ‘s own safety. Catwoman felt the memories of Helena were excessively much for her to handle and so she asked Zatanna to erase the memories but she refused to do it .

New 52

The holocene Huntress miniskirt has revealed that the current Huntress is in fact Helena Wayne, and that Helena Bertinelli is an alias of hers in the stream continuity. It has been announced that Paul Levitz will write World ‘s Finest which will follow Power Girl and the Huntress ( Helena Wayne ) trapped in the newly 52, trying to make their way back to Earth-2. This will be the first appearance of Power Girl in the New 52, though her interpolate ego Karen Starr has appeared in Mr. Terrific .


In the future Helena was trained as a crimefighter and became her father ‘s spiritual successor, Batwoman .


Like her parents, Helena possesses no superhuman powers. however, she does has been trained to succeed her father as Gotham ‘s future defender

  • Peak Human Condition: Through intense physical training, she has reached peak-physical condition, including above normal known strength, speed and agility
  • Combat Expertise: Helena is proficient in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Acrobatics: Like her mother, Helena possesses great agility. She has also been trained in gymnastics.


equipment : versatile devices she carried in a utility belt fashioned in a exchangeable manner like her church father and mentor in their respective costumed identities. transportation : No known alien fare devices unlike her don ‘s armored Batmobile.

Weapons : The Huntress employed a miniature crossbow, which she normally fastened to the side of her boot, a well as respective explosive devices. She is besides known to carry Batarangs .

In other Media


Helena, as the Huntress, appeared as one of the feature characters on the live-action Birds of Prey television series, which ran from October 2002 until February of 2003 on the WB network. Actress Ashley Scott played the function of Helena Kyle – the orphan daughter of the Batman and Catwoman. Unlike her parents however, Helena was a metahuman, gifted with catlike agility and reflexes. Vowing revenge against the man responsible for killing her beget, Helena assumed the guise of the Huntress and teamed up with Oracle and neophyte hero Black Canary to fight injustice in New Gotham. Along the way, she developed an amative relationship with New Gotham police detective, Jesse Reese. ultimately, she discovered that the shape-changing Clayface was in truth the one creditworthy for murdering her mother and with the aid of her friends, succeeded in bringing him to justice. The character subsequently made a cameo appearance during the Arroverse ‘s Crisis on Infinite Earths, which designated the picture ‘s world as Earth-203 .


The character of Helena Wayne was created by Paul Levitz and Joe Staton .


  • Two different sources are often cited as the first appearance of the Huntress. Her origin appearance takes place in a flashback in DC Super-Stars #17, but her first physical appearance is in All-Star Comics #69. Both comics were released the same month (December, 1977).

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