Who’s behind Peacemaker’s Butterflies?

After murdering his way through Corto Maltese in James Gunn ’ s The Suicide Squad, Chris Smith, aka Peacemaker, is back on screens in his own expectedly beastly HBO Max show. Though he ’ s not a complicate man, the series introduces a rather building complex mystery with one question that looming large : Who are the cryptic Butterflies, and which DC villain is pulling their strings ?
While the mysterious insect-themed threat might not be directly from the comics, there are actually some pretty obvious — and deep ignore — potential inspirations
From those with butterfly in their name to those with mind-controlling powers and the most probable of all … an alien queen with self-control powers and a mania for insects ; let ’ s dig into just who ’ second behind the Butterflies .
[ Ed. note: This while contains spoilers for the first base three episodes of Peacemaker. ]

What we know about Butterflies so far

In order to stay out of prison, Peacemaker has once again been enlisted for one of Amanda Waller ’ s nefarious schemes. This time, rather than a giant starfish that takes over people ’ second minds, he has to take down a series of mind-controlled killers known as Butterflies .

Peacemaker episode 3: The butterfly family sucks up soup with their proboscis

not much is known about them, but by the third episode there has been one key uncover : inside each of the Butterfly ’ s heads — possibly acting as transmitters ? — are some actual real life chilling butterflies. That makes the question of who is behind it all a little hard to answer, but it does open up some interest avenues .

Madame’s Butterflies?

While your mind might have immediately gone to the ’ 50s quality Comics ( now owned by DC ) character Madame Butterfly when the Butterflies were first mentioned, she ’ s decidedly an outlier. First debuting in 1948 ’ mho Modern Comics # 78, she was a japanese supervillain introduced as an antagonist for the Blackhawk Squadron. While Gunn loves a deep-cut pull, there ’ s not much aside from the name to link her to the Butterflies. indeed lease ’ s travel on .

Most likely to mind control

Mister Mind and Dr. Sivana in Shazam!, DC Comics (2012).

adjacent up are the DC characters with mind control powers. Seeing as a major part of the Butterflies is that they are mind-controlled humans, these characters would be an obvious count .
First improving and most probable of the mind-controllers is Mister Mind, the founder of the Monster Society of Evil. An fabulously intelligent caterpillar, Mister Mind can control minds, technology, and more across the universe. Created by C.C. Beck and Otto Binder, Mister Mind first appeared in 1943 ’ randomness Captain Marvel Adventures # 22. The nature of him being a caterpillar makes his joining to the Butterflies even more intrigue. But he was besides a villain in the late Shazam movie, so that makes him slenderly less probably to appear here. besides, he wouldn ’ t necessarily need engineering or wireless devices to control the minds of his homo minions.

You can ’ t speak about DC mind operate characters without mentioning Doctor Psycho. While he might have been a less well known character since he popped up in 1943 ’ mho Wonder Woman # 5, his regular appearances in the Harley Quinn animated usher have changed that. Peacemaker ’ s first Butterfly being a woman made Psycho a flower rival as he ’ mho been defined by his misogyny. In both the comics and the animated serial, Psycho takes pleasure in using his powers to control and manipulate women. But then Goff the Butterfly established that the mind-controlled killers are not all women, making him less likely. so while his mind operate powers make him a rival, he ’ sulfur humble on the tilt .
thus if it ’ mho not any of these mentalists then who ? Get cook to meet the Insect Queen .

Who is the Insect Queen?

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After episode 3 ’ randomness boastfully unwrap, Insect Queen seems like she ’ s the most probable one to take the crown of being Peacemaker ’ s big bad. While the foremost two iterations of the superhero mantle were held by none other than Lana Lang, there is a third interpretation of the Insect Queen who makes a lot of common sense for Gunn ’ s deep cut tastes .
Introduced in 2008 ’ second Superman # 671, the insectoid alien had plans on world domination. That seems to fit with whoever is behind the Butterflies in Peacemaker. And episode 3 confirmed that there are some probably alien shenanigans going on. How else do you explain those strange empurpled tentacles ? Add to that the fact that this Insect Queen had the powers to possess people, something that could explain the mind-controlled army in Peacemaker. So what was her plan and how could it play into the series ?

As she came from a satellite where only one queen could reign, Insect Queen decided to find a fresh planet to colonize and make her own all-hive. That could decidedly be the case here, particularly as whoever is in control of the Butterflies in Peacemaker appears to have been creating an army of what are basically worker/killer drones. The gross-out comedy aspects of Peacemaker make this dreadful destiny seem pretty likely. And the nature of her Butterflies becoming killers ready to take down any humans adds fuel to the colony theory : clear out the existing population before making her stake on the earth and its resources .
But will any of these prove to be the genius behind the Butterflies ? Knowing James Gunn there ’ ll probable be a fortune of twists, turns, red herrings, and hair metallic element before the accuracy is revealed .
The first three episodes of Peacemaker are now streaming on HBO Max. New episode drop every Thursday .

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