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Sharing Zoom meetings to YouTube works. But it isn ’ triiodothyronine safe, private, easy to manage, and it doesn ’ t allow discussion. We talked about that in another web log post on why sharing video with YouTube is very a atrocious option for groups. Great, but what do you do with those recordings ? How can you plowshare them ? How do you get users to engage with the recordings ? The worldly concern, particularly the educational world, is Zooming. many Zoom users – teachers, professors, coaches, managers – are recording their soar meetings locally on their calculator. But if you want to do it on YouTube, hera ’ mho how :

Sharing Zoom meeting recordings on Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and Dropbox 

Sharing files over electronic mail, or into shared drives like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and Dropbox works, but you lose control of the video recording and you can ’ t have private discussions in the group about it. This is what Zoom itself recommended in 2015. ( Bet you didn ’ thymine think Zoom was approximately in 2015 ! ). here ’ s how you ’ vitamin d do it .

  1. In whichever service you choose, create a folder for the Zoom recordings you want to share. Give it the name of your group.
  2. Invite people to join the folder using the link from the service you’re using.
  3. When you make a Zoom recording you can just move it into the desktop folder and it should sync to the Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, or iCloud folder so others can see it.
  4. You should try to set your folder so that your group members can’t delete videos from it.

Dropbox is credibly best here because they have an consolidation with Zoom. But your Dropbox detached report can entirely store so many videos.

Using WeVu to Share Zoom Recordings (a better option!)

If you want a walled-off, individual site for your group, one that keeps your television safe and allows your group to discuss the video, it ’ randomness easy and best to do this, whether in education or otherwise, on WeVu. ( You can do it for Audio, Image, or PDF files besides ! )

If you have WeVu sites for your groups of learners or employees, you :

  1. Record the Zoom session. According to the Zoom support article here. Use the local computer option to make it easier to find and upload to WeVu.
  2. Once the meeting is done, it’ll compress to .mp4 in a folder on your local computer.
  3. In your WeVu site, where your group members are site users and you are the site owner, you upload the meeting file. You can put it in a particular Playlist to organize it if you want.
  4. If you’ve set it for email notifications to users, they’ll get an email with a link that takes them right to the video. Of course, when they log in as normal too, they’ll be able to see it anytime.
  5. Now your users can discuss the video or audio file using time-stamped comments and replies, or location-specific comments and replies on image or pdf files.

There are some other services for sharing television, as we discussed here, but WeVu is the easiest and gives your users the opportunity for maximum engagement and negotiation around your Zoom events, anytime afterwards. here ’ s a visualize of a Zoom merging in WeVu. In fact, it ’ s a Zoom meet uploaded to YouTube and imported to WeVu, but it ’ ll exploit just the lapp if you upload to WeVu and avoid YouTube raw ! See the time-specific comments and replies ( on the mighty ) about a especial affirmation a participant made deep in the meeting ?

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