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Born to Jorel and Lara in the skill capital on Vathlo Island on Krypton, child Kalel was sent to Earth to escape his homeworld ‘s destruction. He was found and raised by a homo couple. As an adult, he operates as Superman while besides serving as the President of the United States on Earth-23 .


Calvin Ellis made his debut in Final Crisis # 7, being that his only appearance before the Flashpoint boot. Beyond being revealed that Nubia and him were from the same Earth and his job, little was known about him. According to creator Grant Morrison Calvin is based on former president Barrack Obama and boxer Muhammad Ali .

Major Story Arcs

Final Crisis:

During the Final Crisis, Calvin was recruited by Renee Montoya to join the Supermen of the Multiverse to help conflict the dark admonisher Dax Novu .

The Curse of Superman

One sidereal day, inhabitants from an alternate earth ( scientists Clark Kent, James Olsen and Lois Lane ) came through a transmatter symphonic array to his ground, running off from Superdoom, their universe ‘s Superman who already had killed other Superman variants. When the evil Superman came through, Superman fought him and won, with the aid of his archenemy, Lex Luthor.


In Multiversity, it was revealed that Superman ( Calvin Ellis ) is a member of his own populace ‘s Justice League composed largely of african-american heroes. When Thunderer sent out a multiversal SOS throughout the 52 universes, Calvin was the last mobilize. however, he was ready to help rescue the death Monitor and stop the menace of the Gentry, despite the immunity of the Retaliators of earth-8. In meter, President Superman would discover that Nix Uotan had been corrupted by the Gentry and was attacking earth-8. With the help of the heroes of several parallel earths, the menace of the Gentry was stopped, but not before discovering the reference of all their recent problems : earth-33. Worried about the electric potential threats than could menace the multiverse, President Superman asked for volunteers to form a multiversal undertaking force to defend all the universes in the consequence of another attack : operation Justice Incarnate was born. For President Superman, it ‘s merely another job on top of his presidency and work as Superman .



The fib is centered around the Earth 0 ‘s Superman, however, Calvin still plays a outstanding function in this bow. A threat is approaching the main earth. Calvin, needing backup, travels to early earths to form a team of “ Supermen ”. finally, it is learned that the menace ‘s only goal is the extinction of all Supermen throughout the multiverse. fortunately, the Superman are able to work together to eliminate this threat .

Flash Forward

When worldly concern 23 is attacked by a materialization of the Dark Multiverse, Superman is one of its victims. In his meter of want, a lost Wally West comes to President Superman ‘s rescue. Earth 23 ‘s Justice League of America attacked Wally, thinking him to be behind the disturbance, but Calvin stops them. wally explains that he was attacked by creatures who were byproducts of a tear between universes where the night matter was bleeding into the earth and that in one hour, the planet will be devoured. To stop the dark topic ‘s expansion, Calvin elected to use the anti-life bombard, a weapon that would kill millions of people, as a final fall back. wally West then intervened, racing to the kernel of the tear, merely to find the Retaliators and the Zen-Men, heroes from earth 8, who had a like issue on their own land. After Wally stopped the menace, Calvin stopped the anti-life bombard and gave the troubled ostentation words of comfort. President Superman offered his avail, but Wally, alternatively, chose to leave on his own in search of the future dark matter event .

DC’s Very Merry Multiverse

President Superman appeared again in DC ‘s Very Merry Multiverse. here, Ellis is celebrating a ball-shaped earth 23 holiday known as the Celebration of Rapport. This holiday includes people placing a self-stone, an orb that holds an individual ‘s hopes, fears, joys, and sorrows, into a giant container. From there, you give aside your self-stone and receive a know one to replace it. The beginning day is known as the Day of Giving, while the second day is the Day of Receiving. While the world enjoyed the Celebration of Rapport, Earth 23 Bizarro felt differently, as he had never received a self-stone during the Celebration of Rapport. After meeting up with the Earth 23 versions of Darla and Kilowog, each grabbed one of the filled-up giant containers, intending to transport them in preparation for the Day of Receiving. It was then that Bizarro attacked. Bizarro and President Superman fought ferociously until one of Superman ‘s strikes had Bizarro hurtling towards the land. Bizarro found himself on top of a voltaic pile of self-stones. Bizarro was still enraged, but his anger subsided when a little female child approached him and gave him her self-stone, therefore ending the conflict .

Infinite Frontier: Secret Files

President Superman, along with a cell of presidential advisors, is in the egg-shaped position discussing an approaching estrange armada. His advisors want to bring in Superman, but Ellis suggests that they try to find a direction to defeat the armada without Superman ‘s intervention. After President Ellis dismisses his advisors, he talks with Kelex and his assistant, Courtney about how specify his time is but besides ensuring them that though he does n’t want America to excessively rely on him, he, as Superman, would always be there to save the day.

From there, President Superman flew around, battling unlike threats. As he fought a giant automaton, he remembered how he used to have an army of robotic Ellis ‘s used to conceal his identity until they were compromised by the Brainiac Operating System. After defeating the colossus automaton, President Superman met with Machinehead to brainstorm ways on how they could literally create more time. This was followed by a inflict with his parents and then a meet with the markovian ambassador. After more diplomatic ventures were complete, President Superman found himself fighting a radioactive villain known as the Kryptonite Man, a being that gives off a Kryptonite-like energy ; after leaving a coming second with a containment befit, President Superman would defeat him deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. President Superman ‘s sidereal day was army for the liberation of rwanda from over. After sighting a multiversal breach, President Superman flew into it and after about an hour, came back injured but victorious, having bested the threat on the other english. President Superman finds time to find a short girl ‘s lost chase before returning to the White House. There, his advisors tell him of a way that they could potentially end the armada terror sans Superman. After this, President Ellis takes a bit of time to himself, using a extra key he got from the Black Martians to enter an extra dimensional space therefore that he may destress. After four minutes in this space, President Superman emerges, renewed. Ellis concludes his day by taking down the armada himself .

Infinite Frontier

After crash bring on Earth 23 in a space ship composed of an unknown material, Flashpoint Batman ( Thomas Wayne ) is taken to the Justice Incarnate base, the House of Heroes. After awaking, thinking he is under assail, this Batman attacks Machinehead and Captain Carrot. The team is joined by President Superman who explains to Flashpoint Batman who they are and where he is. After Ellis enquires about who injured him, Wayne, frustrated, tells him to good ask Barry Allen.

Powers and Abilities

Calvin possesses all of the powers of his earth 0 counterpart. He has huge superhuman strength, stamina, lastingness, accelerate, and reflexes. In summation to these powers, Calvin has microscopic/ telescopic vision, heat vision, super breath, a ace level reason, and the ability to fly. Being the president of his United States, Calvin has mastered the art of delicacy. He has used his genius-level intellectual to construct many gadgets and devices far below the typical capabilities of a Human .

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